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The Best Places to Buy Jeans Online and in Person

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Written by Jenna Cartusciello
Best Places To Buy Jeans

Searching for the best place to buy jeans? Whether you’re a die-hard denim enthusiast or just a regular shopper hunting for the perfect pair, navigating the world of jeans can be thrilling when you get it right and defeating when you get it wrong. Shopping online might seem like the easiest way to go about it (just swipe, click and add to cart), but shipping costs, ill-fitting products and questionable quality can all make the experience more of a hassle than it’s worth. Visiting stores in-person sounds like the obvious fix, but crowded fitting rooms with bad lighting, long lines and limited selections might make you think twice. So, what’s the solution? Visiting vetted stores.

For this article, we compiled a list of the best places to buy jeans online and in person based on a set of criteria. We checked out product and store reviews, read through shipping and return policies and examined customer service ratings. While no store is perfect, there are several that we believe will help you find the pair that fits like a dream.

The 15 Best Places to Buy Jeans Online and in Person

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Finding the Best Places to Buy Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans is all about shopping at stores that match your style and sizing. Start by figuring out the details of your preferred jeans — like the cut, wash and rise. Then, make sure that the retailer you want to check out offers a variety of sizing options. This way, you can try on several different sizes in your preferred style to achieve the right fit.

We made sure to include retailers that have inclusive sizing, including petite and tall lengths, expandable waists and plus-sized options. Though no store is perfect, a few offer enough variety to make your shopping experience enjoyable and stress free.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Places to Buy Jeans


Jeans come in all sorts of styles, from skinny to bootcut, high-rise to low-rise and distressed to business casual. While many stores carry a wide variety of jean types, each one has a different “vibe.” As a result, understanding your style before you shop and finding the stores that match your style will help you achieve your desired looks far more quickly.

So, how do you know which stores cater to which styles? We compared denim products at each online and in-person retailer in our recommendations and got a sense of the different trends and designs. Then we categorized each recommendation to make it easier to find what you need.


Unlike other U.S. clothing, jean sizes are measured in inches and consist of two numbers: the waistband and the inseam. (The inseam is the length from the crotch to the bottom hem.) This might sound like a foolproof system, but it’s far from it.

Instead, jeans with a 30-inch waistband could fit you perfectly in one brand and be too loose in another. This is because jean sizing varies from store to store and across different brands, even though sizing is provided in the standard inch. Certain fabrics have more give than others, and the cut (straight, boot cut, wide leg and more) influences how the pants fit around your legs. Plus, every silhouette (low, mid and high rise) will sit differently at the waist.

As a result, jeans are a lot of trial and error. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find the perfect pair of jeans on the first go, but our goal is to mitigate the hassle and help you discover the right denim quickly.


If you like jeans that hug you at the waist or slide on easily, you’ll want to look for fabrics that have more stretch. The stretch comes from a small percentage of elastane, spandex or another stretchy material in the fabric blend — a departure from traditional, 100% cotton denim.

Note that stretch jeans tend to lose their shape after just one wear (getting too loose and baggy in the wrong areas), and you have to wash them to bring back the original shape. Frequent washes break down pants more quickly, so as a result, stretch jeans tend not to last as long as traditional jeans. However, high-end stretch jeans have come a long way and may last you longer than you think.

Return Policy

The return policy for a jeans store can make or break your shopping experience. We therefore examined return policies carefully and pointed out the ones that are less than ideal. To give you an example: A standard, fair return policy is one that allows you 30 days to make a return and provides free return shipping. Some brands are more generous with their policies while others are more strict.


Most jeans on the market fall between $20 and $300, and the average cost is around $50. For a decent pair of jeans that won’t rip or lose their shape in the first wash, you can expect to spend at least $20. Knowing how much you want to spend can help you determine the right store (so you don’t fall in love with a pair that’s way outside your budget).

What Are the Different Types of Places to Buy Jeans?


