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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Accuses Dorit Kemsley of Doing Cocaine in the Bathroom

Sometimes there’s calm before a storm, and sometimes there’s a storm before a storm. That seemed to be the forecast for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as they continued their tour of Hong Kong. The Tuesday, March 21, episode opened with Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi in the midst of their battle. “You’re dying for my attention, and now you have it!” Erika shouted at Dorit, who told the pop princess not to flatter herself. Watch all the delicious highlights in our video recap above!

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“What on Earth would I need from you, Erika?” Dorit asked. “You’re not interesting. You’re not fun. You’re cold as f–king ice.” That’s when Erika revealed what was really bothering her: panty-gate. “Do you think I’m really going to like you after everything that happened with the underwear?” Erika asked. “You took something that was innocent and turned it into this, ‘Oh, she’s doing it on purpose.'” Erika went on to admit that her feelings had been hurt and confessed to the camera, “It felt good to tell Dorit to go f–k herself.”

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Dorit Apologizes, Sorta 

At that point, Dorit offered an apology of sorts, insisting that if she’d known how Erika had really felt, she would have apologized. (That’s an apology, right?) That seemed to quell Erika’s nerves for a bit, but then Lisa Rinna jumped in. Rinna insisted that Dorit should have apologized on PK’s behalf, and told Erika, “I’m sorry that my husband was glaring at your vagina.” Rinna got more worked up the more she spoke and ended up with her finger pointing in Dorit’s face. (Rinna had her own issues with Dorit, which came out later.) Dorit told Rinna to stop pointing at her, and Rinna effectively told her to “f–k off.”

Dorit Apologizes 

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Lisa Vanderpump was pretty taken aback by the whole thing. “They basically all thought it was a great idea, and then when Erika didn’t take it as quite a joke, they backed off. That’s not fair,” she said. To the group, Erika said, “This is f–king bulls–t. She’s out to humiliate me. Hooray, you did it.” Vanderpump said the ice queen was melting (though not to Erika’s face, of course).

The Aftermath and the Buddha

After they all got off the boat, Erika, Rinna, Eden Sassoon, Eileen Davidson shared a car ride home. Erika insisted she hadn’t been treated fairly, and everyone seemed to agree. Meanwhile, Dorit, Vanderpump and Kyle Richards went on a walk (and briefly pondered a shopping spree at Chanel). On their stroll, Dorit speculated that Erika’s glam squad — who were with on this trip — were starting to get to her head. Dorit then called PK to fill him in and get reassurance that she was not in the wrong.

The next day the women tried to put their tensions aside to go visit a giant Buddha. Unfortunately, it rained, and the rain didn’t go so well with most of their designer duds, so the outing was kind of a bust. Upon arriving back at the hotel, it was time to prep for dinner, and Dorit’s makeup artist, Carlene, helped her get ready while reassuring Dorit she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Oh, that’s right — Dorit, the one who was ragging on Erika for having a glam squad with her, had a glam squad herself. Yes, Dorit’s was only one person, but still — she brought her makeup artist to Hong Kong. “At this moment, it’s just about the only thing we have in common,” Dorit joked to the camera. At least she realized the irony … kind of.

Dinner From Hell

Eileen, Rinna, Dorit, Erika, Kyle, Vanderpump and Eden all met up for dinner. Because Rinna just couldn’t help herself, she asked Dorit if she had properly apologized to Erika yet. Erika jumped in to say Dorit had not. Erika then reiterated to Dorit that she should have let panty-gate go as quickly as it began, rather than running around rehashing it with all of the women for ages after. “Common courtesy,” Erika argued. Dorit said she couldn’t remember talking about it with everyone. Apparently, this group has a lot of problems with their memories this season. Rinna, who just last week “couldn’t remember” certain things she’d said about Kim Richards, now couldn’t believe that Dorit “couldn’t remember” her actions during panty-gate. Sigh.

Rinna then asked Dorit if she trusted her husband. Kyle practically launched herself across the table at that, asking Rinna how she could ask that when she had gotten so angry at Kim for saying something about Harry Hamlin in the past. Rinna argued this was “deeper” than a fight about Erika’s clothes and insisted that if Dorit trusted PK, him seeing Erika’s… umm… lady parts, really shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Erika then revealed the core of her anger: She had to explain the situation to her husband, Tom. “Making me out to be a f–king slut or a whore or trying to seduce someone’s husband — it was at my expense, and I’m the one who has to live through that,” she snapped. For whatever reason, that struck a chord with Dorit, who admitted she hadn’t thought about the repercussions with Tom during panty-gate — and actually apologized. Erika said, “You can apologize to him and say, ‘You know what Tom, I f–ked up,’ and then your husband can apologize to him, too.” Dorit said she wasn’t going to make PK apologize, prompting Rinna to jump back in and insist to Dorit that Erika was “in pain.”

Eileen Says the Wrong Thing

In an attempt to calm the situation, Eileen said to Erika that it wasn’t like Dorit had killed her child. That was not the right thing to say. “Don’t ever bring up killing my child again because my child could get killed!” Erika screamed. Apparently, Erika has a child who is a police officer. “Don’t ever talk about my kid again! Shut the f–k up!” She only got angrier the more she spoke, adding, “You don’t know what I deal with every night! That’s really insensitive. Your kid’s not out there!”

Kyle was shocked by Erika’s reaction, saying it was like somebody had “taken over Erika’s body.” Erika broke down in tears, crying that none of the other women could possibly understand what she was going through.

To cap off the night, Rinna asked Dorit if she and her friends were all doing cocaine in the bathroom during a dinner party at her house. Sigh.

Tell Us: Do you think Rinna had a right to ask Dorit about cocaine?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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