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The Best Bras for Small Busts, Tested and Reviewed

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
Best Bras for Small Busts

Searching for the best bras for small busts? As a lifelong member of the IBTC (itty-bitty-titty-committee), I’m always on the hunt for a comfortable bra with the right cup size, a snug yet non-suffocating band and adjustable straps. It’s not an easy find; bras have the tendency to gape in the cup and feel loose or tight in all the wrong places. Like many people, my breast size fluctuates each month and only exacerbates the problem.

I have therefore always been doubtful that a truly perfect bra exists. However, my opinion recently changed — at least somewhat. Over the course of a month, I tested a variety of bras to see which products are worth the price tag. I ultimately came up with 13 recommendations based on comfort, support, durability, the brand’s shipping, exchange and return policies, product price and customer reviews. I also included three additional recommendations that I was not able to test but felt should be included based on their overall quality and reputation. Learn more about these choices and how to find the right bras for small busts below.

The 16 Best Bras for Small Busts, Tested and Reviewed 

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Finding the Best Bras for Small Busts

What makes it so hard to find a bra that fits? Here’s the biggest problem: Bra sizing isn’t standardized. That means every brand has its own “bra calculator” or measurement chart, and while many of them are similar, they all have their differences. This makes bra shopping incredibly frustrating — everytime you try on a bra, you not only have to worry about finding the right style for your breast shape, but also the right band and cup size.

If you have a small bust, you may also find that many small-sized bras “designed for you” are just shrunken versions of bigger bras. In other words, they aren’t actually designed for small breasts. Paying close attention to a brand’s measurement standards and styles.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bras for Small Busts

Brand Measurements

Since bra sizing isn’t standardized, it’s important to check out a brand’s measurement chart or “bra calculator” before buying their products. Take your measurements according to the brand’s guidelines, and then check them against the chart to see your size recommendation. While checking the measurement guidelines before buying isn’t foolproof, meaning you may still receive a bra that doesn’t fit, it may help you get closer to finding a better fit.

Breast Shape

Small breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to remember that no one “breast shape” will perfectly describe your breasts. However, understanding the different types, and which bra styles are best suited for those types, can help you find a better-fitting bra. Nine of the most common breast shapes include:

  • Asymmetric, meaning one breast is larger than the other
  • Athletic, meaning the breasts are typically wider, more muscular and have less breast tissue
  • Bell, meaning the breasts are bell shaped and have more volume at the bottom
  • East West, meaning the nipples point outward toward your arms
  • Relaxed or Slender, meaning the tissue is relaxed and the nipples point downward
  • Round, meaning there is about equal volume at the top and bottom
  • Side Set, meaning there is a wide space between the breasts, but perhaps not as wide as east-west breasts
  • Tear Drop, meaning the breasts have a teardrop shape with more volume at the bottom and less at the top


Different bra styles (or silhouettes) can be worn by anyone with any breast shape, but certain styles can help enhance your breasts depending on their shape. Seven of the most common bra styles include t-shirt, t-shirt wireless, push-up, balconette, demi, bralette and strapless. Learn more about matching styles to your breast type below.


While all bras are delicate, some break down or lose their shape more quickly than others. It’s important to check out the materials with which your bra was made to ensure you’re getting a soft, high-quality product that can withstand at least a year of use. Materials that work well for bras include nylon, polyester, cotton, spandex, satin and silk.

Tip: If you wash your bras in the washing machine on a normal cycle, the bra will likely last between six and nine months before it starts to lose its shape or fray. However, you can extend the life of any bra


Having a small bust doesn’t mean you don’t need support! If you struggle with breast pain during everyday activities, make sure you’re getting a bra that provides a gentle yet sturdy lift through the band and the straps.

What Are the Different Types of Bras for Small Busts?


Works for: Most Breast Shapes 

A t-shirt bra is an underwire bra with smooth, seamless cups, a thin to thick band and adjustable straps. Traditional t-shirt bras are lightly lined and have no padding, though some t-shirt bras have a light amount of padding. This is a great pick for everyday wear or under tight, thin shirts and tops.

