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The Best Heatless Hair Curlers

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best heatless hair curler

When you’re constantly straightening, curling, or blow drying your hair, you put it through the wringer, which can result in frizzy, broken strands. Using heat styling tools regularly can damage your locks, sometimes even permanently. Whether you want to flaunt beachy waves or plan to get a bouncy blowout, heatless hair curlers are a sustainable choice to keep heat damage at bay.

That being said, with a solid range of products available, picking the right product for your needs can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve rated and reviewed some of the top-rated heatless hair curlers of 2024 for you, so you can choose the ideal one according to your hair type and styling needs.

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Buying Guide: Heatless Hair Curlers

If you’re dreaming about voluminous curls but don’t want to potentially damage your locks, heatless hair curlers are a great option. They give you those curls you want without exposing your hair to extreme heat. But before you make the purchase, we’ve curated this comprehensive buying guide to help you pick the finest heatless hair curlers — let’s check it out!

How To Choose Heatless Hair Curlers


When looking for the perfect heatless hair curlers, you should consider the size of the curlers or rollers. If you like to sleep with them in your hair, the size is something you should think about to ensure a good night’s sleep. After all, if you have bulkier hair curlers, fixing them in your hair and maintaining them is a bit difficult. You should consider the length of your hair to ensure that the curler is big enough to hold your whole hair strand.

Type of Curls

You can use the same hair curlers to customize the size and type of curls you get. You should choose a tightly bound curler or one with a smaller diameter if you plan to get thicker curls and a loosely bound curler for salon-like wavy hair. In any case, clip the curler onto semi-dry or slightly wet hair for optimal effects, and keep them on overnight for longer-lasting results if you have the time.


Because heatless curlers will be in direct contact with your hair for a long time, you should think about the type of material used in making them. Always try to find an option that’s made using soft, safe, and reusable material. Silk, satin, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are some of the more reliable material options when it comes to hair curlers.

How To Use Heatless Hair Curlers

Although there are different methods available for achieving curls without resorting to curling irons, heatless curlers have remained a popular choice. Using heatless hair curlers is a breeze — all you need to do is split your hair into around 1-inch parts, roll the ends of each section with curlers, and leave the rollers in overnight if your hair is wet.

Of course, you don’t have to use heatless curlers on wet hair only. You can use a mist spray or a styling mousse to dampen your hair, then leave the heatless curlers in for a few hours. You can trust these techniques to keep your curls in place for up to 48 hours without needing to re-curl them.

Reviewing the Best Heatless Hair Curlers of 2024


Xnicx Heatless Hair Curlers


  • Made using flexible iron with foam coating
  • Can achieve seven different wave styles
  • Comes in travel-friendly packaging
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use


  • Smaller rods are quite thin

If you’re constantly losing curling rods, the Xnicx Heatless Hair Curlers are a great set because they come in a pack of 47 flexible curling rods. This option comes with an affordable price tag, making it ideal for those on a tight budget, and it even comes in a clear bag that's great for travel and easy storage. You get curling rods of seven different colors and sizes, which means you can try many different curl and wave styles. We like that each rod is made using flexible, hair-friendly material, so you can wear them all night to get perfectly bouncy and healthy curls in the morning. You can easily bend, roll, or twist these rods without worrying about damaging them and the foam won’t cause any breakage.


HRYYDS Heatless Hair Curler


  • Flat headband doesn’t tangle your hair
  • Comes with accessories
  • Soft silk fabric adjusts well
  • Free of chemicals and unpleasant odors


  • Not ideal for thicker hair

Are you in search of a chemical-free and heatless way to get bouncy and healthy-looking curls? Then you should invest in the HRYYDS Heatless Hair Curler! This curling headband is effective on medium and long hair lengths, and the results will make you fall head over heels for your hair. The unique, user-friendly design mimics a headband with a flat design at the top and curling rods at both sides, ensuring that you can sleep in comfort with this tool on. This heatless hair curler is made using soft cotton, so it won’t cause hair breakage and you won’t even feel it when you sleep. I think it's so cool that the package also includes two cute hairpins and two scrunchies to help you style your range of curls. 


