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The Best Shoe Cleaners of 2024

The Best Shoe Cleaners of 2024

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best shoe spray cleaner

Calling all sneakerheads and style aficionados! If you’re anything like us, you know that your kicks are more than just shoes – they’re a statement, an extension of your personality, and sometimes even a work of art. But let’s face it, with all the adventures we embark on, from bustling city streets to rugged trails, our beloved shoes can take a beating. Shoe cleaners not only refresh and revive your shoes, but they also extend their life span, saving you the cost of frequent replacements. This article presents a comprehensive evaluation of various shoe cleaner products, focusing on crucial features like effectiveness, ease of use, and eco-friendliness. After extensive research, we concluded that the Gold Standard Shoe Cleaner emerges as the top pick for its unparalleled performance in removing stubborn stains, restoring original colors, and its biodegradable formulation. If their formula doesn’t check all the boxes for you, check out the other top-rated options on our list!

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Choosing the Best Shoe Cleaner: A Buying Guide

Keeping your shoes in top-notch condition requires a reliable shoe cleaner. The right product not only helps maintain the aesthetic look of your shoes but also prolongs their lifespan. With the myriad of shoe cleaners available in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. This guide is designed to assist you in picking out the ideal shoe cleaner that suits your needs.


The ingredient list reveals the elements that work together to dislodge dirt, stains, and odors from your shoes. When researching shoe cleaners, hunt for ones that contain gentle, natural ingredients. Avoid cleaners with several harsh chemicals as they might damage your shoes. Look for components like coconut and jojoba oils; they not only clean but also condition the shoe material.

Ease of Use

A shoe cleaner that challenges you in its application might end up causing more harm to your shoes. Hence, when you're exploring your options, opt for a shoe cleaner that eases into the cleaning process. Search for a cleaner that comes with a brush or sponge for seamless application. Additionally, a cleaner that works quickly to lift stains and dirt can save you a significant amount of time.


Your shoe closet likely houses a variety of materials - leather, suede, canvas, and more. To cater to these, seek a shoe cleaner that embraces versatility. It should effortlessly clean and condition various shoe materials without causing any damage. A versatile shoe cleaner spares you the cost and storage space needed for multiple products.

Value for Money

While shopping for the best shoe cleaner, a balance between quality and cost is vital. An inexpensive product might fail to deliver the desired results, while a pricier one could just be overpriced. Assess if the cleaner offers value for its price. This could mean it comes in a larger quantity, comes with additional tools like a brush, or has a high concentration that requires less product per use.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation can give you a sneak peek into the product's performance. Established brands often deliver consistent quality. They also offer better customer service, including returns or refunds if the product doesn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, don't hesitate to dive deeper into customer reviews to gauge the overall satisfaction of previous users.

Environmental Impact

In today's world, we should aim to protect our environment even in our choice of shoe cleaners. Strive to invest in a cleaner that doesn't pollute the environment. Check if the product is biodegradable and comes in recyclable/recycled packaging. You can also verify if the cleaner is cruelty-free, meaning it hasn’t been tested on animals.

Comparing the Best Shoe Cleaners of 2024


Gold Standard Shoe Cleaner


  • Effective on various materials
  • Leaves shoes looking new
  • Restores brightness to white shoes


  • May require more solution for effective use

The Gold Standard Shoe Cleaner is the perfect product for rejuvenating your favorite sneakers. Operating as an effective shoe cleaner, it powerfully lifts dirt from various shoe materials such as leather, canvas, and rubber. Reviving that once vivid brightness you initially admired in-store, this cleaner's non-toxic solution breathes new life into your kicks. If your pristine white sneakers now resemble a muddy battlefield, this product is tailored to restore them to their former glory. Scoring high as the best overall shoe cleaner, this product is an indispensable part of any sneakerhead's supplies. Its active ingredients get to work on the toughest stains, promising to extend the lifespan of your favorite footwear. Beyond its high-grade cleaning performance, the product excels by prioritizing user safety with its non-toxic formula. 


