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The Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair of 2024

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese

Long hair can be tedious to style. Long, thick hair means there is more to curl, more to straighten, and more to style. But once you have the look you want, it’s so worth it. While hot rollers might conjure memories of the scary box on your grandmother’s dresser, they’ve stood the test of time. This heat-curling method is just as convenient and relevant as it was years ago, plus modern-day rollers are generally safer and easier to use.

Although there are many different types of hair rollers on the market, there are some great benefits to using hot rollers as your first choice. Our guide below explores exactly what makes them so great and how to create your perfect look. Before we get there, our researchers have put together a list of the leading hot rollers for long hair in 2024. Here are our winning picks.

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Buying Guide: Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Hair rollers are a lot more versatile than most people realize. They are used to define already curly hair as well as create curls in straight hair, tame unruly bangs, give a boost of volume, and can even be used to straighten out coils. Of course, hot rollers also make subtle waves, curl hair ends in the right direction, and bring a perfect long-lasting set to vintage and modern styles.

These accessories are a red carpet styling staple and just as popular behind the scenes on Fashion Week’s runway. Here’s what you need to know when using hot rollers for long hair to create your very own red carpet look.

Why Hot Rollers Are So Popular

Hot rollers don’t always get a good rap because, just like hair straighteners and curling irons, they’re another heat-styling tool that can damage your strands. When done properly, with the right tools and hair care, this doesn’t need to be the case. That means you can gain all the other benefits that make hot rollers so popular.

Hot rollers are a lot faster than no-heat curlers. In less than 30 minutes, you can have your hair rolled, curled, and styled. And, while you wait for the curls to set, you can finish up your make-up too.

There’s no need to do a time-consuming major blowout first and you’ll still get longer-lasting curls with more body. You can also achieve great gloss and smoothness. But, the really great thing about hot rollers for long hair is that they work with any type of hair.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Hot Rollers on Long Hair

Prep your hair

Your hair needs to be clean and dry when using hot curlers. If you wash your hair the night before, it will be perfect for styling in the morning. If you have the time, you can wash, blow dry, and curl at the same time.

You don’t want moisture or oils on your hair when applying the heat as they can cause a sizzle and fry your hair. We do, however, highly recommend that you apply a hair protectant spray or serum when drying your hair. Although hot curlers are less damaging than using straightening or curling irons, you’re still applying heat to your hair strands.


It is especially important to section long hair and stay organized when working with curlers. Not doing this can easily result in plenty of tangles, burns, and a big mess. Detangle your hair and section it according to your preferred parting or growth pattern. This also makes your hair easier to style once the curls are set.


Make sure your hot rollers have reached the appropriate temperature. Most devices have an indicator light that comes on when they are ready. Choose a hot hair roller set that has cool-touch edges so you can work with them easily without getting burnt.

Now it’s time to roll your locks. There are a few important factors to take into consideration here:

  • The key to getting volume is all in the rolling direction. When you roll your hair one way and then style it in the opposite direction, you will create extra lift.
  • Each section of hair should be the same thickness as the width of the curler. If you use sections that are too big, your curls will fall flat.
  • If you’re trying to style long cascading or mermaid waves, place the medium rollers around your face and the large rollers down the mohawk center area.

Secure the rollers

Faster each curler with a pin or clip. Every set of hot rollers for long hair should come with the right size clips or pins to secure the roller in place. The rollers should not be placed so tightly that they hurt or pull at your scalp.

Let it set

The best thing about hot rollers is that they work so quickly. Depending on the style you want and the rollers you are using, you’ll need just 10 to 20 minutes to work its magic. Optionally, you can spritz on some setting spray during this time to lock in your new curls.

Remove and style

Once the curlers are completely cool, it’s time to remove them. You can speed up cooling by using the cool setting on your hairdryer if the rollers are taking very long to cool. Break up the curls by raking your fingers through them and style as desired.

Reviewing the Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair in 2024


ELLA BELLA Hot Rollers for Long Hair


  • Ceramic barrel is gentle on hair
  • Heatproof glove and mat/case included
  • Allows for curl to last longer without hairspray


  • Hair can get stuck in the clamp
The Ella Bella Rollers For Long Hair are the ideal solution for those looking to create voluminous and long-lasting curls in minutes. With three different heat settings, users can easily achieve their desired look without damaging or breaking their hair. Unlike many other hair curlers on the market, these hot rollers feature multiple roller sizes, allowing one to create smooth and frizz-free waves that last. In addition, the product comes with a premium travel case as well as heatproof gloves and hair clips. The travel case makes it easy to take your hot roller on the go, while the gloves and hair clips provide added convenience when styling your hair. The product also comes with easy-to-follow how-to videos—allowing you to achieve professional-looking curls right in the comfort of your home. The Ella Bella Rollers For Long Hair are the best overall choice for those looking to achieve beautiful curls at home without having to spend a fortune at a salon.

