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The Best Argan Oils for Hair

Kaitlyn Neese
Written by Ashley Neese
best argan oil for hair

Step into the world of natural beauty and luxury with our guide to the best argan oils of 2024. Argan oil, fondly known as “liquid gold,” continues to captivate beauty enthusiasts worldwide for its incredible moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits. In this article, we’re excited to introduce you to a carefully curated selection of top-quality argan oil products that promise to elevate your skincare and haircare routines. Whether you’re looking to nourish your locks, boost your skin’s glow, or simply indulge in a pampering self-care moment, these recommendations, like the amazing, long-lasting Kate Blanc Cosmetics Argan Oil for Hair, have got you covered. Get ready to discover the magic of argan oil and unleash your natural beauty.

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Choosing the Best Argan Oil for Your Hair: A Buying Guide

We’ve already established that argan oil is perhaps one of the most widely desired oils around thanks to its organic ingredients that serve as excellent skin and hair care remedies. It's obtained from the kernels of the argan tree, which doesn't grow outside of Morocco. Even there, it's an endangered plant, which makes it even more coveted.

Because of its wide popularity, weaker types of argan oil-based products have started to spring up in markets, and not all of them are of the same quality. Before you buy one of these premium products, you’re going to want to ensure that the product you’re purchasing is 100% authentic and therefore, effective.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair Conditioning

Because of its incredible moisturizing properties, argan oil serves as the perfect natural conditioner and hair mask. This oil’s molecules are a lot smaller than most other oils, which makes it easier for it to get through to and be absorbed by hair cuticles. Here are several benefits argan oil can have on your hair and scalp:

Soothes the scalp

If you’re suffering from a dry scalp and dandruff, argan oil will act as an anti-inflammatory agent that can also clear out the pores on your scalp of debris that leads to follicular damage. Take just a few drops of the oil and gently massage it into your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Ideally, you should leave it on for a couple of hours before rinsing it out.

Prevents heat damage

Argan oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E that provide heat protection from hair straighteners, blow dryers, and other styling tools. Use just a couple of drops on dry or wet hair right before and after styling.

Boosts shine and reduces frizz

Argan oil is easily absorbed into the hair because of how small its molecules are. Thanks to this property, it doesn’t leave behind a residue that makes your hair look and feel greasy. It can make your hair shinier without weighing it down or oily.

Provides sun protection

Argan oil is like sunblock for your hair. It neutralizes free radicals that act aggressively on your hair when exposed to the sun. The antioxidants in this oil also extend the life of hair color if you have color-treated hair.

Promotes growth

Thanks to the phenols in argan oil, the scalp receives a ton of stimulation, which in turn promotes new hair growth. Massage the oil into your scalp for a couple of minutes every day to open up your pores and help boost hair growth.

What to Consider Before Buying Argan Oil for Hair


Read through the label and look for ingredients such as pure argan oil or pure argania spinosa oil. It's important to avoid products that contain things that are simply infused with argan oil. In case you do decide to buy the latter, make sure to check for the percentage of argan oil.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Moroccan oil is not the same as argan oil—the former has a larger amount of silicones, which do not offer the same benefits. Argan oil with zero preservatives, fragrances, and paraffins is generally preferred for moisturizing.


Don’t go for cheap argan oil and expect effective results. Typically, this product will cost a pretty penny due to the extraction process. Argan oil is notably difficult to extract, which means that you should not expect to find a truly authentic option for a low price.


Argan oil is extremely sensitive to light and will break down many of its properties, which is why it needs to be stored in tinted glass bottles. Avoid buying one that's packaged in a clear plastic bottle.


It's best to purchase a bottle that is the exact size that you will need. Argan oil only has a shelf life of two years, so be careful when buying large quantities.

Smell, appearance, and texture

The smell of argan oil is pretty nutty and earthy, but you might not always be able to discern that smell, especially if you don’t have a very sharp sense of smell. A strong nutty smell is an indicator of an effective bottle of argan oil.

The color should be slightly golden, which is why it's often referred to as Morocco’s “liquid gold” and you should be able to see a bit of a residue in the bottle. Lastly, it should feel super soft and silky on your skin.

Comparing the Best Argan Oils for Hair of 2024


Kate Blanc Cosmetics Argan Oil for Hair


  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Suitable for hair, skin and nails


  • Only one size is available

You can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleasing, USDA-certified, cold-pressed argan oil by Kate Blanc. This multi-use product isn’t just great for hair—it also works equally well on the skin. It stimulates hair growth and promotes vibrant and shiny hair, while also working wonders on the skin to make it smoother and softer.

