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The Best Manifestation Journals of 2024

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Written by Kristie Olivieri

Whether you want to cultivate an attitude of gratitude or gain clarity about your direction in life, manifestation journals can help you find motivation and tackle your goals with passion. These journals can help you figure out what your intentions are as well as the steps needed to turn your dreams into reality. We reviewed the best manifestation journals of 2024 that can help with every step of your journey. Our top pick is the Manifestation Journal for Beginners, as it provides a great place to start exploring various techniques. Read through our buying guide and reviews to find the guidance you need in a manifestation journal.

Buying Guide: Manifestation Journals

A manifestation journal is a dedicated place to capture your desires and take them from thoughts to actions. If you're unclear about your goals, it can help you gain clarity and track your progress. It can also help you acknowledge what you've already manifested and cultivate gratitude for what you have while nurturing positive growth.

With so many different options available, it can be tricky to find the right one for your personal needs. This detailed buying guide will help you sort through the available products and make a successful purchase.

How Does a Manifestation Journal Work?

Manifestation journals are for everyone, from beginners wanting to create positive change in their lives to those who already regularly practice journaling or manifestation techniques.

Whether you spend 5 or 30 minutes journaling daily is entirely up to you—this is not a one-size-fits-all process but a personal journey. It should be a safe space where negativity and self-doubt are not welcome.

Some manifestation journals have blank pages for journaling while many offer guided journaling prompts, thoughtful insights, and positive affirmations. Guided journals are great to practice self-compassion, optimism, and quieting your inner critic.

Even though your dreams won’t magically happen just because you journal, it does keep you focused, brings clarity, makes your aspirations concrete by physically writing them down, and helps you think creatively. Structured long-term goals also help you set smarter short-term goals with a clear vision.

Writing has many benefits for our emotional and mental well-being. Journaling every day can even help combat depression while cultivating mindfulness. When we're mindful and able to focus on the now, we're able to set better, self-concordant goals. Additionally, you'll learn to communicate and articulate yourself better as you journal.

Types of Manifestation Journals

Manifestation journals come in a variety of different styles. Some focus purely on a single manifestation technique, while others provide a mix of activities, meditations, and affirmations. The type of journal you choose will depend on whether you simply need space to conceptualize and write or whether you would like some guidance along the way.

Books with prompts take the guessing out of your journaling. They are especially great if you are new to manifestation practices. They guide the topic and direction of your thinking. This allows you to focus on the exercise, rather than wondering whether what you're doing is helpful.

Below are three popular manifestation techniques, however, the manifestation journal that resonates most with you doesn’t need to include any of them to be effective.


Scripting is a practice of writing where you want to be in a certain time frame from the present. The writing, however, should be written as if it has already happened rather than in the future tense.

555 Method

The 55 x 5 or 555 method requires you to pick one goal or desire and write it out 55 times in one meditative session. After five days of doing this, you release the desire to the universe.

369 Method

This method involves writing down your goal three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before bed.

Journaling Tips

  • Set aside time in your daily routine dedicated to journaling
  • Practice journaling in a calm environment without distractions
  • Keep a gratitude journal to acknowledge what you already have
  • Personalize your journal with colors and images that you like
  • Use present tense when articulating your thoughts and affirmations
  • Include any visualizations in your journal
  • Set goals that are achievable and meaningful
  • Be specific about what you want

The Best Manifestation Journals


Manifestation Journal for Beginners


  • Available in paperback and Kindle formats
  • Colorful design and down-to-earth writing
  • Guided journaling and manifestation exercises


  • Not enough writing space for long-form journaling

Perfect for newcomers, the Manifestation Journal for Beginners by Lauri Albert introduces you to the concept of manifestation in a way that’s approachable and easy to understand. Like a friend who wants to see you succeed, she guides you on how to get the most out of your daily journaling practice. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your thoughts to make big and small life changes. By incorporating different techniques, this option offers inspiring journaling exercises accompanied by empowering affirmations. This manifestation journal is our top choice because it ticks all the boxes regardless of what you want to get out of your journey.


Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal


  • Provides pages for six months of journaling
  • Easy-to-follow prompts and writing cues
  • Made from recyclable, sustainably sourced paper


  • Only available in paperback

With just a little bit of journaling each day, the five-minute manifestation journal from Intelligent Change allows you to cultivate gratitude and reflect on what’s important to you. This elegant hardcover journal has a natural linen fabric cover and is available in seven attractive color choices. It makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone from business executives to busy moms and students—or for yourself! This manifestation journal allows you to get straight into your practice, starting every day with appreciation and affirmation and ending the day with reflection. It also includes weekly challenges and inspirational quotes.


Manifestation Journal for Black Women


  • Plenty of guided exercises to work through
  • Beautiful illustrations throughout
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced individuals


  • Exercises require more time than other journals

This manifestation journal from Limitless Abundance is a celebration of the unique personal journeys of black women. Integrating the Law of Attraction philosophy, this option is highly interactive and features thought-provoking exercises and techniques to help you manifest the life you want. Affirmations, gratitude journaling, mood tracking, habit formation, vision boards, and goal planning are just a few of the exercises included in this manifestation journal. It is a gentle, yet comprehensive guide to help align every part of your life toward inner peace, healing, and inspiration.


Make It Happen Manifestation Journal


  • Easy to implement daily
  • Increases positive life momentum
  • An ideal technique for changing habits


  • Only suitable as a 55×5-method workbook

The I'm a Badass Woman and I Get What I Manifest journal is perfect for the individual who already understands the power of manifestation and is ready to dive in. The workbook provides a single page of tips to help you make the most of the daily exercises. The rest of the book is left for you to fill out on your journey. The layout conveniently features 55 lines per day with space for the date at the top. After five days of writing about your desire 55 times, you will release the manifestation and move on to the next one. Since you just have to fill out the page, you won’t have to do any counting and can fully focus on getting the maximum benefit out of your meditative experience.


Dear Universe Instant Manifestations


  • Available on Kindle and as a hardcover
  • Excellent quality hardcover book
  • Relatable meditations for everyday application


  • Highly autobiographical content

This manifestation journal by Sarah Prout contains 200 mini-meditations to help you rise above fear and embrace love. It's packed with practical guidance, nuggets of wisdom, inspiring words, and soulful activities to complete. The beautiful and colorful book guides you on a journey to release what is holding you back so you can embrace your untapped power for a full life. This option makes the process simplistic yet full of depth. It includes a meditation for any emotion you may be feeling and guides you in embracing who you are and who you are becoming with pure positivity.


The Witch’s Guide to Manifestation


  • Encourages self-love and self-awareness
  • Helps with self-discovery
  • Teaches “practical spells”


  • Fairly basic information for active practitioners

You’ve probably heard about concepts like the Law of Attraction and Manifestation circling the internet by now, right? Well, this book by Mystic Dylan breaks them down into complete basics for people who have no idea what it’s all about. The author claims to be a “practicing witch” for over a decade and teaches you his ways of directing energy to achieve targeted outcomes. While it all sounds magical, the book is all about “demystifying” manifestation and helping you explore it, learn it, and use it as a tool to transform your life. If you think manifestation is the way to turn your dreams into reality, you'll want to give this book a go.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Does manifestation journaling have to be on paper or can it be digital?

    A:Choose a medium that is most comfortable for you. Many people find that actually writing out their goals with a pen on paper is more effective since it requires more sensory engagement and time. If, however, something digital works best for you, that’s what you should use. It's your personal journey entirely.

  • Q: Do I need to journal every day?

    A:Ideally, yes. The most effective way of manifesting the life you want is by making your journaling practice a daily habit.

  • Q: What should I avoid when writing in my manifestation journal?

    A:Focus on positive language and what you want for yourself as opposed to what you don’t want. Avoid using ‘don’t’ as well as anything that is self-deprecating or negative toward others. This space should be entirely positive and uplifting.

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Kristie is a documentary enthusiast, horror movie lover, and avid gamer. When not lost in a virtual world, they enjoy curling up with a good book and their feline friends.
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