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The Best Places to Buy Rugs Online and In Person

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
Living room area with Persian rug in loft apartment of Cologne, NRW, Germany

How do you know if you’ve found the best place to buy a rug? Hopefully, you’ve discovered a style that you love with a pattern and color scheme that matches the rest of your decor. The thickness should also be enough to at least dull the sensation of walking on hardwood, and the material should be able to withstand years of foot traffic. Machine washable might be a requirement or it might not, depending on your home life. And no matter how neat and tidy you are, stain resistance is always a nice plus. But does any one rug seller tick all of these boxes?

Picking the right color and style for your rug is already difficult — finding a great seller should be less so. To help you on your home decor journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy rugs on the internet and in person. We’ve thoughtfully picked these companies based on inventory, reviews, materials, testing, customer service, return and exchange policies and durability. That way, you’ll be able to find the rug of your dreams so you can make the best purchase the first time.

The Best Places to Buy Rugs for Your Home, Office and Beyond

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Finding the Best Place to Buy a Rug

Rugs don’t seem all that important, but they can pull together a space in a way that no other decor could. They instantly make a room feel like home. So, how do you narrow down your shop options to find the best place to buy a rug? It comes down to your priorities.

For instance, a house with toddlers, pets or lots of accidental spills will benefit tremendously from machine washable rugs, or at the very least, stain resistant rugs. If you prioritize fair wages and labor laws, you’ll want to support a business that is transparent about its ethics and pays its artisans fairly.

While some priorities are mutually exclusive (machine washable rugs are generally less plush and comfortable than traditional rugs), you don’t always have to give up one important quality for another. For instance, many companies offer ethically-made rugs at affordable prices, and still others create luxuriously comfortable rugs that are crafted sustainably. Below, learn more about other important factors to consider before making up your mind on the best place to buy a rug.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Places to Buy Rugs

When choosing a store to buy a rug, it’s important to keep the warranty, price, quality, materials and return policy in mind.


Let’s face it: Accidents happen and rugs get damaged. When you buy a rug, it’s important to know what your rug company covers under the warranty. Generally, we believe that a good warranty is one that lasts at least one year from the purchase date, though two to three years is excellent. The policy should cover manufacturing faults and defects, meaning the company will refund, replace or offer you a credit for the damaged rug. If the rug is advertised as stain resistant, the warranty should also cover the cost of stain removal or rug replacement, though certain restrictions will always apply.


Rugs sold online and in stores vary greatly in terms of pricing due to differences in sizing, materials and designs. In general, you should expect to pay between $15 and $150 for a three by five area rug, $100 and $700 for a six by nine and $250 and $4,000 for a nine by 12.


The quality of a rug refers to its materials, the way it was made and its durability over time. A rug that is handmade by expert artisans is considered very high quality, and so is a rug that can last at least five years. In the world of rug making, all-natural materials like wool and cotton are thought to be higher quality than synthetic fibers. Still, it’s worth noting that synthetic fibers may last longer depending on the weave.


Generally, wool, polypropylene and nylon are considered to be the most durable rug-making materials. Wool is traditional and usually the most expensive, whereas polypropylene fibers and nylon are more affordable. Certain soft materials like jute are far less durable.

Return Policy

If you’re buying a rug online, it’s incredibly important to know the store’s return and exchange policies. Most online retailers provide free shipping, which is a big plus because rugs can get expensive to ship. Not as many retailers offer free returns. Be warned that some companies that don’t offer returns at all and only allow exchanges or store credit.

What Are the Different Types of Places to Buy Rugs?

You can shop for rugs online, in store or both online and in person.


Many rug sellers don’t need a brick-and-mortar store to sell their inventory because they rely solely on internet sales. These sites include Rugs USA, and Ruggable. The benefits of shopping at online-only retailers? They usually have the most extensive styles and make it easy to find unique pieces. However, the returns and exchange process can be a bit of a hassle, and you won’t be able to see a rug in person before buying.

