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Review: Davines

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Written by Kristie Olivieri

You may have heard of Davines before, even if you don’t know their products. The brand continues to grow in popularity and is now well-known for its sustainability and social responsibility campaigns for the beauty industry. However, that doesn’t take away from the immense success that Davines achieved since it opened its doors in 1983. 

The company’s extensive and brilliant product line, which includes a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products, has gradually accrued quite a bit of fame over the past few years. Its high ratings allow the hair care giant to remain on the Amazon best sellers list. 

Since fame does not necessarily equal quality, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review the brand’s top products to help you figure out if they’re a good fit for your beauty and hair care routine. 

What is Davines?

Headquartered in Parma, Italy, Davines is one of the most popular brands for buying top-of-the-line hair care and beauty products and is still striving to introduce a new range of innovative products for its customers.

Established in 1983, this Italian hair care brand started as a subsidiary of the Davines Group, a research laboratory designed to produce high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies. In 1994, the subsidiary began producing and distributing its products as Davines. The brand expanded aggressively in the next two years to develop a full product line of shampoos and conditioners for every hair type and color.

In 1996, the founders of Davines created a new sister brand called Comfort Zone, which produces, sells, and distributes high-end skin care products. In 2004 the brand decided to open a physical Davines store in New York after establishing its first store in Parma, Italy, and then one in Paris in 2006 that many praised and appreciated for generating electricity through renewable sources.

Time went on, and the founders of Davines continued to create more branches in Mexico and London. Fast forward to now, and the brand has multiple shops and salons in numerous countries, all staying steadfast to the vision of its founders, i.e., to create beauty sustainably and allow individuals to be comfortable in their skin. The brand has also newly introduced its hair assistant programs, offering its customers individual advice on improving their hair care routine, according to their custom requirements. Today, the brand has separate websites for its international clientele, United Kingdom customers, and buyers in the United States.

Davines has so much influence now that they're running campaigns for beauty brands to develop more sustainable and socially responsible products that can improve their customers' lives and not harm the environment.

Davines Reviews from Customers

For a brand in the beauty business for three decades now, Davines has undoubtedly done an excellent job adjusting to the times and expanding its operations to cater to its growing customer base.

To understand customer sentiment, we checked out Davines' US, UK, and International websites, specifically the product review pages. We also scrutinized the reviews left on its Amazon store. On all platforms, we saw an absolute outpouring of love and support for what the brand offers, which is a rarity. But such is the service Davines offers.

Their stellar customer service was also turning some heads, as we saw plenty of reviews talking about how they were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, honesty, and patience shown by the support staff.

Our next stop was the brand's sole Amazon store page, where customers also left many positive comments proclaiming their love for the products and services. Additionally, almost all of their products had received an average 4.5-star rating, making Davines one of the best sellers on Amazon in the hair care and beauty niche.

One product that certainly caught our eye due to its many positive reviews was the brand's Ol
All-In-One Hair Milk Spray. A reviewer mentioned that the product was the best hair product they'd ever purchased as the hair spray had an amazing fragrant smell and gave her hair the perfect bounce she'd been looking for.

Keeping all of these positive reviews in mind, we believe that each Davines is an absolute must-buy, and the brand itself should be your one-stop shop for anything related to hair care.

  • The brand produces an extensive range of hair care shampoos and conditioners for every type of hair and unique protective hair products for treating colored hair.
  • The brand offers customers various payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and different credit/debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. This allows you to choose the payment method to make the purchase easier.
  • The brand provides excellent customer service and after-sales service, answering almost any question that you may have about the products or hair care in general.
  • Davines has hair assistance programs that advise its customers on how to deal with their hair problems.
  • All of their websites have a clean and easy-to-understand UI making the website easy to navigate even for the less tech-savvy customers.

Sign up for Update From Davines

Customers eager to support Davines and get access to new products earlier than others can opt to create an account with Davines on its official website, according to your location.

All you have to do is navigate to the profile page on the website by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the home page and clicking on the 'Create an Account' option.

Then enter your first name, last name, and email address to create an account. Now you have successfully signed up to Davines.

Signing up allows customers to view their search and purchase history and track orders. It also lets them save their shipping details on the website and accumulate loyalty points for discounts or free items.

