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The Best Arch Support Sandals for Foot Pain

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
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If you take long walks, stand all day or simply struggle with foot pain, you need a pair of arch support sandals. Shoes that bolster your arches not only alleviate pain by distributing pressure evenly across your feet, but also place your feet in proper alignment. This provides extra stability and balance as you walk. While pain relief might not be instant (your symptoms may continue for the first four to six weeks), switching to arch support sandals and other supportive footwear can make a huge difference in your foot health.

However, finding the right pair of shoes isn’t as easy as choosing the first ones that promise arch support. There are several types of arch support, including orthotic, orthopedic and contoured footbeds, and you might find certain kinds less comfortable than others. To help you find the right footwear for your feet, we’ve compiled a list of the best arch support sandals based on product quality and materials, reviews, testing, longevity and customer service.

The 15 Best Arch Support Sandals for Foot Pain

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Finding the Best Arch Support Sandals

How do you know if you need arch support sandals? If you’ve ever felt pain in your feet, knees or back, especially while standing or walking in your regular sandals, then buying a pair with arch support is a smart move. A lack of arch support from wearing flat or extra-soft shoes can lead to a variety of foot issues, including metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of foot tissue that causes heel pain), bunions, ankle pain and knee pain.

Arch support can help alleviate your symptoms, but only if it’s the right amount of support and a long-lasting shoe. Below, learn more about the factors we considered when making our recommendations.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Arch Support Sandals

Arch Type

While every foot is different, they all have one of three arch types: normal, flat and high. A normal (also called neutral) arch is one that has a moderate curve along the inside of the foot — your footprint is entirely connected, but there is a significant gap on the inner part of the print, between the big toe and the heel. A flat (low) arch is one where the entire sole, or nearly the entire sole, rests on the ground. The footprint is entirely connected with no gap on the inner part of the foot.

In contrast, a high arch is very pronounced, with extreme curvature along the inside of the foot. The footprint is not connected, meaning the heel and forefoot make an imprint but the outer side of the foot does not.

Support Type

Generally, there are three types of arch support available in supportive sandals: orthotic, orthopedic and contoured footbed. Orthotic inserts or insoles are usually customized, and they’re designed to correct your gait and provide proper support and stability. Orthopedic inserts or insoles provide medical-grade arch and foot support and alleviate foot pain. Lastly, a contoured footbed supports the natural curvature of the foot, but it isn’t customizable.


The most common sandal materials include rubber, polyester, synthetic leather, canvas, cork and genuine leather. Nearly all of these materials can be made to last as long as they are thick and resistant to rips and tears. If you’re hoping to walk for long distances, we recommend getting a pair of sandals that have rubber outsoles.

Foot Conditions

Existing foot conditions make a big difference in determining the best pair of arch support sandals. If you have plantar fasciitis, for example, we recommend a shoe that has a tougher insole, plenty of arch support and a cupped heel. For bunions, it’s best to choose a shoe that has a wide toe box in addition to excellent arch support. Speak to your podiatrist before buying sandals to make sure you are getting the right pair.


Unfortunately, arch support sandals get expensive quickly. Most sandals with arch support range between $20 and $300, and our recommendations range between $20 and $200. You don’t have to spend more than $150 to find a long-lasting pair of sandals with good support.

What Are the Different Types of Arch Support Sandals?


Orthotic arch support sandals are those that help correct your gait and the function of your foot over time. Custom orthotics are usually prescribed by a doctor, while shoes that contain orthotic insoles are available for purchase without a prescription. Though they are often uncomfortable at first, they provide extra support and stability.


Arch support sandals with orthopedic insoles help relieve pain from many conditions, including plantar fasciitis, bunions and metatarsalgia. They provide ample arch support, cushioning in the heel and forefoot and heel cupping. They can also prevent overpronation (when the foot rotates too far inward as you walk) and supination (when the foot rotates too far outward).

Contoured Footbed

A contoured footbed isn’t a medical-grade insert, but it can provide excellent support to relieve foot pain and prevent it over time. Different contoured footbeds have arch support for low to high arches along with a cupped heel and gently cupped forefoot, all of which alleviate pressure.


Best Overall: Sorel Viibe Sandals


  • Soft, flexible straps
  • Good traction
  • Contoured footbed


  • Expensive
  • Arch support may be too high
  • Not great for bunions

What makes the Sorel Viibe such a great pick? In addition to a contoured footbed and great traction, it has soft and flexible straps that won’t rub into your skin. These shoes also come in half sizing, which isn’t common for sandals.

