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The Best Hair Clip for Your Favorite Up-Do

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Written by Kristie Olivieri

Hair clips have always been in style, but if you’ve seen the recent Instagram posts, these hair accessories have undoubtedly evolved. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Gigi Hadid, and Meghan Thee Stallion are all rocking beautiful hair clips in both their casual and red carpet looks. It brings back the 90’s nostalgia when no hair style was complete without a well placed butterfly clip.

When it comes to choosing the right hair clip, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. After all, these pretty hair accessories come in a vast range of styles and sizes. In this article, we’ll help you find the right ones for all your fashion needs. This post not only contains a round up of the prettiest hair clips in 2023, but it also includes a helpful shopping guide that tells you everything you need to know about this trendy item.

The Best Hair Clip: A Buyer’s Guide

Trying to find the right hair accessories can be a tough task. The myriad of options makes it quite difficult to settle on any one style. That’s why all of us have an entire collection of hair clips and accessories in our wardrobe to suit just about any occasion and event. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you find the best hair clip options to add to your collection:

Types of Hair Clips

Hair clips are pretty yet practical. They also come in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials to satisfy any fashionista’s wildest dreams. We've rounded up the most common types of hair clips to help you sort through the options.

Claw Clip

The first type of hair clips is one of the most common ones out there. You also might have a few of these lying around your home. Claw clips are extremely useful because they are comfortable and easy to keep on. It's a personal favorite of Gigi Hadid’s. Any style crafted using a claw clip usually rests at the back of your head. In addition to bigger sizes, you can also use smaller versions of claw clips to secure a half-up style, fasten a low ponytail, or to pin back bangs. The best part? Claw clips don’t create creases as conventional hair ties do.

Bobby Pin

Despite being very simple and small, a bobby pin is an essential weapon in any girl’s hair styling arsenal. With one grooved and one straight side, these pins give the strongest hold of all hair clips. A bobby pin alone can work to casually pin up a portion of hair, and you also need these to create elaborate couture updos and styles. At first you could only get them in classic black, but now they're also available in blonde and brunette tones.

Snap Clip

The sight of a snap clip should give you some nostalgic thoughts and emotions. Their snapping mechanism is perfect for little ones who are still learning to style their hair. We also love that they come in a wide range of colors and styles, so there is something for everyone. These hair clips may not hold much hair but work well for people with fine hair.

French Barrette

Named so for their place of origin, French barrettes are small and metallic with a fastener underneath that locks the clip in position. The original design consisted of two simple metallic lines towards the top. But now many different materials are mounted over this top part for versatile styling needs. You can clip smaller barrettes over the ear, or attach a big one at the back of your head. Their grip is secure so you don’t have to worry about your hair moving out of position.

Banana Clip

Banana clips are the most interesting one of the lot. They're good for securing a lot of hair at once thanks to the teeth in the middle and the curved arms that lock together to secure the clip in place. We find them the best option for thick, long hair. If you have thick kinky hair, look for a variation made using flexible materials that bends to accommodate hair. A simple design is great for day-to-day wearing, but if you're buying one for a special occasion, go for a decorated option that features beautiful materials.

Minimalist Clip

The minimalist hair clips have thin backs, like those of a bobby pin, but secure your hair like a French barrette. Of course, without the clicking sound. They hold your hair very well, as long as you don’t stuff too much of it into the clip. These clips can’t hold too much hair, but often come in a range of geometric shapes, like circles, stars, sometimes a complex astrology-inspired style. You can adorn one on your temple, or as a fastener for bangs at the back of your head.

U-Shaped Hair Pins

U shaped hair pins may look very similar to the classic Bobby pins, but they actually do more heavy lifting than the narrow pins. You should keep these on hand for pinning complex hair styles, especially when you have thick hair. The wide U shaped curve of this pin can easily secure lots of hair. You can use it to nail intricate couture hairdos neatly.

Comb Clip

Comb clips are another practical hair accessory that you’ll find decorative and functional. They feature plastic construction with a comb sticking out from one side. You use this comb to secure the hair in a certain position so it does not fall on your face. They can be mounted with a decorative design, or sometimes with a filler so you can securely place and volumize your hair in the easiest way.

Styling Tips for Using a Hair Clip

Hair clips are a fashion trend that is functional, affordable, and flattering on everyone. You can incorporate this trend into your look in a number of ways. Let’s go over a few.


Slogan barrettes and statement clips are sure to give you an edgier look. You can pin these into straight hair, or at the side of a bun ponytail. They're perfect for creating playful looks.


When choosing hair accessories for a date night, keep in mind that simple is sexy. Go for a hair clip that complements your outfit of the night without stealing its glory. A metallic or glittery pin placed just above the ear adds a nice feminine touch. If the occasion is fancy, go for a hair clip that's heavier on embellishments.


