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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna Confronts Dorit Kemsley Over Joke About Drugs

Hong Kong or bust! On the Tuesday, March 14, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies headed to other side of the world (well, almost) to support Lisa Vanderpump‘s efforts to stop the Yulin dog meat festival. After figuring out what to pack, everyone headed to the airport. Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley shared a limo, and Dorit took the opportunity to complain about Erika Girardi yet again.

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“I find her a bit cold,” Dorit lamented. “She’s never given me an indication that it’s me.” Vanderpump listened, but didn’t have much to say. Everyone managed to make the plane and sleep on the flight — except for Eileen Davidson, who was wandering around en route, clearly annoyed she was the only one not getting any shuteye. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, Vanderpump, Dorit, Eileen, Erika, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and Eden Sassoon all met up for dinner. (Erika brought her glam squad on the trip, but they didn’t get a dinner invite, sadly.) Dorit made her best effort to chat with Erika, who basically shut her down. “The sweeter and nicer I am or the harder I try, it’s like this stone cold wall,” Dorit said to the camera.

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Eden Plans to Meet a Strange Man in New York

During dinner, Eden proudly announced that she was planning to meet a sexy, younger man in New York whom she had been chatting with (but never met in person). “I am treating him,” she said proudly. The rest of the women were pretty stunned.

“Why is she importing somebody?” Vanderpump asked the camera. “Has she been through everybody else in America?” Eden then revealed her plan to be basically nude and in bed when he arrived. “Honey, you cannot be half-naked in the bed waiting for him!” Dorit said, adding that the stranger might kill Eden. Eden shrugged and said she might kill him — and that was the end of the that (at least for now).

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Rinna Confronts Dorit While Eileen Makes Nice with Vanderpump

Though Vanderpump had presented an open invitation to anyone who wanted to join her as she did some voiceover work for the Yulin documentary she was helping to make, only Kyle and Eileen took her up on it. (The rest of the crew opted for more upbeat activities like sightseeing, drinking tea and wandering the city.) Vanderpump was surprised that Eileen agreed to go because things between the two of them were still rather strained, but the restaurateur was also clearly touched. “That bond that was severed might have a chance of being repaired,” Vanderpump mused to the camera.

Meanwhile, Rinna confronted Dorit about suggesting that she had a drug problem after Rinna had joked that she once put Xanax in a smoothie. “I heard that you maybe took it that I have a problem,” Rinna said. “I want to make sure that you’re very clear that that was a joke.” Dorit said she had no idea what Rinna was talking about, and when she pressed Rinna to tell her who said that she’d said that, Rinna insisted no one had told her, she just had a sixth sense. (Right.) Rinna then went off with Eden to the top of Victoria Peak and for tea. As they relaxed, Eden admitted that Dorit had asked her for her take on Rinna’s Xanax comment. That was all Rinna needed to hear, and she immediately called Dort a “f–king p—y” for not ‘fessing up.

Kyle and Erika Break Down in Tears

During a walk through a beautiful garden, Erika began telling Kyle about her recent trip home to visit her mom. “I look at her, and my heart kind of breaks for her because I know that she lives a life unrealized,” Erika said as her eyes filled with tears. “She has taken that and placed that on me and that’s a heavy burden.” This really struck a chord with Kyle, who began to cry as she told Erika about how hard her own mother had pushed her.

“I’m very distant because it’s a hard thing for me to trust,” Erika said of her relationships with women. “I’m still waiting for someone to disappoint me, for someone to critique me.” Kyle shook her head knowingly as she listened. “Do I have a wall up?” Erika asked the camera. “I’ve got my eyes open.”

Battle on the Junk Boat

That night, everyone headed out for a cruise on something called a junk boat, which is apparently pretty much what it sounds like (i.e. not a yacht). Promptly after settling in, Rinna asked Dorit again about the conversation in Mexico. One thing led to another, and Dorit did her best to defend herself, first saying she didn’t remember and then commenting that this was all very unfair. Right around that time, other women who had witnessed this Mexico conversation began chiming in with their opinions as to whether Dorit had meant to imply that Rinna had a drug problem. Kyle said she didn’t think that was Dorit’s intention, but Erika thought perhaps Dorit had implied exactly that.

Dorit tried to cut in, prompting Erika to say, “Let me finish, Dorit. You talk a lot.” Dorit again tried to say something, but Erika added, “I say important s–t. You say too much boring s–t.” Dorit then asked Erika what her issue was with her. “I don’t like bulls–t, Dorit, and that’s what I think you are.” Dorit snapped back, “Then why don’t you just say it?” Erika said, “I just did!”

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