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The Best Hair Masks for Smooth Hair

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Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

Hair masks are more than just regular conditioners, because their ingredients are much more concentrated and they deeply condition your hair, leaving your hair softer and healthier. They are very effective against frizz and are ideal for people with dry and dull hair. It is important to remember that every hair type is different, and you need to do proper research before you select any product for your hair. Hair masks consist of several different ingredients, and it is important that you know which ingredient is right for your hair.

Due to their increasing popularity, a lot of brands are manufacturing hair masks. The large number of options can definitely make it difficult to select one that will be suitable for your hair type. Check out this list of the top-rated hair masks of 2023, to help make this decision.

Finding Your Next Hair Mask: A Buyer’s Guide

Hair masks are a solution to almost all hair problems, but it is important that you select one that is well-suited to your hair type. This comprehensive buyer’s guide is designed to provide you with all the information you will need to purchase a hair mask for yourself.

Benefits of Hair Masks

Hair masks can have a lot of benefits for your hair, provided you purchase the right one and use it correctly. The different ingredients in different masks mean that each one will have specific purposes, but there are a few benefits that all hair masks provide. For this reason, they have shifted from being exclusive products used by professionals to ones that are readily available in the market at reasonable prices.

Provide nourishment

One of the most common hair problems that many people face is dry and dull hair. This can be due to many factors including environmental damage, using heat excessively, bleaching, dyeing, and using stripping shampoos. Most hair masks are infused with ingredients that are designed to condition your hair deeply, leaving them hydrated and moisturized. After a few uses, your hair will feel soft and appear visibly healthier. The extra hydration will make your hair shiny as well, without leaving behind an oily residue.


Detangling your strands is one of the most useful benefits of hair masks. The hair is extremely brittle when it’s wet, and when you towel dry it or brush it out without removing the tangles, you will face problems like breakage and frizz. In order to prevent this, hair masks are a must. After washing your hair with shampoo, wring out the excess water and apply a hair mask, detangling your hair using your fingers or brush. This is especially useful for those living in humid environments. Using hair masks can not only prevent excessive breakage, but they can also help reduce frizz.

Revamp your dry scalp

Hair masks are not just beneficial for your hair. They can have a lot of benefits for the scalp as well. If you suffer from a dry and itchy scalp, chances are, you have dandruff in your hair. Choosing the right ingredients can help reduce dandruff and also help improve the condition of the scalp. Dandruff flakes can be quite embarrassing, and it is important you treat the condition timely. A hair mask with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil will help lock in water and prevent scalp irritation. The antiseptic benefits of coconut oil can help get rid of dandruff and stop itching.

What Is the Correct Way of Using a Hair Mask?

In order to achieve ideal results, it is important that you are following the right procedure. Purchasing a suitable mask is just half the game. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Depending on the ingredients and the texture of the mask, there may be different ways of applying it. We have provided a few general tips that you should follow to achieve the best results.

Always wash your hair with a shampoo to remove any product build-up and oil. If you wash your hair less frequently, consider using a clarifying shampoo. Once you have washed the shampoo out of your hair completely, wring out the excess water. You can also towel dry your hair to make sure that it is not dripping wet. According to the length of your hair, scoop out the mask and apply it to your hair, starting at the ends. Move your way upwards and cover your hair entirely from root to tip.

Once the hair is fully coated, leave the mask in for the time period provided by the manufacturer. You can also leave it in for longer, but make sure that you detangle it completely with the mask on. Instead of leaving it down, tie your hair up with a clip or wrap it around in a microfibre towel. Wash it out completely using lukewarm water. Avoid using extremely hot water as it can be stripping.

Reviewing the Best Hair Masks of 2023


Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask


  • Helps neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones
  • Provides deep conditioning benefits for hydration
  • Easy and convenient to apply


  • Risk of over-toning your hair

Elevate your hair game and maintain the perfect cool-toned look with the Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask, a transformative and nourishing treatment designed for blonde, silver, and gray hair. This luxurious mask is your secret weapon against unwanted yellow or brassy undertones that can detract from the beauty of your light-colored locks. Infused with purple pigments, it works to neutralize these undesired hues, leaving your hair with a refreshed, vibrant, and revitalized appearance. But that's not all—the Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask doesn't just tone; it deeply conditions as well. As you indulge in this pampering treatment, your hair is bathed in a rich blend of moisturizing and strengthening ingredients, including keratin.

Experience hair that's not only beautifully toned but also incredibly soft, smooth, and manageable. This mask makes it easy to maintain the health and aesthetics of your hair without the need for frequent salon visits. The convenience of this mask is the icing on the cake. It's a quick and effortless addition to your hair care routine. Just a few minutes of application, and you can enjoy the benefits of toning and deep conditioning in the comfort of your own home. Bid farewell to brassiness and hello to radiant, refreshed, and salon-worthy hair. Elevate your hair care experience with the Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask, and let your light-colored locks shine with their true brilliance. 


Orca Beauty Hair Mask


  • Free from harmful chemicals like sulfates
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Clear instructions are provided on the box


  • Will not show results immediately

The Orca Beauty Hair Mask is a keratin-infused mask, which is designed to repair and restore dull and damaged hair. All the ingredients used are 100% natural and include vitamin B complex, vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9, and silk protein. It is free from harmful chemicals like sulfate and parabens and does not contain gluten. The brand is cruelty-free, and the product does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to you. The formula is designed to protect your hair from environmental damage, so that you can enjoy shiny, silky, and glossy hair, without having to visit the salon. The mask will also help repair hair damaged by harsh treatments and excessive heat. It is ideal for all hair types, including straight, curly, thick, thin, and color-treated hair. It can be applied all over your hair from the roots to tips. We chose this hair mask as our top pick because it is infused with natural ingredients and will protect your hair from all kinds of damage.


