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The Best Hair Dryers of 2024, Under $100

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
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Walking out of a reputable salon or barbershop with an exceptional hairstyle can increase your confidence and self-esteem. But going to a salon to get your hair done can be expensive. That’s where a hair dryer comes in. Getting well-styled hair helps you make a good impression, so whether you are preparing for an important business meeting or simply want to look elegant, a hair dryer is a vital piece of equipment that gives you a salon-finished appearance in no time.

Given different hair textures, you need the ‌hair dryer to keep your finest appearance, whether you have stunning, sleek, straight hair or natural curls. Different hair types require different settings, features, and attachments, making it challenging to find the right hair dryer. This list of the best hair dryers of 2024 will aid you in selecting the most effective and convenient hair dryer. Let’s get started!

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Finding a Quality Hair Dryer: A Buyer’s Guide

Hairdryers are essential for quickly styling and drying your hair. And although hairdryers are the most basic hair styling tool, many models are available, making it challenging to decide which one to buy. Selecting the proper one will help you get beautiful hair, but picking the incorrect one can frequently damage, dry out, and make your hair brittle.

Your choice of hair dryer will depend on multiple factors, including its design, power, and drying technology. So let’s review the considerations before making a purchase.

Different Types of Hair Dryers

Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers neutralize positively charged water droplets on your hair shafts by utilizing negative ions. Thus, they remove excess water from the hair strands, which makes drying time shorter. The faster the hair dries, the less exposed it is to the dryer’s heat. This also prevents the hair from becoming damaged or brittle.

Besides reducing frizz and combating static, negative ions smooth and soften hair. Ionic hair dryers are more damaging to hair because the heat they create is uneven and dry. They are ideal for thick, unruly hair or hair that needs more volume. It is essential to avoid using these products on thin or fine hair since they may cause additional dehydration. They are practical and priced inexpensively.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

The ceramic hair dryer spreads heat evenly and consistently, so it doesn’t need as much heat to dry hair. It has a porcelain or ceramic coating on the plastic or metal plate, which helps to keep the heat even and minimize drying time and damage. Mild heat settings are effective for styling most types of hair, particularly thin and fine hair because they keep the hair from drying out. It’s not a great option to use this dryer on thick, coarse, or curly hair.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is indeed a natural source of infrared radiation and negatively charged ions. It can be used without difficulty in both the motor and heating elements. It produces even, soothing heat that’s safe for all hair types. The combination of negative ions and heat allows the hair to dry significantly faster than in other dryers. It is ideal for thick, coarse hair, so individuals with fine or thinning hair must avoid it. It’s much more expensive than other hair dryers, yet it does not damage hair.

Titanium Hair Dryer

This hair dryer’s heating element is constructed of titanium, which warms swiftly and evenly. It does not cause damage to the hair, but it is ‌abrasive on the hair shafts. That’s why it is not appropriate for dry or thin hair. It helps facilitate hair drying and is perfect for thick, lengthy hair. These hair dryers are inexpensive and simple to operate.


How To Pick the Right Hair Dryer

High Wattage

Wattage is among the essential characteristics of a hair dryer. The greater its strength, the quicker it dries the hair. It provides maximum airflow and velocity, which speeds the removal of extra moisture from the hair. Thick, coarse hair may require more energy than thin, fine hair. If you plan to travel regularly with your hair dryer, it is crucial to get a model that operates on dual voltage. A sturdy and dependable AC motor is an excellent option for long-term use.


It’s important to make a smart, long-term investment in an ideal hair dryer that is small and designed for comfort. The ergonomic design of the device’s grip and handle enhance the user’s comfort and safety. A hairdryer with a foldable handle is an excellent travel feature because it saves space and is easy to store. It is essential that the material employed is durable and safety-compliant.

Ensure that the surface of the hair dryer doesn’t heat up and that it has a protective coating or a non-slip, rubberized finish to safeguard your hands. The positioning of buttons is also a crucial factor. It is essential that the heat and speed adjustment buttons be conveniently accessible yet don’t hinder hair drying.


Weight is one of the most important things to look for in a hair dryer. Lighter hair dryers are simple and easy to use when drying or styling your hair and don’t put as much strain on your wrists, hands, and shoulders. It is easier to keep them in your hands for a longer time.

Multiple Heat and Speed Settings

Your hair type and how it feels are important to consider before buying a hair dryer. With different speed and heat settings, you can dry and style your hair how you want. Most settings have three levels: low, high, and medium. If your hair is thin, fine, and dry, use the low heat setting.

Use medium or high heat settings if your hair is normal or thick. You can use the different temperatures to dry your hair without harming it or making it too dry. The cool shot button preserves the hair’s cuticle and fixes the style. Many hair dryers have a quick-dry setting that saves you a lot of time.


Consider hair dryers with diffusers and concentrators as suitable attachments. A concentrator generates a powerful, concentrated airflow that enables glossy, elegant blowouts. A diffuser is ideal for drying curly or textured hair to maintain its natural bounce and structure. A smoothing nozzle aids in achieving a smooth surface. These attachments allow you to add volume and lift to your hair while styling your hair.

A cold blaster closes the cuticles to keep the water within the hair shaft. This prevents your hair from ‌being dry or frizzy. A comb attachment makes it easy to style your hair and removes bumps. Most hair dryers have an attachment that lets you take out the filter. It gathers dust, lint, and other things. It enhances the motor’s life and is simple to clean because it is detachable.

