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Level up Your Self-Care Game With the Best Shower Loofahs

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Written by Ashley Neese

A good, exfoliating scrub will remove dirt and grim. What it can’t do, however, is provide the ultimate exfoliating experience. A gentle sugar or charcoal rub doesn’t get the dirt and grease off that easily, and after a long, sweaty day of work, you totally deserve only the best self-care remedies.

Enter the shower loofah! Washing your weekday blues down the drain (like, literally), this nifty invention is remarkably Mama Earth approved and is harvested straight from vining stalks. A growing revolution across the gardening and body product junkies alike, it makes bathing much more efficient and even aids in getting to those hard-to-reach areas.

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the leading shower loofahs of 2023.

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Loofahs

Eager to take your showering efforts up a notch but not sure where to begin? Fortunately, loofahs are hard to get wrong when you’re relying on a detailed buying guide that lays it all down just for you.

What you should look for in a shower loofah


It’s 2023. Humans continue to make their way through a pandemic and Edward Cullen is now Batman. Despite world efforts to curb the use of non-biodegradable synthetics, many shower loofahs aren’t eco-friendly. That being said, if you look a little harder, you’ll find alternate varieties made with sustainable materials such as bamboo.

When it comes to material, do a favor to the planet and your skin. Plastic isn’t the best thing to use on your body, let alone rub against it. Moreover, cheap plastic mesh shower loofahs hardly last long. They are also more prone to germ build-up and coming apart.


Don’t like loofahs because they feel too rough? That’s probably because you used one that has a harsh texture. This is where it gets tricky, and you must be careful when buying shower sponges. If they’re too abrasive, you’ll end up looking like you just came out of the ring with a very angry cat.

Storage convenience

Let’s get this straight. Shower loofahs must have a hanging strip. Many people don’t realize that shower loofahs, be it porous or mesh-based, have a propensity to collect dust and germs when they’re not being used. To top it off, laying them on a solid surface prevents proper air drying, which can aggravate bacteria build-up—and the last thing you want is dermatitis.

Are synthetic loofahs the next big thing?

Have you seen those brush-shaped silicone loofahs online? They’re all the rage lately, so much so that some brands are justifying ripping customers off. But are they really worth it?

Food grade silicone is safe for the skin and doesn’t irritate it. Moreover, shower loofahs made of quality materials tend to last longer than mesh and porous varieties, don’t promote bacteria growth and can be cleaned pretty easily.

As for the downsides, you have to compromise exfoliation. In general, silicon is a bit too soft on the skin. So while you may get a stellar massage, proper pore cleaning might be pushed to the back seat.

What the heck is a sea sponge?

Sea sponges are eco-friendly shower loofahs made with marine-safe material. These are quite the anomaly when it comes to bathing products. For one, they’re hybrid exfoliators. When dry, don’t even imagine rubbing them against the skin. Sea sponges are also extremely abrasive until they are soaked in water. When drenched, you’ll certainly enjoy each glide, especially if your goal is to promote blood circulation and deep clean your pores.

The Leading Shower Loofah of 2023 in Detail


Toem Shower Loofah


  • Gentle on skin
  • Exfoliates while cleansing
  • Can withstand daily use


  • Can be rough for those with sensitive skin

Introducing the Toem Loofah, your ticket to the ultimate shower scrubber experience. Crafted with precision, this body cleaning set combines a wood-handled loofah/pouf with bamboo charcoal fibers, creating a luxurious mesh that elevates your daily cleansing routine.

The firm yet gentle touch of this loofah make it the perfect combo set for exfoliating skin cells, tackling even the roughest areas around your feet and elbows. Let the special fibers work their magic, providing a soothing massage that cleanses even the most sensitive skin without a hint of scratching.

Say goodbye to those hard-to-reach spots with the extended reach and better grip design. The long-handled back loofah stretches an impressive 17 inches, making it a breeze to tend to your back and feet. The added girth on the handle ensures a secure grasp, while the textured rubber grip provides a comfortable, no-slip hold—even when wet.

The handle is built to withstand daily use without splitting or cracking, ensuring a long-lasting companion in your self-care routine. Plus, the fibers dry quicker than traditional loofahs, maintaining a fresh and hygienic feel. Elevate your shower game with Toem Loofah—the key to a rejuvenating, spa-like experience at home. Just pair this best overall choice with your favorite gel or body wash and let the indulgence begin.


