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The Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Hair

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best-hair-straightener for thick hair

Thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, your hair can look full of volume and life without much effort, and thick hair looks great when you manage to get it into a style or shape that you like. The problem, however, is actually getting your hair to do what you want. Thick hair is notorious for being very difficult to style, and straightening thick hair can be a challenge all on its own — at least, it used to be.

With the help of the most effective hair straighteners for thick hair of 2024, you can turn even the curliest and waviest of thick hair into straight locks that you can style any way you want. While thick hair can be a bit of a pain to work with sometimes, these hair straighteners for thick hair will make the task as painless as it can be.

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Buying Guide: Hair Straightener for Thick Hair

Need to straighten your hair? This guide will cover what you need to know about hair straighteners for thick hair.

What Is a Hair Straightener?

A hair straightener is a tool that you use to straighten your hair, removing any waves or curls from the hair in the process. It uses heat to transform your hair, allowing you to pull off certain hairstyles for a period of time. Hair straighteners for thick hair don’t permanently straighten your hair — rather, the hair only stays straight temporarily, after which it will return to its natural state after a while.

Why You May Need Hair Straighteners for Thick Hair

They make straightening your hair a lot easier

It’s no secret that straightening thick hair isn’t exactly an easy task. In fact, you’ll need to do a lot of things in order for your hair to be as ready for straightening as it can get, and even then you may not get the ideal results. That’s just what it means to have thick hair, and while the volume of your hair is something that many other people dream of having, you’ll have to deal with the added maintenance in return.

You can style your hair in multiple ways

Just because it’s called a hair straightener for thick hair doesn’t mean that it’s only meant for straightening your hair. You can actually use the hair straightener to alter your hair in multiple ways, resulting in hairstyles that you otherwise would have never been able to pull off. Many people use hair straighteners to make waves and curls in their hair, as this is easy to do if you know the right technique. While this may be a bit more involved than simply straightening your hair, it’s a great way to expand your skills when it comes to hair styling.

Tips When Using Hair Straighteners for Thick Hair

Don’t use it too often

While it may be tempting to use hair straighteners for thick hair often, especially when you know how effective they can be, you should do your best to limit the number of times you use them on your hair. This is because hair straighteners can damage your hair. Because hair straighteners use heat to straighten the hair, it results in the inside of your hair getting damaged, and this can become visible the more you use the hair straightener.

So, unless you’re preparing to go out for a special event, you may want to style your hair through other methods instead. If you think that you want to rock straight hair on a regular basis, you can look to more permanent solutions instead.

Use quality hair products

Did you know that there are hair products made specifically for hair straighteners? These products ensure that your hair stays healthy and in good condition even after you style your hair with a hair straightener. Using a hair straightener comes with risks, and these products are meant to minimize the side effects while also producing better results overall.

One product you’ll definitely want to try out is thermal protection spray. Basically, it’s a spray that protects your hair from strong heat. This sort of product is perfect for hair straighteners, as your hair won’t suffer from the side effects of heat as long as you have a layer of this product on your hair. Of course, this means that you’ll need to spend extra money on another product, but if you value the health and condition of your hair, it’s an expense that’s worth every penny.

Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Hair of 2024


HSI Professional Hair Straightener


  • Great product quality
  • Comes with bonus accessories
  • Micro sensors prevent hair damage


  • Accessory quality isn’t great
This first hair straightener is something you’ll definitely want to consider getting, as it’s a salon-grade product. The HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener comes with everything you need to get started when straightening your hair. You have the hair straightener itself, as well as a velvet case to carry the device around. There’s also a glove that you can use to make it easier to work with the hair straightener, and you even get a pack of Argan oil to protect your hair from the heat. Aside from the comprehensive kit that you get with your purchase, this hair straightener for thick hair is quite effective. It’s got micro sensors that ensure you don’t damage your hair in the long run. Though it’s called a hair straightener, you can use this tool to curl your hair as well. It’s the best overall choice on this list for those who want salon-grade results at home.

NITION Hair Straightener


  • Lots of extras
  • Digital temperature display
  • Comes in two colors


  • Not beginner-friendly

The previous product contained a kit full of neat little accessories, but it still felt like it was lacking a bit in some areas. This Nition Pro Hair Straightener, however, has everything you need to straighten your hair quickly and effectively. This hair straightener for thick hair kit comes with plenty of extras that you’ll want to use alongside the straightener. You have a glove, a comb, hair clips, and a carrying pouch, so you can prepare your hair for the actual straightening process. This hair straightener for thick hair has this almost futuristic design to it that makes it look very different from other hair straighteners. With a digital display that showcases the temperature of the iron, you can tell exactly how hot the device is, allowing you to fine-tune the heat just right so that it won’t damage your hair. It may not be ideal for those new to using hair straighteners, but for those who know what they’re doing, it’s a great choice.


VANESSA PRO Hair Straightener


  • Features a long plate
  • Durable material quality
  • Convenient temperature indicator


  • No accessories included

If you want a high-quality hair straightener that you can use for months to come, this is a product worth considering. The Vanessa Pro Flat Iron Straightener has what the company claims to be the “world’s longest plate”. With such a claim, you’d think that the flat iron would be extremely unique or different from other hair straighteners, but in reality, it looks like any other hair straightener. The long plate does matter, however, as you can cover more hair per stroke than with other hot tools. Length aside, this hair straightener for thick hair has a couple of other things worth noting. The device comes with a digital temperature indicator, which makes it easier for you to control just how hot the iron will be. You can also use the straightener with all hair types, so it’s great for sharing with others. While the product doesn’t come with any additional accessories, it’s still a great product overall.


CHI Hair Straightener


  • Heats up quickly
  • Salon-grade straightener
  • High-quality construction


  • Somewhat pricey option
Hair straighteners can vary in quality from brand to brand, and while this next straightener may lack some features, it does make up for this in other ways. The first thing you may notice with the Chi Original Ceramic Hair Straightener is that it has no temperature indicator. This means that you won’t really know the temperature of the hair straightener, nor can you tune it, though the brand does mention that the device can heat up quickly. To make the most out of this hair straightener for thick hair, you’ll want to use something to protect your hair. After all, hair straighteners can damage your hair in the long run, so using hair products to mitigate this can go a long way. Chi also sells hair products made to go alongside their hair straightener, and while this can end up costing you quite a bit of money, it may be worth every penny if you like the results.

Conair Hair Straightener


  • Very affordable price
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Easy-to-use digital interface


  • Material quality could be better
Hair straighteners can be pretty expensive a purchase, and when you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on hair products and devices, it can be difficult to afford a hair straightener. With Conair’s Double Ceramic Flat Iron, however, you don’t need to spend large amounts of money to style your hair. The device comes in at less than $25, making it the cheapest straightener in our roundup. For this price, you get a pretty decent product. The device has a digital interface that lets you measure and control the temperature of the hair straightener. You can also get the device in two sizes. Other than that, this hair straightener for thick hair is pretty straightforward, and that’s not a bad thing, especially since you’re getting all this for a decent price.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are hair straighteners permanent?

    A:Hair straighteners for thick hair are not permanent. Eventually, the hair will return to its natural state even after being sufficiently ironed.

  • Q: When should I use a hair straightener for thick hair?

    A:Ideally, you should only use a hair straightener for events and special occasions. Hair straighteners can damage your hair in the long run, so reserving them for special occasions will keep your hair healthy.

  • Q: Are hair straighteners for thick hair difficult to use?

    A:While it may be a bit daunting to learn how to use hair straighteners for the first time, once you get a hang of things, they are surprisingly easy to work with.

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