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‘Teen Mom OG’ Premiere Recap: Maci Bookout Gets Engaged, Amber Portwood Calls Off Engagement Over Farrah Abraham

The Teen Moms are back at it again with the baby mama drama! Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell brought their reality TV A-game during Teen Mom OG’s two-part season 6 premiere on Monday, August 22, and there’s so much to catch up on. From Maci’s surprise engagement/pregnancy, to Amber’s potential breakup, to the fact that Farrah most definitely bought herself an engagement ring — it’s all just happening. What a time to be alive!

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Maci Is Goin’ to the Chapel, and She’s Gonna Get Married!

Please grab a box of Kleenex because Taylor McKinney finally got his act together and asked Maci to marry him. This proposal has been a long time coming, but it was just about the sweetest thing ever. Not only did Taylor design a custom ring complete with over 80 diamonds, he got MTV producers to stage a fake beach “photo shoot” during a cast trip to Los Angeles — giving him a perfect opportunity to get down on one knee.

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The bearded Southerner kept his proposal pretty simple by saying, “Hey, can I ask you something? Will you marry me?” and Maci’s response was priceless. “Yes, of course,” she said. “Finally, f–k!” 

So cute, but the real celebration happened when Maci and Taylor reunited with the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast and their families — including Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards, and their son Bentley Edwards, who hugged her so hard she started crying. 

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Oh, Dang — Maci’s Pregnant 

Exciting news: Maci got accidentally pregnant yet again, which means she and Taylor are going to have yet another adorable baby to take care of! The news came as a huge surprise to Maci, who initially thought she was “fat” until Taylor made her take a test. Turns out it was positive, so yay! Babies!

Farrah Is Neither Goin’ to the Chapel nor Gettin’ Married!

Fun update about Farrah: She’s taken to wearing a Harvard t-shirt, has a new podcast called Farrah and Friends, and scored a bit role in a horror film. Watch out, Meryl Streep! The bad news is that Farrah’s life is just, ugh, so hectic, so naturally she decided to buy a home in L.A. with the help of her long-suffering kinda-boyfriend, Simon Saran.

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Cool, but let’s talk about what’s really on everyone’s mind: Is Farrah still dating Simon? That depends on what your definition of “dating” is. Like, she bought herself an engagement ring, and that must count for something, right? “I bought an engagement ring that Simon had organized,” the reality star explained to her mom. “I thought he was going to propose, and nothing’s ever happened. I’ve had this ring. Simon still has not paid me back for it.”

Simon’s take? “You women are picky. You like to picky picky pick. Dude, that’s … no … that’s … nice.” #Sentences #Grammar

Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG cast

Farrah’s Mom Confronts Simon ‘Cause He Casually Posted a Mug Shot

Remember Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielson? How could you forget! Well, she was furious when Simon posted a photo of her mug shot online (to be fair, she’d vaguely accused him of being violent last season), and they got into a fight at Sophia’s birthday party. Totally appropriate! “If you f–k with my respect, it doesn’t make me happy,” Debra fumed. “I’ve never once been convicted for domestic violence, or hurting anybody.” Simon’s response? “If you’re not gonna have Farrah’s back, and you’re not gonna f–king protect her … no, you don’t. No, you don’t. Call me delusional. This conversation’s over!”

So glad everyone’s getting along! (No, but really, they made up later.)

Tyler Worries About Catelynn’s Weight, Low-Key Insults Her Body

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are making some major changes! Not only did these two buy a new house during the Teen Mom OG premiere, they decided to pop out a few more babies. The catch? They won’t expand their family until after Catelynn’s taken care of her mental health.

As any Teen Mom OG fan knows, Catelynn suffers from anxiety — and Tyler’s pretty supportive. However, he did raise concern over Cate’s weight by musing, “I don’t want no heifer for a wife,” and “I can’t be with no big mama.”

Catelynn seemed cool with his comments and ended up joining Weight Watchers, saying, “I wouldn’t mind looking good for my man. I mean, f–k, who doesn’t. But then a part of me, too, is like, ‘Dude, I did just have a freakin’ baby.'”

Catelynn’s Depression Gets the Better of Her

Despite maintaing a body positive attitude, Catelynn struggled with her mental health during Teen Mom OG’s premiere. She ended up speaking to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the phone and admitting that she smokes pot twice a day to deal with anxiety. She also spoke about her history of abuse at the hands of her mom’s ex-boyfriend: “One time, he snapped, and he, like, choked me and pinned me down in the bathroom between the toilet and the tub.” 

Dr. Drew suggested that Catelynn see her therapist, who she spoke to about some very real parenting concerns. “I don’t want her to be me in 30 years,” Cate said while crying. “I just don’t want to f–k her up.” Aw, Cate!

Amber’s Boyfriend Might Have Yet *Another* Child

Here’s the good news about Amber: Her custody situation with Gary Shirley seems to be all figured out. And thank goodness because the stress of watching Leah struggle last season was too much for her emotions: “It was bad, I was crying, I got really depressed,” Amber told MTV producers. “I wouldn’t get out of bed, I was so depressed after seeing certain things. I had to get on medication.”

Meanwhile, Gary seemed slightly peeved that his ex was taking her sweet time with custody paperwork, and offered up this not-at-all sexist musing: “It’s getting up out of bed, doing your face, getting your fake nails on, your fake lashes — go up there, and sign away.” What a man!

Amber Calls Off the Wedding After Finding Out Matt Hit on Farrah

Speaking of the fine gentlemen in Amber’s life, it seems as though yet another woman has accused her boyfriend, Matt Baier, of fathering a child. Matt’s take? “I can’t let that s–t bother me. If I did, it would f–k up my sobriety. Amber and I are brutally honest with each other. The good news is, what more could they possibly say about me? I killed Kennedy?” 

Sounds like Matt isn’t actually all that honest because he never told Amber that he asked Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans out via Twitter before they met. “F–king weirdo,” Farrah said while reading Matt’s old tweets. “I don’t know, I just hope she dates better people then that. I’m shocked Amber didn’t find that already. I mean, I’d cancel that wedding, that’s for sure.”

Farrah ended up talking to Amber on the phone, and Amber admitted that things weren’t going well with Matt. “I asked him about it, and he’s like, ‘Listen, that was a long time ago. I was just telling them they’re beautiful — I wasn’t hitting on them.’ I’m like, ‘You told me when we first met that you didn’t know anything about Teen Mom OG. And you didn’t know really anything about me, or Farrah, or Maci, but you knew about Teen Mom 2. So what the f–k is the truth?'”

Amber admitted that she told Matt they’re “not getting married in October,” so looks like this wedding is officially off!

Tell Us: Do you think Matt is being dishonest with Amber?

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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