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The Best Travel Hair Dryers for Fine, Wavy and Coily Hair

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
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What features make the best travel hair dryer? We think a great dryer should be lightweight and compact so that it doesn’t take your bag over that 50-pound limit or make it hard to fit other important items. Anti-frizz technology in a dryer is also important, as are multiple heat settings. Dual voltage (to accommodate different voltage levels in other countries) is a bonus but not a requirement, as many dryers with dual voltage become less powerful in the 220 volt setting. So, how can you come to the right decision?

While a lot of products on the market have these features and more, not all of them perform well. We’ve researched countless dryers and found the best ones based on customer reviews, testing, product materials, heat and speed settings, performance over time and price. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all dryer, but a few come pretty darn close! Learn more about our top picks and what makes an excellent travel hair dryer below.

The 15 Best Travel Hair Dryers for Straight, Curly and Coily Hair

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Finding the Best Travel Hair Dryers

While it might be tempting to bring your regular hair dryer on an international trip, it isn’t always practical. Most hair dryers are heavy and bulky, so they’re difficult to pack. Typically, they have just one voltage setting. Buying a separate dryer designed for frequent travel can save you packing headaches and future embarrassment — you don’t want that dryer to short circuit a whole hotel!

However, travel dryers often sacrifice power and precision temperature control for a compact, lightweight style. To make sure that your dryer will perform well during your time abroad, we recommend checking out the product’s weight, size, features, attachments and voltage before buying.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Hair Dryer


Hair dryers can weigh as much as three pounds, which is a lot of weight to hold above your head as you’re trying to dry your hair. Ideally, your travel dryer will weigh less than two pounds, and it’s even better if it weighs less than one pound. This will also give you peace of mind as you pack other heavy items into your carry-on and checked bags.


Traditional dryers don’t make the greatest travel buddies because they’re bulky. Travel dryers, on the other hand, usually have a small and compact design so you can make the most use of your luggage space. Cylindrical dryer heads (as opposed to the contoured, bulb-shaped heads) are great for this purpose. We also recommend getting a dryer that has a foldable handle.


While the features on travel dryers are usually paired down, we recommend getting a device that has at least two speed and two heat settings. Bonus features that make for a great blow dry include ionic technology to reduce frizz, precision temperature control, a 360-degree swiveling cord and attachments you need for your hairstyle (like a diffuser).


If you’re hoping to achieve a classy, voluminous blowout on vacation, opt for a dryer that comes with a concentrator nozzle for focused blasts of air. A comb attachment is great for drying roots, and a diffuser is essential if you want to dry curly hair without frizz.


Different countries — especially European countries — use different voltage systems, which can affect the performance of your hair dryer. Make sure you know whether your dryer has dual voltage, meaning it can switch manually or automatically between 120 and 220 volts. If it doesn’t have dual voltage, you must buy a separate converter. You will also need a plug adapter, such as a European adapter.

What Are the Different Types of Travel Hair Dryers?


A tourmaline hair dryer is one that emits infrared heat and negative ions as it blows air. This results in gentler heat while you are styling, which can reduce frizz, improve your hair’s shine and lower the overall damage to your strands from heat.


A ceramic hair dryer is one that contains ceramic material in the dryer’s body or heating element. This helps create infrared heat, which creates shinier, frizz-free hair and reduces the amount of moisture your strands lose as you dry. Note that ceramic dryers don’t have the highest heat settings like tourmaline. If you have curly hair, a ceramic dryer with lower heat settings may be ideal.


A titanium hair dryer is any dryer that contains titanium ionic technology. The titanium material in the device helps create even levels of heat as you dry your strands, which results in a quicker drying time and less frizz. Note that titanium dryers reach higher temperatures than ceramic ones. This feature is great if you want a fast drying session, but it may cause more damage to your strands over time.


Best Overall for Straight/Wavy Hair: T3 Afar Lightweight Travel-Size Hair Dryer


  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Dual voltage
  • Ion infuse to reduce frizz


  • Diffuser sold separately
  • Pricey
  • May not last past a year

There isn’t much that the T3 Afar Travel Size Hair Dryer can’t do. This small but mighty dryer uses ion technology to reduce frizz and improve shine, and it has three heat and two speed settings. We like that the dual voltage is automatic (so you don’t have to worry about changing it when you travel outside of the states) and the handle folds for compact storage. A nice plus: It comes with a vegan leather storage bag.

Bad news for curly hair: The diffuser is sold separately. It’s also not easy to tell whether the lock cool shot button is on or off, and when it’s on, it reduces the dryer’s overall power. A few customers found that the dryer doesn’t work well after about a year of use.


Best Overall for Curly Hair: Bellissima Italia Diffon Supreme Ionic XL


  • Dries quickly and efficiently
  • Even air flow
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Purchase converter separately
  • A few customers say it stops working within a year

If you struggle to tame your curly hair with a traditional dryer, it’s time to try something designed just for curls. The Bellissima Italia Diffon dryer is the best curly hair dryer we’ve tried. Though at first it seems like it lacks power, it dries curls quickly and efficiently without blowing strands in every direction. The secret is in the micro-perforated grid, which creates a very even air flow, and the lower heat settings which reduce frizz. We think it also makes for a great travel dryer because it’s lightweight and easy to handle.

