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Review: Moon Valley Organics

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Written by Ashley Neese

Every touch, smile, and moment of self-care is a testament to your love for yourself. Moon Valley Organics recognizes this, pouring dedication and care into creating organic personal care products that resonate with your body’s natural rhythm. Just as you’re mindful of the food you consume, Moon Valley Organics believes your skin deserves the same level of nourishment and purity. Picture yourself with skin that feels soft to the touch, radiates a healthy glow, and breathes freely, reflecting the essence of nature. It is Moon Valley Organics’ mission.

With a range thoughtfully crafted to cater to various skin needs — from deep hydration to gentle exfoliation, soothing calmness, and invigorating freshness — Moon Valley Organics is not just another brand on the shelf. It’s a commitment, a guarantee that each product has the essence of nature, designed to enhance your natural beauty. Harnessing the purest organic ingredients brings together elements that work in harmony to elevate your skincare experience, ensuring every application is a moment of self-love.

Dive into a world where every lotion, balm, or scrub from Moon Valley Organics isn’t merely a product; it’s a celebration of your skin’s health. Join us on this journey, with Moon Valley Organics guiding you toward a more organic, wholesome future for your care.

What is Moon Valley Organics?

Moon Valley Organics sprouted in 1998 from a deep-rooted desire to live ethically and sustainably. The brand uses a certified organic permaculture farm, where traditional knowledge flourishes through a close-knit family of artisan farmers, beekeepers, and herbalists. Every dawn at Moon Valley brings together these elements, weaving a tapestry of remarkable products crafted from the most wholesome ingredients Earth tenderly offers.

At the core of Moon Valley Organics is a vibrant assembly of community organizers, artists, parents, activists, herbalists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and farmers. Their shared vision isn't merely about crafting personal care products; it's about sowing seeds of change in the community, nurturing a realm where sustainability and wellness blossom hand in hand.

The creations from Moon Valley Organics are more than mere products. They are a promise, a gentle whisper to nourish and heal your body, mind, and spirit while cherishing the Earth we all share. Each item is a step towards a world where care for self and the environment intertwines seamlessly.

The heart and soul of Moon Valley Organics, Kim and Aaron Otto, have intertwined their rich experiences in farming, healing, creativity, and activism to cultivate a thriving haven of holistic well-being. Their journey wasn't just about nurturing a brand; it was about embarking on a quest for wholeness, a path that led to the birth of unique healing body care products.

Moon Valley Organics isn't just a brand; it's a movement towards a more nurturing and wholesome world. It's an invitation to embrace a lifestyle where your skin and soul dance to the rhythm of nature, where every product is a hymn of healing echoing through the Moon Valley. As Moon Valley Organics blossoms and reaches out to the world, it remains rooted in its pristine ethos, ensuring every creation is a tender caress of nature on your being.

Our Review of Moon Valley Organics

Upon delving into the verdant essence of Moon Valley Organics, we uncovered a sanctuary where nature's purity meets wholesome care. The brand unfolds an extensive array of personal care products, each cradled with organic goodness.

Some prized offerings promise to nourish your skin and soul, along with their ingredients and the bountiful benefits they usher. Each product from Moon Valley Organics is not merely a blend of ingredients but a harmonious melody of nature's finest elements orchestrated to care for your body and the environment.

Moon Valley Organics Reviews From Customers

Venturing into the wholesome realm of Moon Valley Organics, we were embraced by a brand deeply rooted in ethical and sustainable living principles. Our curiosity propelled us to dive into the tapestry of customer reviews to uncover the essence of their products. The feedback mirrored a community cherishing the tender touch of nature encapsulated in Moon Valley Organics' offerings, with many showering praises and stellar ratings on the brand.

A particular gem that captivated hearts was the Moon Valley Organics Beeswax Lip Balm, with a 4.7 rating on Amazon. Its buttery texture enchanted customers, coupled with delightful flavors such as cool mint vanilla and sweet honey. Whether braving the cold winds or basking in the morning sun, the lip balm proved a loyal companion, guarding against chapped lips and leaving a veil of hydration. The plethora of positive echoes reflected a common sentiment Moon Valley Organics had crafted a lip balm that was now an indispensable part of their daily care routine.

Plus, customers love the brand's ethical backbone. Moon Valley Organics wasn't just offering products but nurturing a connection between nature and the community. The reverence for Moon Valley Organics extended beyond their lip balms. Many were content with the brand's lotion bars, praising their rich texture and the soothing nourishment they provided. It wasn't just about the individual products but the holistic experience Moon Valley Organics curated, a gentle journey back to nature's lap.

The practicality and simplicity of Moon Valley Organics' packaging, though yearning for a touch of modernity as per some reviews, did little to wane customers' love for the brand. The essence of organic purity and sustainable ethos shone brighter, painting Moon Valley Organics as a brand that didn't just sell products but shared a vision of a more harmonious and wholesome world.

