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‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Recap: Jade Worries She Might Be a Single Mom

Sean told Jade to “go to hell” for not letting him play video games during the Monday, March 26, episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. While that relationship appeared to be in jeopardy, Stephan and Kayla seem like they might get back together even though he’s cheated on her multiple times. Check out the 5 biggest moments from the episode below.

Lexi on Young & Pregnant
Lexi on Young & Pregnant

Jade and Sean Are On The Rocks

Jade is feeling so alone. She goes to all her doctors appointments by herself and never spends time with her boyfriend because he’s always working or playing video games. “I’m really not happy right now with our relationship,” Jade told her friends. “I don’t feel like [I‘m] acknowledged.”

When both she and Sean did have a weekend off, she tried to spend some quality time with him before the baby comes, but all he wanted to do was spend all day in front of the TV. “Why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t want to do f—king anything?” Jade asked, and Sean wasn’t even up for that conversation, telling her to deal with it and to “go to hell.” So, she left.

Kyler Makes Lexi Feel Reassured — For About A Minute

Lexi is just trying to graduate and get her life together before the baby is born. She has fallen victim to her peers and adults in her community gossiping about her pregnancy online, and it’s really taking a toll on her. She was going to go to homecoming with Kyler, but when she went dress shopping, the store employees wouldn’t let her try on the dresses she wanted to wear because of her pregnant belly.

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“It seemed like they didn’t want a pregnant person buying their merchandise,” Lexi said. She decided to the dance, and Kyler took her on a fancy date instead. They were both being really flirty, until she asked him again about where they were in their relationship. He said he wanted to be friends because it was “the same thing either way” if they were dating.

“Do friends have babies together?” Lexi fired back.

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Ashley’s Boyfriend Finally Takes Her Side

After last week’s disastrous baby shower, Ashley and Bar decided the best thing for them is to work together as a family, but couldn’t come up with a concrete solution as to how to deal with Bar’s mom.

Ashley on Young & Pregnant


“This is tearing our family apart,” Ashley said. “How much longer can our relationship take this kind of strain?” Bar did stand up for his girlfriend against his mom when she wanted to talk about the baby shower. “You walked in there with your guns cocked and your little cocky ass petty attitude,” Bar said.

Bar and Ashley seem to be at a good place in their relationship after the baby shower drama subsided. Bar even told her that he won’t let his mom be present at the birth, but Ashley won’t believe it until she sees it. He said something similar before the shower and look how that turned out.

Kayla Might Take Back Her Cheating Ex

Last week, Kayla claimed she never wanted to speak to Stephan again after finding out he cheated on her again. However, she cooled down and even hung out with him during Monday’s episode to try to remain civil.

Kayla and Stephen on Young & Pregnant

“It’s hard for me to keep those boundaries with Stephan because we’ve been together for so long,” Kayla said. She told him she wanted them to have a good friendship so their son would grow up with memories of both his parents. She did try to put boundaries on their relationship — no cuddling allowed — but Stephan wasn’t having it.

“I can’t walk away from you, period,” he said. “Not only because you are the mother of my child, but because I love you.”

Danae Is Worried About Bonding with the Baby

Danae and Brianna’s mom are still constantly arguing, making Brianna feel caught in the middle. Her mother criticized the couple’s financial plans, or lack there of, and still won’t let Danae officially move in the house.

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When Danae confided to a friend about his problems, he really let it all air out that his living situation wasn’t the only cause of his stress.

“I am really nervous that this kid will not love me,” he said. “I just feel like I’m already in love with this baby and I just want him to feel the attachment I feel.”

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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