WhaleLife Shower Loofas


  • Available in 10 color variations
  • Great customer service


  • Product quality is inconsistent

Staying true to its OG design, WhaleLife’s mesh shower loofah is crafted with quality bamboo charcoal that thoroughly exfoliates the skin. It is gentle and can be used by people who report dermal sensitivity, and the soft, fluffy texture makes it comfortable to hold and move around. To increase convenience, each loofah has a loop attached for hanging. To organize, just perch it on a hook or simply let it swing under the tap. You won’t be able to lose it that easily, and when it comes to durability the mesh holds shape and can be scrunched up for multiple uses.


MainBasics Shower Loofas


  • Hanging ribbons increase ease of storage
  • Available in four different sets


  • It lacks in durability
Championing the charts with its lightweight design, the MainBasics’ shower loofah is a standard rendition of the product. It features a fine mesh design that works to form a rounded sponge. Unlike the latter, however, this loofah does a much better job at cleaning the body. And if you’re worried about abrasiveness, don’t be because the manufacturer states that their product is made with soft material suitable for all skin types. A little liquid soap and a few squeezes later you’ll have a ball of foam in your hand, ready to be used. Overall, MainBasics’ loofah is also a sophisticated option that offers gentle exfoliation—and at a totally affordable price!

AmazerBath Shower Loofas


  • Convenient hanging strap
  • Available in five different sets


  • Online pictures do not accurately depict the real color
Make every bath worth the scrub with this tightly knit loofah by AmazerBath. As an improved take on a boring old bath sponge, this product supposedly uses innovative technology for greater durability. Simply put, the manufacturer is confident the loofah won’t come undone. Moreover, its enhanced firmness ensures that the wooden handle stays in place, no matter what. While buyers obviously look forward to exfoliating benefits, that’s not all. Since the loofah pulls excess oil from pores and removes dead skin, it automatically promotes healthier skin with consistent usage. Similarly, the mesh strands rub against your body to increase blood circulation. Due to a dense design, you’ll even get a richer foam and simultaneously save on shower gel.

BAIMEI Shower Loofas


  • Attached hanging strap
  • Eco-friendly


  • Small chunks tend to rip off
Not interested in a classic mesh design? This loofah does things a little differently. Baimei’s version looks more like an actual sponge than a weave knotted together, but that shouldn’t disappoint you at all. Each rounded loofah has tiny pores that allow water and soap to seep through and prevent that annoying, soaked sponge feeling. You get a bonus massage that doesn’t strip any natural oils away. And if all of this still isn’t reason enough to buy the product, you’ll love Baimei for its incredibly thick suds. Since the loofah is more porous than a conventional mesh scrubber, you’ll be able to make the most of your shower soap bottle.

DadyMart Shower Loofas


  • Available in four different sets
  • The product comes in various sizes


  • The mesh is too soft for deep exfoliation
DadyMart’s uber firm mesh loofahs are based on an innovative mechanism that supports enhanced durability and resistance to wearability. A secured knot keeps the entire mesh together, making it nearly impossible to unravel. This eco-friendly product gives way to plenty of lather so no area is left unclean. Like similar product varieties, gentle exfoliation is an obvious advantage. You also benefit from easy cleaning and, of course, a more convenient storage experience due to an attached hanging strap.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can I machine wash my shower loofah?

    A:Yes! Some loofahs are suitable for machine washing and should be cleaned frequently. However you should bear in mind that many aren’t, making it all the more important to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. In any case, use hot water to kill germs that might be hibernating inside the tiny spaces.

  • Q: How long can I use the same shower loofah?

    A:While loofahs are cheap, replacing them is an ongoing expense. You might be tempted to stay loyal to the one you have as long as it doesn’t come apart but that’s a grave mistake. No matter the material—with the exception of silicon—shower loofahs shouldn’t be used for more than a month.

  • Q: Why do I get a rash every time I use my shower loofah?

    A:This could be because you’re not cleaning the loofah properly before using it. Or, perhaps you’re scrubbing too hard with an abrasive one. If changing your scrubbing technique doesn’t work, consider discontinuing their use or switching to a brand that is softer to touch.

  • Q: I have Eczema, should I use a loofah?

    A:Doctors do not advise people with eczema to use loofahs or scrubs. Instead, stick to gentle hand rubbing until your skin is treated and healed.

  • Q: Can I grow my own loofah in my garden?

    A:Absolutely! In fact, growing loofahs has seemingly become a gardener go-to these days. Whether you’re starting from seed or planting a transplant, to hone your green thumb you’ll just need to provide your loofah a trellis and plenty of space to vine.

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By Ashley Neese

Ashley Neese graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She enjoys writing about a little bit of everything. In my free time she loves to read and play with her pets.