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The Best Women’s Sneakers to Stay Fit And Fashionable

Kate Turasky
Written by Kate Turasky
The best women's sneakers

Fashion trends may come and go, (and then come back again) but there’s no denying that everyone should have one pair of comfortable, reliable, and effortlessly chic sneakers in their closet. Dive into the world of footwear with our comprehensive guide to the best women’s sneakers. From versatile classics to cutting-edge designs, we’ve curated a selection that combines style, comfort, and performance.

Whether you’re pounding the pavement, hitting the gym, or simply seeking everyday chic, our roundup covers it all. Explore top brands, innovative technologies, and trendy aesthetics that cater to every taste and activity level. With our expert insights and detailed reviews, finding your perfect pair has never been easier. Step into confidence and style as we navigate the diverse landscape of the best women’s sneakers of 2024, including our top choice, the New Balance Women’s Sneaker.

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User's Guide: The Best Women’s Sneakers

Sneakers are the ideal choice for those who want to be stylish without compromising comfort. The great thing about sneakers is that they go well with both casual and alternative attire. With so many styles and designs available, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best women's sneakers for you. We’ve compiled this detailed guide to help you choose the best pair for you.

Factors to Consider

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while sneaker shopping:

Check the fit

High-quality women’s sneakers will conform to your feet after you wear them for a couple of days. If you mistakenly end up buying poorer quality women’s sneakers, they won’t break in and may hurt your feet when worn for extended periods. While it can be difficult to find the correct size, each brand has their own size chart that you can reference when measuring your foot. There are many things to consider though; some people even have feet with two different sizes! While no two feet are exactly alike, knowing your feet well and sticking to the size chart will help you determine which brands are best for you.


Consider the “why” behind your sneaker purchase. Do you want sneakers for running outdoors, working out in a gym, casual nights out, or because your work requires you to be on your feet for most of the day? Subtle differences between sneakers make them more suited for specific tasks that should be considered. Read the specifications and buyer reviews so you can buy a pair that fits your needs. Keep in mind that your feet change size and shape depending on whether you're sitting, standing, walking, or even in different temperatures, so the "why" is more crucial than you'd think. The same way we have "standing pants" - or pants that only fit when we're standing - you may also require "standing sneakers."

Support level

Not everyone needs the same level of support from their sneakers. Most runners opt for neutral shoes and feel comfortable running in them. If you have a history of rolling your ankles or are recovering from an injury, you’ll need special sneakers with additional support to address your needs. When I sprained my ankle playing basketball, I made a vow to only buy high-top sneakers from there on out. I also have a friend with really high arches who can't wear flat sneakers like skateboard sneakers because the lack of arch support really hurts her feet. The best women's sneakers for you are the ones that provide the correct support and match your personal style.

Consider cushioning

The right or wrong type of cushioning can make or break your sneakers. When you walk, your feet contour naturally to withstand the force that comes with each stride. Because our muscles are interconnected, poorer quality shoes that offer no shock absorption can result in foot, joint, and lower back pain. But the amount of cushioning you need depends on the purpose of your sneakers, as well as personal preference and your required support level. Some studies suggest that shoe inserts/orthotics have the potential to provide proper cushioning, align your skeleton, assist with shock absorption, and overall reduce injury, but it is always best to work with your doctor to target your specific needs.

Tips for Purchasing Women’s Sneakers

These extra tips and tricks can help you select a pair of sneakers that's just right:

Measure your feet

You should measure your feet with a measuring tape and refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to order the correct size. Your foot size can vary slightly during the day, so measuring it at night is better because your feet swell during the day and you want to ensure that your sneakers will give you enough room for active feet. If they don't fit at night, they're not the right size!

Leave some space for your toes

Your toes will need a little bit of wiggle room for optimal comfort, which is why the width of the toe box should be snug yet allow some room for movement without rubbing. If your feet are still growing, it's best to try the shoes on and note where your big toe is when you stand up. If there's no space between your big toe and the tip of your shoe, you may want to size up to allow your feet some room to grow.

Try on both sneakers

Many women make the mistake of trying on only one shoe rather than both. Most people have one foot slightly bigger than the other, so you might get the wrong size if you just try on only one shoe. Some people have a whole half-size difference, so this is not a step you want to ignore.

How to Clean Women’s Sneakers

The ideal way to keep your sneakers in excellent condition is to spray them with a waterproof solution to keep splashes and dirt at bay. You can also keep them in pristine condition by rubbing the dirt or scuff marks off with a gentle brush and quality cleaning solution once a week.

While some women’s sneakers are machine-washable, we don’t recommend throwing them in the washing machine because a rougher machine cycle can rub off the leather or rubber inserts. Instead, simply soak your sneakers in a cleaning solution for a few hours, gently rub the stains and wash them off with water.

