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The Best Hair Coloring Products to Try at Home

Kiara Perez
Written by Kiara Perez
best hair coloring

Ready to transform your look? Hair coloring products offer endless possibilities for reinventing your style. Whether you’re craving a subtle change or a bold statement, there’s a product to suit every taste and hair type. From temporary dyes for experimenting to permanent solutions for a long-lasting transformation, the options are limitless. Our comprehensive review delves into the world of hair coloring products, examining factors such as color range, formulation, ease of application, and longevity. After thorough testing, we’ve curated a selection of the finest products that promise vibrant hues and salon-quality results, including our top pick, the GarnierHair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme. Discover the perfect hue to express your individuality and revitalize your locks today.

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Finding the Best Hair Coloring Product: A Buyer’s Guide

Explore our comprehensive buying guide on hair coloring products, designed to help you achieve your dream hair color with confidence. From vibrant dyes to gentle toners, we've curated a selection of top-rated products to suit every style and budget. Discover our expert tips, product recommendations, and insider advice for flawless color results.

Types of Hair Coloring

Not all hair colors are created equally. Each type serves a different purpose, and each method can create a different result. So if you want to achieve your desired hairstyle, take a look at these methods and see which one works for you.

Temporary hair coloring

Also known as washout hair color, temporary hair coloring only coats the outer surface of your hair shaft. When you shampoo your hair, the color will come off and your hair will return to its natural appearance.

This type gives you the freedom to experiment with new hues without committing. They usually come as spray on products that you can apply easily. However, continuously dying your damaged hair with temporary hair color can lead to staining. So be sure to deep condition your hair to repair the damage in between colorings.

Semi-permanent hair coloring

If you are happy with the way a certain color looks, you can stretch it a bit longer with a semi-permanent hair coloring. Usually, these dyes are ammonia-free and don’t require developing. They are a great choice for when you are growing out a permanent color.

You can also apply one for gray hair coverage and for at home root touch up. These dyes are also known for adding gloss and shine to full hair. They last for around 8 washes.

Demi-permanent hair coloring

If you're not ready to commit, yet want your hair color to last a bit longer, look into dying it with a demi-permanent hair coloring. These fall in between semi-permanent and permanent hair colors. Since they don’t merrily coat your hair, demi-permanent hair dyes last as long as 24 shampoos.

Permanent hair coloring

Permanent hair colors are your choice when you are ready to stick with one look for a while. Dyeing your hair with this option involves a complex chemical process allowing the color to penetrate the hair shaft deeply.

When done right, a permanent hair color can last for weeks and months without any visible sign of fading. You will eventually have to reapply it as your hair grows and exposes your natural roots.

Root concealer

If you're not into a full dye job, you may want to simply cover your gray roots. A root concealer will do a satisfactory root touch up to maintain your natural color. Root concealers also range from temporary to permanent. Plus, there is a wide variety of products that cover your roots quickly and cleanly.

Temporary root concealers come as spray on products that distribute a fine mist of color. They cover your gray roots quickly and cleanly without making a mess. It's a quick solution that washes out when you shampoo. They may not be a permanent solution, but are useful for last minute touch ups or events. Permanent root concealers stay on for longer, but are better applied at salons.

Hair bleach

For people who have naturally dark hair, hair bleach assists in dyeing it in a lighter shade or for going completely blonde. However, keep in mind that bleaching is harsh and harmful for your hair, so follow the treatment up with a hydrating leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair and protect it against damage.


Henna isn’t just for adorning your skin with floral designs—it's also useful for coloring your hair. This natural hair color derived from the henna plant gives your hair a reddish hue. Besides hair coloring, henna also provides shine and vibrancy to your mane.

Henna is a suitable option for people who have had an allergic reaction to chemical hair dyes. It's naturally hypoallergenic, so it is safe for all users. It's also effective at eliminating dandruff, so if you have an itchy, flaky scalp, henna is worth trying.

Hair gloss

Hair glossing is a great treatment when you want to maintain your shade or add a tint of color to your hair. You can head to the salon to have your hair glossed or do it yourself at home with the right product. Other than making your hair smooth, vibrant, and shiny, hair gloss also helps deep condition and nourish your strands.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color

A new hair color is undoubtedly a personal choice. The wide range of possibilities can easily overwhelm any one. Here are some tips to finding a color that suits you well:

Choose according to your skin tone

The first rule of purchasing a hair color is to choose one according to your skin tone. People can have either warm or cool tones. You can identify yours by conducting tests that tell you whether your skin’s undertone is warm, cool, or neutral.

Warm tones should choose warmer colors such as auburn, golden, and browns. Cool tones can go wild with edgier shades like blue, purple, and greens. People with neutral undertones are perhaps the luckiest, because they can rock any color they like.