An online jeans retailer is one that sells jeans exclusively online (not in stores). While these stores might sound impractical because of how many try-ons you need to perform to find the right pair, they’re becoming increasingly popular. Without the overhead costs of brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers can often sell a wider variety of jeans with a wider range of sizes and fits.

Of course, online returns are not easy. The ideal retailer will offer free return shipping and a try-on window so you don’t have to return items immediately. However, many online retailers have strict return policies that can significantly raise the overall price and hassle.

In Person

Though most jean retailers are either online or hybrid (a mix of online and in person), there are a few stores that still sell their jeans in-person only. These include boutiques, consignment shops and specialty denim retailers. While in-person shopping allows you to try on all your picks in one fell swoop, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find enough decent pairs to try on.

Online and In Person

These days, most retailers are hybrids, meaning they have online and in-person shopping options. These are usually big retailers that can afford to give you the best of both worlds — you can shop from the comfort of your own home or try on jeans in person. Plus, you usually have more flexibility in returns (return items via mail or at the brick-and-mortar store).

However, hybrid stores have their downsides. The online inventory is usually different from the in-store inventory, so it can be hard to select a pair of jeans online that you want to try on in store first. In addition, shipping can take longer if the retailer experiences an influx of orders.


Best Overall: American Eagle


  • Wide variety of jean cuts, rises and washes
  • Petite, tall and plus sizing available
  • Trade in any pair of jeans and get $10 off a new pair


  • Free shipping only on $75+ orders
  • Some returns are not free
  • Pricey

From skinny to bootcut, low-rise to high-rise, and light wash to dark wash, the jeans at American Eagle cater to a wide variety of tastes and fits. We love that petite, tall, and plus-sizing is available, so you have a much better chance of finding your perfect fit. Another great perk is the brand’s trade-in deal: Send in any old pair of jeans (from any brand) for $10 off your next purchase.

The downsides: Free shipping is only available on orders over $75, and not all returns are free. And while the jeans are great quality, they’re a little pricey.


Best Budget: Old Navy


  • Free shipping over $50 and free returns
  • Decent variety of jean cuts, rises and washes
  • Petite, tall and plus sizing available


  • Slow website
  • Shipping can take some time
  • Returns can take time

Love free shipping and free returns? If so, you’ll enjoy shopping online or in person at Old Navy. The store offers free shipping over $50 (which is a relatively easy limit to hit) and free returns on all online purchases, as long as you send them back within 30 days of receipt. Plus, this brand offers petite, tall and plus sizing and a decent variety of jean styles.

What could be improved: The Old Navy website (which is combined with the Gap and Athleta site) is sluggish. Shipping and returns can also take some time.


Best Splurge: Levi’s


  • Great for curvy figures
  • Free returns if you sign up for an account
  • Wide variety of jean cuts, rises and washes


  • Quality may have dipped in recent years
  • Free ground shipping can get slow

Why is Levi’s the best-selling jeans brand around the world? It’s primarily because of the brand’s status — Levi’s was the original maker of jeans. But it’s also because of the company’s jean variety and great customer service. We like that the online store offers free ground shipping and free returns if you sign up for an account. Plus, they have excellent variety for curvy and plus-sized figures.

However, some customers argue that the quality of Levi jeans has dipped in recent years, citing concerns about durability and longevity. Free ground shipping also takes more time than Levi’s paid shipping options.


Best for Returns: Amazon


  • Wide variety of brands and styles
  • Free, speedy shipping and easy returns with Prime membership
  • Wealth of customer reviews to rely on


  • Quality varies
  • Risk of counterfeit products
  • Some vendors are less reliable than others

If you hate trying on jeans in stores but need to try on a lot of pairs to get it right, consider shopping on Amazon. Shipping is fast and free with a Prime membership and so are returns. Plus, the wealth of customer reviews can help you vet different styles for quality.

On the other hand, the quality of Amazon jeans is hit or miss. You run the risk of counterfeit products because Amazon doesn’t vet its vendors. Plus, some vendors aren’t reliable and may not send you any products.