Grandma’s Secret Sneaker Cleaner


  • Portable and great for travel
  • Eliminates stubborn dirt with no residue
  • Non-toxic and easy to use


  • May require multiple applications

Grandmas are known for their secret recipes, secretly sneaking cookies to their loved ones, or just sharing the secrets of life. But do grandmas know about this best-kept secret to shoe cleaning? Introducing Grandma's Secret Sneaker Cleaner, the ultimate cleaning spray for pristine shoe care. Crafted by expert sneaker cleaner professionals, its advanced formula effortlessly banishes tough stains while protecting your footwear. Our team appreciates that this shoe cleaner is free from toxins and effectively tackles dirt, grass, and grime, leaving behind a flawless, non-greasy finish.

Conveniently sized at 3 ounces, it's perfect for on-the-go use, fitting snugly in purses or luggage. Using it is a breeze: simply spray, wait 15 seconds, then gently brush away stains for a rejuvenated look. Versatile and effective, it's suitable for sneakers, boots, sandals, and more. Keep your footwear fresh with this go-to shoe cleaner that even grandmas will approve of.


KIWI Select Sneaker Cleaner


  • Cleans sneakers effectively and quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Works on leather, nylon, and vinyl


  • Product may come out of bottle too fast

KIWI Select Sneaker Cleaner presents an efficient solution for revitalizing your sneakers quickly and effortlessly. This shoe cleaner leaps into action, combating dirt and grime on leather, nylon, and vinyl materials. The 7 oz container ensures that you have a good amount of cleaning solution that is safe to use on not just the aforementioned materials but on all colors as well. It is the ultimate cleaning solution with no rinsing required and no messy residues to worry about. I am quite familiar with the KIWI brand, and immediately identify them among the top shoe care products on the market. No wonder this shoe cleaner, according to our research, is praised by users for its high quality, visual appeal, and ease of use.


adidas Shoe Cleaner Spray


  • Suitable for various shoe types
  • Cleans and fights odors with foam action
  • Part of adidas's shoe-cleaning product line


  • Can be a bit pricey

I like the design of this next option, the adidas Shoe Cleaner Spray, and that it is from a well-known shoe brand. This shoe cleaner also offers an easy-to-use instant foaming action that refreshes your shoes and sneakers in no time. Say goodbye to stubborn odors thanks to its citrus-scented formula that fights tough smells from any activity. Moreover, the built-in brush ensures complete cleaning convenience, perfect for gym sessions or travel.

Versatile and effective, this shoe cleaner works on various materials like leather, nubuck, canvas, mesh, and rubber, making it suitable for almost any shoe in your collection. Enhance your sneaker cleaning routine with adidas's comprehensive line of shoe cleaning products, and keep your kicks looking and smelling fresh with adidas Shoe Cleaner Spray.


Miss Mouth’s Messy Steppers Sneaker Cleaner


  • Effectively cleans various shoe types
  • Removes stubborn stains quickly
  • Pleasant, mild orange scent


  • Spray bottle can leak

The Miss Mouth's Messy Steppers Shoe Cleaner redefines the standard of shoe care. This powerhouse cleaner, packaged in a travel-friendly spray bottle, tackles dirt, grass, and scuffs on all types of shoes. Whether your kicks are of rubber, canvas, or leather, it cleans them effectively, restoring their original look and extending their lifespan. The standout feature of this shoe cleaner is its use on a wide range of stains. This cleaner digs deep, reaching into the crevices of your shoes to eliminate stubborn dirt and stains. As a result, it doesn't merely clean, it revives your shoes, making them look as good as new. 

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can I use a shoe cleaner on all types of shoes?

    A:Most shoe cleaners are designed to work on a wide variety of materials, including leather, suede, canvas, and more. However, not all shoe cleaners are suitable for all materials. Always check the product description before using to ensure it is safe for your specific shoes.

  • Q: How often should I clean my shoes?

    A:It's recommended to clean your shoes whenever they have visible dirt or stains. For shoes you wear regularly, a deep clean every few weeks can help to prolong their lifespan.

  • Q: What should I do if the shoe cleaner doesn't remove all the stains?

    A:If the shoe cleaner isn't removing all the stains, you may need to repeat the cleaning process, making sure to scrub the stained area thoroughly. For particularly tough stains, you may need a specialized stain remover.

  • Q: What other products should I use along with shoe cleaner?

    A:To thoroughly clean and maintain your shoes, you might also want to use a brush for scrubbing, a cloth for drying, and a shoe protectant spray to help shield your shoes from future stains and damage.

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Kaitlyn Neese

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