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The Best Headbands of 2024

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
Woman putting on a purple headband

Headbands are one trend that always seems to come back in style. From functional to fashionable, headbands can serve many purposes for your next look. A headband wrap keeps hair back off your face. Thin headbands offer a preppy, 90s style. Here is a list of the best headbands of 2024 including popular brands like Conair and our favorite, Jesries, which are an inexpensive way to add color and style to your fit.

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Types of Headbands

Fabric headbands

Generally, these headbands are constructed from a blend of cloth and elastic and feature moisture-wicking properties. You can use them for athletics and skincare. Numerous varieties and sizes are available, enabling you to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Plastic headband

These headbands are extremely popular, particularly among children and adolescents. They’re well-known for their elasticity, look, and fit, and they’re also highly popular due to their adaptability. The headbands are compatible with any attire.

Velvet headbands

If you’re looking for headbands that don’t have a firm grip but will keep your hair in place all day without tugging, we highly suggest a velvet hair band. They are nice and gentle on the hair, with fabric that is extremely silky and gives an air of sophistication.

Toothed headbands

These headbands feature metallic wiring, and along the inner portion of toothed bands are teeth or prongs. They’re useful if you need your hair to stay in place for a long time. The prongs also create unique hair patterns that make the hair look stunning.

Braided headbands

You can achieve your braided hairstyle by using these unconventional headbands. Not only are faux braided hair bands an outstanding hair adornment, but they also provide a solution to your major problem of hair tangling. If you’ve never managed to twist your hair but still want to have a braided hairstyle, this headband will fit your needs.

How to Choose a Headband


The material you choose depends on the event and your preferred style. For instance, if you want headbands for exercising, choose thin or wide fabric options that come with moisture-wicking material to keep sweat away from your eyes. You can choose plastic or velvet headbands if you’re looking for something trendy to wear to any formal or casual event.


Headbands generally come in a “one size fits all” sizing, but you can pick between thick and thin bands based on which one fits your head more comfortably. When exercising, wide and thick hair bands cover a larger surface area and keep baby hair and flyaways in place. Although they may not have a vast surface area, narrow headbands are ideal for fine or thin hair types because they stay in place and look quite fashionable.


The fabric must be gentle against the skin, and the seams must be flat-locked to prevent rubbing or chafing. It’s also essential that your headband isn’t overly tight, which could cause hair loss or a headache.


Even on cold days, breathability is essential for a running headband. Obviously, not having your head covered helps a great deal, but you should look for a headband that contains breathable materials such as synthetic, fleece, and wool, and you may want one with a mesh panel to allow more moisture to escape.


Most headbands only come in one length, so the stretchier they are, the better. The ideal headbands contain at least 10% flexible material, such as elastane or wool, that has been carefully spun to be naturally stretchy. This ensures the band is flush with the head so it can wick sweat and tamp down the hair without being excessively tight.


Headbands are relatively inexpensive in terms of typical fashion accessories, but you shouldn’t consider them disposable. Obtain a band of high-quality fabric with double-stitched seams and ensure it’s not too small to fit your head.

How to Prevent Headband Slippage

When selecting non-slip headbands, verify that the inner part of the band includes non-slip rubber or silicone strips. This will sit comfortably on your head without straining or abrasion to the scalp. Also, selecting the appropriate band and possibly applying hairspray to your hair before wearing the band will be beneficial.

Whether engaging in a strenuous workout, skincare routine, or running errands, you will need a non-slip headband to keep your hair in place. They can be a vital component of one’s wardrobe when worn properly. If your headband is uncomfortable and causes a headache, you should remove it and replace it with one that fits you properly and doesn’t cause you discomfort.

Headbands are an all-encompassing solution for fly-away hairs. The most effective non-slip hair bands keep your hair up and away from your face. In contrast to conventional hair bands with elastic that may be excessively loose or too tight and cause hair loss, headbands are comfortable and safe to use.

Non-slip headbands are appropriate for daily use and do not irritate the scalp. They’re perfect for keeping hair in place while cycling or running. Headbands are also available in various hues to complement your attire. Pick bands that are sturdy, moisture-wicking, and elastic while taking the aesthetic into account.

