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The Best Bobby Pins for Everyday Styles


Bobby pins have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe accessories. They are inexpensive and suitable for all hair types and textures. This hair accessory helps to pin a hair style in place and add extra support. You shouldn’t purchase something this essential randomly. So, we decided to do the research and rounded up the best bobby pins available. We chose these products based on important factors like size, durability, and quantity. We chose Goody Bobby Pins as our top choice and made a list of different options for you to review. If you want to find an item that works for your needs, keep reading!

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Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Bobby Pins

Bobby pins may appear pretty simple at a glance. Not only are there different types of this hair accessory, but they're often confused with hair pins as well. In this section, we'll go over everything that you should know before selecting the ideal bobby pin set.

Bobby Pin Types

If you’re confused about the different kinds of pins available, we're here to help you out.

Regular Pins

These are the most common types of bobby pins. We all love to use them because they can be used on any type of hair. You can use these to hold your hair in place and when you want to decorate it. They're useful for keeping the bangs and fringes away from your face or tidying up the stray hairs from a bun. If you have a habit of playing with your hair, a few of these bobby pins are a must-have in your bag.

Jumbo Pins

Like the name suggests, jumbo pins are the largest one of the lot. They play a significant role for people with long or unmanageable manes. A large bobby pin can successfully hold thick hair. Plus, they're also great for holding your bun securely in place. Their wavy design provides a tighter grip that ensures it doesn’t move out of place.

Hair Pins

You can instantly recognize this type of bobby pin with its signature U-shaped design. This giant wavy pin is appropriate for elaborate buns, updos, and twists. You can also use these to rock a messy bun effortlessly. Even if you make a loose hairstyle, these pins will prevent your hair from falling out.

Mini Pins

This variation of the infamous bobby pin was specifically created for people with thin hair. A full-size bobby pin will appear obvious when your hair is thin or short. The smaller options work more efficiently to keep the fringe from falling on your face. Some of these also feature a rubber padding to prevent them from slipping down your hair.

How to Make a Bobby Pin Stay in Place

Bobby pins may have been the first hair accessory that you ever owned, but have you ever learned how to properly use one? Most of us have always slid them inside our hair hoping for the best. They may not come with a manual, but there are some tricks that will ensure this awesome hair accessory never slips off your head again. Below we have some tips for you to make each bobby pin stay securely in your hair.

Spray the pins to improve their grip

You may already know about this hack because the video went viral and still makes rounds on the internet. People with fine hair have a tough time making their hairstyle and accessories stay in position for long. If you belong to this category, know that you’ll have to increase the grip on both your hair and the pin to make them stay. Take some volume powder, salt spray, or texture spray and apply some of it to both your hair and the bobby pin. Regardless of what hairstyle you have now, the pins will have a harder time slipping out.

Cross them

The tried and tested hack of making your bobby pins stay is to cross them for more reinforcement. If you don’t mind your pins showing, the criss cross technique is a surefire way to make them stay. Take two bobby pins, slide the first pin into position, then slide the second one in the opposite direction so they cross in the middle and interlock like an X. You can use pins of different colors to make a statement.

Uses of Bobby Pins

The main purpose of a bobby pin is to hold your hair in place. You can use these to hold your part in place, for securing buns, and for other styles when you want to achieve a sleek look. It slides up straight into your hair, and holds your hair in a desired position by pushing against it, but they serve other purposes as well.

  • Bobby pins are great for keeping head coverings in place. You can slide them into hair accessories like headbands, bandanas, yarmulkes, graduation caps, and nursing caps to hold them in a secure position over your head.
  • Some bobby pin designs come with jewels and decorations. You can use these to add an element of beauty to your hair.
  • You can use them as a makeshift clothespin to dry lightweight clothes.
  • Short on paperclips?  Use a few bobby pins.
  • It's also possible to use a bobby pin as a bookmark to mark the page that you're reading.

Comparing the Best Bobby Pins in 2024


Goody Bobby Pin


  • No sharp edges
  • Does not damage easily
  • Curved edge design


  • May be too short for longer hair

Goody slide-proof bobby pins are ideal when you want to dress up your hair with an elegant touch. Featuring a sturdy metal construction with high-gloss finish, this bobby pin design is great for both updos and stray hairs. They come as a set of 48 pins with curved tips and protective covers. There are no sharp edges to hurt your scalp, and they're sold in brunette and black color variations.


MetaGrip Bobby Pin


  • Designed to blend in with natural hair colors
  • Features a protective tip
  • Non-slip texture for improved grip


  • Not suitable for lighter hair colors

The MetaGrip premium bobby pins prevent snags and breakage. They feature a bronze color that easily blends in with darker hair shades without appearing too obvious. This bobby pin set comes with 300 pins that you can use for various hairstyles. They don’t severely damage your hair and scalp. We like that these pins are equipped with a superior grip so they won’t slip out of your hair easily.


Laicky Bobby Pin


  • Great color variety
  • High-quality metal and rubber construction
  • Easy to store


  • Not as suitable for extremely thick hair

If you want true value for the money, look into getting the Laicky bobby pin set. Coming as a box of 200 pins, these hair accessories can keep the hair along your part in place, or you can sweep your bangs out of the way. These bobby pins feature metallic construction with rubber protective tips. They're available in three color variations so you can choose the one that best matches your hair color. They're also rust-resistant thanks to the metal plated finish.


Beauty Rageous Bobby Pin


  • Comes inside a reusable container
  • Offer a secure grip
  • Great for thick hair


  • Coating flakes off after some time

Coming as a set of 400 pieces thoughtfully packed inside a reusable tin container, the Beauty Rageous Super Grip brown bobby pins are extremely sturdy. They are topped with soft tips that are gentle on your scalp. These bobby pins are also easy to slide in and out of your hair without snagging or catching. With their wavy pattern, not only does each bobby pin in the set ensure a comfortably tight grip, but they also ensure that your buns don’t lose their shape over time.


Ikoco Bobby Pin


  • Great for holding a lot of hair
  • strong and comfortable design
  • Finished in a protective coating


  • Can easily be seen in lighter hair colors

If you are looking for a U-shaped hair pins to secure your hairdos, the Ikoco hair pins have your back. Made using durable metal, each bobby pin in this set is comfortable to use and doesn't break easily. With a high-gloss coating, these hairpins will last you a long time. We really like their wavy shape that holds heavy hair without deforming. They're perfect for complicated styles that require a lot of bobby pins.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are bobby pins damaging to my hair?

    A:Bobby pins are famous for breaking hair. Especially when you cross them for extra hold. When you are inserting or removing a bobby pin, it pulls on your hair, breaking the ends. Bobby pins that have lost their protective end can scrape your scalp, so you should be careful when using one of those.

  • Q: Can I reuse bobby pins?

    A:Yes, bobby pins can typically be reused multiple times, depending on their quality and condition. After each use, simply remove any hair residue and reshape the pin if necessary. However, over time, the tension of the pin may weaken, so it's a good idea to replace them periodically.

  • Q: How many bobby pins do I need for a hairstyle?

    A:The number of bobby pins needed depends on the thickness and length of your hair, as well as the complexity of the hairstyle. Generally, it's a good idea to have a few extra pins on hand in case you need them. For simple styles, like securing a small section of hair, one or two bobby pins may suffice, while more elaborate updos may require several.

  • Q: How do I store bobby pins?

    A:To keep your bobby pins organized and prevent them from getting lost or tangled, consider using a magnetic holder, a small container, or a dedicated storage case designed specifically for bobby pins. This will help you keep track of your pins and ensure they're always readily available when you need them.

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