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The Walking Dead Body Count Rises: Two More Dead in ‘Spend’ — Who Made It Out Alive?

The Walking Dead season 5
One of the members of Rick's crew on The Walking Dead was brutally torn apart by zombies in TWD season 5, episode 14. 

Gruesome! Season 5 of The Walking Dead is drawing to a close, which means death, and a lot of it — no one is safe as a TWD finale nears, and in episode 14, “Spend,” two main characters were brutally torn apart by zombies. Who were the casualties, and who made it out alive?

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Although Glenn, Noah, Nicholas, and Tara wrote off Aiden as a goner when he was struck with shrapnel while fighting off a walker during the group’s supply run, the d-bag son of Deanna was actually alive. But when Nicholas refused to help rescue his friend, Aiden succumbed to the walkers headed his way.

The second, far more affecting death of the episode was also the fault of Nicholas. Eugene manned up and carried an injured Tara back to the van the group took to the warehouse while Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas tried to save Aiden.

Walking Dead
The Walking Dead season 5, episode 14 saw not one but two characters die.

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After that rescue attempt turned out to be fruitless, they made a break for it and became trapped in a revolving glass door. Again, Nicholas wasn’t a team player and instead of helping Glenn rescue them all, he made a break for it, opening the door enough for a walker to reach in and pull Noah out — then proceed to tear him apart (literally).

Actor Tyler James Williams, who played the dearly departed Noah, told The Hollywood Reporter that he had a feeling his character wasn’t going to make it through the season.

Walking Dead
Tyler James Williams opened up about playing Noah on The Walking Dead.

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“As much as I love Noah and was his biggest champion, I had a feeling the kid had to go! There was too much damage caused by his introduction. You don’t stay around long in this world when that happens,” Williams told THR. “The moment when they made him part of the run crew and he can’t run? That was going to be how that happened.” 

Williams, who already landed a series regular on a potential Criminal Minds spinoff that could air on CBS next season, was optimistic about what his character’s death will mean for the rest of the members of Rick’s crew.

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“For me, Noah’s death was beautiful because I know what it’s going to do for Steven [Yeun, who plays Glenn],” he said. “I know he’s going to crush whatever is coming next. I knew I’d get another gig but this is going to set up some awesome acting for these people. I’d love to have worked on [The Walking Dead] for the rest of my life but I love these people and what they do. It’s going to set up some great stuff for them.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Tell Us: Are you devastated by Noah’s death? Do you want Nicholas to pay for his role in the episode’s two casualties?

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