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The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women To Help You Create a Never-Ending Closet

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Clothing subscription boxes for women aren’t just a beginner-friendly entrance to fashion and discovering your style (though that’s a perfectly good reason to try out a box). They’re also a great way to expand your closet without having to keep or maintain all the clothes you want to try. With the right service, you may never have to shop for clothes in person again. You may not have to pay full prices again, either, as nearly every subscription service offers discounts if you keep any of the items you receive.

However, the world of clothing subscription boxes for women isn’t as expansive as it once was. Retail companies were hit hard during the pandemic as many people switched to remote work. Many of the most beloved boxes, like the Nordstrom Trunk Club, Infinite Style by Ann Taylor and Banana Republic’s Style Passport are no longer in operation. As a result, the remaining subscription boxes are somewhat limited, but rest assured we still found the top choices in each category. Below, check out the best clothing subscription boxes based on reviews, item quality, price, style selections and customer service.

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Finding the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Clothing subscription boxes for women might seem limited, especially because many of them have been canceled for good in recent years. However, there are quite a few possibilities still available and worth the cost. Whether you’re on the hunt for new fall jackets and tops or a few statement, luxury pieces, there’s a box for everybody. You just have to know what to look for.

Ideally, a subscription box will help you refresh your wardrobe for a fraction of the normal price. It should also reduce the hassle of shopping online and in stores by making it easy to find items that fit well and work with your existing style. However, many boxes miss the mark because they don’t always offer styles that suit your preferences, or the quality is lacking. To help you avoid mishaps and disappointment when you make your first purchase, consider the following important factors.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women

Number of Items

Not every subscription box for women needs to have five or six items in order to be high value. For instance, Rent the Runway allows you to rent just one piece at a time, which can be cost effective and practical if you need only one dress for a special event. At other times, having a lot of items in each box is helpful, especially if you work in an office and want to wear different clothing frequently. So, before you make a purchase, check out the number of items in your desired box.


In an ideal world, a clothing subscription service would be able to cater to any and every style. However, most subscription services offer only a few styles, such as preppy, boho-chic and minimalist. It’s therefore important to do a little research on your preferred company before committing to a subscription — check out the clothing they have readily available to see if you like any of their items.


What part of your wardrobe are you hoping to revamp? If you want only business-casual clothing, subscription boxes that focus on casual clothes or formal attire will not work well. Make sure the company you select has a wide array of business-friendly styles, and not just a few office items. Otherwise, you may receive very similar items or clothing that isn’t quite right for the workplace.

Rent or Keep

There’s a big difference between rental and “for keeps” boxes, even though they seem similar. With a rental box, you pay a flat fee every month that usually does not go toward the purchase of any items. Also, you can wear your rentals as much as you want before returning them. In contrast, a “for keeps” box allows you to try on all the pieces, but not actually wear them unless you buy them.


While the least-expensive subscription boxes for women cost just $20 per month, which often gets credited toward your purchases, that $20 is usually just the beginning. Most items cost at least $30 each to purchase, and usually more — so that $20 credit may not go very far. In some circumstances, you may be better off going with a rental-based box, especially because the company pays for cleaning.

What Are the Different Types of Clothing Subscription Boxes for Women?


Rental-based subscription boxes typically charge a monthly fee and include one to six items. These items are yours to wear for as long as you maintain your membership, and when you’re ready for new pieces, you can ship them back to the company for new ones. A rental service is a great choice if you want a never-ending wardrobe, but remember that they are not as cost effective as buying items for life.

For Keeps

In contrast to a rental-based box, a “for keeps” box usually requires you to pay a monthly fee which you can use to buy a number of pieces from the company. (Think of it like a monthly gift card.) The membership may be worth it if the company offers special deals or exclusive items to subscribers, but it isn’t worth it if you don’t get additional perks.

Return or Buy

The traditional clothing subscription box is a “return or buy” box. It works by charging you a $20 to $25 styling fee. From there, you receive three to five items picked by a stylist that you can either keep or return. If you keep them, that initial $20 to $25 gets credited toward your purchase. If you return all the items, you must pay the styling fee in full.


