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The Best Nail Drills of 2024

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese

Going to the nail salon is a must for achieving beautiful manicures and pedicures, but when you can’t fit a salon appointment into your schedule, a nail drill can be a quick fix. They’re great for filing, shaping, smoothing, and cleaning, producing consistent salon-quality results at home. We reviewed the best nail drills of 2024 to help you find the right one for your nail routine. Our top pick is the MelodySusie drill because of its cordless design and eight included bits. Read through our buyer’s guide and reviews to see how one of these nail drills can elevate your nail looks.

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Nail Drills: A Buyer’s Guide

Using nail tools can help with maintaining good hygiene and producing a more refined appearance. There are a variety of drill models available, each with a distinct set of features. For example, electric nail drills can help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris from the nails. Some products are more suited to cutting fingernails, while others are better for trimming nails.

Having a nail drill can help you save time by speeding up processes that would otherwise take hours. These machines can also offer longer-lasting, neater, and more polished results. So, if getting more well-maintained nails is your goal, purchasing a nail drill can be an excellent place to start.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing these devices though, such as the rotating speed, motor type, and overall durability. In this buyer's guide, we compiled some of the things that can help make sure you get your hands on a drill that can deliver some salon-level results at home. Let’s get into the details!

Ease of Use

This is one of the most important things to consider before locking in a purchase. You should check if a device matches your experience level. You don’t want to purchase a simpler device if you’re a pro nail stylist since it will probably only slow you down, and professional machines can be tougher to use if you’re more of a beginner. You should also ensure a device has a user-friendly design and a contoured shape that can help you use it efficiently.


Electric nail drills require a significant amount of upkeep. When you use them regularly, like at a salon, it’s a good idea to go with a long-lasting product that can take regular use. Reading some reviews about a product online can help make sure it can work well and meets your requirements, which can cut down on a lot of hassle and disappointing returns.

Rotational Speed

A nail bit’s rotational speed can vary depending on the material it's cutting and, more importantly, its speed range. A faster cutting speed means quicker cutting, while a less efficient cutting speed means slower cutting.

A lower rotational speed range can be great for beginners because it's much easier to learn to use and handle. On the other hand, if you have previous experience with these kinds of tools, you can invest in a high-rotational-speed device since it should be easier to handle and more efficient—which is why professional tools with higher speeds are ideal for salons.

Low Noise

Lower vibrations and sounds from your device can help make sure you’re not disturbing anyone in your salon or at home. You should look for a fine motor that can help make your drill quieter while still being extremely efficient.

Power Source

A drill with an adaptor requires a wall outlet, and a device with a rechargeable battery needs charging before you can use it. Although adaptor drills can be helpful, they require a constant supply of electricity to function. Rechargeable options are often considered superior because they're easier to maneuver and work well while traveling.


An electric motor is what powers your device, and because you might use it on natural and fake nails, you should look for something that can last a long time without overheating or dying.


Low-cost devices may be bad investments because they usually won’t last as long. Expensive machines might seem pretty pricey initially, but they can help save you money in the long run. You should look for something that delivers quality while not exceeding your budget.


Types of Bit Heads

Nail drill bits are where the actual cutting happens. A more prominent head expands the surface area but can be challenging to use on smaller nails, which is why you need to be familiar with the various sizes and types of heads.

In terms of sizing, you should make sure that the drill bits you buy are compatible with the drill machine you already have or plan on buying. It’s a good idea to buy a complete set too, so you won’t have to worry as much about the pieces not fitting.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important types of nail drill heads:

Sanding bits

This first option is one of the most widely used nail drilling bits. It’s a mandrel bit with a lot of sanding bands for sanding down nails, helping make them smoother and ready for polish. These bits can also help remove excess polish and cuticles.

Metal bits

Unlike the previous bit, these versions feature stainless steel, alloys, or ceramic. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can serve a bunch of different functions.

Gentle barrel bits are for use on top of nails to prepare them for polishing, and medium barrel bits are for acrylics that are difficult to smooth out. Because they’re solid, the thickest barrels are only used on artificial nails to help remove gel or large lumps of fake nails.

Cone bits

These bits are another must-have for your drill, as they can really help with tidying up after a manicure. They have a cone shape and come in a few sizes, and they're ideal for producing a professional look.

For added safety, only work with nail bits when you know how to handle and use them, especially since they can damage your nails if they’re misused.