Where to Buy Davines Hair Care Products

As mentioned above, you can buy products on Davines' official websites at or, and Visit any of these sites directly to make your purchase as a guest or make an account via the method given above.

You can also find Davines’ products on their Amazon store page. Search for "Davines hair care" in the search bar at the top of the Amazon home page or follow this link.

Davines also has stores in London, New York, Parma, and Mexico City. Moreover, their products are also available at most local beauty salons and parlors.

Davines Shipping and Return Policy


Davines ships all over the world. However, the complete list of all the countries they ship to is too long to include here, so it'd be best to check their website for more info.

Davines offers free standard or ground shipping for orders above $40. Customers within the US can opt for priority shipping for an additional fee. Davines takes one business day to process your order and send it out for shipping after confirming your payment.

Once the package ships, it takes about 4-5 business days through standard or ground shipping for the parcel to arrive at your doorstep within the US. If you've opted for expedited or priority shipping, your product should take 2-3 days to arrive. Your parcel could take 6-16 days to arrive at destinations outside the US. It could take longer for different regions of the world.

The company will also provide you with a tracking number for your shipment, which may take 48 to 72 hours to update.

Return Policy

Part of Davines' motto is to provide stellar customer service and make life easier for its customers, which is partly why the company allows customers to return any item they buy within 30 days of its arrival for any reason.

The only conditions are that the product should be in undamaged, unused, and packaged how it arrived with all the tags placed correctly. Be sure to include the receipt or proof of purchase alongside the package.

Customers who want to initiate a return can contact their customer support team at or click the link on their return and refunds page.

If the package arrives damaged or defective in quality, the team at Davines offers a complete refund of the amount you paid even after your 30-day trial expires. However, if you return a product because you didn't like it, you must pay the freight fees for the return journey.

Davines Promotions and Discounts

Long-time fans and customers of Davines who want access to all the news, offers, promotions, and discounts related to their products can opt to sign up for the Davines newsletter by scrolling down to the footer of the home page and entering their email in the field given.

This will allow the customer support team at Davines to email you whenever there's any news regarding new products, promotions, and deals from the company.

In addition to special discounts and promotions for their subscribers, Davines also offers seasonal discounts during popular holiday seasons like Christmas and Halloween.

Contact Davines

Customers looking to contact the company for product, offer, or refund inquiries can email them directly at

Alternatively, customers can also visit and message them on their Facebook page, and a customer service representative should get back to them promptly.

Our Review of Davines


Davines OI All in One Hair Milk Spray

Davines OI All in One Milk is a revolutionary product designed to help achieve fabulous hair. This formulation combines an advanced heat protectant and a powerful hair detangler, which help tame frizz and smooth out your locks. With only a few spritzes, you can enjoy healthier, more manageable hair without the fuss. As part of the luxury range of Davines beauty products, this innovative formula uses natural ingredients to help nourish and protect your hair. Its unique combination of Rice Extract, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin F helps nourish the scalp and enhance your hair's overall texture. The formula also contains Color Fix Complex, which helps to lock in color and prevent fading or brittleness while adding shine and vibrancy to your locks. The unique spray-on application makes it easy to use and it quickly absorbs into the scalp and hair follicles. It provides heat protection against styling tools and helps reduce drying time so you can enjoy smooth styling results faster than ever before. The product has a wonderful scent that lasts all day, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky.

Davines OI Nourishing Shampoo for All Hair Types

Davines OI Shampoo is a nourishing shampoo that promises to give shine, volume, and silky-smooth hair. This best-selling, award-winning shampoo contains a Roucou oil formulation to promote supreme shine and softness. It is safe for everyday use and manufactured in Italy to ensure the highest quality and consistency. This product does an amazing job of keeping your hair feeling soft and nourished. The Roucou oil works to deliver maximum shine and smoothness, leaving your hair feeling revitalized. It also helps to add volume and body to your hair, making it look fuller and healthier. The result is a gorgeous look that will last all day long. The shampoo contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives, so you don't have to worry about potential damage to your hair. It is also free of parabens and sulfates, making it ideal for all hair types — whether you have thick, curly, or straight hair. And with regular use, you can maintain gorgeous-looking locks every single day. Overall, it is perfect for people looking for a nourishing, yet gentle shampoo. You can trust that your hair will look better than ever before on a day-to-day basis. If you want to keep your locks looking healthy and gorgeous, this product should be at the top of your list.