However, The Sorel Viibe Sandals are expensive and the arch support may be too raised depending on the height of your arches. These shoes could also cause discomfort if you have bunions.


Best Budget: WHITIN Women’s Hiking Sandals with Arch Support


  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable yet supportive
  • Great for plantar fasciitis


  • Footbeds get sweaty
  • Material feels cheap in certain places
  • Not great for long hikes

While you usually have to spend $50 or more to get a great pair of arch support sandals, the WHITIN Women’s Hiking Sandals are the exception. We love that the straps are adjustable and the contoured footbed is comfortable while still supportive. These shoes are great for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The downsides: The footbeds tend to get a little sweaty with frequent use, and the material doesn’t feel high quality in certain places. We also think these are better suited for long walks rather than long hikes because they could use more cushion.


Best Splurge: OrthoFeet Women’s Sandals


  • Orthotic insoles
  • Cushioning in heel and forefoot
  • Wide and extra wide widths available


  • Not available at other retailers
  • Run big
  • Expensive

If you want a shoe that was specially designed to relieve foot pain, try the OrthoFeet Women’s Sandals. They have orthotic insoles that control overpronation, cushioning in the heel and forefoot to absorb shock and padded straps to increase comfort. We love that they come in wide and extra wide widths.

However, these shoes are expensive, and they’re hard to find at retailers other than OrthoFeet. A few customers found that the arch support was too high and caused discomfort.


Best for Walking: Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandal


  • Great for all-day wear
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Stand up to a variety of activities


  • Strap can be difficult to adjust
  • A few buyers think quality has declined
  • Not great for narrow feet

Time and time again, the Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandals make it to the top of our product recommendations because of their excellent design. The firm, contoured footbed offers support while relieving pressure points, and the fully adjustable strap increases all-day walking comfort. We like that these shoes work well for a variety of activities, from hiking to water sports.

The downsides? Some customers have difficulty fully adjusting the strap. In addition, a few buyers believe that the quality of Chacos has declined over the years. Lastly, the wide footbeds mean these aren’t ideal for people with narrow feet.


Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Teva Zymic Sandal


  • Great arch support
  • Stable
  • Cushioned straps


  • Back strap isn’t adjustable
  • Won’t fit everyone’s style
  • Runs large

What the Teva Zymic Sandal does right: It offers great arch support and cushioning, thanks to a thick sole, a stable ride and cushioned straps to prevent blisters. As a bonus, the footbed is anti-odor treated.

Of course, this funky shoe won’t fit every buyer’s personal style. It also runs large, and some customers wish they could adjust the back strap.


Best Everyday: Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle


  • Mold to your feet
  • Comfortable
  • Great for heel pain


  • Not ideal for long or difficult walks
  • Expensive
  • May need more arch support

The Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle sandals are classics for a reason: They’re extremely comfortable because the cork footbed molds to your feet over time. We also like that they have decent arch support and heel cupping, making them a good pick for heel pain.

Still, the lack of a backstrap means you could strain your feet as you walk, so these aren’t great for long distances or arduous walks. This is also one of our most expensive recommendations.


Best for Bunions: Dansko Malena Sandals


  • Platform gives illusion of extra height
  • Contoured footbed
  • Adjustable straps


  • Sizing is confusing
  • Arch support may be in wrong place
  • Straps may rub

Stuck with bunions but don’t want to give up your heels? Try the Dansko Malena Sandals. These stylish shoes have a modest platform, giving them the illusion of a higher heel without the extra discomfort. The contoured footbed helps distribute weight evenly across the feet, and the leather straps are adjustable.

What could be improved: Sizing is a little confusing (8.5-9 is one size, for example), which can result in the arch support sitting in the wrong spot. A few customers also found that the leather rubbed against their feet.


Best for Flat Feet: KURU Glide Sandal


  • Correct overpronation
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Adjustable straps


  • Not available at other retailers
  • Run large
  • Straps may break

Though it seems counterintuitive, flat feet benefit from arch support, which corrects gait and relieves pressure points. The KURU Glide Sandal is a great option for flat feet because the arch isn’t too high and the footbed is instantly comfortable. We like that both the front and back straps are adjustable.

However, these sandals are expensive and not available in half sizing, and they run large. A few customers also found that the straps broke too soon.