It also works as a primer as part of your pre-makeup routine and your nighttime treatment routine, especially if you’re hoping to wake up to a more even tone, and glowing skin. This product doesn't contain any fillers, binding agents, or hexane. It's a completely unrefined product with an excellent shelf-life and superb results. Ultimately, this multi-use argan oil is the best choice for all users because of how reliable and safe it is to use for every skin type. 


Premium Nature Argan Oil for Hair


  • Absorbs into skin quickly
  • Can be combined with other oils and ingredients
  • Feels lightweight and not sticky


  • May cause breakouts for some

Premium Nature’s organic argan oil is vegan and completely unrefined. It works quickly to hydrate and softens skin with Vitamin E and fatty acids. This pick is non-greasy and works great for people with oily skin or hair. It also consists of nourishing ingredients that work on the hair and skin to make them smoother and supple. It is also an effective product to use against sun damage.

When it comes to hair, this argan oil will work wonders on dry scalps and damaged hair. It can be combined with other oils to make it smell better and more calming. You can combine it with a couple of other ingredients to make DIY face masks, massage oils, soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners because of its countless benefits.


OGX Extra Argan Oil for Hair


  • Excellent results for shiny hair
  • Provides protection against heat and UV radiation
  • Offers resistance against humidity to counter frizziness


  • May feel heavy on the skin

The OGX renewing argan oil of Morocco offers an excellent treatment for your hair thanks to its unique blend of Moroccan argan oil that penetrates the hair almost instantly and restores its natural softness and shine, while also significantly strengthening it and promoting its growth over time. An added bonus is that it will protect your hair from heat and other kinds of environmental damage.

The formula of this argan oil is meant specifically for dry and coarse hair. You’re going to need to apply just a few drops of it to repair, hydrate, and nourish your hair, lock in the moisture, and provide it with the silk proteins it needs to become super soft and silky. The oil is great for everyday use and is suitable for most hair types including thick, coarse, dry, frizzy, damaged, and color-treated.


Pura D’or Argan Oil for Hair


  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for most hair types
  • Balances moisture in hair and skin
  • Works as an anti-aging agent


  • Strong fragrance may cause irritation

If you’re looking for a combination of all the qualities a truly good Argan oil contains, the Pura D’or organic Moroccan argan oil is the choice for you. This USDA-certified organic Argan oil is sourced directly from Morocco and is super affordable as well. It will work not only on hair but also on skin, as it provides great moisture and nourishment for both.

This argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, which is crucial for hair and skin health. This leaves your hair looking and feeling healthier, thicker, and stronger. It also contains strong antioxidants that counter inflammation. Regular application of this oil to your skin and hair can also provide you with sufficient protection against the sun and other environmental factors.


Cliganic Argan Oil for Hair


  • Doesn't make dark hair appear greasy
  • Sustainably sourced and minimally processed
  • Provides lightweight volume


  • Not suitable for light-colored hair

Cliganic’s organic argan oil is USDA-certified, non-GMO, cold-pressed, and completely free of harsh chemicals, which makes it suitable for more hair and skin types. Unlike most other brands of argan oil on the market, this oil does not include any additional carrier oils in its ingredient list. Cliganic has created a close-to-perfect argan oil—one that isn’t too heavy, nor too light.

It contains omega fatty acids, vitamins, linoleic acid, and nutrients that provide your skin and hair with a ton of moisture. With hair, in particular, just a few drops of this Argan oil will make it tangle-free, softer, and overall more manageable. You can also use it to style your hair because its ingredients make it great for taming frizz and adding that extra shine and glossy look and feel. This multi-purpose oil can also be used on skin, nails, beards, and mustaches.

People Also Ask

  • Q: Is refined or unrefined argan oil better for my hair?

    A:You should go for unrefined argan oil when making your purchase. When it isn’t processed as much, it retains all of its minerals and vitamins, which means that it offers the maximum health benefits. But, if you need a long-lasting product you can go for refined argan oil. Refined oils typically have a longer shelf life and are a better budget-friendly pick as well.

  • Q: How should I store my argan oil?

    A:Store the bottle in a cool, dry, and preferably dark or dimly lit space, like under your bathroom sink or in a cabinet. Remember that argan oil is sensitive to light and heat, so any long-term exposure can affect the potency of the product.

  • Q: Can I use argan oil on my skin?

    A:Yes, argan oil is a great product to use on your skin. It offers countless benefits that will keep your skin looking youthful and moisturized. When choosing an argan oil, it's always important to make sure that it states that it is safe for both the hair and skin—luckily, most brands are.

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Kaitlyn Neese

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