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The Best Purple Shampoos for Brassy Blondes

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best purple shampoo

Do blondes have more fun? Well, not always.

Blonde hair, whether from a bottle or natural, comes with its own challenges—like that annoying brassy tone that seems to creep in between salon visits. If your hair has lost its luster and is veering into yellow or orange territory, purple shampoo could be the savior you need.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about purple shampoo—from how it does its color-correcting magic to the scents that make you want to use them even more. We’ve also researched a bunch of products to bring you our favorites for 2024, including the best one from Matrix that doesn’t just lock in the color but also leaves your hair feeling silky and soft. Keep your locks looking like they just stepped out of the salon with these purple shampoos.

Now blondes can have all the fun this summer!

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The Best Purple Shampoo: A Buying Guide

Do you know what causes your perfectly blonde or gray hair to turn all brassy? It may be the wrong “lifting” or “bleaching” process that doesn’t entirely get rid of the underlying pigment, or other factors such as air exposure to minerals, oxidation from sun exposure, and even hard shower water. With these things in mind, it’s safe to say that there’s more to taking care of your hair than just buying a purple shampoo.

Protecting your hair by avoiding unnecessary sun exposure and checking the quality of your home’s shower water is crucial, but apart from that, using a purple shampoo correctly is one of the simplest ways to keep unwanted warm tones out of your lightened locks. This buying guide has useful information to help you make the right choice when shopping for purple shampoo.

Is Purple Shampoo Right for You?

If you’re a blonde – regardless of the hue or tone –, then purple shampoo is a great option for you. This product works like magic to maintain your cool, beige, ash, biscuit, or buttery blonde shade, and it’s equally effective for shades of gray and silver. The cool purple pigments gently neutralize unwanted brassy and yellow tones, ensuring that the color stays fresh and doesn’t turn warm in between salon visits.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is how to properly use this beauty product. Some purple shampoos can contain strong pigments, which may build up and make lighter hair dull over time. It can even cause the strands to pick up the shampoo’s violet hue, losing that brightness that gives your hair the perfect look. The key is to use a purple shampoo for maintenance purposes only — this means limiting yourself to using it just once or twice a week to maintain a cool, neutral tone.

You can refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your hair type and color to help you achieve ideal results. Your colorist may also guide you through the correct home regimen according to your hair goals.

Here are the top benefits of using a purple shampoo after your coloring service:

  • It’s a great way to maintain your preferred blonde tone in between salon visits
  • It helps the color last longer
  • It keeps hair looking fresh and lively
  • It’s easy to use, just like a regular shampoo
  • It offers immediate, semi-permanent color results with one wash
  • Some products include nourishing ingredients for a moisturizing effect
  • It prevents the color from losing its brightness too soon

Factors To Consider When Buying Purple Shampoo

There are tons of options when it comes to purple shampoo, ticking different boxes for everyone. Finding the right product can be challenging, so whether you’re buying your first purple shampoo or striving to find a better alternative to your current one, the following considerations can come in handy:

Your hair color

Remember the color wheel? Colors that sit opposite each other on the wheel can cancel their effect. The same rule applies here — purple shampoo is suitable for gray, blonde, and platinum-colored hair as it sits opposite yellow, canceling out the brassiness that may result.

Make sure you choose a purple shampoo with the right toning strength according to your hair color. The key is to neutralize the yellow, so a milder shampoo can easily take care of different shades of blonde — a stronger purple shampoo is more suitable for anything between silver and platinum blonde, which is why people with dark-colored hair should go for a blue shampoo when their hair becomes brassy.

Product ingredients

This can be tricky, as most purple shampoo options are based on a synergistic combination of ingredients that maintain hair color while ensuring that it stays healthy and nourished. If you happen to have dyed hair with highlights or a balayage, you’ll need to double-check the formula for hydrating ingredients.

Bleach is the number one cause of dry and damaged hair. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, murumuru seed butter, and mango seed butter, as these help restore elasticity, maintain the natural moisture balance of hair, and keep the color from fading out.

Adequate violet pigments, coupled with the effects of the right ingredients, safeguard the blonde color so you can flaunt your golden locks at all times.


The consistency of the purple shampoo is another important factor you shouldn’t ignore. When shopping online, make sure you check how the consistency of the product is described — a reliable purple shampoo shouldn’t be too runny or translucent. Rich in violet pigments, a good option should be thick, dark, and have an opaque formula.

This kind of consistency is considered more effective for its high density of concentrated pigments. While this can help you while shopping around, it’s even better if you can physically test out the consistency of a purple shampoo before buying it.