Best Arch Support Slides: Archies Arch Support Slides


  • Footbeds mold to feet over time
  • Proper arch support
  • Flexible material


  • Pricey
  • Not great for wide feet
  • No half sizing

While slides aren’t great for outdoor walks or running errands, they’re wonderful for home use. The Archies Arch Support Slides offer more support than the traditional slide thanks to a lifted arch. We also like that the footbeds mold to your feet over time, and the flexible material bends with your feet.

On the other hand, these sandals are pricey and not great for wide feet. They are available in whole sizes only.


Best for Watersports: Teva Tirra Sandal


  • Adjustables traps
  • Good traction
  • Great arch support


  • Not great for bunions
  • May cause blisters
  • Back straps loosen over time

The Teva Tirra Sandal is the ultimate shoe for watersports and outdoor activities because it stays on your foot, thanks to multiple adjustable straps. It also has excellent traction and contoured footbeds with good arch support.

Unfortunately, these shoes aren’t great for bunions because of the tight straps around the toes. The back straps also stretch and loosen over time, and a few customers suffered from blisters after long walks.


Best for Hiking: Teva Hurricane XLT2 Vegan Hiking Sandal


  • Thick, cushioned straps
  • Prevent foot pain
  • Great traction


  • Pricey
  • Not great for high arches
  • Not available in half sizes

If you like the Teva Tirra sandals but need a wider footbed that won’t exacerbate bunions, try the Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandals. The thick, cushioned straps don’t cause blisters, and the contoured footbeds and arch support prevent foot pain from building throughout the day. These shoes have excellent traction, too.

What could be improved: The arch support isn’t high enough for people with high arches. Plus, these shoes are pricey and not available in half sizes.


Best Business Casual: ABEO Olivia Metatarsal


  • Medium, narrow and wide widths available
  • Two different footbeds available
  • Soft, adjustable straps


  • Expensive
  • Color may be off
  • Footbeds can get sweaty

It’s not easy finding arch support sandals that you can also wear to an office, but the ABEO Olivia Metatarsal Sandals solve the problem. We love that you can choose between a “neutral footbed” and a “metatarsal footbed” depending on your foot pain. Plus, all the straps are soft and adjustable.

The downsides? The gray color is a little lighter than advertised, and the footbeds can get a little sweaty. This is also one of our more expensive product recommendations.


Best for Summer: Dansko Jordyn Sandals


  • Natural arch support
  • Comfortable leather lining
  • Contoured footbed


  • Straps around ankle may be too short
  • Not great for bunions
  • Pricey

Need a stylish arch support shoe you can rock in warm weather? Opt for the Dansko Jordyn Sandals. These classy shoes come in two colors, and the contoured footbeds offer natural arch support.

However, a few customers found that the straps around the ankle were too short. The front straps may also cause discomfort around bunions.


Best Lightweight: Crocs Literide 360 Sandal


  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible straps


  • 2 straps are not adjustable
  • No half sizing
  • No wide sizing

If you’re looking for a lightweight sandal that won’t add weight to your carry on bag, try the Crocs Literide 360. It offers all the arch support and comfort of the original clog-shaped Croc in an open-toed style.

The downsides: Only the middle strap is adjustable, and these shoes don’t come in half sizing or wide sizing. A few buyers found that the shoe materials wore down too quickly.


Best Platform: Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge Sandal


  • Instantly comfortable
  • Natural arch support
  • Cushioning absorbs shock


  • Not great for high arches
  • Front straps are not adjustable
  • No half sizing or wide widths

Wedge sandals are here to stay, and if you want to take on the trend without sacrificing arch support, we recommend the Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge Sandal. This lightweight shoe has natural arch support and a cushioned midsole to absorb shock. We like that the backstrap is adjustable and that the traction is decent.

However, the front two straps are not adjustable, and a few buyers found that these shoes aren’t built to last. We wish they were available in half sizes and wide widths.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What is a good sandal with arch support?

    A:We recommend the Sorel Viibe Sandal, a stylish shoe that offers arch support and comfort through the cushioned leather straps.

  • Q: How do I know if my sandals have arch support?

    A:Whether you are buying a pair of shoes with orthotic, orthopedic or contoured footbeds, the arch support should be visible from the shoe’s profile. When you put it on, you should also feel comfortable support through your arch.

  • Q: What type of sandal should I avoid if I need arch support?

    A:We don’t recommend shoes that have flat insoles or shoes that are too soft and have little to no structure.

  • Q: How much do arch support sandals cost?

    A:Most arch support sandals range between $30 and $300. Our recommendations range between $30 and $160.

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