Best Overall: Stitch Fix


  • Items picked by a stylist
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Styling fee credited toward your purchases


  • Don’t get to wear items you send back (only get to try them on)
  • Must pay $20 styling fee if you keep nothing
  • May not find your style in what StitchFix has available

What makes Stitch Fix our top pick for clothing boxes? Primarily, it’s the consistency. We love that the items in every box help elevate the customer’s style, paying attention to their likes and dislikes. We also like that the $20 styling fee gets credited toward any purchases you make (if you keep any of the items in your box), and you get an additional 25% off if you keep all the items in your box.

Of course, there’s always a chance that you receive pieces you don’t like. This is because StitchFix uses an algorithm to select clothing to add to your box, so your stylist has limited options from which to choose when making final selections. (To help increase the odds that you’ll receive items you enjoy, try expressing what you like rather than what you dislike in your quiz — stylists say this is more helpful.) In addition, the clothing pictures in the style quiz aren’t up to date with the latest trends, which may make it difficult for you to indicate your preferred styles.


Best Splurge: Armoire


  • Select all items in your box
  • Great style selection
  • Sustainably focused


  • Expensive monthly fee
  • Items are expensive to buy
  • Not many items for petites

If you’ve always wanted to try out high-end clothing without paying full price — or being stuck with unique pieces that you never wear again — Armoire is our top pick for you. The most affordable plan starts at $79 per month, and contains four items. Wear them as many times as you like that month, then return when your new items arrive. We also love that Armoire shows you the faces of your stylists, so you can see that they are real! Plus, you have final say over what goes in your box.

On the other hand, these boxes are quite pricey, and buying any of the items in your box is another sizable investment. Before you buy a subscription, it’s also a little difficult to get a sense of all the available items. Not many items are tailored to petites, either.


Best for Office Clothes: Gwynnie Bee


  • 50% off your first month
  • Free shipping
  • Can exchange items every week


  • Pricing system is confusing
  • Gets expensive quickly
  • Item selection is smaller than other subscription services

It’s not easy thinking up different outfits for work each week, but Gwynnie Bee makes it easy. This rental-based subscription box lets you pick the items you want to rent (for as long as you want), then return or exchange them, with free shipping included both ways. The styles are fun and flirty, with classic pieces here and there. We also love that they, like most rental services, take care of washing and dry cleaning — another weekly chore that’s no longer on your to-do list.

A word of caution: The price goes up quickly for this subscription rental box, because you pay extra depending on how many pieces you want to rent at any given time. If you have a one-piece rental plan, it costs $49, but if you have a two-piece plan, it costs $69. In addition, buyers found their item selection to be small and the pieces similar, so it was hard to find a lot of variety.


Best Runner-Up for Office Clothes: Le Tote


  • 50% off items you keep
  • Maternity subscription available
  • Select your own items


  • Limited accessory selection
  • Many catalog items are out of stock or unavailable
  • Long processing time before you get your order

If you enjoy trying new business-friendly items but don’t want to keep them, Le Tote is a great solution. We love that available pieces range from classic professional to elegant and playful, so you can find staple items while exploring items that interest you. The biggest difference between Le Tote and other rental-based boxes? If you decide to keep any of the items, you get an impressive 50% off the retail price (most brands give you a maximum of 25% off).

Though you get to choose your own clothes, reviewers note that it is sometimes hard to find items in the catalog that aren’t out of stock or unavailable. In addition, their accessory selection is limited. Lastly, it takes some time for Le Tote to process and ship your order — it’s longer than most subscription services.


Best for Formal Dress Rentals: Rent the Runway


  • Wear luxury clothing for a fraction of the cost
  • Can reserve just one item at a time
  • No additional cost for very expensive pieces


  • Expensive
  • Popular items are visibly worn
  • Some customers experience billing issues

With a Rent the Runway subscription box, you pay a monthly fee to receive five items each month from a catalog of designer clothing. We love that you get to select every item in your box, and shipping is speedy. Keep items as long as you want, assuming you continue to pay the monthly fee. If you don’t want to purchase an entire box, you can also reserve just one item for a specific date on your calendar.