Stay natural

When in doubt, natural is a safe bet. Hair dye is getting better and better at mimicking natural hair colors. So when you are coloring your hair, especially for the first time, stick within two shades of your natural hair color. Going too light or dark can clash with your skin, making it appear washed out. If you want to achieve a trendy look, go for roots or a dip dye look to create a more gradual effect.

Take baby steps

If you're planning a dramatic color change, approach the look with baby steps. When going from light to dark, or dark to light, try a neutral color first for transition, and then build up to your desired shade.

The Best Hair Coloring Products


Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme


  • Conditions your hair
  • Boasts a gentle formula
  • Contains nourishing ingredients


  • Shine goes away quickly

With active ingredients of grape seed oil, avocado, and shea, this little box of hair coloring does it all. The Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme will help to cover your gray hair, lighten your dark roots, and create a new hue altogether. Its nourishing ingredients are gentle on your hair so you don't have to sacrifice care for color.

Instead of stripping your hair’s natural oils with harsh chemicals like ammonia, this hair coloring dye conditions your hair from root to tip so the color adheres strongly. The end result is a bold, rich color that lasts longer. It also comes as a convenient pack of two. This option is the top pick overall for its nourishing formula and vast range of colors.


Naturtint Permanent Hair Coloring


  • Gentle, plant-based formula
  • Brings about a noticeable sheen
  • Delivers long-lasting color


  • Unpleasant to wash off

The Naturist permanent hair color features a plant based formula that's crafted using cruelty-free practices. It contains 92% naturally derived ingredients that bring about a radiant color and shine.

This hair coloring gel is completely ammonia-free and gently hydrates your hair to make it silky soft. The color adheres strongly for maximum gray coverage and lasting color. You can use it to retouch your roots or for changing your hair color entirely. This hair coloring does not contain artificial fragrance, which is ideal for those with scent sensitivities. 


John Frieda Hair Coloring


  • Simple, straightforward application
  • Color is deep and rich
  • Ensures complete gray coverage


  • May cause dryness

Our next pick is a hair coloring product from a well-known and reliable brand. The John Frieda Precision Foam Colour features a non-drip formula that deeply penetrates your hair shaft. It offers deep saturation so the color is rich with no patchiness in sight.

As a foam, this product applies smoothly and evenly, even on those hard to reach roots on the back of your head. It stays white during application, so you know what areas you have covered. You can choose from over 15 shades, and if you have long hair, the brand also sells this hair coloring in packs of two, so you have plenty of color to dye your long strands.


Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Dye


  • Makes highlights a breeze
  • Comes in 50 beautiful shades
  • Smells very nice


  • Color doesn’t last very long

Highlights are one of the trickiest hair coloring techniques that is best left up to the professional colorists—but not anymore! With Clairol's Nice’n Easy permanent hair dye, you can easily achieve three different tones in one simple step.

This product features Color Blend technology that ensures 100% gray coverage with complementary highlights and lowlights. There's no need to mix separate colors for various effects either. This hair dye alone appears lighter on gray hair and darker on non-gray hair for a multidimensional hair effect. And this feature is not restricted to any specific shade—all 50 shades in this lineup of hair coloring provide a blend of 3 complementary tones.


L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color


  • Makes hair soft and manageable
  • Covers all the grays
  • Comes with applicator comb


  • Colors are dark

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme permanent hair color has been around for many years. It has made a name for itself not just because of its excellent gray coverage and ammonia-free formula, but also for how easy it is to apply.

This hair coloring is designed to protect your hair both before and after coloring. It contains Pro-Keratin™ Complex that helps heal damaged hair and strengthen your strands from within. The Ceramide in it protects your hair while enhancing color penetration, while the Ionene G ensures intense conditioning and damage protection. This hair coloring option helps restore hair’s smoothness, softness, and shine.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Will coloring my hair damage it?

    A:Yes, the chemical-laden hair dyes can have a damaging effect on your hair. They can irritate the scalp which leads to breakage. It's important to condition your hair, and avoid excessive use of heat on dyed hair after you dye your hair or go to a salon.

  • Q: How long will my hair color last?

    A:Hair colors typically last four to six weeks. Once your hair grows and your natural roots start peeking out, the dye loses its intense effect. If you want the color to last longer, consider paying your hairdresser a visit, and have them refresh or recolor your look. You can also buy two boxes of your favorite hair coloring and skip expensive salons for an at-home touchup.

  • Q: How can I make my hair coloring last longer?

    A:You can make your hair color last longer with the following tips: Never wash your colored hair with hot water. Rinsing with cold water seals the hair cuticle for a glossy appearance. Always use hair care products designed for colored hair. Keep your hair moisturized with hair masks and other conditioning treatments. Also, use heat styling as little as possible.

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