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The Best Pomades for Style that Lasts


Are you in need of a solution to hair that refuses to stay put? Pomades are a waxy substance that helps your hair achieve a glossy sheen and polished definition. Unlike other hair products, this soft wax offers a strong hold, lightweight consistency, and doesn’t harden. To achieve your desired look, you’ll need to find the right hair pomade. So, We’ve made a list of the best pomades below. We considered important factors like scent, ingredients, and effectiveness. We think you’re going to like our top pick American Crew Pomade. Read below to find more options and an informative buying guide!

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What To Look for When Buying Pomade

Pomades originated in the 19th century, and they’ve been a must-have hairstyling product for those with thicker hair or who want a slicked-back look. While this hair product offers incredible results, choosing the right one for your hair can be tricky. So, we’ve created this brief buyer’s guide to help you learn how to select the perfect pomade for hairstyling.

Type of hair

The first thing you should consider is the type of hair you have. Different pomades suit different hair types, so choosing one that works well with yours is crucial. If you have oily hair, look for a pomade that can help control the oil and keep your hair looking clean and fresh. For dry hair, find a pomade that adds moisture and hydration.


When it comes to ingredients, look for natural ones that won’t damage your hair. Choose pomades that contain ingredients like beeswax, Shea butter, and jojoba oil. Beeswax is the holy grail of pomades due to its excellent holding properties; it moisturizes the hair, smoothes flyaways, and promotes hair growth. Similarly, Shea butter and jojoba oil also have moisturizing properties and can also soothe the scalp.

Avoid pomades with harsh chemicals, sulfates, and alcohol, as these ingredients can dry your hair and strip it of its natural oils.


The next thing to consider is the hold. Some pomades offer a stronger hold than others, so if you have particularly unruly hair, you’ll want to choose one that keeps it in place all day long. On the other hand, if you just want a light hold to help tame your hair, choose a lighter pomade.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the scent. Some pomades have a strong odor that can be overwhelming, while others are more subtle. Choose a pomade with a scent you like that isn’t too overpowering. You can get a good idea of a pomade’s scent by going through some customer reviews.

What Are the Different Types of Pomades?


These are the traditional pomades that have been around for generations and are typically made with petroleum jelly or mineral oil to provide a firm hold. Although oil-based pomades can be challenging to wash out, they’re great for creating classic, vintage hairstyles.


This type of pomade is becoming increasingly popular as it’s much easier to wash out than oil-based pomades. It also provides a strong hold, can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, and is relatively easier to wash out.


Wax-based pomades are similar to oil-based pomades, but are made with beeswax or other types of wax. Although they can be challenging to get out of your hair, they provide a strong hold for most hair types and last throughout the day.


These pomades are made with clay, which provides medium hold. They can be used to create different hairstyles and are relatively easy to wash out, but might not offer an all-day hold for some.

What Type of Hair Is a Pomade Good For?

Pomades are designed to work for all hair types, but finding what works best for you may take a while. Depending on your hair length and type, some pomades may work better on your hair than others.

Here’s a general guide for pomades for different hair lengths and types.

Short to medium hair

For short to medium-length hair, most pomade formulas are suitable. Typically, pomades with a medium to strong hold are ideal for different hairstyles for this length, but you can decide the best one after a bit of trial and error.

Long hair

Light hold cream and matte pomades work best for longer hair. Styling long hair is a little different from short hair; instead of control, you need flow, and a lightweight hair product ensures movement and flow in long hair.

Fine hair

Any lightweight pomade with a matte formula will work great for fine or thin hair. This type of formula provides texture and fullness to the hairstyle without weighing your hair down. Typically, a cream or hybrid clay pomade is ideal for thin hair.

Thick hair

Thicker hair is usually harder to keep in place unless you use a strong hold pomade. Look for water or oil-based pomade for a firm hold and medium shine. But if you want a matte finish, go with a paste pomade with excellent hold.

Straight hair

All sorts of pomades work well for straight hair, and you only need a small amount to get your desired hairstyle. Get an oil or water-based product with a light to medium hold. Similarly, cream and matte pomades also work fine with straight hair.

