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The Best Hair Powders To Get Rid of Bad Hair Days for Good

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

If you’re struggling with limp and flat hair or sneaky grays and haven’t tried hair powder, you might want to keep reading. Life is too short for another bad hair day. So, if you’re wanting a little more oomph, better styling hold, or movement in your mane, we’ve come to the rescue.

Whether you call it hair powder, hair dust, texturizing powder, or mattifying powder, this product may be your savior. Hair powder can be used on most hair types and is effortless to apply. We’ve scouted out some remarkable hair powders on the market. There’s no time to waste, check out this list of the top-rated hair powders in 2023.

Buying Guide: Hair Powders

We know you’ve tried the old talc powder trick. Just before leaving the house, you realize your locks are looking rather greasy. In a moment of desperation, you fluff some talc powder through the roots. You leave the house smelling like baby products. The great news is, you can now eliminate the grease while boosting your color with hair styling powder. Here we’ll dig into what exactly it is, its many benefits, and how to get the most out of your application.

What Is Hair Powder?

Hair powder is made with silica, which creates friction between hair strands when applied. This results in a thicker, fuller, and textured look. Additional ingredients assist with oil absorption to enhance volume and maintain better hold.

The wonderful thing about hair powder is that just a small amount offers great results. Since the product is small and not in liquid form, it is ideal for popping into carry-on luggage or even a day bag for touch-ups. The mattifying powder is also reworkable. This means that you simply need to scrunch your locks to create fresh volume.

For those who need to mask a little root regrowth, root touch-up powders are the new go-to. You no longer have to sport a headband, beanie, or baseball cap for an entire week before making it to your next salon appointment. The color powders blend seamlessly with your roots and last until your next wash. They are also ideal for filling in a bolder high-pony hairline or effectively covering bald spots and patchy beards.

How to Apply Hair Powder

Styling powder should always be applied to dry hair, regardless of the technique you use.


The easiest way to apply hair powder is simply sprinkling a little powder onto your dry roots and massaging the powder in with your fingertips. This will offer a root lift, which is generally where natural oils wear the volume down.

Ponytail Perfection

Although this styling powder is generally applied near your scalp at the roots, you can also use it for added grip and texture in a ponytail. Lightly sprinkle and work the powder through the lengths of your hair or apply the powder on the ends to plump them up as desired. If you are styling an updo, the powder will offer better staying power.

Crew Cut or Pixie Cut

If you have a short cut, tap a little powder into the palm of your hands. Apply it directly to your dry hair as you style it with your fingertips. You can also use a wide-toothed comb for a textured look.

Root Regrowth Powder

These need to be applied with much more precision than clear or neutral hair powders. Some powders will come with an applicator, alternatively, you can use a makeup brush to apply the color powder to the areas you wish to conceal. In this case, don’t use your hands for the application.

Hair Powder Tips

  • If you are new to using mattifying powder, you may be overly keen when applying it the first few times. You really only need a little. It may be a good idea to start with too little and add more if needed than being left with a puff of powder around your head.
  • Hair powder is not the same as dry shampoo and it is not a replacement for washing. Think of it as another styling product that needs to be washed out of your hair to avoid build-up on your scalp. Make sure to use a quality shampoo for your scalp and a nourishing conditioner for the hair strands and ends.
  • If you have a thinner hair type, start applying at the roots and then through all the hair strands. It will give you better styling control and a fuller look.

Reviewing the Best Hair Powder in 2023


BOLDIFY Hair Powder


  • Stain proof formula
  • Purchase includes applicator
  • 48-hour staying power
  • Available in nine natural shades


  • Color matching required for a natural look
Our top pick is the ultimate versatile hair powder for root regrowth coverage and concealing patchy areas. This Boldify Hair Powder offers instant coverage that locks in tightly to hair follicles until your next shampoo. The powder formula applies more accurately than spray alternatives, without clogging your pores or causing a greasy shine. With added volume and fullness, you get a completely natural look. The powder is sweatproof and waterproof. Additionally, the design features a compact mirror for touch-ups on the go or even when traveling. This option gets the top spot on this list for its effective formula and coverage.

SexyHair Hair Powder


  • Odorless and residue-free
  • Efficient and transparent formula
  • PETA certified cruelty-free


  • Does not conceal root regrowth or balding
The SexyHair Big Powder Play is a colorless, fragrance-free hair powder that offers instant volume and texture for medium to coarse hair. Unlike root regrowth powders, this product is ideal for all hair shades. For root lift and volume, the powder can be lightly sprinkled onto dry hair at the roots. If you need texture and added fullness, apply the powder throughout the length of the strands. To reactivate the volumizing power of the powder, massage or lightly scrunch your locks for a boost. If a lighter product for fine to medium hair is what you need, the brand also offers a lighter version.



  • Easy shake and rake application
  • Clean, matte finish
  • Doesn’t weigh hair down
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Not suitable as hairline powder
The Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder is the perfect product for styling short cuts such as crops, quiffs, crew cuts, or pixie cuts. Ideal for fine hair, it adds texture, volume, and offers a flexible hold. For a stronger hold, simply apply a little more powder. The unscented powder only needs to be applied in very small amounts which gives every purchase long-lasting value. Suitable for all hair shades, a light application will help tame light frizzy hairs while offering a better styling grip.

Style Edit Hair Powder


  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • Purchase includes applicator
  • Small mirror for touch-ups


  • Not as effective on blonde hair
With 10 natural hair colors to choose from, Style Edit’s Hair Powder is perfect for root touch-ups to extend your color and for concealing grays. The powder’s unique binding agents also make it ideal for scalp coverage and filling in the gaps, to make your locks look rich and full. No need to worry about smudging, since it is sweat and rain-resistant and will only wash out with shampoo application. With just one swipe, this versatile range has you covered, literally.

Got2B Hair Powder


  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula
  • Unscented for sensitive scalps
  • Volumizing matte finish


  • Does not conceal root regrowth or balding
The Schwarzkopf got2b Hair Powder is suitable for all hair colors and types. Ideal for an instant volume boost, it is easy to apply with a simple sprinkle directly on dry hair roots. Work the powder in with your fingertips and style as desired. The powder is formulated for long-lasting hold and adds texture for a gorgeous full look. Don’t worry about weighing down your hair with product application. Unlike liquid applications, the powder is ultra-light with a lifting effect.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Is root powder bad for my hair?

    A:Unlike gels and other hair products, root powder does not cause your hair to become greasy. It is safe to use and does not damage your hair.

  • Q: Can I use hair powder on wet hair?

    A:No, hair powder should only be applied on dry hair whether you are concealing roots, mattifying, or creating a voluminous look.

  • Q: Can I use baby powder on my hair?

    A:Although baby powder does absorb greasiness, it may dull darker hair colors in the process. Using a product specifically formulated for your hair and scalp ensures long-lasting volume, rich color, and a waterproof application.

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