Wireless T-Shirt

Works Best For: Most Breast Shapes 

Like a traditional t-shirt bra, a wireless t-shirt bra is designed for everyday wear or under tight tops. However, it contains no wiring beneath the cups, so the support comes from a thickened band and adjustable straps. Most wireless t-shirt bras still have seamless, lightly-lined cups, though some have a light amount of padding. This is a great pick if you find underwire bras uncomfortable.


Works Best For: Athletic, East West, Side Set

A push-up bra is any bra that is designed to lift the breasts and create cleavage. Traditional push-up bras have underwires and padding at the bottoms or sides of the cups to help push breasts up.


Works Best For: Asymmetric (with/without silicone booster), Relaxed/Slender, Bell, Round 

A balconette bra is a bra designed for low and wide-cut shirts, blouses and dresses. This type of bra has short in-cup seams, which translates to the cups only just covering the nipples. It also has wider-set straps, underwires and traditional, adjustable straps.

Demi Bra

Works Best For: Relaxed/Slender, Bell, Teardrop, East West, Side Set, Asymmetric (with/without silicone booster) 

A demi bra is similar to a balconette because it also has wide-set straps and short in-cup seams. However, it differs from a balconette because the cut is even lower — a demi bra covers about half of the breast, and the cups have a low heart shape. Demi bras are a great pick if your breasts have more volume at the bottom and you want to create more volume at the top.


Works Best For: Most Breast Shapes 

Think of a bralette as the stripped-down bra. It typically doesn’t have any underwires or padding, and it usually has a pull-on design, meaning there are no fasteners in the back. Sometimes it has adjustable straps, though other times the straps are unadjustable. Bralettes are a great pick if you need minimal support and prefer zero padding. (Note that some bralettes offer more padding and support.)


Works Best For: Most Breast Shapes 

As the name implies, a strapless bra is any bra that has no (or detachable) straps. The band is therefore thicker and may have grippy material underneath to help the bra stay in place. This is a good pick if you are wearing a dress or a top that has no straps. Note that strapless bras aren’t great for everyday wear because they don’t offer the same comfort and support as other bra styles.


Best Comfort: Neiwai Barely Zero


  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Great for fluctuating breast size
  • Gentle lift


  • Delicate fabric
  • May not work for plus-sized buyers with small busts
  • $10 shipping fee on orders under $50

When I saw that the Neiwai Barely Zero bra was “one size fits all,” I was skeptical. When I put it on, my doubts vanished. The fabric is buttery soft and feels like a second skin, and the straps provide a gentle lift without digging in. The cups also have a natural shape that looks great under T-shirts. I love that the bra adapted to my shape, and it felt like a perfect fit all month despite my fluctuating cup size. Overall, this is easily one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn.

What you might not like: The scoop-neck style means you could get a “uniboob” shape under T-shirts. Plus, the neckline shows under certain V-neck shirts, and the fabric is very delicate. I also couldn’t find any reviews from plus-sized consumers, so there’s a chance this bra would not work for a plus-sized buyer with a small bust.


Best for Precise Sizing: Third Love 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra


  • Half cup sizing
  • Good support in the band
  • Gentle lift


  • Shape could be more flattering
  • Exact cut of each bra may vary slightly
  • Free shipping only on $100+ orders

If you’ve ever felt like you’re in between cup sizes, I recommend trying a Third Love bra. I tested the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in a size 34 A½ and I loved the precise fit — there were zero gaps, and it fit well to my natural shape. The thick band also adds good support without digging into the rib cage, and the straps provide a gentle lift.

The downsides: For me personally, I think the overall bra shape could be more flattering. I also tested this bra in the black color (same size) and noticed that the fit was slightly different, so the exact cut of each bra may vary. Note that Third Love charges $5 shipping unless your order is over $100.