The downsides: The U.S. version of this dryer doesn’t have dual voltage, so you will need to buy a separate travel adapter and converter. A few customers have found that the dryer stopped working within a year.


Best Affordable: Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer


  • Smart technology automatically changes voltage
  • Foldable handle
  • Removable filter


  • No diffuser attachment
  • Short cord
  • May last for only 3 years

If you already have a great, at-home dryer and just need something simple for travel, try the Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer. This compact tool has a foldable handle and smart voltage technology that automatically changes the voltage when needed. It also has three heat and two speed settings and a removable filter, so you can clean it regularly, prevent lint buildup and extend the life of the dryer.

However, this dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser attachment, so it isn’t great for curly hair. The cord is also on the shorter side, and a few customers have found that it lasts for only about three years.


Best at the Lowest Price: Conair Travel Hair Dryer With Dual Voltage


  • Dual voltage
  • Compact design
  • Folding handle


  • May get too hot
  • No attachments
  • On/off switch can stick

Looking for the best dryer at the lowest possible price? Try the Conair Travel Hair Dryer with Dual Voltage. This miniature, no-fuss dryer still delivers the necessities, including two heat and speed settings with ample power, a cool shot button to lock in your style, a folding handle and automatic dual voltage.

A few customers note that the air coming out of the dryer gets too hot. The device also doesn’t come with any attachments, and the on/off switch can get a little sticky.


Best Compact Design: ghd Flight + Travel Hair Dryer


  • Dual voltage
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Ionic technology


  • May overheat
  • Noisy on high speed and heat
  • No diffuser

If your suitcase doesn’t have much room to spare, a compact dryer that folds and doesn’t stick out too far is a great solution. We like the ghd Flight + Travel Hair Dryer because it meets these needs while still providing a great hair drying experience. The dual voltage system uses ionic technology to reduce frizz, and it has two temperature and speed settings. It also weighs less than one pound.

The downsides: Several buyers noticed that this dryer overheated when taken abroad. It also gets noisy on the high speed and heat settings, and it doesn’t come with a diffuser.


Best Splurge: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Quick drying
  • Five magnetic attachments


  • No dual voltage
  • May last only a few years
  • Heavy

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, opt for the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. The ionic dryer has a V9 motor to create a fast, precise blast of air and smart technology that regulates temperature. It has three speed settings, four heat settings and five magnetic attachments so you can style your strands any which way.

On the other hand, this dryer doesn’t have dual voltage, so you’ll have to purchase a separate converter. A few customers have found that their Dyson dryers stopped working after a few years of use.


Best Dyson Dupe: WizWise Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer


  • 2 speed and 4 heat settings
  • Lightweight
  • Elongated handle


  • No dual voltage
  • May last only a few years
  • Noisy

Hoping for a similar drying experience to the Dyson without spending a fortune? We recommend the WizWise Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer. With two speed and four heat settings, this device can dry hair quickly and efficiently without creating excessive frizz. We also like the lightweight feel and the elongated handle, which makes it easy to maneuver around your head without your arm getting tired.

Like the Dyson, the WizWise does not have dual voltage. A few customers complain that it isn’t long lasting, and the device is noisy.


Best Runner-Up for Straight/Wavy Hair: Revlon 1875W Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer


  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Easy-to-use dual voltage


  • Cold blast button is faulty
  • Dryer may not last longer than a few years
  • Temperature drops on low speed

Trying to achieve a non-frizzy blowout on vacation? We think the Revlon 1875W Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer is up for the job. This affordable, lightweight and foldable dryer uses ionic technology to reduce frizz, and it has dual voltage for international trips (use a simple button to flip it from 125 to 220 volts). Buyers love that the power doesn’t increase or decrease depending on the voltage setting.

The downsides? The cold blast button doesn’t work for very long. This dryer also didn’t last longer than a year for a few buyers, and the temperature drops when you use lower speed settings.


Best Runner-Up for Curly Hair: PRITECH Travel Hair Dryer With Diffuser


  • Folding handle
  • Dual voltage
  • European converter plug


  • Could have more power
  • May overheat
  • Sharp diffuser prongs

If you want a curly hair dryer that’s more compact than the Bellissima and designed for small luggage, take a look at the PRITECH Travel Hair Dryer. This mini dryer has a folding handle, dual voltage, anti-frizz ionic technology and even a European converter plug.

What could be improved: It isn’t very powerful, and a few buyers have had issues with the device overheating. The diffuser attachment also has sharp prongs which don’t feel great against the scalp.


Best for Coily Hair: Revlon One Step Volumizer, Hair Dryer and Styler


  • Can use as a blowout or diffuser tool
  • Negative ions reduce frizz
  • Flat design fits into luggage


  • No dual voltage
  • May need to use flat iron afterward for blowout look
  • A few customers complain about overheating

Looking for an affordable dryer that caters to tight ringlets, coils or zig zags? If so, the Revlon One Step Volumizer is a great dryer for you. You can use the bristles to detangle and comb out your hair as you dry, or you can use them to keep your roots in place while diffuse. We also like that this dryer uses ionic conditioning to reduce frizz and drying damage.