Curly or wavy hair

If you want to show off your natural curls, find a clay and wax hybrid pomade. It will help you get a slightly messy hairstyle without taming your curls. On the other hand, if you want your hair to look a little less unruly, you can try an oil or water-based pomade with a stronger hold.

What Are the Different Hold Ranges for Pomades?

Light hold

A light hold pomade gives your hair texture and definition without weighing it down. Able to thicken your hair to provide a fuller appearance, this type of pomade is perfect for thin and fine hair. And, despite getting a more voluminous look, your hair won’t look soaked in product.

Overall, this kind of pomade is better suited for styling medium to long-length hair that requires volume, flow, and movement.

Medium hold

You get slightly more control with a medium hold pomade than with a lighter pomade. This type offers a moderate hold and is suitable for styling short to medium-length hair. Although it works with curly hair, you’ll need more product to keep your hair styled and in place throughout the day.

High hold

A high-hold pomade works best for short to medium-length hair that needs to be in place all day long. It offers enough hold and control to keep even the thickest of hair controlled and styled for a long time. Further, this pomade provides a strong hold for curly hair and ensures no touch-ups throughout the day.

Comparing the Best Pomades of 2024




  • Long-lasting results with medium hold
  • All-natural ingredients with a non-toxic formula
  • Works on all hair lengths


  • Scent is slightly overpowering
This pomade from American Crew is a moisture-rich forming cream that offers medium hold with medium shine. You can use this cream to get your desired hairstyle by taming unruly hair. Even better, its moisturizing formula conditions and hydrates dry and rough hair, all while ensuring frizz-free hair to deliver a more natural look with textured definition. Since the pomade has a creamy texture, it is easy to apply and doesn’t require water or any other activator; this texture can help make sleek and smooth hairstyles on all hair lengths. Overall, the easy-to-use formula and sufficient hold with the moderate shine at a great price point help this pomade top our list.

Suavecito Pomade


  • Easily washable water-based formula
  • Durable, long-lasting hold
  • Doesn’t leave a white residue after combing


  • Smell is strong and doesn’t fade away

If you want an effective hair product that is easy to wash out, Suavecito Pomade is the perfect option. It provides a medium shine with a medium-level hold that keeps your hairstyle intact throughout the day. This product also delivers frizz-free hair. Thanks to its water-soluble formula, you can easily wash it out at the end of the day.


Layrite Pomade


  • Offers strong hold
  • Works well with thick, coarse hair
  • Appealing, subtle scent


  • Large amount required for a firm hold

For more demanding and difficult-to-manage hair, Layrite Superhold Pomade is ideal. It has a water-based formula that provides an incredibly strong hold for thick and coarse hair. It also works well on all hair lengths. You can use this product on your mustache and beard as well. It also has a matte-finish formula.




  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Provides all-day shine
  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp


  • Can take multiple washes to remove

If you want an all-natural product for your hair, COLDLABEL Hair Pomade is an excellent choice. It is an oil-based hair balm made with beeswax that contains various naturally-sourced ingredients like Shea butter, soy, honey, hempseed, tea tree oil, jojoba, and lavender. This product is also paraffin-free.


Reuzel Pomade


  • Provides a firm hold and low shine
  • Water-soluble formula for quick rinsing
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Feels heavier than expected

The Reuzel Fiber Pomade is a fiber-based product with a water-soluble formula. It works well with all hair types and you can use it on either dry or towel-dried hair.  With its subtle vanilla mint scent, it doesn’t feel too overpowering to the senses. Also, it leaves a very light shine.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Can I use pomade every day?

    A:Pomade can be used every day, but it may not be necessary. If you want to use pomade every day, choose a water-based formula so that your hair does not become greasy. Additionally, make sure it doesn’t touch your roots or scalp.

  • Q: Do I put pomade on wet or dry hair?

    A:Pomade can be applied to both wet and dry hair, but many people prefer to apply it to damp or towel-dried hair. This allows the pomade to distribute evenly throughout your hair, providing a better hold. If you have very fine or thin hair, you may want to apply pomade to dry hair so your hair doesn’t appear greasy.

  • Q: How long does pomade last?

    A:Pomade generally lasts all day long, but if you have very oily hair, you may need to reapply it. That said, pomade can last for several days if you have dry hair.

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