Best Lift: Floatley To The T-Shirt Wireless Bra


  • Flattering shape
  • Doesn’t dig in
  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear


  • No extra-small sizing
  • No precise sizing
  • Free shipping only on $60+ orders

Of all the bras I tested, the Floatley To the T-Shirt Wireless Bra was the product I returned to the most. It has an impressive lift (despite being wirefree) that creates a flattering shape and eases breast pain, and the straps and band don’t dig into the shoulders or back. The padded cups also have a natural, flattering shape under a shirt or blouse. Machine washing this bra was a breeze as well — the material seems more durable than most comparative products.

Unfortunately, this bra has a big downside for people with small busts: It does not come in extra small, which would accommodate A cups and band sizes below 34. The flexible sizing also means that you may not achieve a precise fit. (For me, the size small creates some gaping in the cups.) In addition, Floatley only offers free shipping on orders over $60.


Best Everyday: Floatley Cozy Wireless Bra


  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Flattering shape
  • Gentle support


  • Hand-wash only (though it holds up in a “hand-wash” machine cycle)
  • Free shipping only on $60+ orders
  • Straps and V-neck often show in low-cut shirts

If you’re looking for an everyday bra that provides gentle support and has a barely-there feel, try the Floatley Cozy Wireless Bra. I found this bra easy to pull on, extremely soft and flattering, as the padding creates a natural shape. Sizing also ranges from extra small to 2XL. Overall, this is a great bra for all-day wear.

However, I noticed that the thick straps and V neck are not completely covered by deep V-neck shirts and blouses. This bra is also hand-wash only, so I tried it on a “hand-wash” cycle in my washing machine to see how it would do. The fabric did just fine, and I made sure to lay it flat to dry (I wouldn’t recommend tossing it in the dryer, and the brand doesn’t, either).


Best Budget: Danskin 3-Pack Seamless Deep V Bralette


  • Gentle to moderate support
  • Soft, semi-stretchy fabric
  • Hides well beneath most shirts and blouses


  • Runs small
  • Can be hard to find your exact size in stores

While many bras designed for small busts are pricey, there are a few brands that make affordable and high-quality products. I particularly like the Danskin Seamless Deep V Bralette, which you can find at your local Marshall’s or Target at a discounted price. It has gentle to moderate support, flattering cups and soft, semi-stretchy fabric. The deep U-shape in the back and V-neck front mean the bra hides well beneath most shirts and blouses.

Note that the smallest size for this bra is small. However, the bra runs small, in my opinion, and a small fits more like an extra-small. It may be difficult to find this exact style and size at a local Marshall’s or Target, since the products in stock often change.


Best T-Shirt Bra: Harper Wilde Bliss Base T-Shirt Bra


  • Great for side set shape breasts
  • Buttery fabric
  • Crossback hook is comfortable


  • Free shipping only on $75+ orders
  • Lowest band size is 32
  • Lowest cup size is A

The Harper Wilde Bliss Base T-Shirt Bra doesn’t just work well for t-shirts; it’s also an excellent everyday and evening bra. The overall design works extremely well for side set breasts, and the lightly lined cups and buttery fabric are a great combination for all-day wear. I also greatly appreciated that the crossback hook lies flat and doesn’t poke into the skin, whether it’s clasped or not.

What you might not like: Shipping is only free on $75+ orders, after any discounts have been applied. As with other popular brands, Harper Wilde doesn’t offer band sizes below 32 or cup sizes below A.


Best Unlined Bralette: Harper Wilde Bliss Scoop Bralette


  • Buttery-soft fabric
  • Flattering cut
  • Cut colors available


  • No nipple coverage
  • Free shipping only on $75+ orders

The Harper Wilde Bliss Scoop Bralette might not look like much in a photo, but it’s an incredibly soft, supportive, and flattering bralette for small busts. I love the low-cut swoop design in the front and low, straight-edge design in the back, which makes the design flattering with or without a t-shirt. Plus, it comes in several cute colors.

The downsides: If you’re looking for nipple coverage, you won’t find it here! Your best bet is to add your own sticky or non-sticky nipple covers. In addition, Harper Wilde doesn’t offer free shipping until your order reaches $75.


