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Best Collagen Products: 5 Supplements to Transform Your Skin (and More!) in 2024

If you’re looking for a more youthful appearance without fillers, the best collagen supplements are naturally sourced solutions that do more than just support healthy hair and nails.

Collagen is a critical component in the body that contributes to healthy skin that is both firm and smooth at once.

Where do we sign up?!

These anti-aging benefits of collagen make it the new staple in the cabinet of those who are more into natural beauty products—a great way to supplement beauty from the inside out.

Collagen also benefits wellness as a whole, with a good amount of protein and valuable amino acids to support healthy bones, improve muscle recovery and more. And unlike weight loss supplements, collagen supplements usually don’t cause adverse side effects.

But since collagen supplements have hit the mainstream, there are now so many products to choose from. In fact, this wellness trend seems to be hitting its fever pitch. Walk into your nearest health foods store and you’ll probably find at least three brands to choose from.

That’s why we went on a mission to find the best collagen products out there. But we didn’t want to mess with cheap imports or sketchy sourcing. So we set reasonable standards for quality, efficiency, value and got down to business.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet with this new healthy trend, you’re in the right place. Check out who made the top 5, how we chose the winners and what makes each collagen product best in class.

1. Best Overall Collagen Product: Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens

2. Best Tasting: SkinnyFit Super Youth Multi Collagen Peptides

3. Best Collagen Face Serum: CLEARSTEM CELLRENEW Collagen Stem Cell Serum

4. Best Dairy-Free Option: Earth Echo Collagen Peptides

5. Best Collagen Supplement with Vitamins: AnnieMak Clean Multi Collagens

Comparing the Best Collagen Products in 2024

Unsure of which collagen products to try? Consider one of our top choices for the best collagen supplements in 2024.

Finding the Best Collagen Products

There are tons of collagen products on the market and navigating the endless options is overwhelming, especially if you’re new to supplements and unsure what to look for. To help you get through some of the products, we’ve compiled a list of our top collagen supplements that work and taste great. Our guide is an excellent place to start and will hopefully help you narrow down a few options to find the right collagen supplement for you.

What to Consider When Buying Collagen Supplements

We didn’t make our decisions lightly when choosing the best collagen products for our list. We took quality, efficiency and value for money into account.


What does quality mean with a collagen product? Like most natural supplements, quality begins at the source. Because collagen is sourced from animals, it’s essential to find sustainable, ethical brands. When looking for the best collagen supplements on the market, we made sure to vet brands for the following:

  • Clean ingredients
  • Sustainable sourcing and collagen synthesis
  • Third-party testing for contaminants


What good is buying anything that doesn’t work? The efficiency of dietary supplements can be hard to measure, as each person responds differently. However, a good indication is positive, verified reviews from people of different backgrounds, i.e., different wellness issues, different experiences, etc., that become repeat customers.


Supplements can get expensive, especially if you’re taking them every day. However, the higher-quality, higher-priced options can often be the way to go for something actually to work. Accordingly, we weighed value in our decision and factored in things like subscription discounts and free shipping that can lower the cost.

What Are Collagen Supplements?

Collagen is a natural substance found in the skin that supports overall health. On a microscopic level, collagen is a rope-like structure that keeps skin firm and strong. This is why many people report anti-aging benefits like wrinkle reduction with collagen supplements.

Collagen peptides are proteins and there are 28 total types of collagen. Of these 28, you’ll find up to 5 in collagen supplements:

  • Type I Collagen: Most prevalent in the body; most associated with anti-aging
  • Type II Collagen: Main component of cartilage and essential for joints
  • Type III Collagen: Found in bone marrow
  • Type V Collagen: Found in eggshell and used for joint pain
  • Type X Collagen: Found in cartilage

Collagen supplements are made from animal collagen of varying types. The most common sources are bovine, chicken, eggshells and fish.

Potential Benefits of Collagen Supplements

The potential benefit of taking collagen supplements is to provide your body with enough collagen for healthy skin, muscles and joints.

Some potential benefits of regular collagen supplement use may include:

Improved muscle recovery post-exercise


Best Overall Collagen Product: Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens


  • Sugar-free
  • Tasteless (really)
  • 32 calories per serving
  • Versatile in food and beverages
  • Non-GMO
  • Made with multiple types of collagen


  • Free shipping only with a purchase of $99+ or a subscription

Organixx wins the #1 spot for their awesomely tasteless collagen powder. If you’ve tried collagen powders before, you know that some have a lingering, ‘chickeny’ aftertaste. Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens are truly tasteless, a versatile powder to add to smoothies, water, baked goods, you name it.

