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‘Total Divas’ Recap: Nikki Bella Says Sister Brie Bella Seems ‘Lost’ Due to Tension With Husband Daniel Bryan

Romance isn’t dead … right? On the Wednesday, April 12, episode of Total Divas, several of the ladies were struggling to be the ideal girlfriends and wives. They didn’t want to be needy. They did want to be hot. They didn’t want to put their careers before their marriages — or did they? Newly retired Brie Bella was busy traveling with her husband, Daniel Bryan, who had just been made general manager of Smackdown Live. She decided to go along for the ride because she thought her presence could “help in the baby-making department.”

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She did feel a bit out of place with him, however. “I feel like everyone’s looking at me,” she whined as she snuggled next to him backstage. “Like, it’s weird that I’m here.” He replied by telling her to watch him jump rope. Whatever works.

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Bella and Nikki Have a Fight

While traveling with Bryan, Brie had a conference call scheduled with Nikki Bella and their managers. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t working at the hotel, and Brie completely missed the call. When she wasn’t on, the managers canceled it. Obviously, Nikki was none too pleased.

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“Honestly, what is up with Brie right now?” Nikki asked the camera. “I keep calling and calling. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I just feel so unprofessional right now.” When she finally got Brie on the phone, she gave her sister an earful. “It’s not excusable. You should have gone to a Starbucks,” Nikki barked when Brie said she was having trouble connecting at her hotel. 

Nikki then added, “Didn’t you retire? Why are you even on the road with Bryan? It’s just so weird to me.” To the camera, Nikki lamented that her sister was being “typical Brie” who “always puts Bryan first, 100 percent.” Nikki then vowed to make Brie do her share of the work for their business. “It’s not fair,” Nikki huffed, still bent out of shape.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella visits the SiriusXM Studios on September 29, 2016 in New York City.
Brie Bella and Nikki Bella visits the SiriusXM Studios on Sept. 29, 2016, in New York City. Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Trinity Takes a Risk

Sick of being part of a pair and passed over, Trinity McCray made a pitch for producers to let her try her new glow-in-the-dark entrance. Nattie Neidhart-Wilsontold told her that this was great progress, but that she had to deliver when she did it, or it would get axed. Back at home, Trinity tried on her gear but was frustrated that it wasn’t right just yet. Her ensemble consisted of glow-in-the-dark glasses, a grill and leotard, but she decided she needed matching kneepads as well.

After test-running it for the producers three times, she was cleared to do it live, and it went great. Nattie was thrilled and said she was really excited because women were finally getting the headlining attention they deserved.

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Renee and Dean Go on Vacation

Meanwhile, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose took a rare vacation together to Lake Tahoe. Renee was really excited for some romance, but Dean seemed more interested in wakeboarding and pizza. Renee was frustrated and dragged Dean to a store to purchase a suit and tie for a fancy dinner. He begrudgingly complied — and then begrudgingly complied with dinner at a fancy restaurant. Renee could tell Dean was uncomfortable and ultimately decided they were better off at a dive bar.

On their last night, they went to a much less formal place, where Renee was thrilled to find that Dean — now much more comfortable — was actually romantic. They shared food and joked about being Lady and the Tramp. (She decided she was the Tramp.)

Eva Marie and Maryse Have an Ill-Fated Photo Shoot

In an attempt do something sweet for the men in their lives, Eva Marie and Maryse organized a Baywatch-themed photo shoot on the beach. To prepare, they got body wraps and IV fluids packed with vitamins that were supposed to make them “glow.” (Sure.) Maryse went a step further and did a cleanse — which turned out to be a terrible idea because by the time the photo shoot rolled around, she was so hungry that she had zero energy and was being a total beast to everyone there. Eva Marie put Maryse in check and took her to eat a burger. After that, Maryse was much better, and they got amazing photos. Lesson learned!

Nikki and Brie Make Up

Despite their fight, Nikki and Brie got together for a photo shoot. “Don’t ever do that again,” Nikki instructed her sister about missing the call with their managers. “Whatever,” Brie replied. “I just wish you would get pregnant,” Nikki added. She then told her sister that Bryan needed “to start being way more supportive” about her business. Brie argued that Bryan was supportive but wanted her to travel with him.

“I’m going to be honest. I think it’s kind of crazy: First you retired because you want to become a mom, and that’s great. But I think you can’t just give up your career to be a good wife. I think being a good wife is doing what makes you happy,” Nikki told Brie. To the camera, Nikki added that she thought Brie was “lost.”

Brie seemed to agree. “I kind of put myself in a really effed-up situation,” she lamented. Later, Brie spoke to Bryan, who told her she didn’t have to travel with him, and she showed up on time for a photo shoot with Nikki — and the world made sense again, for now.

Tell Us: Do you think Nikki was too hard on Brie?

Total Divas airs on E! Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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