Comparing the Top Women’s Sneakers of 2024


New Balance Women’s Sneaker


  • Lightweight and extra cushioned
  • Mesh upper for enhanced breathability
  • Easy to wear, slip-on style


  • Potentially unsuitable for heavy use

Want to be a trendsetter? The New Balance women’s sneakers are made of 100% synthetic material with a rubber sole to provide excellent comfort and a unique style. They also feature a REVlite midsole to ensure that your feet get the required cushioning while jogging, running errands, or hitting an off-road trail. These sneakers are incredibly lightweight, and you can wear them all day long without feeling muscle strain or weighing your feet down. The snug performance fit and memory sole insert further boost comfort to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. With sturdy construction, sleek design, and supportive fit, these women’s sneakers are the best women's sneaker on our list.


Puma Women’s Sneaker


  • Available in 14 color options
  • 100% leather build for a luxurious feel
  • Simple yet attractive design


  • May run small

The Puma women’s sneakers have a minimalist yet trendy design that wins at both comfort and style. These practical and stylish sneakers have a luxurious feel that looks good and feels great on your feet. They're made from 100% leather and will last a long time while looking almost brand new even after regular use. The comfy rubber sole of these sneakers adds just the right amount of cushioning, making your everyday tasks a breeze. They’re also available in various colors, so you can choose a pair that matches your style and fits your wardrobe. Whether you’re planning to hit your ideal hangout spot or want to explore the city with your loved ones, these women’s sneakers are an excellent option.


Blowfish Malibu Women’s Sneaker


  • Pull-on closure for added convenience
  • Durable, synthetic sole lasts longer
  • Contrast stitching for an appealing look


  • Could use more cushioning

Featuring unique animal print patterns, the Blowfish Malibu women’s sneakers are sure to send a unique style statement that’ll turn heads wherever you go. The canvas upper has a street-style look that makes them ideal for many occasions and women of all ages. The contrast stitching on these sneakers makes them more vibrant and edgy. What’s more, with the synthetic and flexible sole and elastic upper for easy on and off, these women’s sneakers can effortlessly go with anything from denim skirts to midi dresses. The high-quality construction will also stand the test of time.


Nike Women’s Sneaker


  • Thick foam doubles as the outsole
  • Mesh forefoot for enhanced breathability
  • The tri-star outsole disperses pressure


  • May not absorb high impacts

Nike is a brand that needs no introduction. It's known for its quality athletic wear, and these women’s sneakers are no exception. They're specifically designed for low-impact workouts and circuit training but can also be used for running errands or a day out with friends. These sneakers not only look good but also offer exceptional cushioning and support, featuring a synthetic textile and rubber sole. You’ll also be getting amazing flexibility and unparalleled traction, and if you’re fed up with shoes that don’t have great support, these sneakers come with a helpful heel strap.


Skechers Women’s Sneaker


  • Mesh upper for optimal breathability
  • Appealing neutral color palette
  • Easy-to-wear, pull-on closure
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Design is not as exciting as the other options

Pay homage to the classic style with these Skechers women’s sneakers. These sneakers add versatility to your wardrobe with the on-trend neutral color palette. The lace-up design with pull-on closure makes them extremely easy to fit to your foot and wear, and the rubber sole offers fantastic traction for various activities. The lightweight, dual-density Ultra Go outsole is designed using comfort pillar technology to ensure maximum comfort. What we love the most about these shoes is that these sneakers come with Air Cooled Goga mat insoles to keep sweat and moisture at bay. 

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can sneakers hurt my feet?

    A:Not all women’s sneakers are made equal. If you end up buying poor-quality sneakers, they might cause bruises or discomfort. Consider the comfort and cushioning when purchasing sneakers for a better experience. You also want to ensure that you're buying the right size; but remember that size is not universal and your sneaker size may vary between styles and brands.

  • Q: Why do my sneakers look discolored?

    A:Your white sneakers can appear discolored if you don’t keep them clean or happen to wash them with a low-quality cleaning agent. Investing in a good-quality cleaner with bleaching properties is better to keep your white sneakers as good as new.

  • Q: Can I wear sneakers all day?

    A:Wearing sneakers all day can be comfortable and convenient for many people, especially if you have a pair that provides good support and fits well. However, whether it's suitable for you depends on your activities throughout the day and the specific type of sneakers you have.

  • Q: What sneakers are in style for 2024?

    A:Through social media, fashion trends have completely exploded in 2024, so there's all sorts of popular sneaker styles. Some people prefer a chunkier shoe, while others prefer a more minimalist style. There are also several trends for both neutral color palettes and colorful sneakers, so whatever sneaker fits you properly and matches your wardrobe is a winner!

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