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The Best Laser Products for Hair Growth

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese

Hair loss can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for many people. Fortunately, there is a growing range of products available that could effectively stimulate hair growth, with one of the most promising being laser therapy. Whether you’re suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions, aging, or genetics, innovative laser products can help you get it back. In this guide, we’ll uncover some of the best laser products for hair growth in 2024, starting with our number one pick from iRestore. This laser cap restores the hair you’ve lost and has a 100% success rate among clinical study participants.

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Laser Products for Hair Growth: A Buying Guide

Fun fact: Most individuals shed between 50-100 hairs per day. No wonder I find loose hairs around my home or on my clothing from time to time. For most people, the hair grows back, so it does not present a problem. However, others may not have the same results, resulting in the thinning of hair and eventual hair loss. Many reasons may contribute to hair loss such as medical conditions, hormonal changes, and age, and with so many treatments on the market today, it’s overwhelming to consider which resolution is the safest and most reliable. Laser treatments are emerging as the answer. They are known to be a safe, doctor-recommended, and FDA-approved method much less invasive than alternatives like harsh chemicals and surgery.

Laser treatment works by using lasers to improve circulation and stimulate hair follicles to grow. This type of hair regrowth treatment is safe and painless. Many people who have used these treatments have reported positive, long-lasting results to thicken and regrow their hair. But how do you know which is the best laser treatment for your particular situation? Here in this buyer’s guide, we outline the various features and options to take into consideration when investing in this promising method of rejuvenating hair to its youthful appearance.

How To Choose Laser Technology Products to Regrow Hair


The wavelength, power output, and portability of a laser device should all be taken into consideration when choosing a laser device for hair growth. These factors will affect how effective the device will be at targeting hair follicles for growth and how easy it will be to use and transport. Laser hair growth products are available in various forms such as headbands, helmets, caps, or compact combs for easy transporting. Consider when and how often you will use the device to decide which option is best for your lifestyle. Also, check to see if the device has cordless and rechargeable power options for added convenience.

FDA Approval

It is important to look specifically for products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA regulates medical devices for safety, efficacy, and quality. This approval process ensures that the product has undergone rigorous testing and assessment before being deemed suitable for use.

User Instructions

While laser hair growth products are not difficult to use, clear instructions must be included to get the best results.  Make sure the device includes detailed instructions on how to set up, use, maintain, and clean your device correctly to ensure safe usage of the device and to get the maximum benefits from using it for hair growth purposes.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials provide valuable evidence as to the effectiveness of a product in promoting hair growth. Make sure that any laser hair growth products being considered have undergone clinical trials before making a purchase decision. This will help to demonstrate its effectiveness in real-world scenarios and prove its ability to promote hair growth.

Manufacturer Reputation

When researching your laser hair growth options, be sure to consider the manufacturer of the product, including their history in producing quality products and any customer service processes they may have in place. Reputable brands often have better customer service processes to provide further peace of mind throughout your purchase and may even offer better guarantees on their products.


Laser hair growth devices are a costly, but worthy investment.  When considering which device is best for your particular needs, make sure the device is covered with a solid warranty should any defects occur or if the product does not meet your expectations.

Reviewing the Best Laser Hair Growth Products for 2024


iRestore Laser Product for Hair Growth


  • Clinically proven to reduce hair loss and thicken hair
  • Results expected in 3 to 6 months
  • Can be worn while doing other activities
  • Can be combined with other hair growth products


  • Helmet may feel too loose for some users

Our first pick, to me, looks like a futuristic helmet or something from out of this world. But with its amazing results, you'd think it was sent down to earth from the heavens! Experience the revolution in hair regrowth with the iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System. This clinically proven device has a 100% success rate among study participants and has been FDA-cleared for alopecia, receding hairlines, and thinning hair. iRestore has so much confidence in this product that it promises visible results in 3 to 6 months, with a 6-month money-back guarantee if it fails to do so.

This amazing laser product for hair growth is backed by a groundbreaking 2017 study showing a 43.2% increase in hair count for all active users. You can effectively harness the power of clinical-strength laser therapy in the comfort of your home, whether standalone or combined with other treatments. Lightweight, hands-free, and developed in GMP-certified facilities, it's the effortless solution for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. With its amazing success rate and ease of use, this helmet blasts its way to the top of our list.


HairMax Laser Product for Hair Growth


  • Perfect at home or for travel
  • Clinically proven and doctor recommended
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 6-month money-back guarantee


  • Arm may get tired from holding device

If you can no longer pass a comb through your hair due to hair loss or thinning, regrow your hair and restore your luscious strands with the power of a comb! Discover the HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb, validated by seven clinical studies and six published medical journal articles. With 14 international medical device licenses, it's clinically proven to regrow hair, boasting an average increase of 129 new hairs per sq. inch.

