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The Best Clay Pomades

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best clay pomade

An excellent way to tackle messy and flat hair is with styling products, but many are hard to apply, give a weak hold, or provide too much shine, taking away your hair’s natural look. Luckily, modern hair products like clay pomades offer the perfect solution to these problems.

A clay pomade simply takes features from both clay and pomade. Pomades offer a long-lasting hold, but have an unnatural shiny finish — think old James Bond. Clay hair products, however, contain natural clays and give a matte finish with a medium hold. Appropriately, clay pomade gives your hair a natural matte finish while giving it a solid hold. We’ve listed the top clay pomades of 2024 so you can find one for your hair needs. Let’s check them out!

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Buying Guide: Clay Pomade

The men’s hair care and styling products market has increased dramatically. Trends also show that more and more men are now gravitating towards these products as a part of their daily routines. And why not? Everyone loves to look good, and products like clay pomades make things a whole lot easier.

But, unfortunately, many men still hesitate to use such products because they are either shy or don’t know how to buy or use them. After all, there’s a learning curve when buying the perfect hairstyling product and figuring out how to use it. But fret not, we have prepared this buying to help you out. Take a look!

How To Use Clay Pomade

Many people dismiss hair styling products because they didn’t get the result that their barber did. But, the likely problem is that they just don’t know how to apply the product correctly. Here are some tips to help you:

Apply Evenly

This is perhaps the most important tip. When you scoop the product out, place it in your palm and rub it between your hands. This heats the formula and activates the different ingredients. It also spreads the product evenly between your hands so you can apply it all over your head with greater maneuverability.

Start at the Back

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t start at the front of your hair. This is because when you first scoop out the product and rub it in your hands, there’s a lot of it. If you apply it directly to the front of your hair, the most critical section, it might weigh your hair down. Instead, start at the back of your head, spreading it evenly, and then carefully apply it to the front using your fingers. This will not only control the poofy hair at the back, but it will also allow your fringe hair to sit better.

Use a Hairdryer

While you can use a clay pomade on air-dried hair, using a hairdryer before applying it will give your hair a professional look. A hairdryer opens the hair pores and follicles, allowing deeper product penetration. Additionally, blast your hair with cold air from the hairdryer after using the clay pomade — this will lock your hairstyle in place.


Factors To Consider Before Buying Clay Pomade

Many hairstyling products, like clay pomades, differ in various aspects, making them better or worse depending on the buyer. Here are a few factors to consider before buying one:


Perhaps the most important thing about a hairstyling product is the hold. If you have short-to-medium hair, a product that provides a strong hold is best, as it keeps your hair looking consistent throughout the day. People with longer hair, however, should opt for medium hold options because longer hair tends to look better with some natural bounce.


A matte finish is the best option unless you’re going for a specific look, like slicked-back hair. It’ll leave your hair looking natural and is perfect for everyday use.


Application refers to the clay pomade’s texture and how it goes through your hair. The easiest application comes from ones with a creamier consistency, as they’ll glide through your hair easily and are also easier to rub in.


Nowadays, people have become more conscious of hair product ingredients. Ingredients like parabens and sulfates can be hazardous to your hair, so look for natural ingredients like beeswax, bentonite, and kaolinite for clay pomades.

Water-based Pomades

If you plan to get consistent use out of your clay pomade, it is better if you choose a water-based product. Water-based clay pomades wash out much more quickly with water than wax-based ones. This prevents you from shampooing daily, which can dry out your hair.


It goes without saying that those big bulky tubs of creams and oils are very annoying. Packaging nowadays should be compact and portable so you can carry and use your hair products on the go.

Reviewing the Best Clay Pomades of 2024


Baxter of California Clay Pomade


  • Long-lasting hold
  • No tugging and pulling during application
  • Compact and portable packaging
  • Gives hair a natural, refined look


  • Doesn’t wash out with just water
Baxter of California has been a staple brand in the hairstyling market for a while now. The well-rounded nature of their clay pomade shows precisely why this is so. It contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and bentonite clay that give your hair natural texture and volume. It also contains fennel oil that promotes growth, comes in a compact, portable 2-ounce tub, and has a mild minty smell. Now let’s take a look at its actual performance. This clay pomade gives a strong hold with a matte finish, but this hold is not like a gel. Instead, it’s pliable so you can mold your hairstyle, even after the product dries. This means you can change and refresh your hairstyle during the day just with your hands. Application is also pretty easy due to its wax-based formula that you can apply swiftly. These combined features make this product perfect for all styles and occasions, earning it the best overall spot on our list.

