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The Best Round Hair Brushes for Style and Shine

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Round hair brushes are the only brush you should use if you’re trying to give yourself the perfect blow dry. The curling and straightening ability of these unique brushes are second to none when you’ve got a fully operating blow dryer in your other hand.

DIY styling can be a pretty difficult task, but with the right set of tools, any job can be easy. In this case, choosing a round hair brush that satisfies your unique needs is the tool in question. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the most popular round hair brushes of 2023 in the market right now that are guaranteed to make DIY styling an absolute breeze.

Buying Guide: Round Hair Brush

The key to choosing a kickass round hair brush is to closely examine its features and determine if they apply to your hair.

This section of the guide will focus on all the different features that make up a round hair brush so that you’re more informed the next time you head to the market to buy one.

Features To Look Out for When Choosing a Round Hair Brush

Check out the following features:

Barrel size

Choosing the right barrel size for a round hair brush is important for several reasons. Of course, the most important aspect to consider when picking the size is your hair’s length and overall thickness.

Short-haired individuals should ideally opt for a brush in the 0.5-inch to 0.75-inch size range to ensure no extra breakage. On the other hand, medium-haired individuals have the option of going for a brush in the 1-inch to 1.2-inch range. Lastly, individuals with flowing hair greater than or equal to shoulder length should ideally go for brushes in the 1.5 to 2-inch range.

Bristles (nylon vs. boar)

The most effective types of bristles available in the market right now are either boar or nylon, and each has its own unique benefits for different hair types. Boar bristles are gentler across your scalp, making them the ideal option for short, fine hair.

They’re also known to stimulate your hair and keep your scalp clean from any allergens. Nylon bristles are most effective against thicker hair as their proficiency in reducing frizz makes them ideal for a blowout.

Barrel material

When it comes to barrel material, there are two clear favorites in the market right now, wood and ceramic.

While both offer amazing blowouts, in this case, one is better than the other. Ceramic is the out-and-out superior option as it is lightweight and allows hair to pass through, thus ensuring that more of the warm hair from the dryer reaches your hair. Although wood allows plenty of air to pass through, it is heavier and may be subject to mold buildup when moisture is exposed.

Compare the Best Round Hair Brushes of 2023


Conair Round Hair Brush


  • Features an ergonomic rubber grip handle
  • Sturdy nylon bristles suitable for soft waves
  • Beautiful blueberry and teal color
  • Affordable price tag


  • Plastic material may give off static electricity
Conair is probably one of the most reputable hair product brands in the world, so it’s no surprise that the Conair Round Hair Brush would be on top of our list for reliability alone. Apart from that factor, this brush is exceptionally solid with round tip bristles that glide across your scalp effortlessly without causing any pain. The bristles are increasingly flexible, making them perfect for styling short, thin hair without causing too much discomfort.

AIMIKE Round Hair Brush


  • Nano thermal ceramic ionic technology reduces frizz
  • 100% boar bristles help spread natural sebum
  • 2.9-inch roller size for excellent styling
  • Ergonomic palm-shaped handle


  • The barrel may get a little hot
A round brush can be an exceptional straightener if used correctly. The Aimike Nano Thermal Round Hair Brush is the right size for longer and denser hair. With the right blow drying tool, the brush can perfectly straighten your hair. The four additional hair clips are an absolute bonus that you can use to keep other sections of your hair in place while you target a certain area. Its amazing, vented ceramic barrel also allows up to 50% more airflow from the dryer, ensuring you get the perfect blowout whenever you have this dryer in hand.

Cricket Round Hair Brush


  • Static-free nature eliminates fly-away hair
  • Available in three separate sizes
  • Sculpted ball tips prevent hair tangling
  • Made and designed in the USA


  • Bristles may be a little stiff initially
The build of static electricity that may shock you is one of the most common complaints of all-plastic round hair brushes. The Cricket Static Free Round Hair Brush will eliminate all those complaints immediately as it’s completely static-free. Couple that with its far-apart, sturdy nylon bristles and you’ve got your hands on an amazing scalp-friendly round hair brush that works well for all types of hair. The Urtheone Brush for Curly Hair is a wooden paddle model with handmade nylon bristle tips, which should give your scalp a nice massage. And this brush can penetrate thicker hair without causing breakage or frizz. Plus, this pick is designed to help distribute oil and moisture from your roots to your ends, which should help prevent dryness while adding shine. And this product comes with a wide-tooth, detangling comb. This brush can be ideal for different hair types because of its boar bristles. And it’s also child-friendly. But you should only use this brush on dry hair since wet hair is more prone to breakage.

Care Me Round Hair Brush


  • Bristles distribute natural sebum across the scalp
  • Exceptionally quick customer service
  • Ceramic barrel evenly distributes heat
  • Bristles help rid you of split ends


  • Bristles spacing causes brushing to be wide
Round hair brushes and even hair brushes that are soft on your scalp and do not tangle your hair are certainly a rarity, but we think we’ve found one in the Care Me Boars Round Hair Brush. Firstly, its 2.8-inch roller size, including the bristles, makes it perfect for styling medium to long past shoulder length hair. Its vented barrel also ensures enough airflow for your hair to get that perfect blowout that blows up those curls and makes you look as extravagant as possible.

Osensia Round Hair Brush


  • Elegant silver and blue color
  • Ion-infused, antistatic design boosts hair growth
  • Spaced-out bristles ensure a perfect blowout
  • Lightweight makes it easy to maneuver


  • Bristles are not round tipped
Ceramic-made hair brushes are generally more lightweight than most other brushes on the market. The Osensia Professional Round Hair Brush is the perfect example. It may just be the lightest brush out there right now. On top of that, it’s also got some amazing properties that forced us to place it on the list. Firstly, its ionic mineral-infused bristles ensure that your hair looks as shiny as possible. It also affects the amount of heat retained in your hair, which helps when you’re trying to get that perfect blowout. The built-in section pin at the bottom of the brush also works extremely well in drawing across your scalp to section off a part of your hair.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How should you use round brushes?

    A:Round brushes are most effective on slightly damp hair that has been previously dried to some extent. Our advice is to blow dry your hair until it is about 75% dry and then use the round brush while keeping the hair dryer on.

  • Q: How do different-sized barrels of round brushes affect styles?

    A:We talked earlier about how picking the right barrel size is important for several reasons. Well, the type of your style you’re looking to apply to your hair matters a lot when picking the size. Tight curls require a thinner, smaller barrel size, especially if you’re trying to curl your roots. Plus, they’re also the preferred option for styling bangs. If you’re instead looking for those 90s-style bouncy blowouts for your medium-sized hair, then you’d probably do well to choose a medium-sized barrel.

  • Q: Which type of round brush is suitable for frizzy hair?

    A:Look for a round brush that has stiffer bristles. These are great for frizzy, curly and thick hair. The stiff bristles will help detangle as you go about your regular blow-drying. If you have frizzy but fine hair, it is best to opt for a smaller barrel and low minimum heat to get the style you want without damaging your hair.

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By Jennifer Rodriguez

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