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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Carol and Maggie’s Fate Revealed

This week’s episode was a rarity in the world of The Walking Dead: an hour of zombie television on Sunday, March 13, in which the women were front and center, and the men were (almost) nowhere to be seen.

After last week’s strategic attack on a rival group left blood on nearly everyone’s hands, the battle between Rick’s survivors and Negan’s Saviors continued. While the rest of the group was taking down Saviors HQ, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) were snatched by some stragglers who escaped the massacre — and they weren’t messing around. Here’s how this lady-centric episode went down.

A Captive Performance

Under the direction of a hard-hearted redhead named Paula (Alicia Witt), the remaining Saviors — including a man nursing a painful, Carol-inflicted gunshot wound — took Carol and Maggie back to a second, secret rendezvous point in an abandoned slaughterhouse.

Alicia Witt on 'The Walking Dead'
Alicia Witt on ‘The Walking Dead.’

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As Paula debated trading the women for another Savior taken hostage by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carol put on an amazing performance as a sniveling, rosary-clutching scaredy-cat. Her whimpering instigated a scuffle in which the wounded man was knocked unconscious and Maggie was taken to another room for questioning. Meanwhile, Carol “confessed” that her group had been acting out of fear of Negan, who “sounded like a maniac” – and got an interesting response from one of her captors.

“We’re all Negan,” she said. (Hmm, and what does that mean?)

The Scared Housewife act fooled everyone, but especially Paula, who revealed her own backstory while disdainfully negging Carol for being a wimp. Spoiler alert: Big mistake, Paula. Huge.

A Daring Escape

Finally left alone, Carol escaped her bonds in a matter of seconds and went to find Maggie. But while Carol had her eye on escape, her friend had other ideas.

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“We have to kill them,” Maggie said, at which point this very quiet episode turned into a giant montage of carnage, starting with Mags using the wounded-now-zombified man as bait and beating one of her captors to death with the butt of a handgun.

Lauren Cohan and Melissa McBride on 'The Walking Dead'
Lauren Cohan as Maggie and Melissa McBride as Carol on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Carol Bakes Up Some Sweet Revenge

True story: Carol was really hoping not to have to murder anyone today, but alas. The women’s escape came to a head when Paula and her Savior ladyfriend caught them in a hallway full of zombies. And while Carol tried to avoid shooting to kill at first, she also didn’t waste any time putting a bullet in the head of the Savior lady who took a slash at Maggie’s baby bump.

That left Paula, who realized too late how wrong she’d been to underestimate Carol. And after a scuffle, Paula wound up impaled, screaming, with her face being eaten off by hungry zombies. Not so tough now, eh, Paula?

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After that, it was a cinch for Carol and Maggie to lure the remaining Saviors into the slaughterhouse, trap them on the kill floor and burn them alive — a job they finished just in time to open the door and let in their would-be rescuers.

The violence has taken its toll, however. Both women are clearly suffering with the weight of what they had to do to survive. And while the last Savior was executed by Rick moments before the credits rolled, his last words suggest that this fight isn’t over yet.

Because what the man said was, “I’m Negan.”

But so was everyone else, apparently! And if Negan can be anyone, then Negan could be anywhere.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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