BaBylissPRO Hot Rollers for Long Hair


  • Heats up quickly
  • Holds high heat for shiny curls
  • Available in multiple size options


  • Gets very hot
These nano titanium hair setters from BaBylissPRO are a great choice for individuals with long, thick hair. While ceramic rollers have a wax core that takes longer to heat and doesn’t hold very high temperatures, titanium’s metal core heats very rapidly and holds a higher heat. The higher heat is more effective to produce lasting curls and does so within just a few minutes. Best of all, these hot rollers for long hair are lighter than ceramic curlers and have cool touch edges so you can handle them while still hot. The case includes anywhere from five to 30 large rollers, depending on the style you choose, with claw clips as well as metal clips to keep the rollers in place.

Remington Hot Rollers for Long Hair


  • Rollers heat evenly
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Creates long-lasting curls


  • No auto shut-off
This hot curler set from Remington uses wax core rollers for healthy-looking shiny curls. The ionic conditioning technology reduces frizz, allows longer heat retention, and produces great volume. When the rollers have heated sufficiently, a ready indicator light will turn on. For your convenience, each roller has cool touch rims which makes them easy to handle while at the optimum styling temperature. These hot rollers for long hair have a velvety exterior for heat protection and snag-free rolling. Even more, your purchase includes J-clips to securely hold the rollers in place without creasing. As the cherry on top, the 20 rollers are color-coded in three different sizes, meaning that there are enough for your entire head and you can customize your look with the curl or wave size you prefer.

T3 Hot Rollers for Long Hair


  • Heats up quickly
  • Convenient carrying case included
  • Two heat settings


  • Clips could use some improvement
T3’s Hot Rollers for Long Hair come with eight rollers in large and extra-large sizes (four of each). What we love about this set is that it has two heat settings; this allows those with thicker hair to get great curls, while those with thinner hair don’t have to deal with damage from too high heat against their strands. Overall, this set is an ideal way to create body and get large, shiny, volumizing curls. You will also get clips to hold the curlers in place and can purchase different roller sizes separately if needed. Best of all, the set comes in a soft fabric case with a handle, which makes it lightweight and ideal to pack for traveling.

John Frieda Hot Rollers for Long Hair


  • Comes with five clips
  • Ideal for different hair types
  • Fast heating time


  • Only includes five rollers
John Frieda’s hot roller set comes with five jumbo-size rollers for gorgeous bouncy and sleek curls. Its heat technology is designed specifically to reduce frizz and enhance the manageability of your hair. The set heats up within two minutes and, best of all, it has variable temperature control so you can adjust the heat according to your hair’s thickness and holding ability and prevent damage. Each roller features a flocked exterior for smooth rolling and removal without snagging. The rollers also have cool-touch rims, meaning that you can handle them comfortably while hot.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Are hot rollers or curling irons better for your hair?

    A:Hot curlers for long hair and curling irons are both heat-styling methods that can cause some damage if not used properly. Curling irons, however, work at a higher temperature, which yields a tight curl but can also strip moisture. Regardless of the type you use, use a heat protectant spray or serum to protect your strands when applying heat to ensure your locks stay healthy and moisturized.

  • Q: Will hot rollers damage brittle hair?

    A:We don’t recommend using hot rollers on damaged or brittle hair. In fact, we don’t recommend any heat-styling on damaged hair. If your strands are healthy, simply apply heat-protectant serum or spray to keep them protected. Don’t use overly hot rollers and set the rollers carefully with appropriate pins so they won’t snag and break the hair.

  • Q: Should I brush my hair after removing hot rollers?

    A:This will depend on the style you are creating. Brushing your hair will elongate the curls and create a lot of volume. It will also undo tighter curls and some people may experience frizz. If you brush your hair, ensure that it is dry and cooled down. Remember, brushing your hair before it has cooled or dried completely will straighten out most of the curl you’re trying to create. If your hair is still slightly damp, use a hair dryer diffuser to dry the curls fully.

  • Q: Is it bad to sleep with hair rollers in?

    A:Never sleep with heated rollers. There is no need to since they set quickly, but it is also not safe and will be very uncomfortable. Non-heat hair rollers are safe to sleep with.

  • Q: How tight should my hair curlers be?

    A:Never wrap your hair so tightly that it is painful or causes uncomfortable pulling at the scalp. There should be minimal tension, while still trying to get the roller as close to your head as possible. Rolling too tightly can cause damage and thinning patches if done often.

  • Q: How much hair should I use per roller?

    A:This will depend on the type of style you are creating. Using a 1-inch section of hair is usually a good starting point, but you can roll more hair at a time with a bigger roller.

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