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The Best Large Hair Clip for Quick and Easy Styling

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Have you ever had your hair flatten and fall out of its style during the day? Or are you exhausted from searching for a clip that holds thick hair? Hair that falls out from a clip can be irritating. Instead of buying another pack of bobby pins, try a large claw clip. Large hair clips provide maximum coverage in firmly holding thick hair. These  clips can fit all hair types, making them incredibly convenient. They’re a great way to add extra flair to your outfit and look fashionable without spending too much time or money. Our list of the best large hair clips of 2023 will help keep hair back in an effortless and stylish way.

Things to Consider While Buying a Large Hair Clip

An ideal large hair clip will prevent your hair from disturbing you and upgrade your outfit’s stylish look. To find the right one, you can start by learning the essential characteristics of this versatile hair accessory. Reading this buying guide will assist you in navigating the saturated market properly, and help you learn everything you need to know in order to find a suitable large hair clip.

Here are some essential features to keep in mind while shopping for a large hair clip:


It's critical that your large hair clip grips all of your hair, providing a solid hold. You should opt for clips with wide-angled openings as they grasp every strand of your hair. Additionally, a hair claw clip with spaced-apart teeth is ideal if you have thick hair, as it has a firmer grip.

You should also look for clips with non-slip coating as they will ensure that your hair does not get loose while you move around.


Since clips are used frequently, they have to be highly durable. Choosing a large hair clip made from high-quality plastic is a good idea to ensure it doesn't break easily. The sign of premium plastic is that it is incredibly lightweight.

You should opt for clips with metallic springs, as they’re stronger than other springs. An anti-rust layer will also ensure your clip’s longevity.

Skin type

Never purchase nickel-based claw clips if your skin is prone to allergies. You should be cautious and only use large hypoallergenic hair clips, even if you don’t suffer from skin allergies. Plastic clips are generally safe for everyone and don't cause allergic reactions.

Large Hair Clips vs. Ties

Hair ties and clips often serve the same purpose: keeping hair out of your face. But there are several differences between them.

A large hair clip is easier to style than a tie and is better for your scalp since they enclose rather than stretch your hair. Nevertheless, these clips are more fragile and less flexible than hair ties. They're also larger, making it difficult for you to carry them around.

Hair ties are smaller than clips, making them highly portable and allowing you to use them in emergencies. But, since they pull your hair back at the root, they are tougher on your scalp. Hair ties typically give their users headaches by continuously pulling their hair.

Overall, a large hair clip is preferable to a tie since it can upgrade your outfit and look more stylish without causing headaches.

Review of the Best Large Hair Clips of 2023


LuSeren Large Hair Clip


  • Provides a tight, yet comfortable grip
  • The matte design keeps the clip in place
  • Highly durable paint doesn’t peel off


  • Some clips may have smudges

If you’re looking for a big clip to grasp all of your hair, do not panic, as the LuSeren large hair clip has got your back and it’s inexpensive too. This universal clip will grab both thick and thin hair, making it suitable for all hair types. The easy-to-wear jumbo hair clip opens to 180 degrees allowing a secure grip on wet and dry hair. This non-slip option features a matte design to hold your hair tightly. The highly durable large hair clip is made of sturdy plastic with long-lasting paint, and its tight grip and durability rank it the best overall on our list.


Tocess Large Hair Clip


  • Available in a variety of trendy colors
  • Durable material makes it sturdy
  • Rust-free spring ensures durability


  • Requires some force to open

Next on our list is the Tocess large hair clip, which will shock you with the range of tasteful colors up for grabs. This stylish hair accessory is made to enhance your look and adds style to your outfit. The lightweight clip will claw into your scalp, providing a comfortable and tight grip without feeling too heavy on the head. This one-size pick fits all types of hair, accommodating a variety of users and also features a soft matte rubber coating, promising a long lifespan. The large hair clip even includes a rust-free metal spring to ensure the paint does not chip off easily.


Canitor Large Hair Clip


  • Premium, durable construction
  • Rust-free and anti-peel springs
  • 14 claws give a tight grip


  • Not suitable for thin hair

If you’re looking for an affordable way to hold your hair while working, then the Canitor large hair clip offers the solution to your problem at a reasonable price. Besides being cost-effective, this sturdy hair clip uses high-quality acrylic and plastic materials to ensure longevity. The anti-rust metal spring promises long-lasting, vibrant paint with no chips and scratches. Also, an additional protective oil coating ensures that the clip remains scratch-free, prolonging its lifespan. This large hair clip has 14 non-slip teeth clamps to hold your hair firmly, providing a secure grip. It even features a shiny and smooth appearance to upgrade your look.


Framar Large Hair Clip


  • Anti-slip claws with teeth ensure a firm grip
  • Durable plastic gives a long lifespan
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Prone to scratches

Are you searching for a clip that does not claw into your scalp, giving you a headache? The Framar large hair clip will relieve your difficulty as it’s comfortable and lightweight. This anti-slip claw clip grips your hair tightly but comfortably, allowing you to work without distractions. The inner teeth of this universal clip provide a secure grip on all types of hair. It also has a rubberized coating on a soft matte material that keeps your hair firmly in its place. This large hair clip is made from sturdy plastic that won’t shatter on falling, ensuring its longevity.


OPaul Large Hair Clip


  • Soft claw teeth prevent headaches
  • A wide opening angle gives a firm grip
  • High-quality material ensures longevity


  • Heavy on the head

The OPaul large hair clip will surprise you with its large surface area that is designed to fit any hair type. The soft claw teeth ensure you don't suffer from a headache while providing a secure grip. This clip also features a wide opening angle, allowing you to grasp every strand of your hair, plus a non-slip matte coating to ensure that your hair does not get loose or free. It's made of premium materials so that it won’t break or deform, promising a long lifespan. This clip even comes with an exquisite gift box so that you can gift it to others.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Is a large hair clip better for casual or formal wear?

    A:Typically, claw clips are regarded as a hair accessory for a laid-back appearance. But that is a myth, and you shouldn’t believe it, as everything depends on the kind of clip you’re wearing. If your large hair clip is in good form, you can wear it to work without thinking twice about it.

  • Q: How does a large hair clip differ from a medium clip?

    A:Due to their one-size-fits-all design, medium hair clips may be the most popular ones. It's the appropriate hair accessory for both long and short hair because of its medium size. A large hair clip usually doesn't work as well with short hair.

  • Q: How do I use a large hair clip?

    A:These clips are excellent for creating a wide range of hairstyles, from charming to formal. Large claw clips work perfectly whether you want to pull off a sloppy bun, a halfway updo or a French twist. All you have to do is twist your hair whichever way you want and secure the claw.

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