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The Best Toners for Blonde Hair

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

If you have blonde hair, you probably already know it can be difficult to keep your color looking healthy, vibrant, and shiny. To keep your blonde hair looking its best, you need to try color products, like toner. Toner is a special hair product used to add depth, richness, and color-correct hair, whether your blonde is natural or dyed.

Finding the right toner for your blonde hair can be pretty tricky. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best toners for blonde hair in 2023. Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your natural shade or want to give your hair an ashy, platinum tone, you’ll find the perfect toner for you on this list.

How to Buy Toner for Blonde Hair

When it comes to choosing the perfect toner for blonde hair, there are several product features that you should take into consideration. In order to ensure your locks stay healthy and shiny while also achieving the desired results, consider the following key factors before buying:


Look for natural, plant-based ingredients that will nourish and strengthen your locks without stripping them of their natural oils. Choose a toner that is free of pore-clogging fillers, parabenssulfates, and other harsh chemicals that can cause hair damage and irritation.


Make sure you choose a toner that has a special formula for blonde hair. Since blonde hair colors can change over time, you want a toner formulation that will help maintain your desired color.


Check for reviews of the toner to ensure that it delivers on its promises to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. You want a product that will give you long-lasting results, not something that is only good for one wash!


Consider the cost of the toner and determine if it’s worth the price tag for the results you’re expecting from it. If you’re not willing to shell out for expensive products, shop around for products that are more cost-effective with equally desirable performance.

Hair Type

Make sure you choose a toner that works well for your particular hair type (e.g., dry, thick, damaged, or fine). Some toners can be harsher than others, so be careful to read the labels and product descriptions.

Toner Size

If your hair is thicker or longer than usual, you may require additional treatments and more of the product to achieve your desired results.


Choose a toner with an aroma that works well with your own personal preference — something pleasant but not overpowering or too strong-smelling. Natural fragrances such as lavender or eucalyptus are usually safe bets when looking for an enjoyable scent. If you have a sensitive scalp, make sure your toner is free from any potentially irritating synthetic fragrances.


If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to determine whether the product uses animal testing for its product. Look for brands with certifications such as the Leaping Bunny certification so you know exactly what products are cruelty-free.

Comparing the Top Toners for Blonde Hair in 2023


VITAMINS Toner for Blonde Hair


  • Provides hydration
  • Repair and restore the hair
  • Helps smooth frizzy hair
  • Free from parabens and sulfates


  • May not work on darker blonde shades
The VITAMINS hair cosmetics Toner for Blonde Hair is an innovative product that is sure to appeal to those who are looking for a color-depositing formula that helps remove orange, yellow, and brassy tones in their hair. This hair mask also helps with toning and color correction while providing lightening solutions to restore highlights. This toner even has a deep conditioning repair feature to revitalize and restore brittle, over-processed hair. It also offers advanced strengthening protection against breakage with its combination of Moroccan Argan and Jojoba oil complex. This hair mask can fight off frizz, provide volume, and detangle wet or dry hair. It does all of this without animal testing! Plus, it doesn’t contain any paraben, SLS, sulfate, or alcohol. This product is truly perfect for those looking for a salon experience from the comfort of their own home. It helps achieve perfect color and vitalizes dry, damaged hair with its UV protection and nourishing capabilities. These seemingly endless benefits are why this is our top choice overall.

BOLD UNIQ Toner for Blonde Hair


  • Counteract yellow hues
  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • Formulated with vitamin B5
  • Features innovative UV filters


  • May leave hair feeling dry
The BOLD UNIQ Toner for Blonde Hair is a great choice for anyone looking to eliminate brassy yellow tones in their bleached, platinum, gray, ash, silver, or blonde hair. It contains intense violet pigments that can counteract unwanted yellow hues. This sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo is not only cruelty-free and vegan-friendly but is also stronger than traditional blonding shampoos. This particular purple toning shampoo contains a vitamin B5 derivative to soften hair strands and add shine. It also features innovative UV filters to protect your hair color against fading from damaging ultraviolet radiation. This helps you maintain your desired shade of blonde hair for longer periods of time without having to make expensive trips to the salon.

WELLA Color Charm Toner for Blonde Hair


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Easy to apply
  • Helps maintain healthy-looking hair
  • Creates an even tone


  • Might not work well with darker blondes
The Wella Color Charm Toner for Blonde Hair is the perfect choice for those looking to neutralize those annoying brassy tones in their hair. Featuring Liquifuse Technology, this toner works to provide a uniform color saturation, making it easy to achieve salon-quality hair color in the comfort of your own home. The toner comes with clear instructions on how to apply it, so you won’t end up confused, Plus, it’s available in eight shades in three different tonal families to help you achieve the perfect blonde color from medium beige to pale blonde. Whether you’re a natural blonde or have bleached hair, you’re sure to enjoy the results of this mild, yet powerful salon-quality toning formula.

