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‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: Houseguests Caught in a Lie, First Juror Is Evicted

Is it the end for Mama Da? The Big Brother returner was on the chopping block once again, this time alongside Bridgette. After Frank’s unsurprising eviction on July 28, Bridgette has floated through the house without a friend or alliance to save her. However, if Da’Vonne doesn’t tread carefully with her sketchy bargaining tactics, the Thursday, August 4, live elimination episode might be her last.

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Paul and Paulie (a.k.a. PP) dominated this week — Paul scored HOH, Paulie won POV — and the houseguests were at the mercy of their bromance. With all the power in their twinning hands, the tank top–clad twosome devised a plan to backdoor Da’Vonne — but will it work?

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Although most of the BB houseguests seem to be in favor of Da’s eviction, how will the vote shake out? Will Bridgette live to see another week? Remember, whoever is evicted becomes the first member of the BB jury.

You Better Campaign, Da!

Da’Vonne wasted absolutely no time in starting her campaign for votes. Hoping to get some clarification about her nomination, she confronted Paul, and his answers left her extremely uneasy: “I know he’s serving me some bull crap.… I know you’re full of it. Whatcha got brewing, Paul?”

She then zoomed into every room in an attempt to score some votes. She’s got Zakiyah and Michelle’s in the bag, but Natalie was too busy smearing on more face cream to give the veteran a straight answer. Why is Nat always walking around with product on her face? Girl is fearless.

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At one point, Mama Da even caught Paul, Nicole, Corey and James scheming. The four were plotting her eviction when she popped into the room. They attempted to scam her by talking about the upcoming double eviction, but James accidentally hinted that Bridgette might be the one sticking around. James noticed his mistake immediately and said, “Sometimes in the BB house, you tell so many lies that you accidentally tell the truth.”

Da’Vonne also noticed his slip and took note of Nicole’s terrible poker face: “Nicole has a very telling face. She has the same dumb-ass look on her face. Someone’s plotting.” Nothing gets past Da.

It’s All About Paul

It’s apparently that time in the season where Big Brother visits each houseguest’s family. First up is HOH Paul’s extremely close-knit clan.

Viewers were treated to some footage of Paul talking about his familial love: “I miss pissing my mom off.” But most of the scene was focused on Paul’s parents — Raffi and Margaret —affectionately talking about Paul’s volunteer work, his “sweet soul” and his heart of gold. His tattooed best friend was also present for a supposed family dinner, where the entire family loved the PP (Paul and Paulie) alliance.

His mother jokingly said, “P and P are beginning to look like twins. As they say, ‘twinsies.’” Plus, we found out what she’ll score if Paul wins the game: “He did tell me that if he wins, I’m getting my Bentley. So he better win.” Wait, where are our Bentleys?

Send My Weave

As per usual, the two nominees gave their “save me” speeches. Bridgette basically said she’s only on the block because of her friendship with Frank, which she doesn’t regret, and that she’d “appreciate staying.”

Da took another approach. She first praised God and her family, and then instructed her pastor to keep praying. Her focus then shifted, and she said, “I was told I was put here as a pawn.… [So] I pray there were no lies or deception this week.” And in case of her eviction, she playfully added, “Mommy, send my weave.”

Big Brother 18
‘Big Brother 18’

Be Gone, Da’Vonne

In a 6-2 vote, Da’Vonne was evicted from the Big Brother house. She swiftly rose from the couch, gave Zakiyah a hug and headed toward the door. But as a last-ditch attempt at revenge, Da whispered to Victor that the remaining houseguests were coming after him.

After a final hug and kiss for James, Da’Vonne left and got her chat on with Julie Chen. Of course, Chen started the interrogation with a question about her shady exit. Da’Vonne said she left like that because she knew her eviction was coming: “You can sense it throughout the week. There [was] too much deception going around.”

Da’s BB airline ticket was also a one-way trip. Although her odds (1:11) were slightly better than Frank’s, we knew not to expect much. During her conversation with Chen, Da’Vonne shared that she didn’t feel betrayed, saying, “I didn’t really trust anyone in that house. So I wouldn’t call it betrayal. I’d call it confirmation.”

Before heading to the jury house, she got teary-eyed about Zakiyah’s sweet farewell message, and was treated to Paul’s sorry attempt at playing dumb. His goodbye message: “I don’t know what happened.… I guess we both got screwed over.” Yeah, no one’s buying that.

Harsh Hashtags

In a genius send-up of internet lingo, the HOH competition included giant foam boards with “#usuck” written on them, and weirdly costumed “internet trolls.” Each houseguest selected a rope and stepped onto the small disk attached to the bottom. They were then lifted off the ground and continuously spun around. Whoever lasts longest on the spinning rope, while simultaneously getting smacked by the aforementioned foam boards, wins HOH. Viewers will have to wait until Sunday, August 7, to find out who will rule the roost!

Tell Us: Who do you want to win HOH?

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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