You can use a hair clip to add some personality to your casual looks. Create a layered look by gathering some hair on one side and secure it with clips one under the other. Mix and match the colors and textures for a bolder look. A braid or a twist pinned with a large hair clip also looks great.

Business Casual

We all have a go-to hairstyle that gets us through most workdays. Whether it is a topknot, simple waves, or a run through with a straightener, you can easily elevate such simple hair styles. Place a minimalist hair clip or barrette when your hair is down. Use one at the side or add one on both sides. You can also place Bobby pins above the ear for a subtle look.

Comparing the Best Hair Clips of 2023


Tocess Hair Clip


  • Available in lots of colors
  • Sturdy and flexible construction
  • Grips hair tightly and firmly


  • One of the expensive options
Our first pick is not just a suitable option for people with thick hair, they can also do wonders for those with hair on the finer side. The Tocess big hair claw clips are large-sized claw clips that you can use to style your hair in a variety of ways. They feature a soft rubber material that not only does not slip off your hair, the flexibility means it doesn’t snag your hair as well. This option comes as a set of four large hair clip options. You can choose to purchase them in various assorted or single colors to suit your needs. Both of these features, combined with the high-end construction, have made it our top pick overall.

Masstar Hair Clip


  • Comes as a set of ten hair clips
  • Included colors are all very pretty
  • Suitable for hair of all lengths


  • Colors are darker than pictured
Our next pick offers true value for your hard-earned money. This hair clip option comes as a set of ten claw clips in pretty assorted colors. The Masstar hair claw clips are large enough to hold your hair firmly and securely. They have deep claws with powerful springs to accommodate hair of various widths and textures. They work amazingly well on straight, curly, and fine hair, and those with thick texture too. Their high-quality plastic construction makes them quite sturdy. Plus, the metal spring is also coated for maximum rust-resistance.

HQ-Site Hair Clip


  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Offer a secure and firm grip
  • Highly suitable for thin hair


  • A bit difficult to open
No hair clip collection is complete without metallic hair clips. And the HQ-Site metal hair claw clips made the cut for their value. Not only do these come as a set of six individual clips, all the clips are shaped differently in shades of golden and metallic gray. These are jumbo-sized clips with fine interlocking teeth that can easily hold even the finest hair in place. They are made using alloys for durability and sturdiness. We also like the thoughtfulness in keeping the elastic spring covered. With their impeccable construction and appearance, these hair clips can easily make any updo appear more effortful than it actually is.

Framar Hair Clip


  • Large and very roomy
  • Gentle on your hair
  • Available in two color variations


  • Brand name is prominently printed
People with thick hair often have difficulty finding clips that are roomy enough to hold their mane. If you fall in this category, look no further than the Framar large claw clips. These hair clips come as a set of four large claw clips. They are made using soft matte material with a rubberized coating to prevent hair snagging. Since they are extremely lightweight, these claw clips won’t give you a headache. They have a strong grip, but it’s not aggressive enough to pull on your hair. We like that these are available in two color choices. You can get them in neutral tones or in pretty pastels.

Magicsky Hair Clip


  • Work for a variety of hair textures
  • Feature a unique camo pattern
  • Suitable for a variety of occasions


  • Not very durable
If you are a girl who loves fluffy half-ups, these hair clips are bound to grab your attention. The Magicsky hair claw clips come as a set of four medium-sized, patterned hair clips. Being a bit small in size, these clips are great for styling your hair in various ways, including the infamous half updos, braided crown, and topsy tail. You can also use it to style your buns. You can rest assured that your hair won’t come loose anytime soon, because these hair clips have a firm hold. The unique pattern not only embellishes your hair, it also adds some elegance and charm.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are hair clips in style right now?

    A:There is one thing about hair clips that you can be sure of, they are always in fashion. Hair clips are an evergreen accessory that elevate your look to another level. Be it your 9 to 5 work attire, or a fancy outfit for a date night, a good hair clip acts as the cherry on top of the cake that you've created.

  • Q: How are hair clips better than hair ties?

    A:Hair clips are better than hair ties in terms of their gentleness. With their aggressive nature, hair ties tend to tough on your scalp as they pull the hair back by pulling on its roots. A hair clip, on the other hand, doesn’t stretch your hair, but rather cocoons it to keep it out of your face.

  • Q: What is the safest type of hair clip?

    A:We particularly love the banana clip because it is the safest hair clip in terms of hair breakage. They're gentler on your hair than regular hair ties, and they don’t create weird dents and bends. We also like how much fuller they make a ponytail appear.

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