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‘Big Brother’ Double-Eviction Recap: Two Houseguests Are Eliminated, Paulie’s Shady Strategy Is Exposed

It’s double-eviction night! In the most epic and intense episode of Big Brother season 18, two houseguests will be evicted by the end of the Thursday, August 11, live episode. So who will join Da’Vonne in the jury?

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The men — primarily Paulie — have retained control over the house via their secret alliance, The Executives, and are set to evict another female, either Zakiyah or Michelle. With that eviction, there will officially be more men than women remaining in the BB house. But how much longer can Paulie secretly pull everyone’s strings? Soon enough, the hunk of Calafiore might feel the wrath of a wronged alliance member.

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With an entire week of Big Brother jammed into an action-packed hour, the houseguests and viewers won’t have a moment to think. Following the eviction of either Z or Big Meech, one more houseguest is headed home. Buckle up and prepare for the insanity!

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Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

So many secret strategy meetings in so little time! Viewers saw the reemergence of PP, although Paul had some valid concerns about the duo’s reciprocity: “Now that my back is itchy, it ain’t getting scratched.”

Michelle started pitching Paulie as a future nominee after Bridgette exposed him as the ultimate puppeteer. Both women teamed up with Natalie and James to shake up the game and keep Michelle. With the help of James’ care package, which included the power to eliminate two houseguests’ votes during the eviction, the foursome ensured Zakiyah’s elimination.

Paul then entered the bedroom strategy session and got the lowdown about Paulie, and he wasn’t thrilled about it: “Friendship’s out the window!” He added, “Learning this stuff about Paulie is confirming my suspicions.” Uh-oh, Paulie’s jig is up!

See Ya, Zakiyah

Viewers were prepared for Z’s eviction after Michelle’s elaborate dealings, and it appeared she was at peace with it: “If I don’t [stay], I understand. Do what you do. Do what’s best for you.”

Although Michelle definitely threw Paulie under the bus during her plea to stay, she remained to see another day in a 3–2 vote to eliminate Zakiyah. Her posteviction chat with Julie Chen was shockingly uneventful: Her BB plane ticket was predictably a one-way, and Chen’s interview gave viewers little in the way of answers. Obviously, we all wanted to know about her relationship with Paulie, but she kept pretty mum on the subject. When asked about the couple’s future, she said, “We’ll just have to see. Hopefully he wants to talk to me outside of this. I’d be game.”

Another One, Please!

Without a pause, the next HOH competition got started. With only an hourlong broadcast, producers must have been running around like insane people to keep the show on track!

In a rapid game of More or Less involving BB statistics, Corey won HOH after only two questions. Unfortunately, his new role is extremely short-lived and doesn’t come with the perks of a private room or presents from home.

The men quickly regrouped as Corey pleaded for someone to tell him what to do. He also tried to repair the fractured Executives alliance by repeatedly asking questions like, “Are we all on the same page or not?” and “Are we doing this or not?”

Apparently they are all in this together, and Corey nominated Bridgette and Michelle. Poor Meech had to do a repeat stint on the chopping block.

Pick Up the Pace!

The veto competition started immediately after the nominations. The six players — Bridgette, Corey, Michelle, Nicole, Paul and James — had to run down a lane, jump over a large hurdle and dig through a ball pit to find three hidden clocks. After bringing each back individually, the houseguests then snatched a colored veto and returned.

In a quick flash, the competition was finished, and Corey was once again victorious. He really showed up to play tonight. In the span of three minutes, the men and Nicole decided to vote out Michelle, and Paul hugged it out with his BFF Paulie but warned, “Don’t bone me.”

Both Michelle and Bridgette said they didn’t expect Corey to use the veto, and they were correct. The veto was placed in its tiny box, and the next elimination commenced, but not before Meech ran off and changed into a dress.

Big Brother
The cast of ‘Big Brother.’

Airing All the Dirty Laundry

Michelle used her “Save Me” speech to insult Paulie and praise herself for his downfall. “My goal was to blow up Paulie’s game, and I’ve accomplished that. So I’m so happy,” she said. She also threw Nicole onto the flames: “Nicole is a snake. Don’t trust her.” Bridgette’s speech was far less exciting. She only shared that everyone knew who her target was, and that she’s “ready to play this game hard.”

In a weird twist, Bridgette was evicted by a vote of 5–1. Although it appeared Michelle was headed out the door, the majority of the house flipped and ousted the Cabbage Patch Kid. We know something major went down because Nicole was still in shock when she cast her vote: “Surprisingly, I vote to evict Bridgette.”

As per usual, Michelle burst into dramatic tears when Chen revealed Bridgette’s fate, and Paul was over it. The bearded houseguest told her to “suck it up.” Nicole also immediately tried to find out how she had wronged Michelle, but girl was too busy crying and loving on Bridgette: “I love you as a person. I’m glad I got to know you.”

Bye, Bridge

Bridgette walked out the door but first had some parting words for her former Spy Girl: “Natalie, stand up for yourself!”

Chen was also done with Michelle’s sobs and told the weeping houseguest, “Michelle, take a breath.” Bridgette’s BB ticket was also a one-way, and Chen launched into her posteviction routine. She asked about the surprising turn of events, and Bridgette admitted that she was a bit bewildered by what had happened. “Honestly, I don’t really know. I mean, I played hard. I saw what was going on and everyone seemed to be blind to it,” she said. Perhaps Michelle was an intimidating player, but the third jury member herself didn’t see why that would be: “I’ve got a messed-up ankle and a wobbly knee. Maybe that’s too much for them.”

Tell Us: Are you sad to see Zakiyah and Bridgette leave?

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. Plus, Chen teased a special episode on Friday at 8 p.m. ET. 

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