The Best Purple Shampoos of 2024: Reviewed in Detail


Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo


  • Suitable for grey and blonde hair
  • Has a plesant and refreshing scent
  • Provides softness and is vegan
  • Works great on color-treated hair


  • Packaging is not always the best

Enjoy luscious, salon-worthy hair with Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo, your champion for maintaining a cool blonde color! Specially formulated with color-depositing properties, this shampoo neutralizes brassy warmth and eliminates dull, yellow tones in blonde and grey hair without stripping. Infused with a brightening formula, it leaves your hair looking vibrant and refreshed. Immerse yourself in the refreshing fragrance featuring leafy greens, rosewood, and jasmine notes for a delightful sensory experience. With a generous 10.1 fl oz size and a vegan formulation, achieve your desired hair tone while embracing cruelty-free beauty. Our team researched various customer reviews and found that users love the softness, color, and shine this purple shampoo provides. We agree, which is why it is our top choice.


Redken Blondage Purple Shampoo


  • Brightens blonde colors and deep conditions
  • Contains ultra-violet pigments
  • Suitable for bleached, blonde, and highlighted hair
  • Neutralizes brass tones


  • May leave purple marks in the shower

The Redken Blondage Purple Shampoo is designed to keep your blonde hair color in bondage (see what we did there?), preserving it between salon appointments. Infused with ultra-violet pigments and a Triple Acid Protein complex, this shampoo neutralizes brassy tones, strengthens strands, and enhances brightness. The ultra-violet pigments work tirelessly to not only maintain your blonde color but also keep undertones at bay for longer-lasting vibrancy. Perfect for blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair, this toning and strengthening color care system prolongs your desired shade and deeply conditions for a silky-smooth finish. It's a two-in-one deal, offering great value for the money. Available in a convenient 10.1 fl oz size, it's your essential purple shampoo for healthier, brighter blondes with every wash.


Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo


  • Can last up to 12 washes
  • Special antioxidants protect hair from environmental effects
  • Contains roship oil, keratin, and arginine
  • Paraben-free and controls static


  • Doesn’t work well as a moisturizer

For a trusted ally for cool blonde or gray hair, turn to Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo! This paraben-free formula not only protects your locks but also effectively neutralizes brassy yellow tones, providing you with color that stays vibrant and true. With a 10.1 fl oz size and long-lasting results for up to 12 washes, enjoy salon-worthy radiance that stands the test of time. Infused with a potent blend of rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin, this purple shampoo not only boosts shine and smoothness but also strengthens 2X stronger than before. It is enhanced with green tea extract, UV absorbers, and antioxidants and provides added protection against environmental stressors, leaving your hair gorgeously vibrant and resilient. Our team appreciates the safety it provides as well as its long-term use.


Pantene Silver Expressions Purple Shampoo


  • Comes in a 17.9 fl oz bottle
  • Smells like lotus flowers
  • Reduces overall hair dullness
  • Maintains silver strands


  • May not eliminate dryness

I'm familiar with the Pantene brand and you may be as well. Pantene’s earned a reputation over the years as a brand that focuses on healthy and shiny hair, and the Pantene Silver Expressions Purple Shampoo is no exception. It is truly your secret to radiant silver and bright whites! Formulated to reduce dullness and eliminate brassy tones, it maintains your silver strands by neutralizing excess yellow tones for a stunning finish. With a 100% paraben-free and silicone-free formula, it promotes healthy-looking hair with every wash. Fragrance doesn't take a back seat thanks to its lightly scented infusion of fresh and luxurious lotus flowers. It also comes in a quite large 17.9 fl oz bottle, allowing ample amounts of purple magic that manifests silver locks that shine with vitality!


FRAMESI Color Lover Purple Shampoo


  • Sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free
  • Color lasts 95% longer than other brands
  • Moisturizes and nourishes hair
  • Revitalizes and softens hair


  • Can turn your hair purple if on too long

Enhance and maintain the brilliance of your blonde, gray, or white hair with FRAMESI Color Lover Purple Shampoo! Crafted to preserve your color for an extended period, this formula boasts specialized features to combat unwanted brassy and yellow tones commonly found in blonde and gray hair. The deeply pigmented violet hue provides potent toning action, ensuring cooler blondes with every wash. Infused with a blend of quinoa, conditioning agents, proteins, and protectants, it not only tones but also moisturizes and nourishes your locks, leaving them feeling luxuriously soft and revitalized. This purple shampoo offers a remarkable 95% longer-lasting color while being vegan and free from gluten, DEA, sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens. I appreciate that as I mainly purchase shampoos that are at least sulfate and paraben-free. It is available in a generous 16.9 fl oz size -- plenty for vibrant, refined hair color.


Kristin Ess Hair The One Purple Shampoo


  • Designed by a celebrity hairstylist
  • Perfect for blondes and brunettes
  • Tones and reduces brass
  • Strengthens, protects, and combats split ends


  • May not create enough suds

Do you wish you had a celebrity hairstylist and colorist to maintain your colored hair at home?  Now you can with this 10 fl oz bottle of Kristin Ess Hair The One Purple Shampoo! Formulated by renowned hairstylist Kristin Ess, this sulfate-free shampoo is designed to cater to both blondes and brunettes, offering a unique blend that's hard to find. Whether you crave ashy or pastel lavender tones or prefer neutral hues, this purple shampoo delivers, providing intense toning while reducing brassiness with its ultra-violet pigment. Infused with Brass Reducing technology, it restores shine and leaves hair feeling moisturized and full. It also utilizes Zip-Up Technology™ that strengthens hair from within, combating split ends and protecting against environmental stressors and color fade. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, and as our team discovered through customer reviews, users love its pleasant scent!