In Store 

While most in-person stores now have websites that allow you to shop for rugs online, there are a few rug stores that still do most of their business in person. Purchasing a rug in person can help tremendously if you want to see the rug for yourself before buying, or if you like asking a sales associate questions before making a purchase.

Online and In Store

Many rug sellers, especially home decor stores, allow you to make purchases both online and in person. Usually, an online and in-person store offers the best of both worlds; you can check out the company’s inventory in person, then have a rug shipped to your door. The biggest downside? Most online and in-person stores have smaller inventories than online-only stores, especially those that sell only rugs.


Best Overall Online: Rugs USA


  • Wide variety of styles
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service


  • Can’t see rugs in person before buying
  • No free returns
  • Edges of thin rugs may roll

If you want to find the perfect rug from the comfort of your own home, Rugs USA is the first online store we’d recommend. The brand sells an array of rugs in all shapes and styles, from bathroom mats to braided 12x15 area rugs. They also offer a variety of affordable washable rugs which rival Ruggable in terms of quality. Sales happen often and customer service is reportedly excellent.

As with any online store, you won’t be able to view your desired rug in person before making your purchase. In addition, the retailer doesn’t offer free returns, and some of the thinner rugs may begin to roll at the edges over time. Rug tape and rug mats can help with this issue.


Best Overall In-Person: Home Depot


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable options
  • Free returns and free delivery


  • Styles are not unique
  • Quality may vary
  • Edges of thin rugs may roll

Home Depot is well known for tools and construction products, but lately, it’s become a great place to shop for rugs. It has a relatively impressive inventory of area rugs, from machine washable to shag to outdoor, at affordable prices. The company also offers free online or in-store returns and free delivery.

Of course, rugs are not a Home Depot specialty, so it doesn’t have many unique styles — you can usually find very similar rugs at similar retailers like Target. In addition, the quality of different styles may vary and the edges on thin rugs tend to roll up.


Best Budget: Wayfair


  • Affordable
  • Trendy and traditional styles
  • Accepts returns within 30 days


  • Shipping fee deducted from returns
  • Some rugs are very thin
  • Certain styles may shed

Looking for a chic runner or stylish area rug at an affordable price? Try Wayfair. The online store offers over 40,000 rugs with trendy prints and patterns that will instantly update your home. They also offer traditional and Persian style rugs, though no hand-knotted pieces. We like that Wayfair will accept returns within 30 days, assuming the rug doesn’t have damage that you caused.

Wayfair’s machine washable rugs are on par with those from Rugs USA, though there aren’t as many styles. In addition, a few customers have complained of receiving rugs that are too thin or shedding in the first month.


Best Splurge: Beni Rugs


  • Cool, sophisticated styles
  • 100% wool
  • Ethically made


  • All sales are final
  • Long wait time to receive rug
  • No affordable options

Beni Rugs ticks a lot of boxes: It offers cool, sophisticated styles, saturated colors and luxurious comfort. All rugs are hand-woven to order and made of 100% wool, and you can even customize a rug to your liking. We love that the company is certified as fair trade and offers decent working conditions.

If you’re hoping to buy a small, affordable rug from this store, be warned: The least expensive rug costs $454. In addition, it takes at least 2.5 months to receive a rug because they are made to order and shipped from Marrakech. All sales are final.


Best Washable: Ruggable


  • Washable and stain resistant
  • Over 2,500 styles
  • 5 weave types


  • Thin
  • Hard to remove rug from non-slip pad
  • Edges curl

If you need a rug that’s going to stand up to toddlers, pets and the occasional party, we recommend Ruggable. The brand specializes in washable, stain-resistant rugs that are lightweight and easy to toss in the washing machine. In addition to a wide variety of modern and traditional prints, Ruggable offers five different weave types: plush, shag, chenille and outdoor.

As with any washable rug, it’s important to remember that it will be thin. This means it won’t be as comfortable as a heavy rug with inches of soft piling. Also, it isn’t always easy to remove the rug from the non-slip pad and then set it back up on wash days. The edges of these rugs tend to curl up over time, so we recommend using carpet tape to keep it flat.