Suavecito Clay Pomade


  • Amazing value for the price
  • Only requires a small amount for styling
  • Consistent, long-lasting hold
  • Pleasant scent


  • Leaves an oily feel even after washing
Suavecito is known for its customer-friendly and affordable products, and this pomade clay is no different. The packaging is simple and portable, with a rounded plastic container and the colorful Suavecito branding. Their clay pomade gives a “monster hold” that lasts the whole day, allowing for convenient restyling. The finish is more of a natural and healthy-looking slight shine, and this pick also adds tons of texture, giving your hair a defined, professional look. Application is also a piece of cake; it has a creamy and waxy texture and rubs into your hands quickly, allowing swift and even application. And, like all Suavecito products, this clay pomade has the same trademark perfumed scent.

Jack Black Clay Pomade


  • Washes out with just water
  • Textured matte finish
  • Application is a piece of cake
  • Safe and natural ingredients


  • Most suitable for short-to-medium hair
If you’re someone who feels worried that hairstyle products might cause hair loss or scalp problems, this product is for you. It contains amazing natural ingredients like tea tree oil, sage leaf, basil, and green tea extract that nourish your hair. These ingredients also prevent itching and irritation, all while giving your hair natural volume and healthy vibrance. This clay pomade’s texture is waxy and creamy, so it rubs seamlessly into your hair. Even more, it provides a natural solid hold with a beautiful and healthy-looking matte finish. Each strand of your hair gets a defined and textured look perfect for trendy and modern hairstyles. Best of all, it is scent-free and only has a slight natural, pleasant smell. Amazingly, it washes out easily with just water.

Smooth Viking Beard Care Clay Pomade


  • Contains natural and safe ingredients
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • Perfect matte finish
  • Easy, versatile application


  • Doesn’t have a very long-lasting hold
With their clay pomade, Smooth Viking provides a solution for longer and shorter hairstyles. This clay pomade gives an unparalleled hold for longer, thicker hair and a lovely matte finish. It also provides tons of texture for shorter hairstyles, making it quite versatile. Even more, the texture resembles thick, creamy playdough, which eases the application process. What makes this clay pomade so balanced are its ingredients, namely, vitamin-packed beeswax, castor oil, soybean oil, and carrot seed oil. Such ingredients help add natural texture and volume to the hair, making it appear full. But, perhaps the best part is that it effortlessly washes out with just water or a little shampoo, making cleanup a cinch.

Hair Craft Co. Clay Pomade


  • Natural beeswax and clay create fullness
  • Dries and applies quickly
  • Allows easy maneuverability and restyling


  • Smell could be nicer
Unlike other clay pomades on this list, this pick from Hair Craft Co. provides more of a medium and relaxed hold. It contains natural ingredients like bentonite and kaolinite clay and beeswax, which give your hair natural fullness, volume, and texture. It also has a natural matte finish making your hair look fresh and clean. Meanwhile, the malleable hold helps you restyle your hair while not taking away its natural bounce. This clay pomade comes in a travel-friendly 2.8-ounce jar that fits easily into any small bag. Even better, you only need a small amount to style your hair, so each tub will last you several months. Upon application, you will notice that the formula has a dense and creamy texture, which makes styling straightforward. This texture also helps add fullness to naturally thin hair.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Is a clay pomade good for my hair?

    A:While moderation is essential, most clay pomades use natural ingredients, including oils that protect your scalp and nourish hair.

  • Q: Can I use hair pomade daily?

    A:Yes, you can, although we would suggest against using shampoo every day to wash out the product. Instead, use a water-based clay pomade that washes out easily with water.

  • Q: Should I apply clay pomade to dry or wet hair?

    A:You can apply to either, but for the best results, you should ideally blow dry your hair and then apply the pomade.

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