L’Oreal Paris EverPure Purple Shampoo


  • Created by L'Oreal Paris
  • Free from sulfates and parabens
  • Eliminates yellow and orange tones
  • Hydrates and moisturizes hair


  • May have to use it more frequently

Another brand I am familiar with, and you may be too, is L'Oreal Paris. L'Oreal Paris is a leader in high-quality cosmetics, skincare, and hair care. That's why you should try the L'Oreal Paris EverPure Purple Shampoo, a state-of-the-art solution to revitalizing your blonde, bleached, highlighted, or silver hair. This sulfate-free formula effectively neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones, maintaining your perfect shade with every wash. Infused with hydrating hibiscus and purple dye, it not only tones but also deeply moisturizes your locks, leaving them feeling luxuriously soft and nourished. Its vegan formula excludes not only sulfates but also parabens and harsh salts. Available in a convenient 6.8 fl oz size, this purple shampoo respects your hair's integrity while delivering exceptional results.


ALURAM Coconut Water Purple Shampoo


  • Has a coconut water formula
  • Neutralizes brassy tones
  • Leaves your hair moisturized and refreshed
  • Gently cleanses hair without stripping nutrients


  • May cause tangles in bleached hair

Coconut water can offer various health benefits, but I was unaware that it can be used to create purple shampoos. That's why I find this next option on our list unique. Experience the rejuvenating power of Aluram Coconut Water Purple Shampoo, designed for individuals seeking vibrant, cool blonde hues. It is sulfate and paraben-free and is formulated with coconut water, which deposits rich purple pigments to counteract brassiness and correct yellow tones in blonde and grey hair. This color-correcting marvel works tirelessly to eliminate unwanted warmth while preserving your hair's natural moisture, leaving it refreshed and luminous. With its gentle yet effective formula, your hair retains its brilliance without stripping its essential nutrients. This purple shampoo is available in a generous 12 fl oz size, which is enough to maintain your desired cool blonde shade with ease and confidence.


Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo


  • Comes in a 33.8 fl oz bottle
  • Eliminates yellow tones
  • Nourishes and brightens hair
  • Made in Italy


  • Scent may not be the best

Say goodbye to that dull yellow color with Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo! You won't help but say "Oh, wow!" as your hair transforms from brassy to classy with this anti-brass purple shampoo toner. Specially designed for blonde, silver, and gray hair, its violet pigments swiftly neutralize yellow tones, leaving your locks shiny and silky. Enriched with antioxidant grape extract and silk proteins, it not only tones but also nourishes, ensuring your hair remains healthy and vibrant. This nourishing formula helps preserve your preferred blonde shade between salon visits, keeping it bright and light. Suitable for all blonde types, including super-lightened and bleached hair, this Italian-made wonder is available in a generous 33.8 fl oz size. According to our team's research of customer reviews, users are wowed by its effectiveness and value.


John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo


  • Removes brassy tones in a single wash
  • Eliminates yellow tones and brightens hair
  • Cleanses and refreshes
  • Contains crushed violet pigments


  • Hair may feel crunchy after use

Our final product on our list and may also be a well-known brand to you is the John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo. It delivers a knockout punch to brassy tones, leaving revitalized hair in its wake. It is infused with crushed violet pigments that oppose yellow tones, daring them to return, while making color-treated or highlighted blonde hair appear cooler and brighter with just one use. This purple shampoo is not just a toner; it also cleanses your blonde locks, leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Available in a convenient 8.3 fl oz size, it may be small but it is enough to enhance your color and bring out your best blonde in one solid hit! Our team appreciates the fast-acting power that this purple shampoo provides and we hope you will, too.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Do I need a sulfate-free purple shampoo for ideal results?

    A:While sulfate-free purple shampoos can be gentler on hair, they're not strictly necessary for ideal results. However, if you have sensitive or dry hair, opting for sulfate-free options may help maintain hair health and color vibrancy over time.

  • Q: My purple shampoo has tinted my hair purple. What do I do?

    A:If your purple shampoo has tinted your hair purple, it's likely due to leaving it on for too long or using it too frequently. To remedy this, try using a clarifying shampoo to help remove the excess pigment, followed by a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and color balance. In the future, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and limit the use of the purple shampoo to avoid over-toning.

  • Q: Can I use purple shampoo on dark hair?

    A:Purple shampoo is typically designed for use on light-colored hair, particularly to neutralize brassiness in blonde, silver, or gray hair. While it won't harm dark hair, it may not have the desired toning effect and could potentially leave a purplish tint if left on for too long.

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