The Best Headbands in Detail


Jesries Headbands


  • Friendly to use and machine-washable
  • Moisture-wicking polyester and spandex fabric
  • Prevents frizz and split ends


  • May not stay in place
The Jesries headband set comes with a high-quality polyester and spandex blend that is soft, breathable, and stretchy. Better still, it features 12 solid colors, allowing you to pick the right one for daily wear, sports, practical usage, and more. The soft, breathable material not only keeps your hair in place and absorbs perspiration, but also improves the style of your look in any setting.

This option’s elastic, non-slip fabric allows you to fold it over or wear it wide for the finest non-slip protection. These headbands are stretchy and designed to fit most head shapes, and they are wide enough to keep all your hair in place. This product is at the top of this list due to its durable construction and non-slip fabric, making it excellent to use.

Willbond Headband


  • Multiple teeth effectively grip your hair
  • Polycarbonate material increases its durability
  • Efficiently wicks sweat and keeps you cool


  • Some may find them too long
The Willbond plastic headband set features six thin plastic headbands in three colors (transparent, light brown, and dark brown) that are perfect for most hair types. Their multiple non-slip and gentle teeth grip your hair tightly, keeping them from sliding around.

These soft touch headbands have thin, soothing inner teeth, which prevent your hair from being damaged or pulled. Also, they’re lightweight and fashionable, allowing you to use them for face washing, exercise, reading and writing, daily wear, traveling, parties, and much more. They have a smooth surface with no odor and come with polycarbonate, which increases their durability and comfort for extended wear.

Tyfthui Headband


  • Prevents hair breakage and frizz
  • Multipurpose and simple to clean
  • Fabric wrap doesn’t squeeze the ears


  • May fall off of certain head shapes
The Tyfthui knotted headbands provide a trendy and effortless style. They're made from plastic and cloth, rendering them soft to the touch, stretchy, and intricate in pattern while remaining simple and generous. These elastic-plastic bands have a cross-knot design affixed to the front, creating a lovely, elegant, and romantic appearance.

These headbands have a width of approximately 1.2 inches, giving them elasticity and makes them comfortable to wear. This options assists in keeping your hair tidy, and fly-away free. These stylish hair bands will help make you appear more charming, fashionable, and youthful.

Tough Headwear Headband


  • Great for intense workouts and sports
  • Sweat-absorbent and non-pulling on hair
  • Easy to wash with hand and machine


  • Not good for fine, straight hair
If you're looking for the ideal headband for the gym or high-intensity exercises, then the Tough Headwear elastic headbands are the most suitable option. Besides featuring robust, thin, and elastic headbands, they also keep your hair away from your face and prevent sweat from entering your eyes. The silky blend of spandex and polyester makes them elastic and effortless at keeping hair out of the face.

These headbands include a non-slip silicone grip that holds hair back and keeps sweaty hair away from the face. The high-quality material keeps it securely on your head without feeling overly tight or causing a headache. This option is designed for the most challenging sports and workouts, being easily kept in place by a silicone grip strip on the band’s interior.

Conair Headband


  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Suitable for low-intensity exercises
  • The teeth firmly hold your hair


  • Doesn’t come with cushioning
The Scunci skinny plastic headbands are a four-piece set of classic, thin headbands in neutral hues that offer elegant style for everyday outfits. These fashionable hair bands are available in a range of hues, from traditional neutrals, to sparkling crystals, and beyond.

These headbands are suitable for all hair types and provide a secure, headache-free hold. They hold hair in place, preventing individual strands from snagging or tearing, while the elastic material provides a secure fit that prevents it from falling off or dragging at your hair. The strong, interlocking teeth can hold even tough outer hair in place without snagging.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How can I avoid my headband slipping?

    A:First, pick a headband with silicone or rubber straps on the interior which prevent slipping. If you need more support, tie your hair back into a ponytail and spray your roots with light hairspray. Then, remove the hair tie and replace with a headband.

  • Q: Do headbands lead to excess hair loss?

    A:Headbands don’t produce heavy hair loss, but as with any hair tool - hair ties, bobby pins, claw clips, any excessive tugging on a hair follicle can cause breakage. Avoid headbands that feel too tight.

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