Ideal for thinning hair, this laser product for hair growth reverses hair loss and enhances density. Enjoy fast, 11-minute treatments just three times a week. It is also cordless and lightweight for ultimate convenience at home or on the go. Backed by a 6-month money-back guarantee and doctor recommendations, witness visible results in as little as 3 to 6 months. Our team had to add this innovative device to this list due to its unique style, portability, and effective results.


Theradome Laser Product for Hair Growth


  • Results seen in as little as 4 weeks
  • Lightweight, hands-free operation
  • Penetrates deep to reach hair follicle
  • FDA-cleared and safe to use


  • Results may vary based on individual genetics

The Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth Helmet uses laser phototherapy technology developed by a NASA engineer to speed up hair regrowth and create a healthy hair growth cycle. It is the only laser of its kind, penetrating deep into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. This laser product for hair growth reduces hair loss while increasing hair volume, producing impressive improvement as early as four weeks.

Although results may vary, users can expect to see their existing hair thickening and growing in just 4 to 6 months, with new hairs growing by month 6. Using this lightweight helmet is easy with its cordless and hands-free operation. This allows you freedom of movement to engage in other activities while undergoing hair treatment. It is also safe and effective with no side effects. With its quality construction and advanced technology, our team believes it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy way to restore their hair with fast, reliable results.


Capillus Laser Product for Hair Growth


  • Nice design and comfortable
  • Allows for hands-free operation
  • Only six minutes per day required
  • Made in the USA


  • One size fits all may not suit some users

This next laser product for hair growth has a unique baseball cap design that our team admires. No one would know that a hair growth miracle is currently taking place underneath when wearing it! Introducing the CapillusUltra Laser Therapy Cap, your solution to hereditary hair loss. FDA-cleared and clinically proven, it targets thinning hair and pattern baldness for both men and women.

Experience convenience with just 6 minutes of daily treatment, courtesy of 82 laser diodes strategically placed for optimal scalp coverage. Crafted with comfort in mind, the LaserFlex inner fitting ensures a snug yet gentle fit. Trusted by physicians, this cap stimulates hair follicles to promote fuller, thicker hair growth. Affordable and assembled in the USA, CapillusUltra brings professional-grade laser technology to the comfort of your home or wherever you go.


Aphrona Laser Product for Hair Growth


  • Effective on various skin phototypes
  • Rechargeable and hands-free
  • Perfect for men and women
  • Results expected in 17 weeks


  • Cap is not adjustable for a snug fit

The last laser product for hair growth on our list also exhibits the baseball cap design our team is fond of. The Aphrona Advanced Hair Regrowth System is a revolutionary hair treatment device that enables users to regain thicker and healthier locks without the need for invasive procedures. The device uses lower-level laser (LLLT) technology that is safe, non-invasive, and FDA-cleared. Aprhona’s system incorporates 81 diode lasers throughout the cap, safe for I to IV skin phototypes.

According to studies, 95% of users experienced significant improvements in hair growth within 17 weeks of using this device. It is highly recommended for men and women suffering from alopecia or pattern baldness and women with hair loss post-pregnancy or who suffer from hormonal fluctuations. This cap requires 3 sessions a week for the best results, and its hands-free operation makes it easy to wear while working, watching TV, reading, or even walking. It is rechargeable and will shut itself off when needed, allowing for a stress-free treatment session.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are laser products effective for all types of hair loss?

    A:Laser therapy can be effective in some cases of genetic balding or alopecia, but it may not be effective in all cases depending on the underlying cause of the hair loss. Therefore, it’s important to consult with your doctor or dermatologist before pursuing this type of treatment to determine whether it’s appropriate for your situation.

  • Q: Will laser products for hair growth work on thinning or balding areas?

    A:Many laser devices are designed specifically to stimulate new healthy hairs in areas that are beginning to experience thinning or balding due to genetic or environmental reasons.

  • Q: Are there any special instructions for use of laser products for hair growth?

    A:Yes, there are specific instructions that must be followed when using a laser product for hair growth. Make sure to read and strictly follow all directions provided by the manufacturer in order to maximize results and minimize any potential risks associated with improper use of the device.

  • Q: Are there any additional benefits to using laser products for hair growth?

    A:In addition to promoting healthier and fuller-looking hair, many users have also reported benefits such as reduced inflammation in the scalp area and an overall feeling of improved self-confidence and well-being due to their improved appearance.

  • Q: What are the possible side effects of using laser products on my hair?

    A:Although most people experience no side effects when using laser products for hair growth, there is always a risk of causing harm to the scalp or skin if incorrect use occurs or if the device is too powerful for the individual’s skin type. Potential side effects of using laser products for hair growth can include temporary itching, redness, and irritation at the site of application. Depending on the person and the strength of the device, these side effects may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

  • Q: How long will it take to see results from using laser products for hair growth?

    A:Results from using laser products for hair growth can vary depending on factors such as age, health, and genetics. Most people will start to see results within two to six months of consistent use, though some individuals may experience longer wait times for visible results.

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