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The Best Reusable Cotton Rounds of 2024

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese

No matter how much we love to wear makeup, disposable waste is a dark side of this industry that no one can deny, and one of the biggest culprits of waste from the makeup industry is disposable makeup wipes. Not only are reusable rounds a more eco-friendly option, but they generally provide similar or better performance than disposable options. To help you make the swap, we’ve reviewed the best reusable cotton rounds of 2024. We think the ProCIV rounds are especially useful because of their delicate, yet washing-machine-friendly texture, but all of the products on our list are sure to be a welcome addition to your makeup routine.


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Buyer’s Guide: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable cotton rounds often sound too good to be true. They offer similar or even better performance to disposable wipes while also reducing waste to pretty much zero. Some of these rounds are even biodegradable, so you can use them for months or even years, throw them out, and they still won't pollute the environment.

Material Quality

The first critical factor to examine in reusable cotton rounds is their material quality, and there are two main reasons behind that. First are the performance side of things, since their ability to remove makeup is directly proportional to their material quality. High-grade organic cotton will be soft on the skin, safe for sensitive areas like the eyes, and excellent at pulling away even the toughest of cosmetic products.

The second reason to look for high material quality is long-term durability and lifespan. Generally, the more times you can use a reusable product, the better. This is because cotton rounds that will stay functional for years are preferable over the ones that will fall apart within the first few months.

Edge Stitching

The actual wipe part of the cotton round is not very durable on its own. If left unstitched, it will start fraying from the edges, eventually breaking into nothing but threads. That’s why a protective border is stitched around these rounds to keep them functional for longer. The quality of this stitch might seem like a trivial attribute, but it will directly affect your experience with the rounds. For example, stitching with a hard thread will cause abrasion when rubbing against your skin. On the other hand, stitching with low-quality thread will fall apart sooner, leaving the cotton round unprotected.

Unfortunately, most reusable cotton rounds on the internet don't mention anything about the stitching on the product page. In this case, your best choice for sourcing information is customer reviews. Search for reviews mentioning the stitching. If you see anything about abrasion or rashes, move on to the next cotton round pack.

Double-Sided Operation

Double-sided reusable cotton rounds have two distinct textures on each side. One of these textures is a smooth microfiber that cleans your skin from the top without digging any further. This is ideal for removing surface makeup and dirt from your most sensitive areas, like the eyes. On the other side is the towel-like surface that's a bit rougher, yet smooth enough to avoid any issues.

This double-sided operation is not essential, and cotton rounds with the same texture on either side are perfectly usable as well. In fact, some folks prefer the same-sided rounds for their ease of use and cleaning. Also, since the rougher side might cause some issues for people with sensitive skin, these reusable cotton rounds should be used with an extra gentle hand.


Most reusable cotton wipes are white, and that's great. It's easy to see if you’ve removed all the makeup or not on a white wipe, and they also look better in your makeup kit. That said, colorful wipes have their benefits as well. For example, you can delegate each color to a specific part of your face, or you can share them with someone without having to worry about an accidental mix-up.

The Best Reusable Cotton Rounds


ProCIV Reusable Cotton Rounds


  • Extremely soft on the skin
  • Safe for use around the eyes
  • Machine-washable


  • Can be a bit slippery

These reusable cotton rounds from ProCIV are as good for your skin as they are for the earth. Their texture is perfect for removing makeup from cheeks, neck, nose and forehead. These rounds are soft enough that you can even use them on your eyes without worrying about abrasion or any other similar issues. Plus, once you’ve removed the makeup you can just toss the rounds in a washer. This exceptional mix of efficient performance, safe texture and easy cleaning process make these the best reusable cotton rounds.


Greenzla Reusable Cotton Rounds


  • Eco-friendly, zero waste design
  • Soft enough to use around eyes
  • Comes with a storage/ laundry bag


  • Color might fade over time

The Greenzla reusable cotton rounds offer exceptional makeup removing performance in an eco-friendly package. These green wipes suck out makeup like a vacuum cleaner without any negative effects on your skin. Their texture is rough enough to dig up even the toughest of makeup while also being soft enough for your eyes and other sensitive areas. They're also thick enough to allow for use on both sides. Another totally awesome plus? Once you’ve used all 20 of the cotton rounds included in this pack, you can just put them in the included pull-string laundry bag and toss it into a washer.


Wegreeco Reusable Cotton Rounds


  • Pretty pink, blue and white colors
  • Come with a machine-safe laundry bag
  • Effectively removes makeup


  • Colors might fade after washing with detergent

Most reusable cotton round packs consist of only one color, and that’s usually white. While simple at the face, this uniformity can lead to confusion between which towels were used when—and these multi-colored reusable makeup pads from Wegreeco are a perfect solution for this. You can also color code the wipes for different areas of your face, like designating pink just for your eyes or lips. And even if you don’t care about the colors, these are still amazing cotton rounds that can rid your skin of makeup in a single wipe.


Green Estate Reusable Cotton Rounds


  • One tree planted on each sale
  • Efficient, double-sided design
  • Includes a sturdy mesh laundry bag


  • Towel side can fray over time

One of the biggest appeals of disposable makeup wipes is their soft feel, and the Green Estate reusable cotton rounds recreate that comfy feel perfectly. Their soft microfiber side is ideal for wiping skin gently, while the towel-like side pulls out makeup with exceptional efficiency. These are also the perfect wipes for folks with sensitive skin. Adding to its value, one amazing side benefit of investing in these wipes is their eco-friendliness. Not only do these save the planet by being fully reusable, but Green Estate also plants a tree for every package sold.


Phogary Reusable Cotton Rounds


  • Exceptional value for your money
  • Made from completely organic materials
  • Last for a long time


  • Not the best laundry bag

The Phogary reusable cotton rounds make quality and eco-friendly makeup removal accessible to everyone with their amazing value. This pack of 16 wipes costs less than many 10 packs while also maintaining a high-quality standard. Each round will clean your skin perfectly without any harmful side effects, and one attribute you won’t see in other cotton rounds is their long-term durability. This means that you can continue using the cotton rounds long after their initial unpackaging and still get that soft, fresh feel you experienced upon initial opening.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can I bleach reusable cotton rounds?

    A:No, you cannot use bleach for cleaning reusable cotton rounds. Bleach can degrade their soft texture and cause their stitching to break, and it will also ruin colored rounds. If you’re looking to achieve a softer hued fabric, consider purchasing from a brand that has your preferred color choice in mind.

  • Q: Can I use both sides of my reusable cotton rounds?

    A:Yes and no. The answer to this depends on the thickness of your cotton rounds, as well as the texture on either side. For thick rounds with the same soft texture on both sides, using both sides is ideal. As for thin wipes and double-sided cotton rounds, you should pay special attention to the texture and compatibility with different areas of your face.

  • Q: How long do reusable cotton rounds last?

    A:Super high-quality reusable cotton rounds can stay perfectly functional for up to five years. However the average is somewhere around the three year mark.

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