Best Bralette Patterns: SWOOP Whimsical Mountain Print Bra


  • Supportive elastic underband
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • Adjustable straps


  • No nipple coverage
  • Scalloped lining may be irritating
  • Free shipping only on $200+ orders

For cute, whimsical and unique bralettes that show off your personality, check out SWOOP. I love that no matter the print and pattern, the comfortable design of the bralette stays the same. The wide elastic underband also provides support while the adjustable straps help you achieve a good fit. Plus, the fabric wicks sweat. Overall, this is a great pick for anyone who is constantly on their feet.

However, SWOOP bras don’t have nipple coverage (though you might not mind this). I also found the scallop lining to be a little irritating. Note that these bras are expensive, and shipping is $8 unless you spend over $200.


Best V-Neck Bralette: Harper Wilde Bliss Triangle Bralette


  • Thick, supportive band
  • Easy to hide under t-shirts
  • Smooth, slightly stretchy material


  • Little to no nipple coverage
  • Shipping fee on orders below $75

The Harper Wilde Bliss Triangle Bralette is the best of both worlds — it has the comfort of a bralette but the deep V-neck of a traditional bra, so it’s easy to hide under a variety of t-shirts, tops and blouses. The gentle stretch of the material made it easy for me to pull on, and I appreciated the adjustable straps and deep V in the back. In addition, the bralette held up well in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in a mesh bag.

The downsides: This bra provides almost no nipple coverage, though you might prefer the light lining. Harper Wilde also charges a shipping fee on orders under $75.


Best Support: Evelyn & Bobbie Bobbie Scoop


  • Free shipping
  • Great support
  • Moisture wicking


  • Puckering fabric around cups
  • No precise sizing on this bra style
  • Slightly unnatural cup shape

If you’re looking for a hybrid between a sports bra and a traditional bra, the Evelyn & Bobbie Scoop Bra is an excellent choice. I loved how easy it was to pull on, and it provided a great lift without a strapped-in, “unbreathable” feeling. Plus, the material has anti-odor and moisture-wicking features.

What could be improved: The fabric around the cups remained puckered when I pulled the bra on. This is likely because this bra has flexible sizing from XS to 3XL rather than precise sizing, so the puckering would likely disappear with a slightly larger bust. In addition, I thought the shaping of the cups looked slightly unnatural under a t-shirt.


Best Padded: Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Bra


  • Free shipping
  • No “uniboob”
  • Comfortable lift


  • Slightly unnatural cup shape
  • Puckering fabric on the cups
  • No precise sizing on this bra style

What I love about the Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Bra: This bra has the comfort and lightweight feel of a traditional bralette but the support and nipple coverage of a standard bra. In other words, it’s an excellent hybrid. I love that it also has adjustable straps and a deep V cut, which prevents a “uniboob” and makes it easier to hide the bra under various t-shirts and blouses. The fabric is also soft and smooth, and the lifting technology provides great support.

As with the Evelyn & Bobbie Scoop Bra, however, I thought that the Plunge Wireless Bra also had a slightly unnatural cup shape. The puckering fabric around the cups also didn’t go away after I put the bra on.


Best Push-Up Bra: Aerie Sunnie Bloom Lace Wireless Push Up Bra


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Sizing starts at 30A


  • May be extra space in the cups
  • Lace pattern may show under t-shirt
  • $7.95 shipping fee on orders below $75

I’ve owned this Aerie Real Sunnie Wireless Push Up Bra for three years — I know that’s a long time in bra years, but I’m not throwing out a good bra until it really breaks down! — and not only does it have an amazing lift, a great fit and a comfortable feel, but it has also withstood countless washes (some of which weren’t even on a gentle cycle). While Aerie no longer sells the smooth-fabric version, the lace version of this bra offers all the same features — though it may be more delicate. Note that sizing starts at 30A, whereas most brands start sizing at 32A.

The downsides: Due to the wireless push-up style, there may be a little extra space in the cups on the sides, even if you buy the right cup size. The lace pattern may also show under certain t-shirt and blouse fabrics. Keep in mind Aerie charges a $7.95 shipping fee on orders under $75.


