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The Best Wet Dry Hair Brush for All Hair Types

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
Wet Dry Hair Brush

Let’s be real. You can style curls in so many unique ways and completely transform your whole look. But if there’s one thing for sure, having to deal with long hair on a day-to-day basis is anything but enjoyable. Having to detangle them after a shower can prove to be a pain, and when you’re really struggling it can seem as though you’re cursed for having such a unique hair pattern at all. And this is totally not true.

Lucky for us modern curl gals and gents out there, combating tangles and frizz has never been easier. With the help of a quality wet dry hair brush, you’ll be able to call off your prayers to the hair gods and work through tangled hair faster than a hot knife through butter.

To help your search, we’ve curated a list of the top wet dry hair brushes 2024 has to offer!

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Finding a High-Quality Wet Dry Hair Brush: A Buying Guide

Getting a wet dry hair brush can spell an end to all of our hair tangle problems. These brushes are scarily good at their job, but there are so many to choose from. If all of them were equally effective, it’d be easy to choose between them. But this is sadly not the case.

Your Hair Type

The first critical factor to consider is your hair type. Different wet dry hair brushes will be effective against different types of hair, and buying the right one is critical to success. For example, a brush with spaced-out bristles is ideal for curly hair since it can get between the thick curved hair easily. Similarly, a hairbrush with angled bristles will work better when faced with straight hair to ensure an even tangle removal.

If you don’t have to spend any time on this step, then you’re in luck because some universally-compatible wet dry hair brushes are fairly good. These brushes work flawlessly on any type of hair and leave them all untangled, and their only caveat is that they tend to cost more.

Bristle Firmness

Unlike regular brushes, the bristles of wet dry hair brushes are not just hard. Instead, they strike the perfect balance between softness and rigidity. The softness needs to be just straight so that the bristles don’t get stuck in the tangles and cause more problems than they solve. On the contrary, they need to be firm enough to fight against the tangles and not just slide past them. If you’re not sure about the bristle strength of the available options, just go with a reputable brand as they have usually adjusted this attribute to perfection.

Construction Material

The construction material of the brush will directly influence its ease of use and long-term durability, so choose wisely.

Soft Plastic

Soft plastic or rigid silicone brushes are incredibly durable as they do not shatter from accidental falls. Their elasticity is also a perfect counter to aggressive combing, preventing the handle from snapping in two. The only downside of these is that they get scratched up pretty quickly and often look dinged up even after a month of use.

Hard Plastic

Stiff plastic brushes are the most common option on the market because of their low cost and rigidity. They are plenty strong for day-to-day use, but a bad drop can shatter them in half. For this reason, it is best to avoid hard plastic wet-dry hair brushes.


Metal hair brushes are the strongest of the bunch. They have the shatter and drop resistance of soft plastic and the rigidity of hard plastic brushes. On the downside, this same quality can make these brushes a bit too heavy, leading to hand fatigue after every use.


Wooden hair brushes are the most luxurious option you can choose and for a good reason. These brushes are durable, rigid, and drop-resistant. Their only downside is that they also tend to cost more.

Comparing the Best Wet Dry Hair Brush Brands of 2024


Wet Brush Wet Dry Hair Brush


  • Gorgeous purple design with colorful doodles
  • Features premium bristle construction
  • Works flawlessly on all hair types


  • Handle is a bit slippery
The original detangler from Wet Brush sets a high bar for wet dry hair brush performance. This near-universal brush will detangle hair of all types and lengths without any pulling or annoying snagging. It even works flawlessly on deep curls, which is something that very few other brushes can brag about. The only secret behind its amazing performance is the ultra flexible bristles that are soft enough to prevent tugging but firm enough to separate hair with ease. Factor in the small portable size and a gorgeous purple design, and you’ve got the best dang wet dry hair brush of the decade.

Fiora Naturals Wet Dry Hair Brush


  • A perfect counter to heavily curled hair
  • Works flawlessly on dry hair as well


  • Too big for use on small children
Curls look fabulous on most people, but they are a nightmare to maintain. This wet dry hair brush from Fiora aims to solve that issue by detangling even the curliest curls with ease. Its soft and flexible bristles are far enough apart to penetrate the most tangled hair and untangle them from the inside out. Also, while curls may be this brush’s specialty it’s just as great for straight or wavy hair as well. You can also use it for both wet and dry hair, and it will retain its crazy good performance. As another awesome plus, the spiral design paper gray color looks fantastic in any beauty kit.

Cala Wet Dry Hair Brush


  • Long-lasting metal construction
  • Gorgeous metallic rose gold color
  • Easy to grip handle


  • The metal body feels cold in winter
The wet dry hair brush from Cala offers fantastic detangling performance in a sleek, strong package. This metallic brush is tougher than a tank, so if you’re working with product on your hands you can rest assured it won’t break if it falls. In addition to its rose gold color and metallic sheen, this extremely durable shell is covered in bristles that will glide through your tangled hair effortlessly. The softness of these bristles, combined with their well-thought-out spacing, makes them a formidable foe against tangles of all strength. This brush can even combat after-shower curls with little hassle!

Crave Naturals Wet Dry Hair Brush


  • One of a kind detangling performance
  • Suitable for children and adults alike
  • Small and portable dimensions


  • A bit time consuming to clean
Do you believe that no wet dry hair brush can win over the tangles in your hair? If so, then think again because the Glide-Thru detangling brush from Naturals is undefeated. This brilliantly engineered piece of hair equipment can successfully cut through the meanest tangles without even breaking a sweat. Its shape and design might seem odd at first, but this design, alongside the fantastic bristles, is the reason behind this brush’s unmatched performance. Another side benefit of this angled shape is that this hair brush is extremely easy to hold and use, making it suitable for children and those styling with hair product on their hands.

Tangle Teezer Wet Dry Hair Brush


  • Long-lasting, durable plastic construction
  • Effective against curls and curves


  • Can get tiring to hold over time
Wet and dry hair brushes are an immense help in detangling hair, but it can still be a laborious process. The detangling hairbrush from Tangle Teezer resolves this issue with its ingenious design and shape. For starters, its expertly crafted ergonomic shape fits right into the palm of your hand and allows you to comb your hair with utmost precision. Secondly, the angled bristles on the other end ensure thorough detangling of your hair, no matter the type or length. This unique design also makes this brush super small, so you can carry it with you everywhere and even if you’re on the go.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can all wet brushes be used on wet hair?

    A:No, they cannot. Brushes designed specifically for wet hair have softer bristles to avoid tugging while also detangling the hair with each swipe.

  • Q: How long does a wet brush last?

    A:Depending on the bristle quality, a wet dry hair brush can last upwards of two years. The average price of the most popular wet brushes stands at roughly six months of regular use.

  • Q: Can I use a wet dry hair brush in the shower?

    A:Yes! You can use your wet brush in the shower to detangle your hair. However you should avoid using them alongside shampoo or other soaps. Wet brushes are not designed with these chemicals in mind, and using them with shampoo can encourage rust and premature deterioration.

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