Best for Classic Jeans: Everlane


  • Fit well without too many try-ons
  • High quality
  • Unique styles


  • Expensive
  • Not as many styles as American Eagle or Old Navy
  • No free shipping or returns

What’s great about Everlane: This store offers high-quality denim that’s built to last. It also has a range of unique jean styles that toe the line between classic and trendy. Buyers report that it’s easy to find styles that fit them well.

Though high quality, the jeans at Everlane are expensive. The store also doesn’t offer as many styles as American Eagle and Old Navy, and shipping and returns are not free.


Best for Trendy Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch


  • Classic and trendy styles
  • Every jean style is sold in in short and tall inseams
  • Easy to sort through jeans on website


  • Most styles are not curve friendly
  • Sizing runs small
  • No free shipping or returns

If you like having a mix of classic and trendy jean styles in your wardrobe, Abercrombie & Fitch is the place to shop. This online and in-person retailer caters to a wide variety of tastes, and we love that every style of jeans is sold in short and tall inseams to help you find your perfect fit. Plus, it’s easy to sort through styles on the website.

However, the majority of styles are not curve friendly, and sizing tends to run small. Abercrombie & Fitch also doesn’t offer free shipping or free return shipping.


Best In-Person Budget Store: Marshalls


  • Well-known brands at discount prices
  • Decent selection
  • Decent sizing available


  • Inconsistent inventory
  • Can be hard to find the right sizing
  • Online return shipping is expensive

If you love finding deals and enjoy trying on jeans in person, we recommend checking out your local Marshalls. The store has a decent selection of jeans from a variety of brands, and it offers them at great prices because the items tend to be overstock. While it can be tricky to find your perfect pair, we find that Marshalls has a decent-enough selection to make the hunt worthwhile.

While Marshalls has a website, it isn’t the best place to shop online. It sells jeans from a wide variety of brands, which makes it difficult to find the right sizing on the website. It also isn’t consistent in the items it sells in person or online, given the nature of the store, and return shipping for online orders is expensive.


Best for Stretchy Jeans: Spanx


  • Free U.S. shipping
  • Pull-on, high-quality stretch jeans
  • Excellent for plus sizing


  • No free return shipping
  • Expensive
  • No waist and inseam sizing (ranges from XS to 3X)

Why you’ll like shopping at Spanx for jeans: The brand specializes in high-quality, stretchy pull-on jeans in pull-on styles, so you can achieve your desired style without the discomfort. They also have excellent plus-size options and offer free shipping.

What you might not like: Spanx charges a fee on return shipping, and its jeans are expensive. It also doesn’t follow traditional jean sizing and instead uses XS to 3X sizing, which may make it more difficult to find your ideal size.


Best for Petite Jeans: Gap


  • Maternity jeans available
  • Petite, tall and plus sizing
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Slow website
  • Shipping can take time
  • Returns are slow

If you always struggle to find jeans that don’t fall down over your feet, try shopping at Gap. The retailer has always been a classic, go-to store for jeans, and its sizing has only gotten better with time. Gap sells every style of jeans in petite lengths (as well as regular and tall), and it has maternity options. We also like that you can easily sort items by fit, wash and rise, and that shipping and returns are free.

However, the Gap website is slow and frustrating at times. Shipping and returns can also get sluggish.


Best Everyday Jeans: Duluth Trading Company


  • High-quality stretch fabric
  • Tummy control
  • Can return items within 365 for a refund


  • No free shipping
  • No free returns
  • Pricey

Love the look of everyday jeans but find them uncomfortable? Try a pair from the Duluth Trading Company. The retailer offers a decent variety of high-quality stretch jeans that won’t lose their shape after multiple wears. We love that they don’t feel too thin or too stretchy, either, and that they fit snugly at the waist rather than gaping at the back.