The downsides? While the dryer fits easily into luggage, it doesn’t have dual voltage — you’ll need to purchase a separate converter. Also, you may need to use a flat iron to get your hair completely straight if you prefer a blowout look.


Best Anti-Frizz Dryer: TYMO Airhype Lite, High Speed Ionic Hair Dryer


  • Lower heat settings than most dryers to reduce frizz
  • Under 1 pound
  • Ion technology


  • No dual voltage
  • Noisy on high settings
  • Buttons are in an inconvenient spot

If you struggle to tame frizz, the TYMO Airhype Lite is a great dryer for you. Its heat settings are lower than most dryers which helps reduce hair damage and frizz, and it uses ion technology to keep strands hydrated. What makes it great for travel: It weighs just 0.8 pounds and the compact design can easily fit in a suitcase.

However, the dryer gets noisy on high settings, and a few buyers report that the comb attachment doesn’t work well. We also think the buttons aren’t in the best place on the handle — if you grip it the wrong way, you can change the settings while drying your hair.


Best for Thin/Fine Hair: Revlon Airflow Control Dryer


  • Compact
  • Two rotating positions
  • End cap removes for easy cleaning


  • No dual voltage
  • Not the most powerful
  • Priced higher during holidays

Thin or fine hair benefits from a dryer that can add volume without scorching strands or creating frizz, and the Revlon Airflow Control Dryer does just that. We like that it has ceramic technology to reduce frizz, two rotating positions (horizontal and vertical), three heat settings and two speed settings. We also like that the end cap is easily removable for cleaning.

Though this dryer is small and light, making it great for tight storage space, it doesn’t have dual voltage. In addition, we’ve noticed that Revlon prices this dryer higher during the holiday season — it is usually under $30.


Best Hair Dryer Brush: OMOteam Professional Dual Voltage Blowout Hair Dryer Brush


  • Swivel cord
  • European plug
  • 360-degree air flow


  • The dual voltage is only available on Amazon
  • Noisy
  • May not be long lasting

Using a hair dryer brush like the Dual Voltage brush from OMOteam is a great way to tame scraggly ends and frizz while on vacation. We like that this device has 360 degree air flow and a swivel cord, plus it comes with a European plug. Overall, it creates a salon blowout style with less effort than most dryers.

While the traditional OMOteam brush is available at other retailers, the dual voltage version is only available on Amazon. Also, it can get quite noisy and may not be long lasting, based on the experiences of several customers.


Best for Thick Hair: 7MAGIC Foldable Green Ionic Travel Hair Dryer


  • 5-8 minute drying time for long, thick hair
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight


  • No dual voltage
  • No diffuser
  • Body of dryer gets hot

To dry thick hair in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need a high-speed, efficient dryer like the 7MAGIC Foldable Travel Dryer. It has three temperature and two speed settings, ionic technology to reduce frizz and a drying time of five to eight minutes for thick and long hair. What makes this great for travel: It has a folding handle and a storage bag, and it weighs less than a pound.

However, this dryer doesn’t have dual voltage and it doesn’t come with a diffuser. The body of the dryer can also get hot, so be careful when handling.


Best Quiet Motor: Cozy Companions High-Speed Brushless Motor Negative Ionic Blow Dryer


  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Precise temperature control
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • No dual voltage
  • Not available at many retailers

Tired of those extremely noisy air dryers? We recommend the Cozy Companions Blow Dryer. It has a brushless motor which creates high-power airflow without excessive noise, so you can dry your strands sans headache. We also like that this dryer measures temperature 100 times per second to ensure you aren’t overheating your locks. At 0.82 pounds, this compact dryer is a great travel companion as well.

The downsides: Any dryer with a brushless motor will be on the pricier side. This dryer also doesn’t have dual voltage, and it isn’t available at other retailers.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What is the best hair dryer for traveling?

    A:We recommend the T3 Afar Lightweight Travel-Size Hair Dryer sold on Amazon.

  • Q: What should I look for in a travel hair dryer?

    A:A dryer that is lightweight and compact will save you many headaches while traveling. Dual voltage is a bonus, though many dryers that have this feature also get less powerful in one setting or the other.

  • Q: What kind of hair dryer can I use in Europe?

    A:Any dryer that uses 220 voltage will work in Europe. You can also use a 120 volt dryer designed for the US as long as you bring a voltage converter.

  • Q: Which hair dryer is dual voltage?

    A:Our top recommendations for dual voltage hair dryers include the T3 Afar Lightweight Travel-Size Hair Dryer, the Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer and the ghd Flight + Travel Hair Dryer.

  • Q: How much does a travel hair dryer cost?

    A:Most travel hair dryers cost between $10 and $500, though we believe you don’t have to spend more than $200 on a great dryer.

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