Better yet, Organixx provides multiple types of collagen from sustainably-sourced beef, chicken, fish and eggshell. More complete from a nutritional standpoint and great for anti-aging.

User tip: Mix in coffee in the morning to get your daily collagen in with no funky taste or texture. Just stir and go!

Collagen source: Grass-fed bovine, chicken, wild-caught fish, eggshell


Best Tasting: SkinnyFit Super Youth Multi Collagen Peptides


  • Great taste
  • Made with 5 types of collagen
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Verified users have reported weight loss


  • Free shipping only with an add-on

Finally, a collagen powder that tastes good! SkinnyFit is a fabulous, mission-driven brand that uses clean ingredients and is known for its efficient supplements overall. Their collagen powder has a wonderful orangey pineapple flavor that’s all-natural. It tastes great in smoothies or combined with old-fashioned H2O.

According to verified users and reviews, you can look forward to glowing skin, an overall wellness boost and perhaps even weight-loss benefits.

User tip: This supplement goes really well in smoothies with tropical fruits. Add a scoop along with some ice, frozen banana and water or orange juice for a nutritious treat.

Collagen source: Grass-fed bovine, chicken, wild-caught fish


Best Collagen Face Serum: CLEARSTEM CELLRENEW Collagen Stem Cell Serum


  • Topical application
  • Ideal for hormonal breakouts and acne scars
  • Organic ingredients


  • None that we could find

Your nightly skin routine just got an upgrade. CLEARSTEM’s most popular serum made with collagen is a skincare aficionado’s dream. In the mix are certified-organic ingredients like natural botanicals and compounds like hyaluronic acid that are great for skin health and that youthful glow. Acne sufferers should also take note, as many users report success using CLEARSTEM’s peptide serum as part of their daily skincare routine.

User tip: Apply at night after cleansing your face and using toner. Apply your nightly moisturizer after the collagen serum dries a bit and get more beauty sleep for even more anti-aging benefits.

Collagen source: Stem cells


Best Dairy-Free Option: Earth Echo Collagen Peptides


  • Dairy-free
  • No artificial flavors
  • Made from 100% grass-fed bovine
  • Lucrative subscription savings
  • 17 grams protein per scoop
  • Mission-driven brand


  • Free shipping only with $150+ purchase or subscription

Earth Echo is known for its environmental commitment and third-party testing. Their collagen peptides are made from 100% bovine that’s sustainably sourced. Plus, the powder is tasteless and won’t affect the texture of your drinks. With multiple types of collagen in the mix and 17 grams of protein per scoop, you can’t go wrong with this daily supplement.

User tip: Sign up for a subscription with Earth Echo to get their collagen peptides and you can cancel anytime. This will bring the cost down more than 35% and get you free shipping.

Collagen source: 100% grass-fed bovine


Best Collagen Supplement with Vitamins: AnnieMak Clean Multi Collagens


  • Made from 5 types of collagen
  • Non-GMO
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • High in amino acids


  • Only 20 servings per bag

AnnieMak has done it again with their innovative combination of nature’s most potent healers. Their supplement powder contains a synergistic blend of a whopping 5 types of collagen. To support overall nutrition and wellness, you’ll also find zinc, vitamin C and more. We love that AnnieMak is reasonably priced compared to the competition and their collagen powder is one of the most nutritionally complete out there.

User tip: AnnieMak has a delicious keto brownies recipe that includes their collagen powder. Look for it on the package and treat your family to a healthy dessert.

Collagen source: Beef, chicken, fish, eggshell

People Also Ask

  • Q: How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

    A:It may be several days or weeks before you notice any significant changes. How quickly collagen products work depends on several factors including individual health, age and the type and dosage of the collagen supplements.

  • Q: What happens when you stop taking collagen supplements?

    A:Forgetting to take a collagen supplement every once in a while will not lead to any unwanted effects. However, if you stop taking collagen supplements, you will notice many benefits, such as improved skin or joints, slowly reverting to its original state before using collagen.

  • Q: Will collagen supplements work for you?

    A:People respond to supplements differently and healthy lifestyle factors like diet, exercise and sleep play a big part in how you look and feel. That said, we’re pretty confident that the top 5 collagen supplements we’ve selected represent the best that the wellness industry has to offer at the moment. Keep making minor changes to your healthy lifestyle and incorporating collagen into your wellness regimen to start feeling the benefits! (Looking younger won’t hurt, either!)

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