Best Underwire: Aerie Smoothez Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra


  • Thick strap that distributes tension
  • Buttery smooth fabric
  • Natural cup shape with no gaps


  • Delicate
  • Underwire deforms over time
  • $7.95 shipping fee on orders below $75

Traditional underwire bras are infamously uncomfortable, even for small busts, but the Aerie Smoothez Full Coverage Bra is designed to fix all of the traditional underwire bra’s issues. It has a thick, buttery-smooth strap that distributes tension and prevents discomfort in any one area. I also love the natural shape of the cups and the gentle lift of the adjustable straps. For several years, this was my go-to bra.

Unfortunately, my Aerie Smoothez Bra did not withstand the test of time — I wore and washed it so often that the underwire became deformed and one of the clasps in the back broke, leaving a scratchy piece of metal. (I spared you the picture!)


Best for True Small Cup Sizes: Pepper Mesh All You Bra


  • Zero gaps in bra cups
  • Sturdy lift
  • Straps are crossback convertible


  • Sizing calculator may give you wrong recommendation
  • Pricey, and sale items cannot be returned
  • Free shipping only on $100+ orders

Not Tested

If you’re looking for a brand that specializes in flattering bras for small busts, consider Pepper. The online store only offers cup sizes AA, A and B, and band sizes range from 30 to 40. I particularly like the style of Mesh All You Bra because the cup has zero gaps, and the underwire creates a sturdy lift without the usual discomfort. The straps can also be converted to cross-back straps.

However, Pepper’s sizing calculator sometimes gives customers the wrong size recommendation. A bra can create cup gaps because the band size is too big — not because the cup size is too big, so combining a bigger band size with a small cup size (which Pepper often does) might be the wrong solution for you. In addition, Pepper bras are pricey, and bras on sale usually cannot be returned if they fit incorrectly. So, you may be running a big risk by taking a chance on their sizing recommendation. Note that shipping is only free for orders over $100.


Best for Small Band Sizes: The Little Bra Company Ava Bra


  • Free shipping and exchanges
  • Versatile sizing
  • Removable push-up pads


  • Can be difficult to find the right style for your breast type
  • Sizing chart may give you wrong recommendation

Not Tested

It’s not easy to come by bras with a band size below 30, but fortunately The Little Bra Company sizing starts at band size 28. Sizing is also versatile, meaning you can find less-common industry sizes such as 28B and 28C. I also appreciate that the Ava Bra has a lightweight underwire that doesn’t dig into skin and removable push-up pads.

The downsides: It can be difficult to figure out the right bra style, as some are best for close-set breasts, others for far-set. (Though TLBC does specify what each bra type is.) TLBC’s sizing chart may also give you the wrong sizing recommendation.


Best Strapless: Pepper MVP Multiway Strapless Bra


  • Comfortable, lifting underwire
  • Stays in place
  • Detachable and multiway straps included


  • Free shipping only on $100+ orders
  • Sizing calculator may lead you to buy incorrect size
  • No band sizes below 30 or C cups

Not Tested

The best parts of the Pepper MVP Multiway Strapless Bra: It has comfortable yet lifting underwire and a mesh band with elastic straps on either side to keep the bra in place. I also appreciate that it comes with detachable and multiway straps. Cup sizing ranges from AA to B, and band sizing ranges from 30 to 40.

What could be improved: As previously mentioned, Pepper’s sizing calculator may lead you to buy an incorrect size. It would also be helpful if Pepper Bras included C cups and band sizes below 30.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What’s the best bra for small busts?

    A:The Neiwai Barely Zero Bra is a great pick for small busts, as it’s extremely comfortable for all-day wear and the material adapts to your breast shape.

  • Q: Do small breasts need support?

    A:Depending on the breast shape, yes — small breasts may need the support of a lifting bra.

  • Q: How much do bras for small busts cost?

    A:The cost of bras for small busts ranges between $10 and $80.

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