The downsides: Since Rent the Runway specializes in luxury items, this subscription is expensive. Be wary of renting popular items: They tend to show signs of visible wear, and some buyers have even noticed that they don’t always smell clean. (Try shopping in the “what’s new” section if you’re cautious.)


Best for Athletic Clothing: Fabletics VIP Membership


  • Subscription works for both Fabletics and Yitty
  • Free access to Fabletics FIT app
  • Select all items you want to buy, and buy at any time


  • Auto charge each month
  • May be hard to get a refund on monthly payments
  • Free promotional credits (different from your paid credits) expire after 12 months

When it comes to athletic clothing, a subscription service that lets you keep all the items (rather than receiving rented items that everyone, well, exercised in) is important. The Fabletics VIP Membership charges you a monthly fee which gets converted into credits. You can then use credits to purchase items from both Fabletics and Yitty. Other perks: Shipping is free, and you’ll get access to the Fabletics FIT app.

Bear in mind that the monthly charges are automatic, so set reminders for yourself between the 1st and the 5th of the month if you want to cancel. Otherwise, it can be hard to get a refund.


Best Runner-Up for Athletic Clothing: Ellie


  • Free shipping and returns
  • Less expensive than buying items outright
  • Easy to pause or cancel


  • Many items are not suitable for high-intensity workouts
  • Can’t customize the number of items you receive
  • May swap out intended items in your box if they run out

If you love getting new athletic wear but don’t like shopping for it every month, Ellie is the subscription box for you. For a monthly fee, the company will send you three items monthly based on your preferences. Returns are free if something doesn’t fit well, and shipping is included. We love that it’s easy to pause or cancel your subscription.

The downsides: A few buyers think the athletic wear is not suitable for high-intensity workouts, and works better for yoga or lounging. Also, the brand no longer sends boxes with two or five items (instead of three), unless you have been a member since before September 1, 2022.


Best for Intimates: Elite by Adore Me Lingerie Box


  • Also includes activewear and swimwear
  • $20 styling fee goes toward purchases
  • Easy returns


  • Repeat styles in subsequent boxes
  • May be uncomfortable to wear
  • A few customer service issues

Hoping to dip your toe into the world of intimate wear without committing to one or two styles? We recommend Adore Me, which will send you a box each month with four to seven items. You get seven days to try on everything, then send back what you don’t like. If you keep anything, the $20 styling fee goes toward your purchases. Bonus: You can also opt to receive activewear, everyday bras and panties and swimwear.

However, buyers have noticed that the styles tend to repeat themselves in subsequent boxes, so they may feel a bit bored. Plus, the quality of certain items may not be ideal — some customers find them uncomfortable.


Best Runner-Up for Intimates: Savage Fenty XTRA VIP Membership


  • Size inclusive
  • Easy to pause your membership
  • Can also get loungewear or athletic clothing


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to get money back
  • Sizing may be wrong

Here’s what we like about the XTRA VIP Membership: You get to select the lingerie you want to buy (at any time), and the monthly fee gives you access to exclusive lingerie sets. We also love that the brand is size inclusive and features a wide range of lingerie types and colors. Your membership credits (which you receive after making a monthly payment) can also be used to purchase loungewear and athletic clothing.

Unfortunately, some customers have found that the VIP membership isn’t worth the monthly fee, either because the sizing was incorrect or the quality wasn’t what they expected. You also have to be quick to cancel your membership before the 6th of the month, or it can be hard to get your money back.


Best for Plus Sizes: Dia & Co


  • 6 subscription box options
  • $20 styling fee applied to any purchases you make
  • 25% discount if you keep all items


  • Expensive
  • Value may diminish with subsequent boxes
  • Some items are sold at lower prices on other sites

What we love about Dia & Co: All of the items are tailored for plus-size bodies (size 14 and up). So, you don’t have to worry that the company won’t have your size or that the items will be cut strangely. We also love that the company offers six different boxes that change based on the season.

