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Best Gold Hair Clips To Add to Your Collection

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Looking for a hair clip that’s neither flashy nor boring? The right headpiece can make or break your look. Hair clips aren’t just for everyday use, they’re great for formal occasions, bridal events, anniversaries, birthdays, quinceaneras — you name it. When you don’t feel like letting your hair down but don’t want to tie it either, a hair clip offers a refreshing alternative. Messy updos aren’t just for when you’re short on time, they look cute as well. So, choose from our list of the top gold hair clips of 2023 and they are bound to become your next favorite accessory.

A Buyers Guide: How To Choose Stylish Hair Clips

Imagine the wind gushing through your hair, blowing your luscious locks. Sounds like a movie scene, right? Untied hair is great until you’re left pulling strands out of your mouth. Enter hair clips: a godsend invention that holds your tresses in place. When it comes to buying a hair clip, customers are bombarded with an onslaught of options. From shape to texture, the choice is overwhelming and it’s yours. It’s no secret that gold hair clips have a unique allure. But remember, not everything that shines is gold. Our buyers guide pins down all you need to know about spending on cute hair accessories.

Important Qualities of Gold Hair Clips

Rust Resistance

Everyone is guilty of putting wet hair up in a clip. Or, wearing the latter during a high-intensity workout session that ends up with you drenched in sweat. A gold hair clip looks great until it succumbs to rust. But why should you even buy one that can’t survive a little moisture? Gold hair clips only deserve your hard-earned money if they’re rust-resistant. Do not trick yourself into thinking that your hair accessory will never come into contact with water or sweat. The best hair clip manufacturers flaunt their products’ resistance to rust and that’s exactly what you should be looking for.

Wide Claws

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, wide claws save the day. Gold hair clips with narrow claws can be hard to adjust and do not have a sturdy grip. Needless to say, nothing is more annoying than hair constantly slipping out of a hair clip.

Sturdy Metal

When choosing a hair clip, go with products made of alloy metals. The latter is what’s mostly used for gold hair clips. It’s durable and even looks expensive. Spotting the words alloy metal, however, shouldn’t be all that it takes for you to add a product to your cart. To verify that, give customer reviews a thorough look. Unfortunately, some manufacturers misrepresent composition leading to customer complaints about lack of durability.

Gold Hair Clip 101: Why Weight Matters

Did you know that heavy hair clips cause bald patches? Because they constantly tug at roots regularly using one that’s weighing you down can lead to hair loss. Not to mention how a heavy hair clip is simply painful to wear. So, don’t buy into the misconception that heavy hair accessories are of better quality. That’s not true! Premium products can be uber lightweight and still hold thick hair together without budging for hours. To make sure that you don’t end up buying the wrong gold hair clip, check the item weight of your favorite picks online.

Comparing the Best Gold Hair Clips in 2023


LUKACY Gold Hair Clip


  • Does not tarnish
  • Is stain resistant
  • Great value for money


  • Edges are not smooth
Made of premium quality alloy metal, the Luckacy Gold Hair Clip is an elegant accessory that adds flair to your hairdo. Despite a lightweight design, it firmly claws hair in place and doesn’t get weighed down. The clip is resistant to fading and can also be worn during high exertion exercises that expose you to sweat and moisture. Additionally, the metal does not rust just as its finish does not damage hair. At the back, a powerful spring prevents deformation adding to the product’s overall durability. Overall, this Luckacy’s pick looks sleek and seems promising. It has wide claws that grasp all types of hair, curly or straight, as effortlessly as possible making it our top option.

ANBALA Gold Hair Clip


  • Hold Type C hair
  • Very good grip
  • Resist deformation and fading


  • Slightly heavy compared to other options
The Anbala Gold Hair Clips put bulky hair accessories to shame. The set includes five unique clips you can alternate between depending on the occasion. Unlike cheap plastic versions, these have an expensive metal feel that goes well with just about any outfit. But that’s not all. The product is incredibly durable due to its powerful spring. That said, getting the claws to open the first few times may require a little exertion. The manufacturer claims that the finish retains color without fading for a long time. Rest assured, its metal alloy composition is anti-rust and does not damage hair.

OBTANIM Gold Hair Clip


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Smooth non-scratchy edges
  • Attractive butterfly design


  • Not fade resistant
Why settle for basic accessories when you can be spunky instead? The OBTANIM Gold Hair Clips are the perfect present for kids and teenagers. They are made with durable metal and electroplated with shiny gold coating for maximum retention. Although small in size, the snap-on design has an incredible grip. Additionally, the barrettes are very easy to operate and can be adjusted by children on their own. They are quite elastic, do not fall easily and ensure a secure clamp. All in all, this set of 12 comes at an affordable price and lasts long even if you lose a few pieces.

Kitsch Gold Hair Clip


  • Good value for money
  • Has a minimalist design
  • Solid quality and grip


  • Slightly small in size
Don’t like closed claw clips? Opt for this open-shape hair clip that tucks your hair in. The minimalist Kitsch Gold Hair Clip is a far cry from bulky headpieces that overpower a laid-back aesthetic. It is composed of alloy metal and coated in gold tint. Despite being lightweight, this hair clip can support thick, thin and textured hair. The design is shiny and also complements the natural color of your locks. So, sport it as an everyday essential or reserve it for special occasions, Kitsch’s clip is built to last. It comfortably holds your hair without causing any damage.

LEOBRO Gold Hair Clip


  • Multiple styles in one pack
  • More secure than bobby pins
  • Suitable for resin crafting


  • Might not be suitable for thick hair
The Leobro Gold Hair Clips come in a 50-piece set that is perfect for school-going girls and spunky adults alike. Buyers get 15 rectangular, 15 water-drop and 20 paneled flat-plate hair clips in gold. Although visually diverse, all designs are classic. In that, you can wear any and attract just the right amount of attention. Rest assured, these barrettes are deceivingly small, yet they pack a punch. Made of premium quality metal, the grip is commendable whereas resistance to fading is not lacking either. The clips leverage ergonomically superior springs that ensure a secure clasp. Additionally, their tactile teeth structure prevents sleeping, naturally reducing the hassle of constant readjustment. Safe to say, Leobros’ set lasts long even with regular use.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How do I prevent my gold hair clip from fading?

    A:If your gold hair clip is prone to fading, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with moisture. Do not wear it in the shower, the pool or at the gym. Keep perfume and sprays with alcohol in them away and store the clips in a dry place.

  • Q: Are wide-clawed gold hair clips more suited for Type C hair?

    A:Yes. Gold hair clips with wider claws grip thick hair like Type C much better than those with narrow claws.

  • Q: Are gold hair clips coated with real gold?

    A:Most cheap hair pieces with a gold finish are not coated with precious metal.

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By Jennifer Rodriguez

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