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The Best Hairbrush Straighteners for Styling Your Hair

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Gone are the days when you needed to make an appointment at hair salons for a blow out. There are so many tools now available on the market that can help you achieve the same professional look without leaving the comfort of your home. One of the most popular ones is the hairbrush straightener because it is easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners. Not only does it reduce your hair styling time by a large extent, it is also a less damaging alternative to flat irons. If you are looking for a natural and voluminous look, hairbrush straighteners are for you.

The market is filled with leading companies that are manufacturing many different hair styling tools, including hairbrush straighteners. In order to help you choose, this list details the highest-rated hairbrush straighteners of 2023.

Finding Your Next Hairbrush Straightener: A Buyer’s Guide

Hairbrush straighteners are beginner friendly and are cost effective, which makes them a popular choice among people of all ages. In this buyer’s guide, we have provided all the information you will need to select a hairbrush straightener that meets your specific needs.

Hairbrush Straightener or Flat Iron?

The hairbrush straightener and flat iron debate has been going on ever since hair straightening brushes came into existence. Each tool has their own pros and cons, and we have discussed these below so you can make an informed decision.

Hairbrush straightener

One of the major benefits of hairbrush straighteners is their ability to style hair quickly. All you need to do is turn it on, set the temperature, and start brushing out your hair in sections. The process is much quicker than a flat iron, especially if you have thin hair. Another benefit is that hair brush straighteners tend to distribute heat evenly, which means the damage to your hair will be much less than with a flat iron. Most hairbrush straighteners are safe to use on the scalp as well because they are designed to keep your skin protected from burns. Additional pros include their ability to remove static from the hair and to add shine and volume, making the hair appear healthy.

Hairbrush straighteners are not designed to achieve a dead straight look, so if you are going for that, they may not be the right tool for you. They are also not ideal to use on very coarse and curly hair because they are not very good at straightening the roots. It may take you a long time and extra effort to make sure your roots are straightened, and using the brush multiple times on the same strand can lead to damage. Also, the results may not last long, which means you will need to use it regularly.

Hair iron

Flat irons are ideal for those who are looking for a flat and pin straight look. They are designed to straighten your hair fully from the roots to the tips, no matter how thick, coarse, or curly your hair is. Another benefit of flat irons is that you can use them in many different ways. A good flat iron can help you achieve different types of curls as well, ranging from tight ringlets to beach waves. The results will last you for several days until you wash your hair, which means that you will not need to retouch it every single day.

The major con of a flat iron is the damage that it does to your hair. The application of heat is direct and if you are not careful with the temperature settings, you may end up damaging your hair excessively. Flat irons are only ideal for use on special occasions, and should not be used as a regular styling tool. Also, a flat iron gives your hair a flat look, so it will not be ideal for you if you want a voluminous blowout.

How Do You Use a Hairbrush Straightener?

Even though using a hairbrush straightener is a pretty straightforward process, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to achieve the best results. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you straighten it. Brushing wet or damp hair can cause excessive damage. Start with the lowest temperature setting, unless you have very thick hair, and work your way upwards to select the one most suitable for you. Do not forget to section your hair if you want to achieve a professional look and want the results to last longer.

Reviewing the Best Hairbrush Straighteners of 2023


TYMO Hairbrush Straightener


  • Detangling brush and heat proof glove included
  • Anti-scald shell to help prevent accidents
  • Ideal for all hair types


  • Buttons on handle can be pressed accidentally
The Tymo Hairbrush Straightener is an efficient and quick tool that will straighten your hair without excessive damage. Its PTC heating technology along with the 3D teeth allow it to distribute heat evenly, which can help reduce damage and provide frizz-free hair. The tool comes with five temperature settings, which means you can adjust it according to your hair type. Taking only 20 seconds to heat up, this straightener will help save a lot of time when compared to flat irons. The shell around the comb is anti-scald, allowing you to hold it without worrying about burning your fingers. This hairbrush straightener also comes with a 30 minute auto-off function, which can help prevent accidents. A handy bag comes in the packaging so you can easily carry it with you while traveling. Thanks to its efficient design and versatility, this hairbrush straightener gets the top spot on this list.