The Best Nail Drills


MelodySusie Nail Drill


  • Strong, powerful motor
  • Lightweight, portable size
  • Very little vibration


  • Requires careful use

This battery-powered option from MelodySusie is a cordless device that runs at 35000 rotations per minute (RPM). It has a built-in 2000mAh battery that can provide upwards of 10 hours of use on only a few hours of charge, so it can meet all of your manicure and pedicure needs. Plus, the RPMs, direction, and battery life are all visible at a glance on the LCD screen.

This electric nail drill has a high-quality motor, so it can work smoothly even at higher speeds. It's also easy to store, and made of a unique aluminum alloy material with a portable belt clip. With the eight different bits for clipping, grinding, cutting, trimming, and polishing, this pick can provide more control, work longer hours, burn up less, and withstand wear while also being low maintenance—all of which helped make it the best overall option on our list.


OVX Nail Drill


  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Works well with dip nail kits
  • Great for DIYers


  • The battery isn’t long-lasting

The OVX nail drill uses a handy design that you can easily plug into almost any USB connector. It rotates up to 20,000RPM, has a speed control toggle, and is very portable, making this pick great for traveling. This electric drill features a solid and almost silent motor, a top-notch aluminum alloy body, and significant heat dissipation, helping keep it cool and vibration-free.

This machine also comes with six standard metal bits, 26 sanding bands, and a nail art brush for grinding, sculpting, trimming, and polishing. All these add-ons help make this product ideal for all sorts of nail art. This kit can really help provide you with a creative outlet for designs you’ve been dying to try out.


Cositte Nail Drill


  • Provides a professional look
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Ideal size and weight


  • The switches look inexpensive

Our next recommendation from Cositte is an awesome choice for aspiring nail artists. It's great for shaping both fingernails and toenails, and it can even help with buffing away calluses, working on cuticles, and polishing. The pen-like shape is comfortable to hold and use, and since this pick produces minimal vibration, you won’t experience hand fatigue while working on a complete set of artificial nails.

This product allows you to work in multiple directions on acrylic nails during beauty treatments and refills, and it can work with almost all standard nail drill bits too, helping accelerate your work. This pick is small, lightweight, and efficiently dissipates heat because of its aluminum alloy design. You can even carry this drill with you and do your nails on the go thanks to its portability.


Airsee Nail Drill


  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Good quality, sturdy build
  • Adjustable, versatile speed


  • Lacks detailed instructions

This next pick from Airsee includes 11 drill bits and 56 sanding bands, making it one of the most dynamic and multifunctional tools for quickly scraping, chiseling, cutting, sharpening, and stripping away gel polish from both epoxy and natural cuticles. Plus, the motor uses a high-tech tempo-bearing design with low heat, sound, and motion.

You can adjust this option’s rotational speed range from 0 to 20,000 RPM. Its forward and reverse rotation orientations are perfect for left and right-handed users alike. This nail drill, made of premium metal, features a small and lightweight build that makes it easy to handle and carry almost anywhere.


Subay Nail Drill


  • Works on almost all nail types
  • Low noise operation
  • Multiple, creativity-boosting heads


  • No instructions included

This selection from Subay isn’t short on features. This nail drill has a long-lasting motor and comes with over 10 different head types, including needle, bullet, cone, barrel, umbrella, and more. You'll be able to file, carve, and even trim your nails to near perfection using this easy-to-use machine that resists overheating.

Worried about disturbing the people around you? Don’t be. This drill runs super quiet and allow you to work on your nails (or someone else’s!) at home or work without bothering anyone. So, whether you're dealing with dead skin or complicated fake nails, this drill can be just what you need at home or on the road.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How does a nail drill work?

    A:A nail drill works by forcing pressurized air at high speeds (up to 35000 RPM) onto a rotating steel blade. As the blade spins, it cuts, shapes, trims, carves, and smooths out both real and fake nails.

  • Q: Why should I invest in a nail drill?

    A:There are many benefits of using nail drills over traditional tools, such as faster-drilling speeds, longer drilling blades, and less noise. These devices can also be significantly more efficient than manual tools.

  • Q: How long can nail drill bits last?

    A:How long your drill bits last depends on how frequently you use them. Sanding drill bits will generally need much more frequent changes than steel drill bits.

  • Q: How many nail drill bits do I need?

    A:There is no set number or specific types to buy, but you probably don’t need all of them. Some bits are for trimming, while others are only used to tidy up. So, think about which bits will be useful in your daily tasks and buy accordingly.

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Kaitlyn Neese

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