Davines OI Conditioner

Davines OI Smoothing Conditioner is the perfect solution for restoring the strength and luster of chemically treated hair. This 8.80 oz conditioner has a creamy, antioxidant-rich formula that nourishes the hair and helps protect it from further damage. It also leaves the hair soft, smooth, and revitalized. This product also contains no parabens or silicones, so it's gentle on the scalp and won't strip away hair color. It also contains Roucou oil, a fantastic ingredient known for its natural ability to preserve color, leaving your hair looking vibrant and luminous. Using this conditioner is very easy. Apply it to wet hair with your fingertips, leave it on for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. After using this conditioner, you will immediately notice improved manageability, with strands feeling hydrated and strong. The effects of using this conditioner are instant, with long-lasting results that will keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful even after months of use. It's also great for creating styles; it will help retain them without making them look weighed down or greasy.

Davines OI Liquid Luster Nourishing Treatment

The Davines OI Liquid Luster is a nourishing rinse-off treatment that adds shine to your hair without weighing it down. It is specially formulated to give instant results from the first use, making it a perfect solution for those looking for a quick fix. This product ensures that your hair will have a silky finish with an almost glass-like effect, providing the ultimate shine without having any excess weight. It is specially designed to ensure there is no processing time, and you will be able to get near-instant results. It is simple to use and suitable for all hair types, whether long, short, curly, or straight. Apply a generous amount of this liquid luster to your damp hair and gently massage it before rinsing it off with warm water. You will immediately be able to see the shine and softness that this product adds to your hair. Overall, its lightweight formulation won't weigh your hair down, and its nourishing qualities will help keep your locks healthy while providing an unbeatable level of shine.

Davines OI Weightless Hair Oil

The Davines OI Oil is an excellent weightless hair oil perfect for all hair types to combat frizz and provide enhanced shine. This product is great for dry, coarse, or curly hair types. It provides superior anti-frizz benefits, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and full of volume. This oil boasts excellent shine-enhancing power- thanks to its use of natural antioxidants. The antioxidants help fight free radicals, which can cause damage to your hair. It also provides a protective barrier on the hair follicle's surface, helping protect your hair from humidity and heat damage. The result is sleek, healthy-looking hair that looks great all day long. This product comes in a 135ml (4.56 Fl Oz) bottle with a pleasant scent that does not overwhelm or linger too long in your hair. The bottle also features an ergonomic pump for easy and precise oil application. This weightless hair oil is perfect for dry, coarse, or curly hair types, providing superior shine and anti-frizz benefits with its powerful antioxidants. It leaves your hair softer, shinier, and more manageable than ever while protecting it from damage caused by heat or humidity. This product will surely please anyone looking for healthier, more manageable hair.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Where are Davines Products made?

    A:Davines products are carefully formulated at the brand's headquarters, located in Parma, Italy. As a result, customers can trust that the products received are authentic and of the highest quality.

  • Q: Are Davines products vegan?

    A:Most Davines products contain no animal-derived ingredients, with the exception of a few items that contain royal jelly, beeswax, or keratin. These include: VOLU/Hair & MELU Hair Shield Mist, Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive, This is a Strong Dry Wax, This is a Strong Molding Clay, and Pasta & Love styling clay.

  • Q: How do I know which Davines products are right for me?

    A:For precise guidance, you can visit a Davines salon near you for personalized advice and hair care tips. The brand also offers advice and how-to videos on its blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

  • Q: Do Davines products guard hair against UV rays?

    A:While not all of Davines' hair care products offer UV protection, the brand's SU line is specifically formulated for this purpose. These products nourish hair while protecting it against sun damage, making them ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • Q: Do Davines products contain harmful ingredients?

    A:All Davines products are carefully crafted, containing only the finest necessary ingredients for optimal hair care and are free of sulfates, parabens, and nanomaterials. Be sure to read the ingredients list on each individual product for more detailed information.

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