The journey of Moon Valley Organics, much like the serene valley it draws its name from, reflects a tranquil yet profound commitment to nurturing the individual and the environment. The ripple of satisfied customers, their lips softly humming the praises of Moon Valley Organics, is a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to quality and ethical sustenance.

Here are some other reasons why Moon Valley Organics's products are worth buying:

  • Customers lauded Moon Valley Organics' lip balms for their buttery texture and delightful flavors, offering an enjoyable, soothing application experience that rivals other brands. This quality and affordability make it an attractive choice for many.
  • Customers have extolled lip balms for their adequate protection against dryness and chapping, making them a reliable companion for varying weather conditions.
  • Users also praise the build quality of Moon Valley Organics' products. The lip balms' ability to provide lasting hydration reflects the brand's commitment to creating durable and practical effects.
  • Moon Valley Organics stands out for its dedication to ethical and sustainable practices, which enhances the brand appeal and fosters a deeper connection with the community.
  • People also loved the soft and smooth application of the lip balms, adding a layer of comfort and luxury to the daily lip care routine.
  • The value-for-money aspect of Moon Valley Organics is a significant draw. Offering quality organic products at reasonable prices allows customers to indulge in premium personal care without stretching their budget.
  • Moon Valley Organics' products are appreciated for their subtle and pleasant scents, which enhance the overall user experience without being overwhelming.
  • The convenience and practicality of Moon Valley Organics' product range are commendable. For instance, the brand's lip balms are easy to carry and apply, reflecting a thoughtful design that aligns with modern lifestyles.
  • The responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction are evident in the reviews. The brand's proactive approach to addressing customer concerns and ensuring a fulfilling shopping experience from selection to use amplifies its credibility and trustworthiness.
  • The local community engagement and support towards a pollination farm are unique aspects of Moon Valley Organics that customers value highly. This community-centric approach elevates the brand's social impact and resonates with customers who seek to support meaningful causes through their purchases.

Where To Buy Moon Valley Organics Products

Moon Valley Organics' nurturing products are accessible through its official website and other esteemed online platforms like Amazon. Additionally, you may find nurturing personal care offerings on reputable online platforms that align with their ethos of organic and sustainable living. With multiple avenues to explore, acquiring Moon Valley Organics' high-quality personal care products is convenient and straightforward. Through these platforms, immersing oneself in the wholesome embrace of Moon Valley Organics' products becomes easy.

Moon Valley Organics Shipping and Return Policy


You can buy Moon Valley Organics' products from the store above, and the shipping policies of the individual stores will apply accordingly. For bulk orders of Moon Valley Organics' products, a minimum order quantity may be required, allowing customers the convenience of purchasing their desired products in larger quantities. You can obtain specific terms and conditions regarding minimum order quantities and potential shipping discounts by contacting Moon Valley Organics directly.

Return Policy 

Moon Valley Organics offers a satisfaction guarantee for its items purchased from authorized sellers. If, for any reason, customers are not content with Moon Valley Organics' products, they may reach out to Moon Valley Organics' customer support.


Moon Valley Organics Beeswax Lip Balm

The Moon Valley Organics Beeswax Lip Balm is a must-have for those with dry skin seeking the perfect solution for maintaining soft and nourished lips. This lip balm comes with an array of organic ingredients, making it a game-changer in lip care. The velvety finish of this lip balm is both luxurious and comforting, providing a soothing sensation upon application. What truly sets it apart is its all-natural and organic composition. The infusion of organic safflower oil, organic beeswax, and organic vanilla flavoring ensures that your lips receive the utmost hydration and protection.

Adding lemon balm, comfrey, and calendula provides a touch of botanical goodness that heals and rejuvenates your lips. Organic licorice root and lemon essential oil give this lip balm a subtle, refreshing scent. What's even more impressive is the inclusion of natural vitamin E derived from sunflowers, which helps maintain the health of your lips.


Moon Valley Organics Herbal Foaming Hand Soap

The Moon Valley Organics Herbal Foaming Hand Soap is an ideal hand soap for anyone seeking a high-quality, eco-conscious handwashing experience. This two-pack of 8.8oz foaming hand soaps in the delightful grapefruit thyme scent is a true gem in the world of hand hygiene. What sets this product apart is its commitment to organic and safe ingredients. These soaps come with vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free formulas, ensuring that you're protecting your skin and the planet.

The recyclable bottles are thoughtful, highlighting the brand's commitment to sustainability. After enjoying these hand soap's refreshing aroma and moisturizing benefits, you can recycle the bottles without worry. But what truly makes this soap exceptional is its gentle cleansing power. The blend of calendula and comfrey, two herbal ingredients known for their soothing properties, ensures that your hands are clean, soft, and moisturized. With these delightful scents, washing your hands becomes a true pleasure. Choose this three-pack for a handwashing experience that pampers your skin and the environment.


