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The Best Rat Tail Combs for Sectioning, Parting, and Styling

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese

Most of you have likely come across or even used a rat tail comb at some point in your life or even own one of your own for regular use, but aren’t sure that that’s what it’s called. This variety of comb is sleek, featuring a handle that is pointy at the tip and looks kind of like a rat tail, which is where it gets its name from.

Rat tail combs are most commonly found in salons and are an important part of every professional hairstylist’s accessory kit. This petite hairstyling tool is used to change hairstyles and textures in a matter of minutes. But, since it’s such a common tool, it can be hard to know which one to choose. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn about the various uses and types of some of the most popular rat tail combs of 2024. Let’s take a look!

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Buying Guide: Rat Tail Combs

When it comes to rat tail combs, there are many options, which makes the buying process kind of confusing. It’s important to do your research before you make a purchase, regardless of how cheap or simple the product may seem. To help, we’ve taken the time to explore everything you should look for in a rat tail comb, and with this guide, we’re letting you in on the secrets.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rat Tail Comb

Material and durability

If your rat tail comb is made cheaply, it’s not going to last you very long; it will end up breaking easily, whether because of being run through extra rough or frizzy hair, or by being used on strong substances like dyes or hairsprays.

Ensure that you’re buying a tail comb made of a good-quality material that won’t damage easily so you don’t have to keep replacing it after every few uses. A comb’s durability depends on the material it is made of and also affects the amount of money you’ll spend on the product.

Hair texture

For rougher hair, you’re going to need a stronger comb with teeth that can withstand being forced through coarse hair. If you have straight and silky locks, you may not need to be as forceful with the styling and combing process.

How To Use Rat Tail Combs

Hair styling

The more complicated a hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, the finer your hairstyling tool needs to be, and a rat tail comb is just about as fine a comb as you can get. When you need to part hair into sections to achieve a specific result, a rat tail comb can make that happen with a great deal of precision. Its super-fine teeth work on specific sections excellently and make using heating tools easier and more effective.

Hair teasing

Hair teasing is a technique that is used to achieve elaborate hairstyles. It requires a great deal of concentration and attention to detail so the final result doesn’t end up looking like a mess. You need to go section by section to create volume around the crown of your head. This is where the fine teeth of the rat tail comb come in handy — they tease the hair toward the scalp to give the overall style a fuller look.

Hair parting

If you’re extra particular about how you part your teeth and are looking to give yourself a super-straight, deep-sided parting — or even a fancy zigzag parting — you can use the rat tail comb’s handle to make that happen. Its uniquely designed handle can easily pull back or pull out hair.

Hair coloring

If you’ve ever gotten your hair dyed at a salon, you’ve noticed that your hair stylist used the tail-point of a rat tail comb to section hair during the process. The comb essentially acts like a needle to separate hair finely so that coloring is done properly and thoroughly.


This kind of comb also comes in handy if you’re trying to get rid of that pesky hairspray texture and bobby pins after a super-fancy hair-do. Use the tail-end of the rat tail comb to pull out accessories so you won’t have to worry about damaging your nails or fingers. Next, run the comb gently through the hair-sprayed part of your hair to get rid of any residue.

Comparing the Top Rat Tail Combs of 2024 in Detail


Leinuosen Rat Tail Comb


  • Durable, anti-static, and heat-resistant build
  • Tapered tail for hair styling and coloring
  • Highly flexible


  • Points are quite sharp
This pack of rat tail combs contains three carbon combs, all made of Celcon. They are anti-static, heat-resistant, super lightweight, and extremely durable. Aside from the plastic build, the design features a stainless steel rat tail that can be used for hair styling, teasing, parting, dyeing, and post-styling. Not only are these combs strong and long-lasting, but they’re also flexible, meaning that they won’t break during normal use and can easily be used for detangling. Simply put, they are a must-have for any hair stylist. Because of their excellent strength and variety of applications, these rat tail combs are easily the best on our list.

Goodofferplace Rat Tail Comb


  • Salon-quality, heat-resistant plastic build
  • Fine teeth for easy sectioning
  • Rounded tips for safety


  • Ends may be a little dull
These rat tail combs offer a wide range of applications from styling, parting, braiding, and coloring, to cutting and sectioning. Even though they’re made of plastic, these salon-quality combs won’t break during normal usage and can even withstand temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. The teeth of these rat tail combs are super fine, but are designed with rounded tips so they won’t hurt your scalp. Best of all, the hair pick on the end can be used for sectioning without hurting your hair.

Bardeau Essentials Rat Tail Comb


  • Light, durable carbon fiber build
  • Versatile stainless steel pintail
  • Fine teeth for easy sectioning
  • Heat-resistant and anti-static


  • Slightly flimsy teeth

Bardeau Essentials’ Professional Comb is durable and built to last for a long time. This is because the carbon fiber material used is lightweight and a lot stronger than regular plastic combs. Meanwhile, the stainless steel pintail is great for styling, parting, coloring, and back-combing. Even more, this fine-toothed comb is heat-resistant, anti-static, and excellent for taming those pesky flyaways. Overall, its incredible versatility makes this rat tail comb great for different hair types and textures.


Diane Rat Tail Comb


  • Wide gap between teeth for detangling
  • Tail is perfect for easy sectioning
  • Extremely cheap


  • Not suitable for more intricate, detailed hairstyles
Diane’s Large Rat Tail Comb has extra wide gaps between the teeth, which makes it great for curly, tangled hair. These wide teeth won’t snag, while the comb’s tail is great for dividing and sectioning hair easily and smoothly. The ends of the teeth offer just the right amount of scratch for your scalp, without causing any damage. What’s even better about this rat tail comb is that it’ll cost you next to nothing!

FRAMAR Rat Tail Comb


  • Super lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Great for sectioning hair
  • Includes three different-sized combs for versatility


  • Metal tail isn’t great for smaller sections
This set of rat tail combs by Framar has three different-sized combs, each of which is designed to separate hair into smaller sections. These are especially great for when you’re trying to highlight or dye your hair because they allow you to create several even sections, all ready to be colored. To ensure durability, they’re made of sturdy PE with a stainless steel pin tail. Each rat tail comb is designed to be static-free as well, so you can prevent frizz and flyaways that can get in the way of the coloring process.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are bamboo rat tail combs durable?

    A:Yes. Plus, if you’re into all-natural hairstyling, bamboo rat tail combs are a good choice.

  • Q: Do I need different-sized rat tail combs?

    A:If you’re into trying out different hairstyles and are still trying to see which size suits your styling techniques and hair texture, then yes, you should get a pack of different-sized ones.

  • Q: What material is ideal for rat tail combs?

    A:Rat tail combs come in different kinds of materials: plastic, steel, and wood. Plastic ones are most commonly available, but stainless steel ones are the most durable.

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