Best Handmade: 54kibo


  • Handwoven
  • Wool, cotton, bamboo silk
  • Free returns within 30 days


  • Limited pieces
  • Expensive
  • Shipping takes 3-4 weeks

For beautiful, artistic designs that are all handcrafted, look no further than 54kibo. This online retailer specializes in African styles and patterns, and every rug is handwoven by weavers in Egypt or Nepal. Materials include wool, cotton and bamboo silk, and sizes range from three by five to nine by 12 inches.

As with all handmade rugs, 54kibo rugs are expensive — three by five area rugs start at $238. And though the brand allows you to return items within 30 days for free, shipping can take about a month since pieces are handmade.


Best Persian: Bunyaad Rugs


  • Can buy online or in person
  • Hand-knotted
  • Artisans are paid fairly


  • Limited items in online shop
  • No free shipping
  • Pay shipping on returns (30-day policy)

If you love the intricate, handmade designs of Persian rugs, we recommend Bunyaad Rugs. The seller offers a selection of hand-knotted rugs made by fairly-paid artisans in Pakistan. Materials include wool, cotton and silk, and the dyes are hand gathered and natural. Some rugs are sold online while others can be purchased in person in Lilitz, Pennsylvania. Bunyaad Rugs also travels to locations across the US to sell its items — this year’s locations include Iowa City, Iowa, San Antonio, Texas and Ellyn, Illinois.

However, Bunyaad Rugs does not offer a wide selection of rugs online, and shipping is not included. You must also pay shipping if you plan to return a rug by mail, which can get expensive.


Best Modern: West Elm


  • Wide variety of styles
  • Easy to sort rugs based on size, style, color
  • Unique, modern patterns


  • Fewer washable styles than other rug stores
  • No free shipping
  • Must pay shipping cost on returns (30-day policy)

West Elm prides itself in creating all kinds of rugs to suit your space and personality, and its modern styles in particular take the cake. Pick from solid and neutral patterns for a clean, minimalist look or prints and patterns for a decorative, intricate look. Rug types include shag, natural fiber, outdoor and washable.

The downsides? West Elm doesn’t offer free shipping, and you must cover the shipping cost of returns as well. Some customers have noticed that thinner rugs (especially washable) tend to roll up on the sides over time.


Best Playful Styles: Etsy


  • Unique, eccentric styles
  • Supports small businesses
  • Usually handmade


  • Shipping costs vary
  • Return policies vary
  • Recommend vetting sellers before buying

Etsy isn’t the first site you’d think of when shopping for rugs, but it’s a great place to look for unique, modern and vintage styles. Sellers often hand make their rugs and create everything from neutral, solid-color patterns to eccentric and vibrant styles you’d never find anywhere else (such as a bright purple Persian rug that looks like it’s melting).

Since artisans run their own shops on Etsy, the shipping costs and return policies are different from seller to seller. In addition, vetting each seller is important, even though it takes some time — most Etsy shops get excellent reviews, but a few get negative ones.


Best Artsy: Society6


  • Support independent artists
  • Unique styles
  • High quality designs


  • Artists receive small commissions
  • Society6 doesn’t sell rug pads
  • Only one piling style

If you love supporting artists and decorating your home with unique pieces, try Society6. The company allows independent artists to design home decor, and they earn 10% of every sale in return. Though there’s room for error because an artist may upload a design to the website that isn’t well pixelated or cropped, buyers agree that this isn’t an issue and the rugs are high quality.

The downsides: All rugs are one style: lightweight and smooth, so you won’t find thick piling or shag rugs on this site. In addition, the styles are printed on and nothing is handmade. Society6 also doesn’t sell non-slip rug pads.


Best Neutral Designs: AllModern


  • Specializes in modern designs
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping over $35


  • Return shipping is not free
  • Quality may vary
  • Not as many designs as other brands

Need an alternative to Wayfair that offers affordable, neutral and minimalist designs? We recommend AllModern. Offering a curated rug selection, AllModern focuses on modern designs that will complement a wide variety of spaces in your home. We also love that this company offers free shipping on purchases over $35, and returns are accepted within a 30 day window.