Revlon Hairbrush Straightener


  • Multi-dimensional bristles help detangle hair
  • Ergonomic handle and lightweight design
  • Ten temperature settings


  • Not ideal for extremely thick hair
What makes the Revlon Hairbrush Straightener stand out from the others is its lightweight and ergonomic design. This device has ceramic plates and bristles that are designed to detangle your hair easily, which makes it efficient. The design of the brush ensures root to tip contact, which means faster styling and less effort. You can choose from ten temperature settings. The design of the handle is very ergonomic, which means that your arms will not get tired when using this tool. The one hour auto shut-off feature will prevent house fires in case you forget to turn your straightener off before leaving. You can achieve the perfect blow out with this tool as it will keep frizz tamed and lock in moisture, making your hair appear shiny and smooth. A heat glove is included to keep your hands from getting burned by the heat.

L’ANGE HAIR Hairbrush Straightener


  • Provides maximum control over temperature
  • Helps trap moisture for shiny hair
  • Risk-free money back guarantee


  • May be difficult to use
The L’ange Hairbrush Straightener is another one of our favorites because it is a powerful tool designed for all hair types. Whether you have naturally wavy, curly, or tight-coiled hair, this straightener is the ideal choice for you. It allows you to set the exact temperature, which means greater control. The double ion technology ensures that your hair remains hydrated and healthy, because it does not let moisture escape from your hair. This device takes very little time to heat up, and it will style your hair quickly, preventing damage caused by overheating. The cord is heat-proof, which means it will last longer and help prevent accidents. The 30 minute auto shut-off feature is a convenient way to have peace of mind when leaving your house. The company provides a money back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence.

MiroPure Hairbrush Straightener


  • Cord is very long
  • Many different temperature options
  • Won’t overheat easily


  • Can be difficult to clean
The MiroPure Hairbrush Straightener comes with an anti-scald feature that helps protect your hair from overheating. This will help prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle, and also reduce frizz. The tool heats up fully within 60 seconds, after which you can easily glide it through your hair and achieve a flawless blown out look. It is ideal for all kinds of hair, including thick, coarse, and curly hair, and will reduce styling time by a large extent. What makes this straightener special is its 360 degree swivel cord, which provides maximum maneuverability. You can choose from sixteen hair settings, which gives you greater control over the amount of heat you want to expose your hair to. A heat proof glove is included along with a carrying pouch for taking it with you wherever you go.

JUMPHIGH Hairbrush Straightener


  • Built-in ionic generator for hydrating hair
  • Auto temperature lock
  • Convenient one hand operation


  • Instructions can be confusing
Last but definitely not least, the Jumphigh Hairbrush Straightener is equipped with metal ceramic heating technology, which ensures even heat distribution. It is ideal for all hair types, as you can choose from twelve temperature settings. The device will heat up within a minute, and the auto temperature lock ensures that you do not change the setting accidentally while styling. Make sure you double click the power button to unlock this feature if you want to change the settings. The ionic generator ensures that your hair cuticle is sealed and that moisture is locked in, so you can enjoy a sleek look without any frizz or split ends. The handle makes it easy to operate with one hand, and the overall device is very compact, making it portable. The anti-scald comb and ceramic teeth make it a safe tool that will keep you protected from accidental burns and shocks.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are hairbrush straighteners ideal for daily usage?

    A:Hairbrush straighteners are considered a better alternative to flat irons when it comes to regular styling. However, beware of low quality straightener brushes, as they may damage your hair.

  • Q: What temperature is ideal for a hairbrush straightener?

    A:The ideal temperature will depend on your specific hair type. Low temperatures are suitable for those with thin hair, while higher ones are needed for those with thick and curly hair. Look for a straightener that provides a wide range of temperatures so you have adequate variety.

  • Q: Can I burn myself with a hairbrush straightener?

    A:Yes. Hairbrush straighteners are heating tools and they will burn your skin if it comes in direct contact with the bristles. For this reason, you need to use them cautiously, and use a heat glove to keep yourself protected.

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