What we don’t like: The items are expensive, and buying everything in one box can cost between $200 and $300. In addition, some repeat customers note that the style choices and quality seem to diminish in subsequent boxes. You may even find that some of the items in your box are sold for lower prices on other sites.


Best for Petite Clothing: Short Story


  • All pieces are tailored for petite bodies
  • Free shipping
  • $25 styling fee goes toward purchasing items


  • Quality issues
  • Styles may not be right in the first box
  • Items up for purchase can get expensive

Tired of cuffing your pants, rolling your sleeves, and getting everything tailored? Short Story is a great solution if you’re petite (5’5” or under) and want to get into subscription clothing boxes. Every box contains five petite-friendly items, from tops to jeans to dresses, and it includes shipping.

Unfortunately, some buyers have complained about the quality of the clothing in the past year, noting that seams on pants come undone and some of the fabrics are thin and see-through. In addition, a few customers have struggled to find styles in their boxes that they truly like.


Best Customization: Italic Bold Membership


  • Choose all your own items
  • Free shipping and returns
  • High-quality, luxury clothing


  • Expensive
  • Only allowed to spend $15 of $60 credit every 3 months
  • Must commit for a year

With the Italic Bold Membership, you pay a flat fee of $60 and receive four $15 vouchers (which can be used every three months), free shipping, and free returns on any purchases made that year. Anytime you need retail therapy, you can purchase one or more items of your choice from the Italic website — that includes luxury office wear, lounge wear, active wear and accessories. Just make sure to spend that $15 voucher within three months, or you lose it.

We think this membership is great if you were already planning to shop for new, high-quality items each month. However, it may not be a good fit if you want to cut down on your monthly spending and don’t want to commit to a year of the membership. Italic Bold items are expensive, so $15 off every three months doesn’t go very far.


Best for Unique Pieces: Nuuly


  • Well-known brands
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Minor damage is covered


  • Expensive
  • Popular items often unavailable
  • Sizing issues

If you want to explore the boundaries of your wardrobe and find new, interesting pieces that still speak to you, Nuuly is the way to go. This subscription box includes six items from well-known brands like Anthropologie, Farm Rio and Live Nation. In addition, shipping and returns are included and you don’t have to pay for slight lateness in returning rentals or minor damage.

While there is a lot to love about Nuuly, it is still an expensive rental service. The monthly price has left some buyers feeling like the boxes aren’t worth it because they had a hard time getting the items they really wanted or finding clothing that fit well.


Best for Swimwear: Beachly


  • Seasonal or yearly subscriptions
  • Can customize certain items in certain boxes
  • Also includes accessories and fun beach items


  • Items may not be as valuable as $49
  • No option to return or exchange items
  • Price of seasonal boxes has risen in recent years

Hoping to stay on trend in the world of swimwear every summer? Think ahead with the Beachly monthly subscription. Every box contains six Beachly items, including bathing suits, towels, jewelry and skincare, all of which is selected based on your preferences. We also love that boxes are shipped seasonally or annually, so you won’t waste money on bathing suits in the winter.

The downsides: Some buyers have felt that the value of their box didn’t add up to $49.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What happened to clothing subscription boxes for women?

    A:Since the pandemic, many clothing subscriptions have been struggling to stay afloat as customers focus on saving money and working remotely. Many well-known boxes have been permanently canceled as a result.

  • Q: What is similar to Trunk Club?

    A:Though Nordstrom Rack ended its Trunk Club subscription, you may be able to satisfy your subscription itch with Stitch Fix, Armoire or Gwynnie Bee.

  • Q: How much do clothing subscription boxes cost?

    A:The least expensive boxes for women cost $20, and that’s only if you don’t keep anything. The most expensive boxes cost upwards of $200.

  • Q: What is the cheapest clothes subscription for women?

    A:Stitch Fix, Adore Me and Dia & Co are among the most affordable subscription clothing boxes.

  • Q: What’s the best plus size clothing subscription box?

    A:We recommend Dia & Co for plus size clothing — all items sold on the site are size 14 and up.

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