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The Challenge: USA’s Sarah and Ben Are ‘Furious’ With Tyson After Throwing Her Into Elimination: ‘It’s the Level of Disrespect’ (Exclusive)

What Survivor alliance? Sarah Lacina and Ben Driebergen go off about fellow alum Tyson Apostol in this sneak peek of the Wednesday, August 10, episode of The Challenge: USA, provided exclusively to Us Weekly.

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The pair, who were allies in season 40, an all-winners version of the CBS reality competition series, are “furious” in the aftermath of the last elimination where Tyson and his partner Cashay Proudfoot threw in Sarah and her partner Leo Temory, though they won against Azah Awasum and Cinco Holland Jr. and returned to the compound.

“Honestly, it’s the level of disrespect,” Sarah says to some other players in the clip. “He looked me in my face last night and said, ‘You’re good.’”

Furious Sarah and Ben Go Off About Tyson Decision on The Challenge USA
Sarah Lacina, Ben Driebergen, and Tyson Apostol. Photo by Laura Barisonzi, courtesy of Paramount (3)

Ben also vents, “I’m furious with Tyson right now. If Sarah would have gone home, what did you expect me to do? Just come back into your net and be like, ‘Oh, my No. 1 is gone.’ Show me some respect Tyson, otherwise it’s going to come back and bite you in the butt.”

As for Tyson, he reminds people that they’re playing a game for money. “I’m not giving anyone here permission to put me into elimination,” the season 27 winner announces. “But if you do feel like it’s the very best thing for your game, and it happens, you know what? I shake your hand and I say, ‘Great move.’ If you’re going to take it personal, then guess what, maybe you should just avoid all games.”

Furious Sarah and Ben Go Off About Tyson Decision on The Challenge USA 2
Tyson Apostol Courtesy of Paramount

Tyson told Us before the season premiered that he didn’t have any interest in working with Sarah or Ben, both of whom have “anger management issues,” according to him. “I’m just super chill,” he said at the time. “I hate people coming in and feeling like they’re entitled to win. The second the cards and chips aren’t in their favor, they wig the f–k out. I hate that type of person.”

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They also “understand how dangerous I am,” he added.

“The mood has changed. I think trust is sort of being questioned,” fellow Survivor alum Desi Williams tells the camera in the clip. “I think game alliances are certainly starting to crumble at this point.”

The Challenge: USA airs on CBS Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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