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Best Flower Hair Clips That Make You Stand Out

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Cool and fashionable hair clips were a big hit in the early 90s, with every celebrity and regular person on the street donning them to express their flashy, unique personality to the world. Well, guess what? These stunning hair clips are rising in popularity once again, and the best of the lot are these absolutely adorable flower hair clips that help you exude confidence and style while you’re walking down the street. After looking at all the options on Amazon, we’ve come up with our list of the most unique and adorable flower hair clips of 2023 available.

Buying Guide: Flower Hair Clips

Some of you may believe there’s nothing to buying a flower hair clip because of how simple the product is. But there are still some unknown factors that you have to consider, and this section of the guide will focus on explaining those factors so that you can make a more informed decision.

Features To Look for When Choosing Flower Hair Clips

Here’s what you need to look for:


Durable material is a very underrated feature of a hair clip that you should keep in mind when browsing the market. The durability of the product affects its overall longevity. Metal flower hair clips are the best choice in this regard, but some users have complained that they are hard to wear for long periods due to their rigid and sharp nature.

That’s why we suggest opting for a sturdy plastic flower hair clip that’ll survive for a long time without hurting your hair or head too much. Non-slip material is also necessary, as it can get pretty annoying if the clip keeps slipping out of your hand when you’re trying to fix up your hair in a hurry.


The grip of the teeth of the hair clip are its most make-or-break feature as there’s not much you can do with the beauty or non-slip nature of a flower hair clip if it can’t hold your hair properly.

Something to consider when checking out the grip of any hair clip is the spacing of the teeth. Too much spacing can cause hair to space from between the teeth, whereas too little doesn’t allow the grip to catch enough hair in its clump. Also, ensure that the tips of the teeth are rounded and not pointy, as pointy teeth can eventually pull your hair out and cause you general discomfort.


Obviously, color is a personal preference and completely depends on the individual buying the flower hair clips. We think, however, that it’s our duty to tell you that bright and light colors are very much in fashion right now as they look mesmeric when the sun is beaming down on you.

But if that’s not your style, pastel-style dark colors are available that suit your personality and taste. Just make sure you opt for matte colors, as they don’t easily wear off.

Best Flower Hair Clips of 2023 Reviewed in Detail


Messen Flower Hair Clip


  • Great for the collection
  • Large no-slip hair grip
  • Simple hair jaw clamp design
  • Flexible teeth fit all types of hair


  • Some pieces may be a little fragile
The Messen Flower Hair Clips are a perfect example of the more, the merrier, as these 12 individually beautiful pieces are definitely its winning attribute. These flower hair clips are the best set of clips on the list for several different reasons. Firstly, their shiny surface looks gorgeous, and their matte nature ensures that the color won’t fade for a long time. Then, the assortment of colors is also the most impressive. You will find that the variety includes almost every beautiful bright color, including orange, lake blue and light purple.

KISSKIKO Flower Hair Clip


  • Gorgeous rose flower design
  • 1.4-inch size fits shoulder-length long hair
  • Rounded hair claw tips to prevent damage
  • Are exceptionally lightweight


  • The gap between teeth is a little too large
As soon as we first looked at the KISSKIKO Flower Hair Clips in all their raw mini rose to glory, we were left absolutely floored. These hair clips boast great designs and look great for different hairstyles. The aspect we liked the most, apart from the overall design, is the durability of its sturdy zinc-alloy construction that ensures the clip’s longevity and unbreakable nature. Its non-slip simple claw design is also something to note as it allows the clip to trap an enormous amount of hair in one grab.

JANFUN Flower Hair Clip


  • Available in eight popular and bright colors
  • Made of durable plastic and metal springs
  • The brand has a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Large hair claw fits any hair texture


  • Get hot after extended use in sun
Durability is the most common concern when opting for all-plastic hair clips, as they may seem a little more fragile than metal clips. But that’s not something you should be concerned about when opting for the JANFUN Flower Hair Clips for a number of reasons. Firstly, its exceptionally large claw has well-spaced teeth that can catch the maximum amount of hair when closed while allowing hair to easily escape between the claws when the grip is opened. Also, its interesting interlocking teeth design keeps each tooth in check and ensures there are no breakages.

BVGA Flower Hair Clip


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Double claw structure for extra grip strength
  • Up to 3.3-inch, suits all hair types
  • Rounded edges don’t pull your hair


  • Dark colors may not appeal to everyone
The BVGA Flower Hair Clips may not be the first choice for regular buyers who enjoy extra bright colors. But they are a great option for people who like neutral and dark tones for their hair accessories. And seeing as we’re all about variety here, we just had to add it to the list. An underrated feature we noticed is its amazing grip strength due to the little extra teeth enclosed to provide that additional grip strength. Its non-slip, durable plastic construction is also a mentionable feature as it ensures the product’s longevity.

Cherrboll Flower Hair Clip


  • Contains handmade 100% natural flowers
  • Easy-to-use bow design
  • Soft and eco-friendly material suitable for children
  • Can be worn by adults as well


  • Flower clamp may not be too strong
Your toddler deserves to show confidence and warmth by using beautiful hair accessories just as much as you do. This is why we’ve chosen the cherrboll Flower Hair Clip set that’s practically made for toddlers. Its quality lies in its natural handmade nature, as each flower has been carefully curated using natural fibers and pearls. Each pack contains three separate and unique flower designs that outshine the rest of the flower hair clips on this list and on the market.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How do you wear flower hair clips?

    A:The whole point of opting for a flower hair clip is to look as good as possible while wearing your hair in several different ways. But to give you some examples, flower hair clips look especially beautiful when you’ve got hair in an upside-down bun or a half bun, as you can see the full flower clearly without it being obstructed by your hair.

  • Q: Are flower hair clips a summertime accessory?

    A:Flower hair clips were previously known as a summertime hair accessory as they were only available in light and bright colors like yellow, light blue and red, which looked better in the natural sunlight. Even flower hair clips, however, have evolved with the change in fashion and can now be worn all year long.

  • Q: Are flower hair clips better than cloud clips?

    A:Both cloud and flower hair clips have their unique natural aesthetic that’s difficult to compare, and they both look gorgeous in a full head of hair. But if we had to choose, we’d go with flower hair clips as their bright, glowing nature is more inviting and allows an individual to exude warmth to regular passersby they come across.

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By Jennifer Rodriguez

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