K18 Hair Mask


  • Restores moisture to dry and overprocessed hair
  • Maintains healthy, shiny hair
  • Helps repair broken bonds in the hair shaft


  • Little expensive
The K18 Leave-In Repair Hair Mask is designed to restore and repair hair damage caused by bleach, color, chemical services, and heat. This product is backed by biotechnology, featuring a patented K18 peptide that is the right size and makeup to reconnect broken keratin chains responsible for hair strength and elasticity. This at-home leave-in treatment promises lasting results that won’t wash away. It works to transform even the most extreme damage into hair that looks and feels like new. It is suitable for all hair types, regardless of age or expression. The K18 peptide integrates itself with the keratin chains to rebuild and restore hair immediately and over time. This product is quick and easy to use; it takes just four minutes for women to reverse the damage caused by coloring or other methods. The results include strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce for hair that looks and feels like new. This is an ideal product for those who want to repair their damaged hair without having to visit a salon.

Arvazallia Hair Mask


  • Provides instant results
  • Ideal for curly-haired individuals as well
  • Can recover over-processed hair


  • Fragrance may be strong for some people
The Arvazallia Hair Mask is another one of our favorites because it has the ability to transform your hair instantly, leaving it soft, moisturized, and easy to style. Not only does it deeply condition your hair, but it also detangles, hydrates, and revitalizes dull hair. The main ingredient is argan oil, which is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that help nourish your hair. Since it is free from harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens, it is ideal for all hair types, including permed and naturally curly hair. This hair mask is effective against damage caused by over-processing and harsh treatments. Apart from adding strength and moisture to your hair, it will encourage hair growth as well. Curly-haired individuals can pair it with their argan oil hair treatment, ultra curl defining cream, and argan oil curl cream. For best results, the company recommends using their hair repair shampoo as well. You only need to leave it in for five minutes, unlike other alternatives that require waiting for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

OGX Hair Mask


  • Unique and natural ingredients for best results
  • Citrusy and woody fragrance
  • Tames frizz and adds shine


  • Not ideal for all hair types
The OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask is designed to deeply condition the hair to provide a renewed look and feel to your hair. The water-based silk proteins penetrate each strand from the inside out, which helps soften the hair and improves its strength and elasticity. Your hair will feel extremely soft and silky, and you will notice a radiant shine after a few uses. The cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil is the main ingredient, and it helps by giving your hair a natural boost. Unlike several other hair masks, the scent of this mask is extremely pleasant because it is citrus-fresh and woody. Other ingredients include coconut oil, which is efficient against frizz and adds luster, and vanilla bean extract, along with a touch of tiare. This hair mask is ideal for people with dry and coarse hair, and medium to high volume. For good results, the company recommends keeping it simple and pairing this mask with the shampoo and conditioner of the same line.

Marc Anthony Hair Mask


  • Anti-breakage and prevents split ends
  • Natural ingredients for extra softness and strength
  • Cost-effective pack of six available


  • May cause faster grease build-up
If your hair is prone to breakage and you often notice split ends, this Marc Anthony Hair Mask is for you. It is infused with ingredients like caffeine, hydrolyzed keratin, biotin, and Ginseng, which will work by conditioning your hair deeply and smoothing the cuticles for extra softness and strength. The formula is anti-breakage and it will revive the elasticity of your hair, which means that you can grow out your hair as long as you want without damaging them. Since it will prevent split-ends as well, you will not need to get your hair trimmed as often. It is recommended to keep it on for at least three to five minutes, and it is ideal for all hair types. This mask does not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or SLS, which means that you can use this product every other day. The brand does not test its products on animals, and a pack of six ten-ounce bottles is also available if you want to purchase in bulk.

Briogeo Hair Mask


  • Ideal for chemically-treated hair
  • Clinically proven to reduce breakage
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free


  • Strong scent may be disliked by some
The Briogeo Hair Mask is another one of our favorites because it is suitable for all hair types. It is a deep conditioner that will leave your hair stronger and will also protect it from future damage. The best part is that it has been clinically proven to reduce hair breakage just after two uses. Also, it improves the long-term health of the hair by adding shine, strength, and silkiness. The most important ingredients are rosehip oil, B-vitamins, and algae extract. The rosehip oil helps tame frizz and maintain hair hydration, the B-vitamins improve hair texture and add volume and shine, and algae extract helps strengthen the hair and protects the scalp from damage. The formula is rich in antioxidants and it consists of 97% naturally derived ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals, and the hair mask is vegan and gluten-free. You only need to use this mask once a week in order to notice results.

People Also Ask

  • Q: How often should I use a hair mask?

    A:It all depends on the ingredients of the mask, so make sure you read through them before purchasing. Some masks are okay to use every other day, but some should only be used once a week because they can make your hair greasy and dull. Always follow the recommendation of the manufacturer.

  • Q: Can I use a hair mask instead of a conditioner?

    A:Yes, a hair mask can definitely be used instead of a conditioner, because you are supposed to use it after shampooing your hair. We do not recommend throwing away your conditioner though. You can alternate between the two to achieve even better results.

  • Q: Is it okay to mix two different hair masks?

    A:Mixing two hair masks may not be a good idea because some ingredients are not compatible with each other. If you mix two different masks without doing your research about the ingredients, you may end up damaging your hair even more.

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