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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Defends Herself, Dorit Kemsley’s Husband Questions Erika Girardi’s Marriage

Think before you speak — or not. The Tuesday, March 28, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picked up in the midst of Lisa Rinna‘s throw-down fight with Dorit Kemsley. Watch the highlights in our video recap above! ICYMI, Rinna asked Dorit if people were doing cocaine in her bathroom during a dinner party. “I haven’t said anything about it, and I probably wouldn’t have said anything about it until you questioned whether I have a problem with Xanax,” Rinna said. Dorit started tearing up and said she felt like she had just been released from a torture chamber. 

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“Rinna just gets so upset that you just don’t know what she’s going to pull out of that bag of hers, but it’s going to be one sharp dagger,” Kyle Richards said to the camera. “I saw what I saw, and that behavior speaks pretty loudly,” Rinna said to the camera. But while Rinna was standing beside her question, Dorit was baffled. “What the hell did I do to merit that?” she asked the camera. The following morning, Lisa Vanderpump called Rinna in her hotel room to add her two cents to what went down. “Dorit’s a really nice girl,” Vanderpump said. She then invited Rinna to a wine-tasting party at her house the following week. “Maybe she could apologize to Dorit because she’s really been kind of a bitch to her, to be honest,” Vanderpump said to the camera. Umm … maybe.

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Eden Buys Erika a Friendship Ring

Rinna took off from Hong Kong to head to Philadelphia for a work gig, but the rest of the girls went out to shop. Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi and Eden Sassoon all met in the lobby, lamenting over how none of them had slept. Eileen didn’t say anything to Erika about their fight the night before, but mentioned in a voiceover that she certainly intended to at some point in the future. (As a refresh, Eileen made a comment about Erika’s son that seemed pretty innocuous, but Erika freaked out big time.)

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Vanderpump, Dorit and Kyle Richards joined them, and they headed for Shanghai Tang, where Eden strangely insisted on buying Erika a “friendship ring.” Apparently, that’s a thing. “I don’t understand why you’re buying me this ring,” Erika said. “Because I love you!” Eden chirped back. “Just say thank you, and ‘I love you, too.'” Erika said thank you, but left out the “I love you” part. It was a little strange, but when Erika found out the ring only cost $172 U.S. dollars, she decided she “wanted a better present.”

Erika and Eileen Make Up

Erika, Eileen and Kyle met up for lunch. To the camera, Erika said that it was important to her that she apologized for “snapping” at Eileen the way she had during their dinner in Hong Kong. She and Eileen chatted politely at first, and then Erika just cut to the chase. “I’m sorry that I had a meltdown on you at the table. I apologize. It has nothing to do with you. I was stressed out, and those words are very sensitive to me, so I had a meltdown,” she said. Eileen said she totally understood, and the two held hands briefly. “You know I would never, ever,” Erika added. “I was tired, and I was exhausted from that fight [with Dorit] and from trying to take the high road — and then I took the low road,” Erika laughed. Kyle and Eileen laughed with her, and then the conversation moved on.

“I’m not sure that Dorit is sincere,” Erika speculated. “I’m not sure that either she or PK understand what they’ve done.” Erika then said she hoped that Dorit and PK would try to make things right at Vanderpump’s upcoming wine-tasting party (but that didn’t seem to be in the cards).

Eileen was just happy that she and Erika had put their fight behind them. “Even though that happened, and it was a big moment, things are pretty much back to normal,” Eileen said to the camera. They solidified their reinstated friendship when Erika finally completed her guest role on Eileen’s soap, The Young and the Restless.

PK Takes Aim at Erika

Meanwhile, in another part of town, PK and Dorit debriefed about the Hong Kong trip. Hearing about Rinna questioning Dorit about drug use, PK called Rinna a “schizophrenic,” adding, “I think she’s dangerous.” He didn’t seem any more open to trying to mend fences with Erika, either. “I’m not calling her husband!” he said. “She should call her husband because she doesn’t see him very often. Check in. ‘How you doing, Tom?’ It’s been six months.”

Wait, what? Did PK just accuse Erika of not even speaking to her husband in the last six months? Erika is not going to like that.

Rosé and Diamonds party

The night of Vanderpump’s “Rosé and Diamonds” party arrived, and all of the women were scrambling to meet the dress code, which was apparently to wear pink or white and diamonds. Erika’s glam squad hooked her up with a pink wig for the occasion, and Dorit sported a sort of 1920s-inspired gold-leaf head ornament with her sparkling pink gown. Dorit and PK were among the first to arrive, and Vanderpump didn’t waste any time asking Dorit what was bothering her. Dorit said she was stressed out because of all the tension (between herself and Rinna and Erika).

Eileen, Rinna, Kyle and Erika arrived soon after, and everyone agreed that the décor was above and beyond. It involved ponies with glitter on their hooves, lots of illuminated tents, and of course, lots and lots of rosé wine. Wine can be part of the décor. The episode ended before any major confrontations broke out, but between Rinna accusing Dorit of doing cocaine, Erika demanding PK apologize to her husband and PK alleging that Erika has marital troubles, the season finale is sure to go out with a bang.

Tell Us: Do you think PK’s comment about Erika’s marriage was out of line?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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