The downsides: The Duluth Trading Company doesn’t offer free shipping or free returns. It can also get pricey, and a few buyers find the styles a little uncomfortable and overly baggy at the inseam.


Best for Men’s Casual Jeans: The Perfect Jean


  • High quality stretch
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Cut of certain jeans isn’t perfect
  • A few quality issues (rare)

What we like about The Perfect Jean: All of their jeans are soft, stretchy and good quality. The company also offers inclusive sizing (up to a size 50 waistband), which is difficult to find for men over a certain height and weight. For the price, free shipping and free returns within 30 days, we think these jeans are a steal.

However, a few buyers noticed that the cut of certain jeans isn’t perfect. One customer also found that their jeans ripped within the first few months, though most buyers didn’t have this experience.


Best for Men’s Work Jeans: Dickies


  • Affordable
  • Great for knock-around jobs
  • Free 90-day returns


  • No free shipping
  • Sizing could be more inclusive
  • Waistband may sit too high

If you’re looking for structured, durable jeans that you can get dirty without feeling guilty, we recommend Dickies. The brand offers affordable jeans with a variety of fits and decent sizing options, so the pants are perfect for knock-around jobs or casual wear. A bonus: Returns are free as long as you send them back within 90 days.

On the other hand, the sizing isn’t as inclusive as other brands (many styles tap out at a size 38 waistband). In addition, some buyers have complained that the waistband sits too high. The brand also doesn’t offer free shipping.


Best for Maternity Jeans: Pink Blush


  • Pull-on jeans
  • Large, stretchy waist panel
  • Variety of classic and trendy jean styles


  • Free shipping only on $100+ orders
  • No free returns
  • No petite and tall sizing

Looking for jeans that are actually comfortable during pregnancy and postpartum? If so, consider Pink Blush. The brand specializes in maternity clothing, and their pull-on jeans come with an extremely stretchy waist panel that covers the entire abdomen (so you don’t have to worry about the fabric rolling down).

However, shipping is only free if you spend over $100, and Pink Blush deducts a $5 fee for shipping from returns. Pink Blush also doesn’t offer petite and tall sizing, though it does have cropped styles available. The sizing could be more inclusive as well.


Best for Tummy Control: Judy Blue Jeans


  • High-quality stretch fabric
  • Tummy control panel
  • Classic and trendy styles available


  • Slow to restock sold-out items
  • Some styles are less flattering
  • Sizing could be more inclusive

If you have curves, one of the most difficult things about shopping for jeans is the dreaded gap at the back of the waistband. Fortunately, Judy Blue Jeans deals with this issue by using a high-quality stretch fabric and including a tummy control panel in all its jeans.

What could be improved: A lot of the items on the site are sold out, and Judy Blue Jeans can be a bit slow to restock. Certain styles are also less flattering than others depending on the cut, and the waistband sizing could be more inclusive.


Best for Travel: Aviator


  • High-quality stretch fabric
  • Custom hemming available
  • Free shipping and returns


  • No petite or tall sizing
  • Waistband sizing could be more inclusive
  • Expensive

If you thought you’d never wear jeans to the airport, think again. Aviator specializes in travel-friendly clothing, and its jeans are surprisingly comfortable on long plane rides. This is because they’re made with high-quality stretch fabric. We like that the brand specifies the weight of the jeans so you can get a sense for how thick and heavy they are. Perks: You can get jeans custom hemmed, and shipping and returns are free in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Aviator doesn’t offer petite or tall sizing, and the waistband sizing only goes up to 36. Jeans are also expensive.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Where can I find high quality jeans?

    A:We recommend trying American Eagle and Old Navy first for high-quality jeans.

  • Q: What brand of jeans are the best?

    A:Our top recommendations for jean brands include American Eagle, Old Navy and Levi’s.

  • Q: Which brand sells the most jeans?

    A:The best-selling jeans brand around the world is Levi’s.

  • Q: How much will I spend at the best places to buy jeans?

    A:Most jeans cost anywhere between $20 and $300.

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