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The Best Leave-in Conditioner Sprays of 2024

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Written by Kristie Olivieri
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Conditioning should be a step in every hair wash routine. Whether you’re someone with lots of hair or trying to add more volume to thin hair, finding the right product can be stressful. Leave-in conditioner sprays are a popular product to add volume and moisture to dry hair. Our favorite leave-in conditioner is from Marc Anthony. Read for a comparison of the top leave-in conditioners of 2024.

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Buying Guide: The Best Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Since conditioning is one of the most essential steps in almost every hair routine, many people look for quick-to-apply, effective products. We’ve listed and reviewed some of the best leave-in conditioner sprays that are known to deliver instant results. In this section, we’ve created a detailed buying guide that covers everything from consideration factors and application to the type of conditioner you need for your hair type.

How to Choose a Leave-In Conditioner Spray


Some leave-in conditioner sprays have a dense consistency, similar to a hair mousse or an everyday conditioner. They’re created for those with a particular hair structure who require a lot of product to maintain an attractive look. You may need to apply these types of conditioners using your hands.

Liquid leave-in-conditioner sprays are easy to use but are much thinner in consistency. A little product may be enough for those with thinner hair, but people with thicker hair may need to use more to get the desired results. Make sure you choose a conditioner with a consistency that matches your hair type.


The next thing to look for when choosing a leave-in conditioner spray is the ingredients in the formula. Is the conditioner created for your type of hair? People with dry hair prefer using conditioners with hydrating agents and elements like coconut and aloe vera. Vegans usually don’t want to use a product with any animal-derived ingredients. Make sure to read the product’s label and make a decision according to your requirements.


The size of the bottle you choose to buy is related to how often you need to condition your hair and how thick it is. Most people purchase 19 to 24-ounce bottles that last at least a month. You can buy something smaller or bigger depending on your use.

Selecting a Spray According to Your Hair Type

For curly hair

People with curly hair want gorgeous and refined curls without the frizz. Since this hair type requires a lot of hydration, choose a product that has tons of moisture-retaining ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut, and fruit extracts.

You should use an in-shower conditioner that is heavier and maintains the natural texture of your locks. After your shower, we recommend using a lighter liquid leave-in conditioner spray that acts as a final coating. Apply the leave-in conditioner spray to the roots of your hair and work it toward the tips.

For damaged hair

Frizzy and damaged hair requires a lot of care and regular conditioning sessions to recover and revive its natural texture. If you have this hair type, you’ll want to use a conditioner almost every day before styling and before going out. Add more products from the same range to further repair and strengthen damaged hair.

For dyed hair

If you have dyed hair, using a leave-in conditioner spray is a must. Whether you’ve had a thorough bleach job or just some highlights, it’s mandatory to hydrate those chemically-exposed hair strands. Make sure to add lots of moisture and avoid products with parabens, sulfates, and minerals. Check the label to see if the product is specifically made for dyed hair.

How to Apply Leave-In Conditioner Spray

You need to apply a leave-in conditioner properly to get the best results. Here’s how:

Wash and condition first

First, wash your hair as usual. You can use products from the same brand as your leave-in conditioner to get the best results. If your hair texture is thick or curly, apply your regular in-shower conditioner as you normally would.

Rinse, dry, and spray

Rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water. Towel dry your hair with a cotton towel until it’s damp. Work in the leave-in conditioner spray from the roots to the tips until the product is spread evenly throughout your hair.

The Best Leave-In Conditioner Sprays


Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner Spray


  • Leaves hair looking fuller
  • Doesn't contain any harmful ingredients
  • Helps style hair with ease


  • Best suited for curly hair

The Marc Anthony leave-in conditioner spray contains ingredients that strengthen your scalp, eliminate frizz, and bring back your hair’s natural shine. It's suitable for those looking to see a visible increase in their hair length. This conditioner also ensures you experience fuller and healthier hair after each use for a couple of days until your next shower.

With this spray, your hair will look great with effortless styling and minimal maintenance. This leave-in conditioner contains no harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates, so your hair will experience a damage-free treatment. We’ve chosen this conditioner as our best overall pick because of its hair-strengthening and anti-frizz properties.


milk shake Leave-In Conditioner Spray


  • Contains proteins, vitamins, and extracts
  • Leaves your hair tangle-free
  • Has a pleasant fragrance


  • Only comes in one size

The milk shake leave-in conditioner spray comes as a creamy formula that makes application effortless. It’s loaded with fruit extracts, vitamins, and other high-quality ingredients that leave your hair looking healthy and frizz-free. If you have damaged hair, this product will improve the look after one use, ensuring positive and long-lasting results.

This leave-in conditioner is formulated especially for those who dye their hair, helping the hair color remain like-new and longer-lasting. The conditioner contains proteins from milk that work to make your hair softer and tangle-free, reducing the need for constant combing. Every time you use this spray, you’ll be left with hair that smells of sweet vanilla, keeping you hooked and attracting those around you with its pleasant scent.


BioSilk Leave-In Conditioner Spray


  • Seals hair cuticles to reduce breakage
  • Easy to spray and apply
  • Provides thermal protection against heated styling tools


  • Only for those with curly hair

The BioSilk leave-in conditioner spray is made for those with damaged hair who are looking for a product to repair it. This conditioner is specifically made for curly hair, which tends to require special care. The formula contains ingredients that reconstruct and repair dry hair and dry scalps, leaving them looking shinier and healthier than ever before.

Coming in a simple spray bottle, this spray liquid is easy to apply without getting your hands dirty. You can use this leave-in conditioner spray regularly to reduce the damage caused to your hair by styling and reinstating its natural texture. This product also integrates heat-resistant properties, allowing you to safely style with heating products.


Pureology Leave-In Conditioner Spray


  • Made of safe, vegan ingredients
  • Won't cause allergies or irritation
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • Not ideal for delicate hair

Vegans tend to have a difficult time finding hair products that don’t contain animal products. The Pureology leave-in conditioner spray is 100% vegan and comes in a liquid form, allowing you to apply it easily and quickly. It’s formulated with environmentally-friendly, vegan ingredients that won’t cause any harmful impact on the environment.

This conditioner boasts thermal-resistant properties, so you can use various heated styling tools without causing permanent damage to your hair. Those with dyed hair can confidently use this product as it elongates the life of your hair color, helping to reduce expensive salon treatment costs. It doesn’t contain any sulfates, so you can use it confidently on your scalp without worrying about harmful side effects or allergies. As an added bonus, you can buy this conditioner in different sizes based on your usage and hair thickness.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How often should I use a leave-in conditioner spray?

    A:The frequency of applying a leave-in hair conditioner spray depends on how much moisture your hair needs. Those with dyed hair need to use conditioners more frequently to protect the quality of their color. Someone with fine hair that is not dyed might not need to regularly apply the conditioner as it can weigh their hair down. You can apply it daily or weekly, depending on your hair type.

  • Q: Can a leave-in conditioner spray cause irritation?

    A:Using a low-quality product with toxic ingredients can cause scalp irritation and allergies. Always check the ingredients and opt for a mild formula to avoid any discomfort.

  • Q: Can I style my hair after using a leave-in conditioner spray?

    A:Most leave in conditioners come with thermal resistance properties that immediately leave your hair looking fresh and ready for heat styling.

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