Moon Valley Organics Hand Soap Refill Pouch

The Moon Valley Organics Hand Soap Refill Pouch is an excellent product for eco-friendly hand hygiene. This refill pack, containing two 10.7oz mint lavender pouches, is a sustainability superstar. Each pouch has enough concentrated soap to refill a standard recyclable dispenser three times, saving you money and reducing waste. What sets this product apart is its commitment to natural and safe ingredients. The transparent ingredient list assures you of its organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free nature. This hand soap cleans and nourishes, leaving your hands soft and smooth.

A single refill pouch can replenish your dispenser thrice; with this two-pack, you can get up to six refills. It's an environmentally friendly choice, as it promotes recycling and reduces plastic waste in landfills.


Moon Valley Organics Cocoa Herbal Soap

The Moon Valley Organics Cocoa Herbal Soap is perfect for your daily skincare routine. This set of three 4 oz soap bars is a true gem for anyone seeking a natural, organic, eco-friendly cleansing solution. What sets this soap apart is its commitment to using only natural ingredients. Packed with antioxidant-rich oils and beeswax, it cleanses your skin and seals in its goodness, creating a luxurious natural moisture barrier. 

One of the standout features of this soap is its moisturizing properties. Organic oils like coconut and castor oil provide your skin with the hydration it craves, leaving you feeling fresh and revitalized after every wash. What's more, this herbal soap is a savior for those with sensitive skin. It's gluten-free and free from alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and other potential irritants. You can confidently use it on your face, hands, and body without worrying about adverse reactions.


Moon Valley Organics Natural Eczema Cream

The Moon Valley Organics Natural Eczema Cream is the ultimate pick for anyone seeking an herbal treatment for their skin imbalances. This product is your natural oasis if you've been avoiding harsh chemical ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and steroid creams. It comes in a convenient 1.7oz tube and is a soothing balm for dry, itchy, flaky, or red, cracked, and weepy skin. It's a holistic blend of skin-loving ingredients like oats, aloe, and beeswax that works tirelessly to restore your skin's balance and relieve those frustrating flare-ups.

One of the standout features of this product is its universal appeal. It's safe for all skin types and suitable for people of all ages and ethnicities, including men, women, and children. It's a time-tested solution to soothe various skin symptoms. What truly sets it apart is its commitment to all-natural ingredients. This cream has no artificial components, no "chemical equivalents," and no lab-produced or pharmaceutical formulas.


Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar


  • Won’t disrupt your skin’s pH levels
  • Recyclable tin packaging
  • Doesn’t leave sticky residue


  • Expensive if used frequently
Are you looking for an herbal lotion bar that immediately alleviates chapped and dry skin? You can’t go wrong with the Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar. With its unique blend of bergamot, geranium, calendula, comfrey, and beeswax, this lotion bar provides optimal hydration. The heat-activated formula melts into your dry skin for restoration and soothing purposes. Adding a hot pack will increase the heat for even more relief. This highly effective formula can be used to treat multiple areas of your body, like joints and limbs that are exhibiting aches or pains. The combination of beeswax, calendula, and comfrey reduce inflammation while minimizing pain and discomfort. This lotion bar soothes dry skin while the beeswax keeps your skin soft. The ingredients help to seal in moisture twice as long as water-based moisturizers. Better yet, you can use this lotion bar daily as part of your regular skincare routine.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are all Moon Valley Organics' products safe and easy to use on the skin?

    A:Moon Valley Organics' products come with a commitment to providing gentle and nourishing care through natural and organic ingredients. Its products are safe and easy to use on the skin. Yet, every skin type is unique, and it's always advisable to do a patch test or consult a dermatologist, especially if you have sensitive skin or known allergies.

  • Q: Can I use Moon Valley Organics' foaming hand soap for body wash?

    A:While Moon Valley Organics' foaming hand soap is ideal for cleaning hands, it may have a gentle formulation suitable for use as a body wash. Yet, it's always best to use products as the manufacturer directs. For a more suitable option, consider exploring their range of body care products designed specifically for cleansing.

  • Q: Can I use Moon Valley Organics' lip balm in the winter season?

    A:Moon Valley Organics' lip balm is a fantastic choice for the winter season when lips tend to get dry and chapped. The organic ingredients in their lip balms provide a hydrating and protective barrier, which can be particularly beneficial in cold, dry weather conditions.

  • Q: Are all Moon Valley Organics' hair products safe to use daily?

    A:Moon Valley Organics creates hair products that are gentle and nurturing, making them suitable for daily use. Their natural formulations aim to support healthy hair without the harsh chemicals in many conventional hair care products. Yet, individual responses to products can vary, and it might be beneficial to consult with a hair care professional if you have specific concerns or conditions affecting your scalp or hair.

  • Q: Can my kids use Moon Valley Organics' hand soaps?

    A:Moon Valley Organics' hand soaps come with organic ingredients to be gentle on the skin. This gentle formulation may make them suitable for children's delicate skin. Yet, it's always prudent to supervise young children using soap to ensure they do not ingest it or get it into their eyes. Also, if your child has sensitive skin or known skin conditions, it would be wise to consult a pediatrician before introducing a new skincare product.

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