John Frieda Toner for Blonde Hair


  • Gives blonde hair a salon-fresh look
  • Provides a thorough cleanse
  • Helps to keep brassy tones at bay
  • Gives a more lustrous look


  • May only give subtle results
The John Frieda Violet Crush Toning Shamppo for Blonde Hair is the ideal solution for those looking to give their hair a revitalized and refreshed look. This toner helps to quickly and effectively knock out brassy tones, neutralize yellow tones, and enhance color, leaving blonde hair feeling soft and looking cooler and brighter. It contains crushed violet which works to deposit the pigment into the hair to counteract yellow tones. These pigments can help any kind of blonde hair — whether natural, color-treated, or highlighted — look brighter and more vibrant in just one use. When used with the matching Violet Crush Purple Conditioner, the two products will work together to rid dull-looking blonde hair of brassy tones and yellow undertones, leaving hair feeling smooth, soft, and shiny. With just two simple steps anyone can get salon-quality results right from the shower.

Punky Toner for Blonde Hair


  • Includes a keratin complex for healthier hair
  • Vibrant and long-lasting
  • Incredibly easy to apply
  • Vegan and free of PPD and paraben


  • May leave pigment on hands and shower
Punky’s Toner for Blonde Hair is a semi-permanent hair color dye that helps you get rid of serious brass with a cool, platinum tone. It’s designed to be non-damaging to all hair types, so you can achieve fashionable hair color without any added damage from harsh chemicals. Plus, this product is vegan, PPD, and paraben free, so it is safer for your hair and scalp than many other brands. This product lasts for up to 35 washes, so the vibrant color will stay until you are ready to switch up your look. To apply the color, you can use a tinting brush to evenly distribute the color from roots to ends. After combing through your hair with the tinting brush, it takes only 15-30 minutes for the color to activate before rinsing it out. It also contains a keratin complex, which helps give a long-lasting and intense color. The toner even nourishes strands and prevents breakage, leaving hair frizz-free and silky soft. All these incredible features allow for multi-tonal hair, ombre, or holographic hues that stand out in any crowd.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What is the ideal toner for blonde hair?

    A:The ideal toner for blonde hair is one that is specifically formulated to be gentle on blonde hair without damaging or drying it out. Look for a toner that contains the right kind of pigments to color-correct the brassy yellow and orange tones that are common in blonde hair.

  • Q: Do toners for blonde hair help keep hair healthy and shiny?

    A:Yes, these blonde toners can help keep hair healthy and shiny by gently depositing color molecules into the cuticle of the hair, filling in gaps in the pigment while locking moisture into the strands. This may help make the hair more resilient and less prone to damage and breakage, resulting in healthier, shinier hair.

  • Q: How often should I use toner for blonde hair?

    A:Use toners sparingly — no more than once or twice every four weeks. Overuse can lead to dryness, fading, or incorrect tones rather than the desired shade of blonde.

  • Q: What ingredients should I look for in a toner for blonde hair?

    A:When shopping for a toner for blonde hair, look for nourishing ingredients such as chamomile extract, honey, witch hazel, aloe vera extract, lavender essential oil, and other keratin-inducing ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein. These ingredients help to nourish and protect the strands from damage while delivering desired tones to the locks. Of course, you also want to make sure there are blue or violet pigments as well!

  • Q: How do I apply toner for blonde hair?

    A:To apply toner to your blonde hair, start by shampooing your locks with shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly before applying your toner according to the instructions on its packaging. Generally speaking, you’ll want to start at the ends of your hair first and work your way up toward the roots until you’ve evenly saturated all of your locks with toner. Leave it on for the recommended amount of time before rinsing thoroughly and conditioning as usual.

  • Q: Do different toners for blonde hair work better on different shades?

    A:Yes, different toners will work better on different shades of blonde hair — some may be more suitable for darker blondes while others may work better on lighter blondes. This is why it’s important to select a toner specifically designed for your particular shade of blonde.

  • Q: Are there any risks associated with using toner for blonde hair?

    A:If used properly and in moderation, there should be no major risks associated with using a professional quality toner on your blonde hair (if you already have healthy locks in good condition prior to the application). But, if you overuse it or use poor-quality products that contain harsh ingredients, there may be some risks associated with over-toning your locks such as split ends, dryness, breakage, or discolored hair.

  • Q: Do I need to use additional styling products after applying toner for blonde hair?

    A:You don’t have to use any additional styling products after applying a toner on your blonde hair, but it may still be beneficial to use a leave-in-conditioner and some kind of heat protectant if you plan on using heated styling tools afterwards. Hair oils like argan or jojoba oil can also help with adding shine and combatting any residual dryness after you style your hair.

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