Minerva Heatless Hair Curlers


  • Lightweight rods feel gentle on hair
  • Color-coded rods for convenience
  • Packaged in a handy zip-top bag
  • Great for short to long hair


  • Slight plastic odor

The Minerva Heatless Hair Curlers come in a pack of 42 pieces, which are color-coded to allow you to pick the right size without wasting much time comparing different ones. This package includes rods of seven different sizes, making it ideal for almost every hair type. These flexi rods sit nicely on your hair and are great for styling both wet and dry hair. Each rod is thoughtfully designed to curl medium, long, and short hair, and is made using soft material that’s gentle on your stands. I love that they've included a PVC bag to help with storage and to make them portable enough to carry with you on vacations or simply to store when you're done. Most importantly, these heatless hair curlers allow you to get beachy waves or loose curls without damaging your hair with heat. The soft material also offers you optimal comfort, allowing you to sleep with these curlers in and wake up to the perfect curls you desire!


MC Magic Curler Heatless Hair Curlers


  • Comes with styling hooks for convenience
  • Easy to install and use
  • Won’t pull your hair strands
  • Creates tight curls


  • Not ideal for thicker hair types

If you are a beginner transitioning from heat styling to heatless hair curlers, the MC Magic Curler Heatless Hair Curlers are a great choice. This is because the spiral design makes them extremely easy to use — all you need to do is to take a small section of hair and wrap it on the spiral rod. Another great thing about these curling rods is that you don’t need to secure your hair with an elastic hairband because your hair tightly wraps around the rod. These soft and lightweight curlers are designed to provide you with beautiful curls without any damage, and you can wear them while watching your favorite TV show, cooking, or sleeping without feeling any extra burden on your head. The whole package includes 50 pieces, plenty to achieve the curls you want.


Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Hair Curlers


  • Many different sizes for versatility
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Fun and vibrant colors
  • Very affordable and reusable


  • May not be comfortable to sleep in

If you have thicker or coily hair, the Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Hair Curlers are the perfect tool to achieve more uniform and looser curls. These heatless curlers are a flexi rod set with multiple different sizes, giving you many choices for curl volume. We love all of the beautiful colors of these curlers and the fact that they all come in a compact carrying case for travel or home storage. These are super easy to use; simply dampen your hair with styling mousse or lotion, wrap your hair around the rods, and allow it to dry completely before removing them.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can I sleep with my heatless hair curlers?

    A:Yes, you'll get the best results if you leave your heatless hair curlers in overnight. Soft curlers made of materials like silk or satin are safe to use on hair and give your hair a bounce without damaging its texture and can be comfortable enough to sleep in overnight.

  • Q: Can heatless hair curlers damage my hair?

    A:When compared to using a curling iron, heatless curling causes less damage, but regular usage of curling irons or rollers increases the risk of hair breakage and can even cause hair thinning. Using heatless curlers once or twice a week is fine as your hair gets enough time to repair in between. You should also avoid wrapping or stretching wet hair too tightly to ensure that you don’t end up breaking your hair.

  • Q: How long do I leave my heatless curlers in my hair?

    A:The time it takes for the curler to do its magic depends on the hair’s texture and thickness. Using these heatless curlers on wet or semi-dry hair is suggested for optimal results, so keep that in mind if you have voluminous and thick hair.

  • Q: Can I use heatless curlers on dry hair?

    A:You don’t necessarily have to wet your hair to use heatless curlers, but it’s better to slightly dampen your hair with a spray or mousse to lock in curls for a longer time. If you want to use heatless curlers on dry hair, use a hair serum or cream to ensure that the curls are locked in perfectly so you can flaunt your curls for more than a day.

  • Q: How should I maintain my curls?

    A:Invest in curlers made from high-quality material if you want low-maintenance curls. Use the right size of rod for each strand of hair and get your hair just damp enough for optimal results. Don’t forget to use a non-toxic hair spray to fix your curls once you’ve finished styling them.

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Kaitlyn Neese

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