Cord Length

Considering the cord’s length is crucial as it provides you with the flexibility to move around. This is especially crucial if your mirror is far from the power outlet. A long cord ensures your comfort and safety. But, an extension cord may consume more electricity and result in accidents. Hair dryers have 5- to 9-foot cords with additional options like 360-degree rotation or swivel designs. Make sure they don’t get tangled and come with decent insulating material.


Although noisy hair dryers are ineffective, they are a minor price for strong motors. Pick a hair dryer with technological advancements that will keep you away from noise and vibrations.

Electromagnetic emissions

Hair dryer electromagnetic radiation is typically not dangerous when used at a safe distance. Always pick a hair dryer with a low EMF output.

Comparing the Best Hair Dryers of 2024 Under $100


Revlon Hair Dryer


  • Removable end cap for simple maintenance
  • Two heat/speed settings for versatile styling
  • Hanging ring for easy storage


  • Not suitable for long hair
The Revlon Compact Hair Dryer is a lightweight and compact hair dryer and is a great option for individuals who require a standard, powerful hairdryer for daily usage. Besides quickly drying your hair, its two-speed and heat settings enable you to style and dry your hair with ease. And it comes with a hanging ring for convenient storage and a protective anti-slip bumper for improved grip and more styling control. Also, the detachable end cap facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, and the concentrator attachment is useful for brush-straightening hair as it provides you with hot or cold airflow on specific areas of hair. It features ionic technology that helps to reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair conditioned, smooth, and shining. This product is the best on our list because it features different heat settings, is easy to store, and has a good grip.

CONAIR Hair Dryer


  • Ceramic technology’s infrared heat for drying
  • Ionic technology gives hair a lustrous appearance
  • Temperature and speed options offer control


  • Produces a chemical odor when in use
The Conair Hair Dryer includes a high-quality diffuser and a sleek concentrator that are effective for every hair type and style. Besides featuring a titanium ceramic technology that generates infrared heat to dry hair quickly and prevent damage, the ionic technology gives your hair a shiny, smooth, frizz-free appearance. It has an 1875-watt AC motor that offers significant airflow for quick drying and prolonged dryer life. And it includes three heat settings, two-speed levels, and a cold shot button for securing curls, waves, and styles. A motor with a removable lint filter enables you to maintain it easily.

TREZORO Hair Dryer


  • Easy to hang with a built-in hang loop
  • Simple to maneuver with the long cord
  • 2200W motor speeds up hair drying


  • Heavy to hold for an extended time
The Trezoro Hair Dryer is a robust 2200W hair dryer that allows you to dry your hair quickly. It uses ceramic and tourmaline technologies to smooth and soften your hair. The hair dryer also emits up to 16 million negative ions that eliminate static and curly hair, keeping natural moisture to preserve your hairstyle’s shine and gloss. To make styling various hair types easier, it offers three heat settings, two-speed levels, and two concentrator nozzles. Its concentration nozzles deliver heat evenly from root to tip for a frizz-free finish on all hair types. The infrared heat produced by the ceramic tourmaline grilles dries hair from within. Also, it includes a hanging loop and a removable filter that helps you easily clean it.

KISS Hair Dryer


  • Non-slip grip for easy styling
  • Sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Poor positioning of the power button
The Kiss Hair Dryer features three heat settings, two-speed settings, and 1875 W of power to dry hair rapidly and provide a silky, buoyant, and frizz-free appearance. The innovative ionic system helps keep the moisture and hydrates your hair while decreasing friction and roughness. Also, it uses ceramic tourmaline technology that emits negative ions, making your hair shinier and healthier with each blow-dry. The hair dryer disperses heat while reducing damage and giving a glossy sheen to the hair. Plus, it has a cool shot button that enables temperature control and helps smooth the hair without hurting your hair cuticles. Its ergonomic handle and hanging loop make storing it simple.

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer


  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Travel-friendly and frizz-reducing


  • The nozzle may come off during use
The BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer is a high-performance tool for styling all hair types. This 2000-watt hair dryer uses nano titanium ionic technology that minimizes frizz and dries your hair more quickly. Not only does it boast a lightweight, ergonomic handle and six heat or speed settings that give you the flexibility to tone your hair as you desire, but the cool shot button also provides you with various drying and styling options. This blow dryer is ideal for all hair types, even thick or coarse hair, as it gives your hair a shiny and healthy appearance. Its concentrator nozzle makes it possible to get sleek and fashionable hair in minutes, and it also combats frizz so that your hair appears silky and smooth.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Does using a hair dryer damage my hair?

    A:No, using the proper hair dryer for your hair type and the desired style will prevent damage to your hair. Using the proper styling products and settings helps prevent future hair damage.

  • Q: Should I prefer a ceramic or ionic hair dryer?

    A:Ionic hair dryer technology is better than ceramic hair dryer technology because it uses negatively charged ions rather than conventional heating elements. This ensures a quicker drying process. A ceramic hair dryer is recommended for thin, fine hair, while an ionic hair dryer is best suited for thicker hair prone to frizz.

  • Q: Is it beneficial to use a hair dryer?

    A:Using a hair dryer is beneficial, particularly when following the directions. But, excessive use of hair dryers without ‌hair care will cause your hair to become brittle, dull, and damaged.

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