However, AllModern requires you to pay shipping fees if you return a rug. In addition, some customers argue that the quality of items is a hit or miss.


Best for the Beach: Revival


  • Handmade and vintage styles
  • Durable
  • Wide variety of styles


  • $20 restocking fee on returns
  • Expensive
  • Return shipping is not free

For durable rugs with interesting designs, shop at Revival. This online shop offers washable rugs, which are perfect for sandy, damp feet, and plenty of beach-themed designs. Many of the rugs are handmade, vintage and unique.

Since Revival specializes in handmade and vintage pieces, its rugs tend to be on the pricey side. Also, the company charges a $20 restocking fee on returns, in addition to the cost of shipping.


Best for Small Rugs: World Market


  • Wide variety of styles
  • High quality
  • Washable styles


  • No free shipping
  • A few reports of rug quality issues
  • Hard to sort out-of-stock items on site

If all you need is a small bathroom rug or hallway runner, we suggest shopping at World Market. The company offers a wide variety of area rugs but also creates all kinds of small rugs, from traditional Persian styles to conversation-starting designs. (We particularly love the company’s collection of Round Rugs.)

What World Market could do better: Shipping is not free, even if you’re buying a pricey item. It’s also difficult to filter out rugs that are out of stock when you’re browsing. A few customers have also had issues with rug quality.


Best Hallway and Kitchen Runners:


  • Frequent sales
  • Free shipping and free returns (within 30-day window)
  • Durable


  • Not always comfortable
  • A few reports of poor customer service
  • Don’t stay in place without rug pads

The world is your oyster when you shop at, which offers countless rug styles with a wide variety of feels (plush, woven, smooth and more). We love that the site allows you to sort rugs based on the room you’re trying to decorate, which makes it easy to find hallway and kitchen runners quickly. Plus, these rugs are durable and stain resistant, which is perfect for high traffic areas. Shipping is speedy and free, and so are returns if sent back within 30 days.

With all the styles available, however, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. In addition, many buyers note that most of the rugs are not extremely comfortable or plush, but they’re great if you’re on a budget. A few buyers have complained of poor customer service.


Best for the Bathroom: Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Durable styles
  • Machine washable


  • Must have Prime membership for free shipping
  • Some quality issues depending on seller
  • May experience shipping issues

Looking for a durable, simple set of rugs that will look perfect in your bathroom? Amazon is the place to shop. You’ll find plenty of long-lasting bath mats with grippy bottoms and soft, absorbent tops, and just about every style can be thrown in the washing machine. You also have the reassurance of thousands of reviews which will help you make the best purchase.

The downsides of shopping on Amazon? You have to have a Prime membership to get free shipping or spend a minimum of $25 or $35, depending on the items in your cart. In addition, those low prices sometimes mean that the quality of the products suffer.


Best Ethically Made: Minna


  • Ethically made
  • Unique, modern styles
  • Supports small business


  • Expensive
  • No free shipping
  • No returns, store credit/exchange only

It’s not always easy finding rugs that are ethically made, which is why companies like Minna stand out. Located in upstate New York and featuring the work of artisans from Latin America Minna is transparent about its fair wage practices and sustainable materials. Rug styles are unique and modern.

Things to keep in mind: Most Minna rugs have low piling, so they may need pads to increase comfort and prevent the material from slipping. In addition, shipping is not free and Minna only offers store credit or exchanges for returns.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Do people buy rugs online?

    A:Yes! There are many reputable online sellers that offer high-quality rugs at affordable prices.

  • Q: What should you avoid when buying an area rug?

    A:If you’re buying a rug for a high foot traffic area, avoid soft materials like silk or jute.

  • Q: What rug material is best for a high traffic living room?

    A:Durable rug materials like wool and synthetic fibers will have a longer life.

  • Q: How much do rugs cost?

    A:If you’re buying an area rug, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $3,000.

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